Sunday, April 3, 2011

2012 Illuminati Apocalypse Hoax

I just came across this very interesting, very timely mini-documentary about the New World Order's 2012 apocalypse hoax, how they are using H.A.A.R.P. to create earthquakes and tsunamis, how they are using Hollywood and the MSM for propaganda and fear-mongering, and how they encode Masonic numerology and symbology into all their work. This video was made by Christopher Lord of, Truthiracy Blog, Truthiracy Youtube. I found the "foreboding" voice he does on all his videos annoying at first, but I guess I can appreciate it - it gives it that cinematic type effect.


Anonymous said...

I too, was initially frightened by all this hype about 2012, the world is ooming to an end, Planet X will cause great catacysms, drastic Pole Shift.

It took me about 10 months from when I first started researching to FINALLY come to see what 2012 really means--The Golden Age

and I very much look forward to that!

The illuminaughti use smoke and mirrors--only real smoke and real mirrors, but it is THEY who are manipulating it, because all of us HUJMANS, have within our DNA, the key, that the dark forces have KEPT from us.

The Mayan elders say their calendar has been wrongly interpreted to mean the end of the world. NOT SO! We are entering higher vibrations of 4D Earth, and it has been said that all secrets of our Human history, shall be revealed--that which the dark forces has kept hidden (maybe in the vatican???, and other secret holdings)


Anonymous said...

The dark forces cannot survive the higher vibrations that Earth is already progressing in...but they don't want YOU, who have in our birthright DNA, the ability to ascend with Earth into her former beautiful higher vibratory self.

That is why tptb have been poisoning human kind thru the
Air (by Chemtrail Aluminum, Barium),
Water (by Fluoride),
Food (by GMO deadly bacteria DNA),
Vaccines (by Dog / Monkey / Cow / Aborted Human Fetus RNA)
Food Additives (Aspartame, Sucralose, Caramel Coloring, MSG, Yeast Extract (which is MSG), Baking Powder (which is mostly Aluminum)
Persona Care Additives (Toothpaste which contains 99.5% Aluminum as well as Fluoride, Deodorant which is Aluminum)

The fluoride (besides being a rat poison) also CALCIFIES your precious Pineal Gland--and this is the gateway that unlocks your highest human potential.

Anonymous said...

I had been pondering lately, that the Bible, was rewritten by the early dark forces as a playbook, a How-To manual for their chess game between the dark forces against the light forces, seeing who is going to win in the end game.

And the cataclysmic events in Revelation was prewritten by the dark forces for future dark forces to "act" out their play on the Earth stage when technology permitted.

Perhaps this is why the Bible can "prophecy" so accurately.

Anonymous said...

Human kind's DNA is CHANGING:
I surmise the creator of this blog is a 2nd wave Indigo...

Anonymous said...

Has this info been blocked by Microsoft Internet Explorer?

Works with Firefox Mozilla browser tho:

muzuzuzus said...

Yes I have been sharing part 3 especially as its analysis of the gematria is startling.
I actually began to jump down this rabbot hole for quite a while some time ago, but found it all overwhelming, AND a lot of the researchers sources were coming from a Christian perspective which i also hate.
Either that or idealism.
But you cannot get this outta your face--yet again we are seeing this serial killers clue--9/11, 3/11. 111111
It is very eyeopening in that vid that the cop code for errr 311 if i remember right is for 'flasher/indescent exposure/exhibitionist in the public realm and they show a censored pin of a naked man pissin in sidewalk--least i think he's pissn ;)
But THIS would really sum up the mindset of these people wouldn't it. TOTAL UTTER depravity. Finding it awfully amosing that they are mass murdering in public droppin clues left right and centre and assured that the majority of the naive populace will be totally unaware what is going on!

Anonymous said...

To the "I have been pondering lately..."
I have been thinkin the same thing!

NT said...

Thought you may find this interesting on Masonic Symbolism

Anonymous said...

There's a God who said something about Dark Forces writting The Bible. Actually it's incorrect. The Bible STATES CLEARLY we must not trust them and we msut crush them.

robbie said...

I love your work.
keep it up it is so truthful

Megan said...

who wrote about 1111? ^^^^^^ please! what are these things? are the annunaki?! people say they are spirit guides but im not so sure. i see it all the time and i cant determine whether it is good or bad! help!

Anonymous said... the illuminati code

anony said...

This is all scary if you ask me. I have faith in the teachings of Christ.I also believe that some things are twisted around. But the Almighty Creator, whom came to this earth as a man, knows and no one even with dark powers can take away "all" of what he has wanted us to know. That being said, He has kept the main principle teachings of morality, and faith without seeing so that we may be saved from our aggressors or whatever dark entity that may have a stronghold! Amen! that just came over me quick!!

Anonymous said...
Thirty-six predictions for the world: 2010 - 2012

Anonymous said...

I'd love to watch these videos, however they have been need to voice the 'why' part of the removal, we all there somewhere else I can view them?

Thanks :)

quran researcher said...

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Anonymous said...

at least that part of waking up is really happening ,exposing a shitload of frauds ,and at the end of 2012 all those who believed in whatever disaster was predicted will wake up to the fact that next time the bullshitters will have a hell of a time convincing anyone.

Anonymous said...

Illuminate is only trying to put fear into people thinking they can control everyone like with the card games. if you were to see the original card game to the one now it's been nothing. It updated its. The illuminate think there smart but if they look at any evil organized society such as USSR and the nazis they will fall and because people. No umpire has ever lasted though history. They use fear as there only weapon because if someone has a large amount of fear they are easy convicted so stay strong in what you belive in

Ken Finlay said...

The REAL TRUTH is here.

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Bless your little heart. ^ ;)

Anonymous said...

The bible tells us "Many will come and say look the end is here...but do not believe them for not even the son of man knows the day or hour!"

Anonymous said...

Do NOT trust what the GOV. says. They are liars. They work for & listen to what the Roman Catholic Vatican says. Watch the videos on youTube. The Vatican Oath is pretty much a license & mandatory to KILL any chance they get. I have done a lot of research on this & I am not very happy about all of it. The Vatican (The Pope) runs the USA, England, Australia, Sweden, The UN. The Vatican is the one that wants the One World Order. It has been planned since the 1940s. The Roman Catholic Priests, Popes, Clergy are all phsychopathic Serial Murderers. They do sacrifice babies in certain ceremonies. They are the professionals when it comes to agonizing torture, the Roman Catholics invented it. Look at past history. They are also all pedophiles. Now, guess what religion makes up most, if not all of the CIA, NSA & Government. You Guessed it. They are either Roman Catholic Trained, or Devout. Checkout the "Vatican wants New World Order" on YouTube. I checked out everything they said. It all checked out, they did not Lie. The only thing we are missing is a "State of Emergency" So the president can call "Martial Law". They will bring in the UN military. I bet not a lot of people know, at least not the younger generation, that our United States of America was changed to United States of America INCORPORATED back in 1789. We were broke after the war, so we borrowed money from some shady people over in England. Our Congress Incorporated our country in private, without a single word to us. Watch all those videos about the Vatican & our Roman Catholic GOV. & that should be enough for you to figure out the lies they tell us & what is going on every day when you watch the news. They have been using HAARP for a long time now. The one in Alaska, Jesse Ventura did a news piece on a while back. Its on a military base that is patroled & has cameras everywhere. He had a college professor or professional of some sort recreate the HAARP ray in a big glass jar. The ray effects the clouds, they can move them.