Thursday, April 7, 2011

Iraq Veterans Against the War

Please pass this video around your email lists, facebooks, and twitters. This is one of the most powerful YouTube videos I've seen in a while from Iraq Veterans Against the War.


muzuzuzus said...

Your right, Eric. This is one powerful video!! I certainly will share it everywhere I can. Thanks so much for bringing it to my attention.

Anonymous said...

Powerful post,


We need to WAKE UP ALL THE YOUNG SOLDIERS in the military to who and what they REALLY ARE WORKING FOR.

OUR Military is NOT protecting our country men and women, but INSTEAD protecting the Power Elite--the FOREIGN rulers of the British Crown, the Roman Vatican.

Keep informing OUR MEN & WOMEN in the military, Eric! They need to know they are sacrificing their lives for the wealth of the already rich and powerful. NOT the common citizens.

Maybe this knowledge will bring the peace to the world, when the idea of killing other human brothers and sisters in other countries start to look less "attractive" and honorable.

Anonymous said...

The Mega Mega Mega rich (Illuminati, Masons, Freemasons, Satan Worshippers, etc. etc. etc.) are using our young people as PAWNS in their sick game of chess.

The Pawns are EXPENDABLE.