Saturday, April 16, 2011

NWO Preparing you for "Aliens"

What is Coming to Earth? Part 1

What is Coming to Earth? Part 2

UFO Mass Sightings Taking Place

The NWO predictive programming propaganda machine is hard at work preparing the public for "first contact." If you haven't already, please research Project Bluebeam, the work of the late Rik Clay, and peruse my UFO/Aliens section to see the info I've collected suggesting that TPTB are planning a mass staged UFO event to garner support for their "end-times" deception spectacular.


Anonymous said...

There could be a twist to this planned event--

WHAT IF, the "aliens" or "extra terrestrials" are BENEVOLENT, and coming to help mankind.

The NWO / Illuminati know this, BUT, they want to make these ET's out to be the bad guys that must be destroyed (False Flag).

This way, they turn the majoritty of the populace against the very Beings coming to help humandkind AGAINST the NWO!!!

So far, we have NEVER had any alien attack in our century, nor has there been any documentation as to these ETs destroying Earth and Humnankind.

IF ANYTHING, IT IS THE NWO who is destroying Earth...and Humankind.

The NWO are powerless agains the ETs, so the NWO must try to garner a force against the ETs.

Think about it, most all the Hollywood movies portray aliens / ETs as bad that MUST BE DESTROYED, so now, the ETs have a bad rap.

To err on the safe side, just do / think opposite what the NWO want you to believe.

Eric Dubay said...

Yes, this twist is possible if benevolent beings really do exist out there that want to help us. But either way, whatever propaganda the mainstream media promotes is surely part of "the agenda."

muzuzuzus said...

He is so freekin sure of himself isn't he. A real cler-arse. I hate it when his criteria for an intelligent civilization is CONTROL! That show exactly who HE with, feel me??

Recently I have been looking into the so-called 'Galactic Federation of Light'---some people are putting all their faith in these 'beings' to come and help us 'ascend'....? This is of course a New Age UFO cult, isn't it. You can see it a mile off. You got the emphasis on light, and denigration of dark, and the real 'super heros' are blond with blue eyes. That is its implicit racist element. They you got their 'channelers' (typical of new agers) and mechanical voice reading them, and we here them supposedly claim we have to 'control emotion'. Hmmmm, now when you look at the history of the patriarchy you find that like light versus dark, you get 'reason' versus emotion, and what group are categorized as emotional...? WOMEN! So their you have the implicit misogyny.

A really good book I always recommend and will continue doing so that reallyexposes this New Age propaganda and agenda is this book:
Return of the Dark/Light Mother or New Age Armageddon? Towards a Feminist Vision of the Future, by Monica Sjoo

I am not though against the possibility that beings are VERY VERY concerned with what a mindset, and the bling minnions are coing to others, other species, and planet earth. Robert Hastings for example has shown that these craft are seemingly very concerned about the use of Nuclear war technology.

I can really gell with that, because I feel alien-ated from this world too, and what is going on. So I could dig how other beings are are far more intelligent than the psychopaths and apathetics here could feel about the genocide, ecocide and general apalling exploitation going on here.

Eric Dubay said...

Yeah, that NWO physicist guy is so sure of himself, uses unequivocal terms, and has that constant shit-eating grin as he talks about the Type 0, 1, 2, 3 BS that his nerd buddies cooked up. Definitely trying to herd our thoughts with their "science."

Anonymous said...

Ah, those good old alien chaps of ours...the conditioning of the masses to make them believe there is extraterrestial life out there is a bunch of bogus bs.

After all, are not aliens just flashes of light? If you are going to believe in aliens, you might as well start taking the grim reaper seriously as well. After all, it is all part and parcel of the, "believe space and time are real" propaganda.

Besides, those Hollywood movies serve more than simply programming is for, ""

Got to look at the SUBLIMINALS people.

Anonymous said...

And you have proof that there are NO other living entities outside of Earth?

Joe said...

There are no aliens! There is not even outer's just a piece of cardboard with pin pricks to look like stars.(just kidding...sorta )
It is all the original illusion of light, and we are hard wired, hypnotized to believe it to be real. This 3D world is an illusion and that includes all the other supposed higher dimensions, but that doesn't mean we are immune to its rules. The Grim reaper is seen as real, and when you've been diagnosed with a terminal disease, this 3D form will shudder in the fear of "not being"

Sean said...

I think if people are going to talk about the legitimacy of aliens in retrospect to space and time being an "illusion", they should at least provide some back up for that statement. You aren't going to eliminate bias that way.

Sean said...

From what I understand, that theory comes from quantum physics and relativity. Suggesting that all things are percieved only relative to the observer; that in a sense, the only "real" or at least "observer-regardless" thing we know of is energy, which cannot be created or destroyed. Our perspective; "space and time" is being constructed via the energies our senses have been designed to affiliate with. Hearing with sound and seeing by using light.

Time is a construct of our mind that involves memory as well as awareness of beginning and ending. That is the catch to the physical form.
Scripture and science will tell you that all things that begin will eventually end. This draws the line between energy and matter. Matter is created and is destroyed; Energy is niether; only transfered.

This is why if you could travel at the speed of light, time would stop, and open up new possibilities as well. Time is irrelivant to energy.

A good example describing space would be a video game. The characters within the game are limited to the designed specifications; they do not know they are in a video game. You watch the screen and see tangible like objects but you know they aren't real. We see colors and texture and even see distance to differentiate between here and there but we know it is just programming and essentially just code.

Now consider the "code" of our reality as what we call energy.

The common belief that matter is the substance of the universe is now coming into question. Many are starting to consider "consciousness" in it's place.

Many of these theories, being much beyond speculation, strongly reinforce sprituality and belief.
It leaves you wondering if you truly are just matter, or energy in a vehicle.

If space and time are only constructs of the mind, and our bodies occupy this space, then our bodies can't necessarily be real either. Just a representation of what I would assume is a conscious energy. Or as the bible describes it, the "breath of life"; the "soul".

But like a previous poster said, even if our essense is beyond this reality we see, the "temples" we reside in; our bodies, being apart of this "illusion." must play by it's rules. Just like how your character must play by your video game's rules. Unless you have the power to change those rules. i.e hacking the very code itself.

We have hacked reality have we not? Using tools to percieve energies that our bodies cannot and thus manipulating energies to manipulate reality.

I believe reality itself is conscious. And that there is life all over the universe. However in the physical form, I have no reason to believe there are any other civilizations out there as of yet in this form of reality. Most likely in other yes, but not this one yet. I personally believe that life in the physical form is what I can only describe as "new" in retrospect to what reality may actually be.

With the exeption of the bastard child luci' and his minions cast down from "heaven" to the physical plain. They, in my opinion, are the very origin of all this alien business as well as our "hacks." They know the guy who made the game after all >/

Regardless. They are preparing us for something definitely. I see SOO much stuff on discovery and the history channel on aliens now like "ancient aliens" constantly playing reruns and the "chubakabra" speculations that by the end of the program have really proven nothing, but definitely got you thinking about the possiblities.

Shit storm is coming. But have no fear, for only matter ends, not energy.

when you play your video game and your guy dies and you get a game over, you may be flustered and mad at first, but when you walk away and take a whiff of the air, you suddenly remember it was just a game.

You never died. The guy you were controlling did. And I'll bet he has no idea that you can just come back and do it again.

muzuzuzus said...

I feel you are creating a duality between 'matter' and 'energy'.
I know that science does not know what consciousness is, nor what matter is, and of course this will mean energy also.
I am very wary of the mindsets which either choose 'matter-ialism' or 'consciousness' as the primary reality. I see this game going far back, and from this comes imbalance.

This is why I am so attracted to the Goddess mythos, because mattyer is seen to be sacred. The very term having MA as the roots shows us its feminine archeytype (for want of a better term). So you find that isms which deny the spirit dengrate matter/nature as do those who DENY matter, and call it 'illusion' which we find in Eastern belief systems---and where such brutal systems as the caste system have arisen. I dont have to tell you about the brutal system of materialism of course, do I?

Anonymous said...

"Matter is created and is destroyed; Energy is niether; only transfered."

My recollection of modern physics my be a little flawed, but I don't think this statement is correct. Both matter and energy are conserved; the famous e=mc^2 equation merely demonstrated that matter can be converted to energy, and energy to matter.

In this fashion, both matter and energy can be "destroyed" by conversion to the other, but the net total of matter and energy must be conserved in the same way classical physics stipulates that potential energy may be converted into kinetic energy, but the net total energy must remain constant.

Is this not correct?


Anonymous said...

muzuzuzus, either you're a shill or extremely misguided. Yes he is a globalist propaganda mouthpiece pushing the alien deception but promotion of feminism, disintegration of the family structure and the subjugation of men is a primary globalist agenda to control the population. Feminsim ties in with their eco-fascist, new age, environmental, state-based relgion. The mother Earth, Gaia Goddess if you will. They creating a fake alien menace to unite everyone under the umbrella of their Orwellian feudal world government. No doubt they'll create war and achieve their aim of mass depopulation, all the while blaming it on the aliens, just as they killed 3000 of their own people in the scientifically proven inside job 911. Wake up people.

muzuzuzus said...

Oh you bewail the subjugation of maen, but put-down women who speak out against their subjugation. That is typical patriarchal hypocrisy. Have you even GOT one woman author in your library of books? The so-called 'family structure' you long for was obviously modeled on the patriarchal hierarchical myth where the woman is supposed to be under the superiority of the man. If you want to see that very in action have a look at Middle Eastern culture. They have your 'family structure'.
You think deeply caring for the natural world is being "eco-fascist"? Hmmm wonder what the other species think about that who are losing their habitats, being made extinct, their waters, and food, and air being polluted. Are all indigenous peoples who want to live their lives sustainably and not be persecuted by the corporation--are THEY eco fascist in your book? Do I care to wait for an answer? No I don't because I am very used to that kind of attitude, and it usually comes from the fascists themselves who want the sorry ecocide to carry on unhindered in the name of "progress"!.
In a pervious post I have already linked here to a book by Monica Sjoo who not only exposes the 'New Age' but shows the ancient roots of that mindset. I am betting you haven't read it yourself, so maybe you do before you assume things you don't know about.The metaphor of a Great Cosmic Mother is far more ancient than the sky gods and God myths which followed, and again, I would recommend you educate about that and then you won't give such a muddled critique--hopefully.

muzuzuzus said...

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