Monday, April 18, 2011

The Truther Girls

Here are some great recent videos from a YouTube channel I highly recommend called The Truther Girls. They've also got a blog and bi-weekly show at American Freedom Radio.


Anonymous said...

I had been seeing the same thing checking on many of the RadNet radiation maps--if you look at their graphs prior to March 11, 2011, you will see SPIKES and HIGHER levels of radiation than AFTER March 11 ???

Then you can check to see what nuclear power plants or labs are in the area, and there you go.
The radiation must be coming from the existing plants.

Not to say the radiation isn't coming from Fukushima, but, wow, what a way to lay the blame on the Japanese, when radiation has been quietly pervading the area prior to March 11.

Blessing in disguise, really, as a wake up call to everyone to notice the radiation coming from their own cities/vicinities nuclear plants.

Anonymous said...

Storms abrewing...INSIDE YOU:

Unknown said...

I think Truther Girls if full of garbage. She only covers work of other people. She has no evidence of anything and nothing to back up her work. What has she done on her own that no one else is covering in conspiracy work? Nadda

jazzmanbop said...

just to keep it simple.the nwo is a global mafia syndicate.They controlthe media,military, all politicians,control phony money creation,create religions,create so called communism,so called democracy,fascism,other isms to divide.They control the entertainment industry,the higher education of info tainment.they start all wars and fund both sides.The mafia doesn,t work hard and does not like competition.don,t cross the mafia or become a kennedy,paul wellstone,a lincoln,or marginalized like a true canadian like david orchard.they are zionists( a criminal mafia organization) masqurerading as a voice for jewish people ,when in fact they orchestrated the holocaust.

illuminatiOpress said...

Truther girls are stoners that live in Canada and have no hope for a better future, America is headed down the same path of socialist enslavement.

Anonymous said...

As a Canadian I want to stick my foot in IlluminatiOpress' mouth. I'm fairly open minded but I'm so sick of your "America the free" CRAPOLA! You destroyed our film industry, sat back counting your dough while u-boats blew-up our ships on your border (The St. Lawrence) then you got attacked on your home turf ... and folded.
You and your funny money can just shut up!