Thursday, January 13, 2011

How to Succeed in Court

Thanks to Lili and Ingri for sending me this amazing database of judicial information at I'm still going through all these excellent articles, but firstly, for anyone interested in lawfully admonishing themselves of their bonded strawman, I highly recommend looking into issuing an Ecclesiastical Deed Poll. If used in conjunction with a UCC-1 lien, I'd imagine this gives you quite an edge against anyone trying to come after you through the strawman. Has anyone else tried this? How has it worked? Another great series of articles at One Heaven is entitled, "How to Succeed in Court." Click the link to have a read through. Here's the introduction:

"Everyday around the world, hundreds of thousands of people find themselves before the jurisdiction of some form of “Court” claiming some form of law. The reason a person may be before a court are wide and varied – from civil to criminal, from minor alleged offences such as traffic and not paying fines to major alleged offences such as murder and fraud. In fact, modern court systems are so widespread and cover so many issues that even if you have never been to court yourself, chances are you know at least one person who has experienced “justice” through the courts.

Whether or not you have gone through the experience of wanting or having to go to court, or someone in your family or friends, there is one almost unanimous agreement by all who have witnessed firsthand the function of a modern court – it is a mysterious, unnatural and often intimidating experience, often ending in sadness, bitterness and regret.

Ordinary people who have never been inside an operating court room are not the only ones who can find the surrounding and process intimidating. Even if a court room is modern by design, it can still be an intimidating place even for members of the Bar Societies and Bar Associations. So how might one succeed in a case before such a place as a Court when even professionals sometimes are intimidated and unsure?

No one can guarantee anyone that they can win a case within a Court without lying. There are simply too many variables to each case to make such impossible claims. The greatest uncertainty is whether the judge, or tribunal of judges or magistrates choose to follow their own laws and procedures or not. Sadly, because the competency of judiciary officials continues to fall while political and special interest pressures continue to rise, the court system in most countries has become less reliable in predicting outcomes that conform to any kind of law other than blatant corruption, cronyism and sheer incompetence.

Nor should anyone ever pretend to be offering legal advice concerning Roman Western Law unless they are a member of one of the guilds that unlawfully monopolize access and operation of national, regional and community law throughout the world. The Bar Guilds have demonstrated a ruthlessness against anyone daring to question their legal competence for centuries and in most locations have introduced many draconian statutes akin to the heresy laws of the Middle Ages that forbid ordinary people discussing, sharing and learning about the law unless they are obedient members of a Bar Guild.

Yet succeeding at court has little to do with any kind of specific advice relating to a personal case before a court. Instead, success relates to knowing who and what you are, the philosophy of how to conduct yourself in court and remain in honor and the power you always possess through free will and withdrawing or granting your consent.

Success comes down to the realization that there are no “magic bullet” documents and that when faced with a system of “courts” controlled by a private guild, occupied by private guild members that remedy may not be possible in the first instance, or even under appeal – but that if you remain steadfast in maintaining honor, knowledgeable of who and what you are- then even the Guilds cannot prevail against the law they usurp and claim to control.

This is the purpose of these pages. To help any and all who are facing imminent court cases and concerns to learn more about the history of the courts, what makes them tick? the origins of the Bar Guilds, the importance and function of honor and behaviour.

No one can guarantee success, only remedy “gurus” and other forms of disinformation agents. Nor is any of the information contained specific legal advice. Instead, it is hoped that the information contained within these pages will help you and anyone you refer to these pages to understand your own way of navigating through the maze of tricks, lies and procedures of the Bar."


Anonymous said...

why the use of masonic symbolism in your article?

Eric Dubay said...

To expose it! Most people have no idea of all the Masonic signs and symbols used in court.

Holy Walker said...

It's a little disconcerting that, while claiming to be dedicated to exposing the NWO, you seemingly promote a site ( that has the appearance of a NWO front organization and has made claims of basis in a declaration from Lucifer himself. While I understand the need to inform people of their responsibility in standing at law, one must also consider the source of the information upon which they rely. Why do you offer no concern or reservations about the intentions of due to it's similarities to NWO dogma?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Holy Walker, a reader/commenter like yourself gave me a link and praised One Heaven so I checked it out and made this article. I didn't see it as being an obvious "NWO front organization," what makes you say that?

Unknown said...

That link you gave........WOW! Talk about NWO in your face. Here's just one LEGAL decree/decision their 'world court' has issued:

In accord with Article 39 of the most sacred and supreme Covenant known as Pactum De Singularis Caelum, notice is hereby given to all past, present and future, that a Survey of the Total Records of the Great Roll of Divine Persons of Divine Trusts associated with the True Persons and True Trusts of the Higher Order Life Forms known as Homo Sapiens upon the planet known as Earth, was duly completed and concluded within the unique Sacred Space-Day-Time Event of SOL E1:Y3:A50:S4:M15:D5 [Fri 28 Aug 2015]As at this Sacred Space-Day-Time, the Total Members within the absolute Jurisdiction of One Heaven are 112,519,613,357 being all unique carnations that have ever existed of Homo Sapien Life, from the moment of conveyance of Divinity to the flesh after the fiftieth day of conception, whether or not in Life they reached full term or not. Furthermore, notice is hereby given that 7,188,231,689 Members remain carnate in flesh as at this Sacred Space-Day-Time through their True Person and True Trust; and with a further 7,907,054,858 Members not carnate in flesh consenting to serve as Guardians to the living Members; and with 14,400,000,000 Members not carnate in flesh consenting to temporarily transfer and aspect of their Divine Rights in support of 144,000,000 Supreme Divine Trusts as underwriting to the Supreme Credo serial numbers 990000-000000-000001 to 990000-000144-000000; and with 2,160,304,627 Members not carnate in flesh consensting to occupy, protect and service those Sacred Offices defined by Article 30 and in accord with the occupation of all Apostolic Offices associated with the 3 Spiritual Bodies, the 7 Unions, the 239 Universities, the 3,763 Provinces and the 128,884 Campuses of Ucadia; and with 144,000,000 Members not carnate in flesh consenting to Divine Commission as the Guard and Armies of Heaven; and with 432,000,000 Members not carnate in flesh consenting to Divine Commission as assisting in Intercessions, Inspiration and support of Pilgrims; and with the remaining 94,688,022,183 Members not carnate in flesh choosing to focus on other activities and personal development. Therefore, let it be properly recorded that no spirit, soul, mind, life, being is cursed, condemned, abandoned, separated or excluded from One Heaven; and any claim, decree, precept, rescript, bull, testament, deed, charter, statute, agreement, ordinance, letter, regulation, policy or text that is in conflict with the present primary facts of the Divine Creator of all Existence and all the Universe and Heaven and Earth, is hereby null and void, having no force or effect. Be it further enacted that the present Supreme Ecclesiastical Ordinance shall also be deemed and taken to be a Public Act and shall be judicially taken Notice of as such, by all Justices, Officers, Registrars and other Persons whomsoever, without specially pleading the same.