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Charlie Veitch and The Shill Police - Everything Isn't Okay

This week Charlie Veitch, deep under-cover agent for The Shill Police, in a highly implausible feat of mental gymnastics, has performed an advanced 180 double-cross psy-op flip-flop maneuver with a 9/11 wasn't an inside job twist, leaving discerning on-lookers stunned and scoffing.

Three weeks ago Charlie made a speech at the 2011 Truth Juice festival in which he stated that Osama Bin Laden was just a boogie man and 911 was a ritual sacrifice carried out by adherents of ancient mystery religions (starting at 37:00). Two weeks ago Charlie helped organize an event that brought Richard Gage of to Cambridge University and stated on video, quote, "I fully believe 9/11 was a false flag." Now this week, after "letting it slip" that he is going to appear in a BBC 10th anniversary of 9/11 TV documentary, he unequivocally stated "there isn't any evidence for 9/11 being an inside job, there just isn't!"

The BBC documentary is called "9/11 Conspiracy Roadtrip" and the premise is that they take Charlie Veitch and 5 other "conspiracy theorists" to New York, the WTC complex, the Pentagon, and Shankesville, tape interviews with various "experts" toting the official 9/11 story, and throughout the course of the documentary, convince Charlie and the other "former conspiracy theorists" that 9/11 actually happened exactly as the government described. Now low and behold, just as the BBC planned, 3 days into his paid vacation, Charlie has completely flip-flopped and is now calling conspiracy theorists "paranoid cultists."

First on the spot to interview Charlie about all this was long-time truther/activist Max Igan of Surviving the Matrix radio. Watch part 1 below and click here for parts 2 and 3. Still unsure what to think, and giving the benefit of the doubt, Max allows Charlie the chance to fully explain himself. Notice how all of a sudden Charlie is perfectly satisfied with the typical government answers to Max's critical questions regarding 9/11. World Trade Center 7, the Pentagon, Shankesville, suddenly Charlie is vehemently defending the government positions on all these issues and acting like Max is being a stick in the mud, constantly saying "come on Max... but dude, you see... man, that's how I used to think, but now..."

Charlie says: "I'm an open-minded, logical person and we went around ground zero, the Pentagon, we met experts and family members, and suddenly after about day 3, it just popped in my head and I went 'hold on a second, what if we in the conspiracy theory world are paranoid and we're kind of in a cult, and what if not everything is a conspiracy? What if 19 hijackers, part of an Islamist revolutionary hatred of the west, did manage to pull it off. And it's the simplest explanation."

Doesn't it seem quite disingenuous for someone to go from an "independent" figure-head defending the conspiracist position, to a BBC figure-head defending the government position, literally overnight? Doesn't it seem disingenuous that he's now calling conspiracy theorists "paranoid cult members?" and that this was obviously the BBC's intention in creating this hit-piece to begin with?

The next person to interview Charlie was Mr. Brit on Resistance Radio who, just like Max, is a bit dumb-founded and unwavering in his position on 9/11. He asks a lot of critical, relevant questions, to which Charlie gives more hollow, brush-off answers. Part 1 is below, and here are parts 2 and 3.

Charlie's third interview since his overnight change of heart was with Max Igan again, and this is one of the best and most interesting conversations I've heard in a long time. Max Igan really takes the gloves off this time and let's Charlie have it. He asks a barrage of discerning, pertinent questions about various 9/11 anomalies and Charlie acts absolutely aloof and complacent with stock government/mainstream media answers. Part 1 is below and I highly recommend watching parts 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, and 7 here.

Charlie's father is a rich, nomadic oil tycoon (whom he called "insane" at Truth Juice) and until 2008 Charlie was also a rich high-level financial advisor/investment banker, a job he allegedly quit to start doing his megaphoning street antics. He very quickly raised from obscurity to being on SkyNews, Russia Today, BBC, and other mainstream news channels. And this latest "Charlie-Gate" isn't the first suspicious thing to come from Mr. Veitch either. Have a look at this thread I started on his Love Police forum back last September when I called his integrity into question. Please leave your comments below as I'd love to hear everyone else's thoughts/feelings on this matter. I'll leave you with an assortment of various YouTuber reactions to Charlie's 180:


Eric Dubay said...

Presidential Advisor Cass Sunstein's dissertation on how to infiltrate and co-opt the conspiracy movement

Eric Dubay said...

Federal Jack: Scrub the Internet of Charlie Veitch

Anonymous said...

Listened to him on Max Egans show this morning and couldn't believe how stupid he was being..When 9-11 happened..that morning we heard it on the radio and looked at each other and said, in unison, "They did it!" then, watching on a friends TV we heard/saw the owner of the building say, "Pull it!" It would have cost him a ton of $$ to retrofit the buildings. He made a fortune on the insurance. Also, the owner was a good friend of Bush the Younger. Go figure!!

Anonymous said...

BTW: The owner of the WTB did not know he was being filmed when he said, "Pull it"..Now, this morning, Max Egan on his show said he's going to post footage of a group of men 'counting down' when the building fell into 'its own footprint'..I lived in Las Vegas on one point in life and I've been present when they took down a casino with controlled demolition. Then the fact that it occurred on 9/11 shows the bizarre sense of humor of those involved..I have only heard one person talk about 911 the emergency #.

sundaemon said...

This is actually fascinating, the way he describes his "conversion" or "long night of the soul" is that he was sleepless and vomiting. It sounds like he's a mind-control puppet. It's interesting to consider whether he was a plant and puppet all along, or if they got to him after his first work with the Love Police.
The other alternative is that he was a plant simply given a script at the start, and that he's actually just a bit dim in himself.
By the way, this stuff about forgiveness and love and both correct and very wrong at the same time. It's wrong because these are very personal things - the process is to forgive yourself first and then everyone else is forgiven too. If you go around preaching it it's equivalent to shouting about how much you give to charity and how everybody else should... the interesting thing here is that by extension you don't then you're a bad person, of course we won't say that, but only because we can't! You see! It's a clever form of censorship that just protects all the miscreants.
These guys need to be taken out, and it has to happen by "force". And that force is simply the truth, and the end of ignorance.
Because we're not going to beat them at their own game, ie through marketing and manipulation and psy-ops and misleading and lies and just the whole web, of which secret societies have been such an important part. These guys are the absolute masters at it. We've simply got to go in there and drag them out, and punish them. Perhaps even kill them. THAT is the highest form of love for live, because those that destroy life, many of them are simply beyond "help", and they are just completely compromised, or completely mentally ill, or possessed, or just trapped in that box, that fiction. Or infected with that mind virus. And in many cases it's sad, because loved ones will be affected, and those that at one time were golden and full of great promise before they were infected.
Nobody knows they are compromised, because they are already acting "as if", like Greg Hallett says. That is the hallmark of deconstruction of the subconscious. Like in Russia where everybody is deconstructed to think like the state. And actually this has spread to the UK now, very much so.
And it's done through subliminals, and symbols, and suggestion. The cross has been the most potent one for centuries, but with TV etc they are absolutely in their element.the

sundaemon said...

Just occurred to me, by the way - his first work was called "Everything is OK", right? Which no doubt is ostensibly sarcastic. But if you take a catchphrase like that, repeat it over and over, and then claim that the official 9/11 story is correct, then that IS the message you're pushing into people's minds - that everything is OK. The sarcasm subtext is lost, and the subliminal message triumphs. That's how they do these things, we simply need to wise up to it. Because everything, as you say, is most definitely not OK. And more '60s-style fake peace and love is absolutely the worst way to approach this.

Duncan said...

Charlie Veitch was first brought to my eyes by a fellow We Are Change chapter in Europe, that same member aligns with RUdkowski who we exposed as having masonic connections and using fraudulent behaviour with donations, 32 degree mason still controls WAC nyc. we had reports of MI6/MOD in WAC London England, the so called truth movement is totally controlled as far as prominent voices go and i stay with wac with others purely to expose these infils. I am a freeman on the land and fight for the truth, supporting the British COnstitution group and Lawful rebellion, Veitch was a wrong'un from the start, transparent, but the 'truthers' need leaders, these leaders are placed AND THEY ARE MANY.when myself and two others exposed the mason and asked rudkowski for answers, our 'chapters' were deleted, the founder of wac is Dan Wallace R.I.P, NOT Rudkowski, who is good friends with Veitch and align with AE911, infowars and the other gatekeeping useful idiots. I was at Cambridge on June 18th and witnessed more than one accidental handshake similar to veitch's in one of his latest videos, i intended to approach Rudkowski but overheard something which caused be to back off, other info i've recieved also confirms he is just a silly boy with a big ego being played, just like veitch.

muzuzuzus said...

I am getting that I cannot stand the sound of turncoat Charlies voice. it sounds as sincere as Tony Blair!
When I first heard about this, I found a video by a guy who claims that this so-called U turn is a sham too, and that he knew Charlie was against 9/11 truthers before. I commented about seeing it and a member asked me to link him, but I cannot find it now!

I dont know where to begin with this dude/ I have listened to all the interview, and even transripted the bit he tries to explain away the esoteric clues all over 9/11, 7/7. he patronizingly asks Max and Adam if they know the saying from the Bible 'Seek and Ye shall find' and then uses that saying to fit his suggestion--using his intitals (giving digits 322) as example--that the more we look the more we will discover clues that are really irrational and is the "Bitch Goddess fuckin with our mind". In another part he suggests that maybe 'God' ordained 9/11 to which Max hillariously responded 'If he did he's a fuck head!' LOL, that has made me love Max haha

But Charlie claims it was the estoreics that got him interested in Conspiracy theory in the first place, yet now he is trying to nullify this inquiry which meakes me VERy suspicious!
IF a detective is hunting a serial killer, many of whom leave signatures/symbolism/numerology as clues meant to play games with the police, the detective LOOKING doesn't CREATE the fukin clues. The clues are already there!
why DO Freemasons use numbers IF they dont mean anything? he just talks crap is all I can say.

Anonymous said...

I wondered about this from the perspective of someone who knows him very closely: his partner, the woman who was with him at his recent arrest prior to the royal wedding. Her name is Silkie Carlo, 21, a student at Cambridge. Very attractive, very outspoken in media from a relatively early age, with access to prominent truth (disinfo?) people like Julian Assange.

Perhaps this is quick to suggest, but she in many ways resembles the profile of a MK (beta?) slave. Does anyone know more about her?

As recently as July 3, she was calling for more 911 truth stuff, but advocating a "balanced, reasonable approach." I wonder how long before that shifts...

Eric Dubay said...

Great points everyone.

For Sundaemon, my intuition tells me that he was a plant to begin with, but regardless of whether he sold out then or sold out now to BBC's hit-piece, he's sold out. His website has rising sun symbolism, his whole Blue Fire Corp. idea was occultish, and his obsession with Lucifer and alter-ego Damien Rockefeller were all red flags.

For Duncan, I've had my concerns about WAC as well. They're too popular and closely connected to the controlled opposition Infowars operation not to be infiltrated. Their general methodology of Alex Jonesian screaming at criminals didn't appeal to me either. Glad to hear you're exposing the infiltrators in WAC.

For Muz, his voice is really annoying me now too. His whole "correlation does not imply causation" and "seek and ye shall find" lines are indeed patronizing and irrelevant. As you said, just the sheer number of Masonic symbols, numerology, and Hollywood movies foreshadowing 9/11 are enough to exceed coincidence and Charlie is well aware of these facts, but now all of a sudden maintains that "there isn't any evidence for 9/11 being an inside job, there just isn't" but says if you seek out evidence you'll magically create evidence to prove your assertions.

Super lame Charlie. You just went from famous to infamous overnight.

Anonymous said...

Silke Carlo, Charlie's angel, was in the cast of UK TV's Chanel Four's Shippedwrecked in 2009, just before trotting off to Cambridge University. Way to rock the New World Order.


muzuzuzus said...

Turncoat-charlie and the BBC numerologically mirror each other. As Charlie pointed out, attempting to dismiss the esoteric symbolism of 9/11, 7/7 etc, that his initials C.V. give the number sequence 322, well look at thisy here: BBC = 223

So we got 322:223


Anonymous said...

Here's Charlie and Silkie being promoted by the London Evening Standard, an important newspaper in the capital


Headline: Former bank worker who helped to bring chaos to streets of London

Subhead: A demonstrator who joined anarchists causing chaos in the capital is a privately educated former finance worker whose girlfriend was a reality TV star.

Extracts from the text: "Charlie Veitch, 30, is the founder of a group called The Love Police Academy and attended Saturday's protest with 500 followers."

"His girlfriend, also an activist, is Cambridge student Silkie Carlo, 18, who has appeared on Channel 4 reality show Shipwrecked."

"Mr Veitch was educated at The Edinburgh Academy and is the son of a wealthy oil worker. He claims to have been employed for HBOS in wealth management after attending Edinburgh University. He has also said he served in the Army. He says he was made redundant during the financial crisis and then decided to become a full-time protester and film-maker."

"He wrote: "The Love Police Academy, my personal feudal army...."

Notes: To give you an idea of Charlie's background, Edinburgh Academy's current yearly day fee is £10,080 ($16,235) per year.

Wealth Managers only work with individuals whose wealth, not including their home, exceeds $1 million, and services usually include advice on tax avoidance:

"Wealth management is an investment advisory discipline that incorporates financial planning, investment portfolio management and a number of aggregated financial services. High Net Worth Individuals (HNWIs), small business owners and families who desire the assistance of a credentialed financial advisory specialist call upon wealth managers to coordinate retail banking, estate planning, legal resources, tax professionals and investment management. Wealth managers can be an independent Certified Financial Planner, MBAs, Chartered Strategic Wealth Professional,[1] CFA Charterholders or any credentialed professional money manager who works to enhance the income, growth and tax favored treatment of long-term investors. Wealth management is often referred to as a high-level form of private banking for the especially affluent. One must already have accumulated a significant amount of wealth for wealth management strategies to be effective."

"High Net Worth Individuals: In the private banking business, these individuals typically are defined as having investable assets (financial assets not including primary residence) in excess of US$1 million"


Anonymous said...

The Veitch (Veatch) Family
The Masters Family Link to English & European Nobility


"The Veitch Historical Society, one of the country's (USA) foremost family history/genealogical organizations.

"Burke's Peerage, Ltd. lists Sheriff James Veitch, the immigrant, as a son of Malcolm Veitch, son of John "Vaitche," Laird (Lord) of Dawyck, Peebleshire,[Scotland} by his wife Janet Stewart, "an aunt of the first Earl of Traquair."

"The name of James Veitch appears also on a short list of American colonists of proven royal descent appearing in an article by Walter Lee Shepard, "Descendants of the illegitimate Sons & Daughters of the Kings of Britain," in The National Genealogical Society Quarterly (vol. 62, pp. 182-91), and his royal lineage also was confirmed in 1981 by the President of the Society of Descendants from the Illegitimate Sons & Daughters of the Kings of Britain."

"The linages of Sheriff James Veitch's grandmother Janet (Stewart) Veitch and great-grandmother Marriot (Fleming) Veitch trace back to most of the early royal houses of Europe and Great Britain and would fill a thick book alone."

"Marriot Fleming Veitch is traced from the Emperor Charlemagne, William the Conqueror, Hugh Capet, and Alfred the Great, to name a few, while her daughter-in-law Janet Stewart Veitch descended from all these in addition to the royal house of Stewart."

"Some of the other interesting ancestors include Eleanor of Acquitaine, Sir James Stewart (the "Black Knight") of Lorn, Lady Godiva of Coventry and Mercia, William Longespee, and Willkiam Marshall, as well as most of the recorded kings of England, Scotland, France, Hungary, etc."

Eric Dubay said...

Interesting find Anonymous... it seems Silkie isn't new to TV either. I had thought of that CV/BBC 322 coincidence as well Muz, good thinking.

sundaemon said...

If you are aware of Thomas Sheridan's work you'll notice Chaz is a textbook psychopath: the way he can switch opinions overnight for whatever agenda, and be like "what? no big deal, guys."

Anonymous said...

They got to him. I don't know how, but they got to him... Probably when they threw him in jail in preparation for the wedding - he's now a pawn, controlled by the PTB.

Anonymous said...

All you guys are awesome. Please keep feeding my(our) mind(s).. Maybe someday myself and others will join all of you in the sharing and gathering of information! Please keep up the work, I truly belive more and more people will catch on to what is going on if you guys keep pushin'!!
- Derek

Unknown said...

Charlie Veitch - C.V. = 3.22, BBC - 223...


Interesting to know that Veitch is also related to royal blood...and hence his suppopsed detainmment by the authorities was nothing more than some more brainwashing and making of a new MKULTRA pawn for the elites of the world.

The name, "Charlie" also invokes "Charlie Sheen" - the other celebrity who went berserk during the whole Alex Jones-on-the-View fiasco...and Charlemagne...the emperor that ties in all this lunacy....and many more to come.

Anonymous said...

The name Veitch suggests VEITK - T-VIKE...cross and the sixth kings...the Vikings?

Eric Dubay said...

This is hilarious:

Hitler Finds Out Charlie Veitch Betrayed 9/11 Truth

muzuzuzus said...

Yeah I saw it yesterday and it is ffikkin funny LOL

I JUST found this which seems very interesting but VERY irritating at the same time
The page is here:

and a posters posted this info:

OK in the video @ 1minute 1 second he states the following:
"this between you and I the producers have asked me to keep it quiet, but you know the BBC obviously, they commissioned a show called 911 conspiracy road trip, which is going to be for the ten year anniversary of 911, and I got asked to go on it as someone who doesnt believe in the official story"

Interestingly i decided to search information out about it and look at this:

Not only did he not get asked to go on it, but he actually had to apply to be considered to go on it, so it was not like the BBC called him up and said Charlie wanna be on TV. He had to know the show was being casted for and then apply and then do a screen test and be checked out by them first."

So I of course tried to open the 2nd link and got an ERROR. So I then tried to register so I could try and find out why the page dont work, and got a 'due to the high rate of people trying to rgester please contact' bla bla, so I tried and cant find any email. But is this ANOTHER part of a likely psy op---Charlie claiming to have been written to--which he siad on an interview--but secretly hunting them down? I cannot say this is so because at the moment nothings workin

muzuzuzus said...

Oh sorry, I forgot that urls dont naturally hyperlink when you type them on blogger comments. you will have to paste

Anonymous said...

This guy is a shill. Period. He is about to undermine the whole truth movement with the anniversary BBC documentary. 9-11 is pivotal to the subsequent beginning of our wars against non compliant nations, and our loss of personal freedoms.But of course the truth is a vibration and he is not going to make us do a 180 by his floored reasoning.
Ex private school,army and banker. Classic material for recruitment for the power brokers. Also if anybody of the truth, watches that Love Police crap, they would smell a rat. It's a big joke.
Good news is tat Max Igan made him squirm with his questioning. Goodbye.You will disappear to internet users, doubtless to land another clandestine assignment.

muzuzuzus said...

This guy proves he predicted that Charlies would do this in 2009, and tried to tell Alex Jones people and wearchange, and they called him crazy, and now they are VERy quiet about Charliegate
Charlie Veitch. 9/11 truth betrayal predicted 2 YEARS AGO!!

Charlie Veitch. 9/11 truth betrayal predicted 2 YEARS AGO!!

Anonymous said...

Im abit late in the game over this, but i'll give it this.

When i first heard/saw Charlie a couple of years back i was intrigued, as to who he is and his background.
Now, all Beings can obtain enlightenment & alot of what he was doin was provoking but to me, the bell rang a little hollow. Still,it rang & it woke a few up, but in the grand scheme...the u-turn is of no surprise. Its text book.
He has the background and the cult of personality to be perfect for the job.
The 'Truth Movement' has to suffer a blow, time is near, so to discredit it is a major coup.
Well done BBC+your controllers,
ya got us on this one, but we're all still here....

Eric Dubay said...

Charlie Veitch, BBC & Cointelpro

muzuzuzus said...

Thanks for the link Eric. it is a great inspiring vlog!!

Eric Dubay said...

You bet. Here's another really good one:

Charlie Veitch - Just What is he Actually Saying?

Anonymous said...

Charlie Veitch has promoted anarchism and anarchism was invented by the freemasonry for political idiots, according to researcher Jüri Lina ("Architects of Deception")

Infact, french Grand Orient lodge in Paris uses same satanic black and red colours as anarchism.

rofessor of literature and Deputy Grand
Master of the freemasons (Felsinea, Bologna) Giosue Carducci (1835-
1907, received the Nobel Prize for literature in 1906) wrote "Hymn to
Satan", which contains the lines: "We greet you, Oh Satan! Oh rebellion! ("Salute, o Satana! O Ribellione!)
Oh the victorious power of reason! (0, forza vindice della Ragione!)"

Eric Dubay said...

Sorry, but Anarchism was invented by nature, and all forms of government were invented by man.

However, if you're simply referring to the modern day "Anarchist" movement with the "black block" and the black/red A symbol etc., then yes, you're right.

2manyfaces said...

I have been searching for info on the yawning silence of TV wannabe Silkie Carlo with regard to the Charlie Veitch fiasco. An act of self-preservation perhaps? I have to say, this is one of the most thoughtful, well argued discussions I have found on the net...KUDOS guys.

I subscribe to the sociopath/psychopath shill theory. We may never know if he was always a weak, shallow opportunist who used the Truth movement to promote his media ambitions, or indeed, was a plant from the beginning - maybe they're not mutually exclusive? As my contribution to the debate, you may want to check out 2 videos:

Charlie Veitch - The Many Faces of Me parts 1 and 2

You can view and download the statirical images at

As the amazing book called 'political ponerology' says, to destroy sociopaths and psychopaths you use the power of satire, laughter and ridicule to remove their mask of normalcy. They just cant handle it and dont know how to react to the exposure.

If we are laughing with discernment, then we are not fearing...

Eric Dubay said...

As the amazing book called 'political ponerology' says, to destroy sociopaths and psychopaths you use the power of satire, laughter and ridicule to remove their mask of normalcy. They just cant handle it and dont know how to react to the exposure. If we are laughing with discernment, then we are not fearing...

Beautifully worded. Great advice.

muzuzuzus said...

hmm this is interesting, one of the comments drew my attention to this. Chekout this video Charlie Veitch EXPOSED (2 of 3)

@6:05 you will see him hold up his Brazillian passport and his first name is spelt Chales. OK? Now put em all together and whaddya get: Chales Torres Veitch. counting the letters of each name = 666
so now we have that + his own laughing admission his initials CV give 322 (Skull and Bones number) which 'coincidentally' mirror the BBC number of 223. 322:223

creandounnuevomundo2013 said...

I don´t speak English but but I will try to bring something ...

I Have Admired Charlie Veitch. In Fact, I was the first person (along with a group of friends) to carry out an event of the Love Police in Spain, in honor of Charlie Veitch.

His presentation in the congress of science and spirit (Spain) I felt wonderful but I'm beginning to feel that something does not smell quite right around Charlie.

I thought he might have started a real movement but has recently been a victim of mind control, and hence the change of mind with the 9 / 11

But keep looking and find that your father is oil, just like Alex Jones reptilian bear ... his name as recurring and linked to elites .... made me look even more:

his mother's name is Diana Torres Valadares, Brazil ..... Is there anything about your name?

I'm looking for the name Valadares and is closely linked to military and political as well as poets of high rank them. But I think it is possible that the real name is Valladares, who is of Jewish origin. Valadares is linked although with Jewish I do not know if I can be an ramification of the former.

Valadares, albañil Brasileño:

The mother was born in Pernambuco: C3% B3n_Pernambucana

"The ideas of liberalism and the Enlightenment had already entered Brazil shortly after the French Revolution, with its notions of self-government and republicanism, encouraging the questioning of local elites against the absolutism of the Portuguese government despite the severe censorship imposed by it. these same elites, such as Pernambuco, cultivating these ideas in secret Masonic societies from the late eighteenth century, so the discourse of autonomy in the name of liberty was a consolidation of ideas and doctrines were secretly diffused in Brazil since the last eighteenth century. "

while I look on the mother, by chance I met the Veitch surname in canada lodges:

More information here about charlie

any assumptions here, but draws attention to the number of relationships between Veitch and soldiers / Marines:

marine and aviation operations:

Dale Veitch Received An Honorable Discharge From The United States Air Force:

.... there are many more results this is just a tremendous example of the relationship of this surname air forces

write about your Veitch:

according to the video the father is peebles, scotland. Here a monument to John Veitch Peebles ... Coincidence?

maybe grandfather?:

creandounnuevomundo2013 said...


now give a personal opinion. Something strange about this whole thing ... I mean, it is curious that all this time Charlie has defended an idea, why even launched an event next 9 / 11 to meet all ... and now, that idea of change so abruptly. Coincidentally this happens to work with the BBC. It is rare not only because of the obvious, but because if an agent does not believe that following the pattern of denying the obvious by now. They claim that they follow, they create and then hitting the lie ... but would not risk a lie they know that NO ONE GOING TO BELIEVE. Therefore it would be throwing away all the work ... and so for what? who would have reason behind all this? There are many agents and no one tries to make us believe the unbelievable because they expose themselves .... why still blocks away from everything that Charlie lie from the beginning. You may have been brainwashed? to conceal something in his involvement with the BBC? Your boyfriend is with him to control you? I do not know, there are many things that do not fit ....


ahora daré una opinion personal. Algo raro hay en todo este asunto... quiero decir, es curioso que todo este tiempo Charlie haya defendido una idea, por la cual incluso lanzó un evento el próximo 9/11 para reunirnos todos... y ahora, esa idea cambie de una forma tan brusca. Casualmente esto sucede al colaborar con la BBC. Es raro no solo por lo evidente, si no porque si fuese un agente no creo que siguiese el patron de negar lo evidente a estas alturas. Ellos pretenden que les sigamos, que les creamos para luego meternos la mentira... pero no se arriesgarian con una mentira que saben que NADIE VAMOS A CREER. Por lo tanto seria tirar por la borda todo el trabajo... y tanto para que? que razon habria detras de todo esto? Hay muchos agentes y ninguno intenta hacernos creer lo increible porque se expondrian a ellos mismos.... por eso sigue sin cuadrarme del todo que Charlie mienta desde el principio. Es posible que le hayan lavado el cerebro? que se ocultase algo en su participacion con la BBC? Es posible que su novia este con él para controlarle? No lo sé, hay muchas cosas que no cuadran....

muzuzuzus said...

Hi creandounnuevomundo2013
Thankyou for your research, and I will look at it closer later when I have more time. I was never a real follower of Charlie though his antics did amuse me--I saw them as this art thang surrealism, and I had subsribed. But I cannot pretend I wasn't shocked with everyone else by his sudden announced U-turn.

In order to try and dig what this mean mean it could be interesting to look at other 'leaders' who also may be very untrustworthy. Take David Shayler---One minute is talking quite rationally about the doings of the lite, and next all dressed in white and talkin weird shit.

If we look at the psychedelic movement, TWO of its leaders, Timothy Leary and Terrence McKnenna are both psychedelic Transhumanists (H+), as you may know H+ is the designs OF the elite to enslave us even more with their technology. Leary was also a disciple of Aleister Crowley, and Crowley according to plausible sources
is deeply connected with 9/11 - checkout Prophet of Evil: Aleister Crowley, 9/11 and the New World Order you can hear the author's interview here
William Ramsey comes from a Christian perspective, and I am copming from the Goddess, but I still respect his research about the Crowley connection with 9/11, 7/7 etc.

So my point is this: we very DO hear that these elitists infiltrate movements, yet obviously this infiltration is going to be very ...sneaky, cunning.

creandounnuevomundo2013 said...

muzuzuzus, I have always had one thing clear, brother ... and that the last word is always within us. Most people who excel in this world are the infiltrators but even they are actual data, until they tell us truths ... nothing bad happens to listen as long as we choose to believe, we see that we agree with that. It is not believe to anyone, a lot of good data you have provided, whoever, even us to trust him fully .... even our best friend, we must always decide for ourselves what to do with the information they just heard. Charlie made ​​a funny way of communicating and inspiring and we have to thank for it, beyond their hidden agendas.

On his change of mind, I still think it's weird that that has been exposed so free. I do not think that an agent did that knowing that nobody will believer out ... I sounds more like mind control last minute.


yo siempre he tenido una cosa clara, hermano... y es que, la última palabra la tiene siempre nuestro interior. La mayor parte de las personas que sobresalen en este mundo son agentes infiltrados pero hasta ellos dan datos reales, hasta ellos nos cuentan verdades... no pasa nada malo por escucharles siempre y cuando nosotros decidamos que creer, nosotros veamos con que estamos de acuerdo y con que no. No se trata de creer a cualquiera, por muchos buenos datos que haya aportado, sea quien sea, aunque nos fiemos plenamente de él.... aunque sea nuestro mejor amigo, debemos siempre decidir por nosotros mismos que hacer con la información que acabamos de escuchar. Charlie aportó una forma de comunicación divertida e inspiradora y nosotros hemos de agradecerle por ello, más allá de sus intenciones ocultas.

Sobre su cambio de mente, sigo pensando que es raro que se haya expuesto de esa forma tan gratuita. No creo que un agente hiciese eso sabiendo que nadie le va a creeer... me suena más a control mental de última hora.

creandounnuevomundo2013 said...

Google Translate is a real shit .... with forgiveness! but translates as he wants and change all the words = / so it may be better that you caught the Spanish version and take it to a translator.

Anonymous said...

I found something interesting.

I did search for Diana Torres Veitch (Charlies mother)

and found out that she lives possibly in Edinburgh

And looks like this:

Similar jaw line and does she look a bit jewish, lol? Looks like she's connected with the media.

Anonymous said...

Charlie's father being an oil tycoon explains his son's complete turnaround. The technology that destroyed the World Trade Centre can be used to provide free energy to the world. It's a technology based on the work of Nikola Tesla, the scientific genius who discovered how to provide energy free of charge. His concern being that the technology would fall into the wrong hands and used for destructive purposes. Unfortunately that's exactly what has happened. Tesla's desire to provide free energy never came to pass thanks to the efforts of J.P. Morgan who snatched Tesla's funding from him once he realised there was no way to profit from Tesla's invention. The key to the cover up of 9/11 is the free energy connection. The powers that be will do whatever it takes to keep this information in the bag.

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Here's a good starting point.