Wednesday, September 11, 2013

The 9/11 Conspiracy Theory in Under 5 Minutes

In honor of today, the 12th anniversary of 9/11, here is James Corbett with everything you need to know about the 9/11 conspiracy in under 5 minutes.


Druv said...

hahahah, that was funny!

Anonymous said...

Corbett is an intellegent guy. The clip is an excellent piece of analysis, especially for most of us who don't want to spare a lot of time to undertand this kind of things even though they shape our lives.

I'd suggest to follow his Corbett Report time to time as it's is both informative and thought provoking.

Eric Dubay said...

Yeah, I agree. Sometimes his dry delivery gets to me after a while, but all in all he's well worth listening to, and sometimes he comes out with gems like this one.

Anonymous said...

Placing too much faith in the ideological, "left" can be just as dangerous, and even foolish as placing your sanity to the radical, "right"-wing nuts version of events...

While Corbett is a smart guy, no doubt, one has to take into consideration the conspiracy within the conspiracy as well. The video is good, it just wants you to react...which is a little bit problematic.

The true version of events, though, and the real purposes behind 9/11, etc is not to be found in which, "left-versus-right" paradigm you prefer, but in paying attention to the more...esoteric aspects of it all.

Corbett, and his, "left"-wing version of things are just as inaccurate and dangerous as that of the right. It is just a game.

Anonymous said...

Correct, it doesn't make sense to delve into small details of something which entirely depends on something bigger. But it shouldn't stop you from trying to understand what you can now. I stumpled upon his take on the historicity of current event in his analysis, but not entirely sure if he believes in the religiuosness of the whole conspiracy. It's impossible to understand the events happening around us if you fail to understand the PTB have their own religion, and their own God who has been (or claiming the PTB that he has been) seeking war against the real God. What the fool PTB fail understand that their own God is actually waging war against humanity, not his/her own Creator...

Druv said...

---it doesn't make sense to delve into small details of something which entirely depends on something bigger.

Tell me, how details don't matter?

---It's impossible to understand the events happening around us if you fail to understand the PTB have their own religion, and their own God who has been (or claiming the PTB that he has been) seeking war against the real God.

What would be the religion of the PTB and who would be the real God here?

Anonymous said...

who would be the real God here?

Certainly not your Sun God, Druv.

Druv said...

Dont give me your retarded answer, if you have an answer then tell it to the world, or else shut your rat trap.

Druv said...

Ok this is it, i am gonna put this retard monkey to his place.

Single cell retard freaks who have absolutely no idea what the hell they are talking about should not interfere is some thing their limited intellect can ever hope to grasp.

Ok little worm, better get this into your indoctrinated TV programmed feeble mind -- before the masons ever even existed there were cultures that existed far back into the past.

All the masons did was turn some thing that was good, to make Little retards think it is bad..

Talk shit again, and i will show you place.

Retards like you should crawl back into the very rotting hole they crawled out from.

Anonymous said...

This is the reason why nobody debates with you anymore, Druv.

Keep on worshipping the same false Sun God the people you claim to be fighting against and leave us alone.

Druv said...

You are an empty shell who has no purpose in life, you have nothing to offer to the world.

You comments are empty as much as your empty soul.

you are nothing more than a john doe, nameless face in the crowd.

Trash like you only enjoy bringing the worst out in people, hence let me give you its full blast.

What have you done to change the world? Nothing

What do you tell people to do? do nothing and let the PTB suck their life away.

You insignificant existence is meaningless, shut the hell up and let the smarter people do their job.


If you do have any qualifications do tell?

How much education do you have?

What kind of work do you do?

If you avoid these questions, it would clearly mean that you are just a floor moper who has nothing better to do.


As for you Son god bullshit, Sun gives life to the whole planet and the plans. it is the basis of photosynthesis.

So little worm, tell me the bases of your warped insignificant reality?

You are nothing but a piece of trash with no life. GTFO

Druv said...

To the nameless - faceless, John Doe--

Do some soul searching and ask yourself --

What is the meaning of your existence?

Have you made any difference in the world or are just drifting along in the world?

Look around and see the people -- do they give a rats ass about you?

Has your existence made any positive change in the world? ( the answer would be a bit too obvious to that one -- you existence is meaningless as you can come up with nothing but comments that fall short of any substantial answers )

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Do some introspect and learn to read.

Go back to the basis and change your waste of a life for the better or else stay in the gutter that your crawled out from.

The Fugitive From Injustice said...

Dear Druv,

Firstly I would like to inform you that it is the people who are being deliberately shunned by society who are the ones who truly are capable of bringing about change. It seems to me from the extreme violence in your words that you are also doing your best to drive free expression into isolation. Your personal attacks on whoever it is you are addressing are unacceptable to all who wish to find peace. You are clearly a warmongerer and thrive in the context of conflict. You have to change to make the future

Anonymous said...

Druv - you need to get your act together, and just let go of your traditional notion of events.

You are letting your religious biases and personal paranoia get in the way of actually comprehending something you do not understand. Arrogance and hubris is very dangerous, and very nasty.

Druv said...

I would like to inform you that it is the people who are being deliberately shunned by society who are the ones who truly are capable of bringing about change.

I am one of them, which is the reason i fight back with every thing i have, Learn to read.

religious biases and personal paranoia

You comments are just as empty as your empty soul, if you are not prove it?

Give some thing back to the people if you have any thing to give, at the end of the day what do you have but manipulating other people?

You will soon realize the emptiness of your meaningless babble, which has made no difference in the world.

Don't ever forget how empty your existence is, some one who has nothing to offer to the people but "Let the PTB suck the life out of you"

Worms like you need to stop spreading your poison.

Druv said...

Arrogance and hubris is very dangerous, and very nasty.

Empty and soulless comments are much more nasty.

Take your meaningless existence some where else, unless you have some thing substantial to say.

If the PTB have their own God and their own religion, What is the name of their religion and who is the God?

Do you have any answers? No you do not.

Have you given people any hope? No you have not.

what do you propose a solution for it? You have non, but let the PTB do what ever they are doing.

Clearly you are going the other way, and making people remain the way they are.

Like i said before, look inside you and take a deep look at yourself -- You will see how empty you really are.

ujjwal said...

Dear Druv...
you are preaching sanatan dharma...but showing anger and hatred to others...very shameful...and painful also ( for your soul)...theory is different and practicing it by heart is completely different story...our theory is good compared to west...but west practice their view of life much much better than us...we are basically hypocrites...that is why they successful and controlling and fooling us...

Anonymous said...


Ley Lines=Energy Points:

Sphere=Vortex into Interdimensional Travel:

Pyr-amid Power:

I've pondered why our clocks turned clockwise. Who set it to go this direction--perhaps to generate & perpetuate negative energy...

Maybe our clock should really be turning the other direction (for positive energy ;))

Holocaust, 9/11~Why?
Human emotions are energy emanaters.
So, yes, I do believe there were people sacrificed in the Holocaust, but for "religious" (luciferian) reasons, not political (as we "learned" in school history)

Jerry Rule said...

Anonymous said...

More developing ideas on how this global military/media Psyop was achieved:

Anonymous said...

Hallo Eric

am 9.11.1989 fiel die Berliner Mauer. 9*11 = 999 - umgekehrt 666
am 11.9.2001 war der Anschlag aufs WTC.
911 Tage später war der Anschlag in Madrid mit 172 Toten.

Ich gebe Dir mal die Formel zur Berechnung der Erdkrümmung. Meile * 20cm² stimmt nämlich nicht.


h = Höhe
km = Kilometer

h = 6371,22 - √ ( 6371,22² - (sin ( km * 360 / 40031.56 ) * 6371,22 )² )

Zum Überprüfen der Formel gibt man den Erdradius: 40031.56 / 4 (Viertelkreis) ein und erhält exakt 6371,22 km Höhe. Der Mittelpunktswinkel ist 90°.

Die Formel ist zusammengesetzt.


r = Erdradis

Kürzere Entfernungen kann man bedenkenlos mit Pythagoras errechnen.

h = 6371,22 - √ ( 6371,22² - km² )

Eine 100 km entfernte Stadt mit der Bogenmaßformel errechnet, ergibt: 0,784762943 = sie liegt 785 Meter unter dem Horizont!

100 km mit Pythagoras ergibt: 0,784827392 = 785 Meter unter dem Horizont!

Bei 6371,22 km ist der Mittelpunktwinkel bei Pythagoras: 57,3°!

Trotzdem bleibt Pythagoras selbst bei 1000 km noch relativ genau.