Monday, January 13, 2014

End the Animal Holocaust!

"What is your definition of holocaust? Is it a massacre of human beings, or a massacre of innocent beings? In America alone we murder 10 billion land animals and 18 billion marine animals every year. Not for health, survival, sustenance, or self-defense - people eat meat, cheese, milk and eggs for 4 reasons: habit, tradition, convenience, and taste...

I understand that we're all on a journey in life, we all have different likes and dislikes, different nationalities and religions too, but there's one thing that we need to have in common with each other and that's peace, genuine compassion and genuine peace for our planetary companions. Contrary to political and religious dogma, animals do not belong to us. They are not commodities. They're not property and they're not inanimate stupid objects that can't think and feel. That Cartesian way of looking at animals like they're machines is out-dated and quite frankly, 100% insane...

The propaganda from the animal abusers is enormous. I mean when was the last time you turned on a TV and saw a commercial for shitake mushrooms? People singing and dancing down the streets having a good time eating mushrooms. How about alfalfa sprouts? Quinoa? (it's a seed) Radishes? Raspberries? Tofu? You don't see that stuff advertized on TV. What do you see instead? Have some more meat. Have some more cheese. Have some more meat on your cheese, double cheese, extra cheese and how about a little more cheese with your meat. Have some more cow's milk. Have some more eggs. And what do you see interspersed between those advertizements? Not feeling so well? Need to see a cancer specialist? How about a heart doctor? Need some Lipotor? Zocor? Crestor? Plavix? Need some diet pills? How about some energy drinks? Some Kaopectate? Tums? Pepto-Bismal? You've been duped. They're killing you, they're killing the animals and they're killing this planet...

I want to ask you to use some empathy right now. When I say empathy what I'm saying is place yourself in the position of the animals and start to view this issue from the animal's point of view - from the victim's point of view. When you examine any form of injustice, whether humans are victims or animals are victims, please remember the victim's point of view...

Right now at this very moment on American highways there are no less than 5,000 concentration camp trucks - trucks that we've constructed. Inside these trucks there are living, terrified, innocent beings. These trucks are being driven to concentration camp slaughterhouses that we've carefully constructed all across America. When the trucks arrive the animals are so frightened they won't even get off the truck. They're not stupid. They know what's next. So people go on the trucks with electric prods and force them to walk down the chutes to their own deaths...

You know what's more insane than that? Meat-eaters. Walking around like their lifestyle isn't causing any harm. Like it's normal and natural to be consuming violence and death. How would you feel if the day you were born somebody else had already planned the day of your execution? That's what it's like to be a cow, pig, chicken or turkey on this planet. I think this type of behavior is inexcusable and unbecoming of a species that claims to understand right from wrong. The animals have not done one single thing to us to deserve the wrath and cruelty that we hurl on them." -Gary Yourofsky

"Our grandchildren will ask us one day: Where were you during the Holocaust of the animals? What did you do against these horrifying crimes? We won't be able to offer the same excuse for the second time, that we didn't know." -Dr. Helmut Kaplan

"As often as Herman had witnessed the slaughter of animals and fish, he always had the same thought: in their behavior towards creatures, all men were Nazis. The smugness with which man could do with other species as he pleased exemplified the most extreme racist theories, the principle that might is right." -Isaac Bashevis Singer, Author/Nobel prize winner

"I refuse to eat animals because I cannot nourish myself by the sufferings and by the death of other creatures. I refuse to do so, because I suffered so painfully myself that I can feel the pain of others by recalling my own sufferings." -Edgar Kupfer, Dachau survivor

"Let me say it openly: We are surrounded by an enterprise of degradation, cruelty, and killing which rivals anything the Third Reich was capable of, indeed dwarfs it, in that ours is an enterprise without end, self-regenerating, bringing rabbits, rats, poultry, livestock ceaselessly into the world for the purpose of killing them." -J. M. Coetzee


Jim said...

Hard hitting stuff Eric. As I've told you your last piece on vegetarianism was the final kick up the arse that I needed to cut animal flesh from my diet, still struggling with cheese and eggs but this will come.

You will always come across the argument that its natural to eat meat and will be told to look to the animal kingdom. To these people I say - ok, but then you must be willing to kill that calf, piglet or chick with your own hands. If you can't do this and if you refuse to watch the horrors of an abbatoir slaughter because it makes you feel uncomfortable then you are a hypocrite. It is the santitised manner in which meat is served through the supermarkets that upsets me - people are completely unconnected from the rearing and slaughter process. This was my excuse too I guess.

Sometimes we assume that the average human is more intelligent than the average animal and yes they are if look to brain size and functionality as the only indicator. However, there are different types of intelligence and some people will never snap out of the "normal" way of thinking and question around these issues for themselves. Plus, not everybody has the same love for animals that you so obviously do. Sad but true.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the great comment Jim. Stay on the compassionate and healthy path and soon you'll completely lose your taste for puss-filled cow excretions and chicken periods ;-)

I originally gave up meat as a personal health experiment about 4 years ago. After a few months of detox and vegetarianism I decided to try eating a hamburger and within 10 minutes I threw up the whole thing in one violent heave. Since then I've tried eating just the potatoes and carrots (no meat) from a beef curry 3 times and puked that up all 3 times. This proved to me that once you detox meat out of your system, your body does NOT want it back at all. If my body was starving for meat protein (as everyone has been brainwashed to believe) then my body wouldn't heave it out of me like that.

I also originally gave up dairy as a health experiment, and when I slipped and ate an omelet, I puked that up and was bed-ridden with a 24 hour fever as my body detoxed. Again, if eggs were good/necessary for health, and I'd just refrained from eating them for several months, then my body should've been starving for that animal protein. But it wasn't. My body completely rejected it. So needless to say, it's easy for me to stay vegan now because if I don't, I get very ill.

As for the compassion part, I was a hypocrite for 25 years as well. I loved all animals but experienced the typical cognitive dissonance when it came to the beef, pork, poultry, and seafood on my plate. But after seeing some slaughterhouse videos and researching the health benefits of vegetarianism I decided to try cutting meat out of my diet. Since then the level of compassion and empathy I feel for these tortured animals has increased dramatically.

If we can't even stop enslaving, torturing, murdering and consuming our fellow sentient inhabitants of this Earth, how are we ever going to achieve peace and freedom for humanity? I truly believe there is no hope for genuine peace and freedom among humans until we stop enslaving and consuming our animal friends.

Joe said...

This is a very big dilemma in our society, and I just can't believe that humans will ever stop eating animals. I have deep regret over the number of chickens and cows I have probably consumed, but when you are exposed to it at an early age by your parents, it is hard to get off the "meat addiction". I try and rationalize it by saying, animals eat animals, and when every animal dies, their carcass basically goes to waste if it isn't consumed by another being. A shark knows he is better than a guppy, just like we know we are more capable than a cow, and we still eat them. I also wonder, what purpose does a cow have, other than to be food? Is a cow's life that special that they need to be preserved? These are the questions I ask myself, again, trying to rationalize my behavior. I personally believe that all beings have a soul, and when that cow is murdered, it will be reincarnated as a higher being in the next life. With that being said, what if all the murder humans have committed against animals is just elevating that animals soul? Again me just rationalizing. I was vegetarian for a season, but found it extremely difficult as everybody around me eats meat almost every meal. I pray for the animals souls when I consume them, as if eating meat is a sin, then I am a big sinner. Hopefully one day I can convince myself and the people around me to be more considerate and at least LIMIT the amount of animals they consume. Great post Eric, we all need a little eye opening.

robbie said...

hi Eric ..thanx again for always posting truth !! and for fearlessly opposing and EXPOSING the lie !! this is truely one of the best vids, I have watched it 2 or 3 times before and now again!!!
jim you are so truthful ! much peace to you!!
i personally also become very ill if i eat flesh .. i was a "lion" when it came to eating … and so I never thought that I would manage without eating meat… that was more than 3 years ago, and truthfully ?? I am a changed human, I don’t even have any urge or cravings for any flesh, in the beginning I also ate the artificial meats etc, but now I simply don’t care, I love my foods …salads fruits veggies soups etc and I am healthier now than I was 30 yrs ago !!!
keep up the good work
south africa

Eric Dubay said...

Great comments Joe and Robbie, I appreciate them. I'm glad you realize these questions are really just attempts at rationalizing your behavior Joe, but I'll answer anyway so that hopefully you'll stop rationalizing and waiting for those around you to change before you do.

I also wonder, what purpose does a cow have, other than to be food? Is a cow's life that special that they need to be preserved?

Quite the anthropocentric question... How do you think a cow would answer your question? They'll run away and try to kick the shit out of you if you try to kill them, so obviously they feel they are special, have purpose, need to be preserved, and don't want to be your food. But if you ask a meat-addicted human with no compassion, then they will agree with you that cows are nothing but walking hamburgers.

Every sentient being is an individuated vehicle of experience for the One consciousness. God / Nature / Consciousness / Tao / Father (whatever you call the One) created Mother / Maya / Matter / the material world and all its beings for a purpose. The pseudo-scientific atheist-nihilist establishment would have you believe that everything is just a cosmic accident and the amazing life, beauty, diversity, and intelligence in the universe is all happenstance. But if you believe that, look at a sunrise, listen to children's laughter, smell a flower, taste a mango, feel an orgasm, and tell me this is all cosmic accident. All life is precious, has purpose, and wants to live. Imagine if human vehicles were the only vehicles... wouldn't it be cool to be a dolphin so you can swim through the sea, or be a bird so you can fly through the sky? If you answered "yes" then God agrees with you, and that's why He created them... NOT simply to be your food.

I personally believe that all beings have a soul, and when that cow is murdered, it will be reincarnated as a higher being in the next life. With that being said, what if all the murder humans have committed against animals is just elevating that animals soul?

Haha, so you're trying to rationalize that you're actually "helping" the cows by murdering them?? Those poor enslaved, tortured, murdered, and consumed cows may reincarnate as higher beings... that may be... but what about those who enslave, torture, murder and consume them? By your reasoning, wouldn't it follow that those who enslave, torture, murder and consume them will reincarnate as lower beings? Do you like the taste of hamburg enough not to evolve and find out?

Jim said...

I didn't realise that the body physically rejects animal products when you have been vegan for a set amount of time. That's for thought!;-)

The videos you have published on eating raw foods are interesting. I wonder if you have looked into the notion of PH balancing? I'm sure you realise that leafy greens and the like are highly alkaline but have you looked into the work of Dr Robert Young? He's at the forefront of changing the way we think about nutrition and I believe that science makes a lot of sense. For me it provides a sound explanation as to why a meat free, raw food diet is so good for you. I wrote a piece about it here

Here is another link to Dr. Young's blogspot which contains some fascinating articles

He has been slandered by mainstream doctors repeatedly for his work and labelled a quack - but haven't the majority of conscientious alternative health professionals who don't look to big pharma for solutions?

Robbie, fantastic to hear that you feel so much healthier now and got past the cravings stage. I have only been meat free for less than a year and your post inspires me to continue.

Jim said...

"puss-filled cow excretions and chicken periods ;-)"

Haha, wonder why I've never seen that on a menu before?

Ravi Pankhania said...

i have been a vegetarian for 10 years and this was the best presentation i have ever seen on going vegan, or at least thinking about one's choices on their plate.
I am so happy to see this, thanks for posting!

Eric Dubay said...

Nice article Jim, thanks for writing and sharing that. I have definitely looked into pH balancing and pH therapy before. I've actually been able to help a couple co-workers with inflamed lymph nodes and cancer by teaching them about acid/alkaline balance.

We drink anti-oxidant alkaline water with a pH of 9. I highly recommend people invest in an alkaline water filter if they don't have one already. Meat, dairy, soda, beer, liquor, and processed foods are highly acid forming and should be avoided as much as possible, especially if you have any chronic or degenerative conditions. Raw fruits, vegetables and herbs are where it's at when it comes to alkalinity and health. Even most citrus fruits have an alkalizing effect once metabolized. For anyone new to the subject check out this article I wrote about Dr. Robert Morse:

The Cure for Everything - Fasting, Detox, and Raw Living Foods

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this Eric. Me and my fiance watched it, and now we've both decided to be vegans. Or at least take the plunge. The morning after watching this, we couldnt put milk in our coffee, our eat the lunch meat we bought for work. She came home that nite with veggie patties, veggie dogs, and veggie cheese. I cant believe that video made such an impact on us so quickly. Thanks again!

Eric Dubay said...

So glad to hear that Unknown, you made our morning! Your comment was the first thing my girlfriend and I read today. Your compassionate and healthy choice is good for you, good for the animals, and good for the planet. Whereas, conversely, choosing to eat meat shows a disheartening lack of empathy and disregard for health; It's bad for you, bad for the animals, and bad for the planet. Stay on the right path! Peace

Anonymous said...

Mars Candy Tortures Animals in Chocolate Testing:

Milky Way
Three Muskateers

Anonymous said...

Hi guys, I have tried going vegan several times. My experience is the opposite of Erics. I can go a stretch on a vegan diet but after eating vegi burritos for awhile im left with a empty feeling. But i feel very good after eating vegan, i feel very good after eating a healthy diet that includes meat.

I try to only eat meat at dinner now, maybe soon i can have it only on the weekends for dinner, maybe i'll never give it up but either way i am trying and i have dramatically increased my vegi intake and decreased my meat eating a ton.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comment Anonymous. Glad to hear you're eating more fruits and veggies and less corpses. I'm afraid if veggie burritos are your idea of a healthy diet then that's why you're feeling empty and having the opposite results as me. I eat approximately 3000 calories per day high raw, high carb, low fat vegan diet, consisting mostly of raw fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and some cooked rice and cooked vegetables. You certainly don't need meat at nights or weekends to fill a hole in your diet, but I appreciate and commend your gradual decrease. You really need to carb-up to make the vegan/raw vegan diet optimum with LOTS of fresh fruit everyday. Check out and keep up the good work! Peace

Unknown said...

I personally very much agree with Eric, i believe at the very first place, mans was made to consume fruits and veggies.
Then God said, “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it. They will be yours for food.

Luca Brasi said...

Hey idiots,

Stop eating meat, there will be more for the rest of us.

Phil said...

Hi Eric. Thanks for all of your awesome articles. It's great to see your work contributing to the global awakening. Just to follow up on the earlier comment: "I also wonder, what purpose does a cow have, other than to be food? Is a cow's life that special that they need to be preserved?" Well, the cow is sacred in India of course, but this is a common misconception amongst western meat indoctrinated folks, which needs to be addressed. Like humans and many other species, cows are sentient beings, and as such, they have as much right to live a full and fruitful life as any other sentient being. However, due to man's predilection for cow flesh/milk, intensive industrialized farming/rearing methods have increased their numbers to ridiculous extremes. The same applies to other popular menu animals such as pigs, chickens, turkeys and sheep etc, who's numbers have also been disproportionately increased due to human demand. Another strangely common assumption is that cows produce milk by eating grass. Clearly this isn't the case, as these beautiful creatures are subjected to repeated artificial insemination throughout their short lives, in order to yield as much milk as possible for human consumption. In their natural habitat, domestic cows live approximately 20 years. However, those raised for dairy and meat products seldom have that luxury. After around 4 years of continual pregnancy's, the dairy cow is physically (and mentally) burned out, removed from the herd, slaughtered and marketed for beef.
Dairy farmers usually begin breeding or artificially inseminating heifers around 13 months of age, and the cow's gestation period is approximately nine months. The newborn calves are quickly removed from their mothers - usually within three days because quite naturally, the mother/calf bond is very strong, and separation causes extreme distress for both mother and calf.
The newborn are either slaughtered for veal or retained for further beef/dairy production.
Cows milk is intended for their own offspring - baby cows, not humans! Most people are so completely oblivious to the natural order of life, that they only suckle their young for a few months before unquestionably switching to the milk of another completely different species - the cow!
The long term side effects of this, and meat consumption are well documented, and I don't want to take any more of your blog space up at this time.
I hope this helps to open a few eyes or at least raise some questions! Keep up the great work Eric, best wishes, Phil Watson :)

Eric Dubay said...

Great comment Phil, thanks so much! People are so removed from their milk they don't hear the baby calves screaming for their mothers, they don't see the mothers crying for days over the loss of their babies, they don't see the calves chained down in crates getting ready to become veal. As you said, cows in nature live 15-20 years, but through constant rape (mechanical artificial insemination) by the farmers, they can only live 4 or 5 years. Can you imagine if we did this to human women? Raped them every 9 months, hooked their breasts to machines to catch the milk, rip the newborns from their mothers, chain them down so their meat doesn't get muscly, then get to work raping the mother again. Wake up people, we're murdering 28 billion animals every year simply for our insatiable taste-buds!

Unknown said...

I think that's a little strange and not okay to compare animals to humans, its okay to eat animal meat if it is necessary. It does not make someone a bad person.Though the industry does do cruelty to animals. I think its best that if you consume meat you have the ability to treat them correctly, on an open pasture, and with love until it is made into meat.

Eric Dubay said...

That seems a very speciesist standpoint Jessica. Please do me and the animals a favor and watch this:

What is Speciesism?

If I kept you in open pastures and "loved" you for a few years until you started looking tasty then promptly ended your life so I could eat your flesh, would you consider that okay?

Anonymous said...

That guy, Gary is jewish and living in Israel. So using the "holocaust" term to manipulate minds is very low as the holocaust did not even happen during ww2. And his body language is very agressive and arrogant. World would not be any more peacefull if his kind of creatures would be in more numbers.

There is something called circle or life, most animals only reason to exist is to eat living stuff and to be eaten. It's the cruel rule of life. Someone has to die for us to live. Even plants have "soul". It's not possible to live without "killing" something all the time. Our metabolism in secular reality is based on destruction and reforming of molecules. Cells are dieing and regenerating all the time. Look at vegetable before you eat it, and how it has reformed into feces when you look at toilet. So something has been killed in that proces. The veganism is just new hypocritic form of human pride. City hipsters who have lost the connection to nature, and tend to romantisize it.

Cats do not feel any empathy towars the mouse it's teasing and chasing before ripping the head of and eating it. And if humans would be mini size like 10 cm tall, the cats would do the same to us, mercilessly.

Daniel Vitalis is also jew, but going on different sides nowadays.
There are many other re-converts too, who stopped being vegan after realizing how it makes them weak after all.

There is long list of vegan fanatics who have died due to malnutrition or cancer.

- Bif Naked—award-winning musician and actress—was a raw vegan for 10 years before getting diagnosed with breast cancer.

- Ross Horne, famous Natural Hygienist and author of a book called "Cancer-Proof Your Body," died of prostate cancer in 2004—after 22 years of eating a high-fruit, raw vegan diet in the tropics. (Although the previous link says he died "well into his 80s," his actual age at death was plain ol' 80.)

- Harvey Milstein—leader of the raw vegan "natural hygiene" movement in Houston, Texas—died of colon cancer in his 60s after 23 years as a fruit-based raw vegan.

- Vihara Youkta, dancer and wife of famous raw foodist Viktoras Kulvinskas, died of bowel cancer after being raw vegan for 30 years.

- T.C. Fry—fruitarian and early raw vegan pioneer—died of a coronary embolism when he was about 70, and his autopsy revealed additional blood clots in his legs. (Joel Fuhrman notes that Fry's B-12 levels were extremely low before his death, so he probably had high homocysteine, which makes blood more prone to clotting.)

- And on the cooked side of things, we've got H. Jay Dinshah—the founder and former president of the American Vegan Society—who died at age 66 of a heart attack. He was a vegetarian from birth and vegan for his final 43 years of life. (Here's an excellent write-up about the implications of his death by Michael Klaper.)

- More recently, Robin Gibb of Bee Gees fame died of colon cancer at the age of 62, after being a drug-and-alcohol-abstaining vegan for decades (cooked, not raw).

- Steve Jobs, founder of apple computers, died of pancreatic cancer at the age of 56 after being a fruitarian for around 30 years.

There are people who can not eat nothing but raw meat and are doing great with it.

The reason why after being vegetarian/vegan for extented period of time and then suddenly eating meat again causes such reaction in our bodies is because the certain bacteria that is needed for meat metabolisim is wanished from GI trakt and it takes little time for it to grow again.

Nevertheless, the mass production of meat is no good at all, and massive use of antibiotics etc. Probiotics and Free range is the way to go.

Anonymous said...

As if everything wasn't bad enough already, now there is a robotic machine on the market that pumps out 360 burgers per hour w/o any human assistance, one just has to load the ingredients in special containers and that is it, see it for yourself, link is under;

the name of the company that makes this is called: "Momentum Machines" (note the double M) and the way their concept is put into words using wonderful doublespeak, such as:

- "our technology will DEMOCRATIZE access to high quality fast food making it available to the MASSES", wait, what?
- "It does everything employees can do except better" ...alrightythen
- "An average quick service restaurant spends $135k every year on labor for the production of hamburgers, our machine eliminates nearly all of the cost" ,,,oh boy.

Funny enough the 1920's Czech word "robota" means literally "serf labor" or "hard work" aka: slave.

So here is the main problem: This is huge because this is the fast food industry's response to the demand from the masses of higher hourly pay within the current low wage crony capitalism system, this job sector btw (the service and hospitality sector, aka crappy food and hotel jobs) is currently the highest growing in raw number of positions (9 out of 10) in the U.S., only second to nursing, where a franchise, manual labor or retail employee can expect to see $20,000 a year or less with little to non-existent benefits.

and now they are slowly starting to replaced workers by machines because the technology is finally here at the same time the manual workers are demanding more money and forming unions, how convenient huh. So this is about to become a full circle of stupidity and automation starting at the fields, then the factory farms, processing and now the final outlets themselves.

To conclude I believe the one missing concept here is the human spirit factor and the fact that one can simply cannot fix the mess made by technology by using more technology, this is madness, people need jobs, real food and to go back to the drawing board regarding most aspects of their lives and not an automated, "easy button" plastic life, this will lead nowhere fast.

Thanks for all your hard work Eric, much love from Europe, Vic.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Vic, I think the term holocaust, or genocide is much more appropriate referring to the 28 billion animals we murder yearly than it ever was referring to the supposed 6 millions Jews in Germany (If anyone still doesn't know about this colossal lie, please read the following):

Why the Holocaust Denial!?

As for the raw foodists and vegans you mentioned, I can give you several more examples of healthy, fit, lean and old raw vegans than you can show me examples of healthy, fit, lean, old Standard American Diet eaters, or Paleo-Primal high fat eaters:

How to Stay Sexy Into Your 70s

Raw Vegan Strength

The Inuit for example live on almost nothing but meat have a higher cancer rate and they die on average 10 years earlier than the rest of the Canadian population who have abundant access to fresh fruits and vegetables:

"Inuit Greenlanders, who historically have had limited access to fruits and vegetables, have the worst longevity statistics in North America. Research from the past and present shows that they die on the average about 10 years younger and have a higher rate of cancer than the overall Canadian population. We now know that greatly increasing the consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits, and raw nuts and seeds (and greatly decreasing the consumption of animal products) offers profound increased longevity potential, due in large part to broad symphony of life-extending phytochemical nutrients that a vegetable-based diet contains." Link

As for the "plants are alive toooo" argument: Plants don't have brains or nervous systems to experience pain the way that humans and animals do. Plants don't have mouths that scream in agony, or eyes that cry in terror, or blood that gushes as you cut them. Plants don't have feet for mobility and freedom the way animals do. Plants don't have mother's that grieve for their children like animals do. When you harvest from plants correctly, they regenerate and more will come back in their place. When you eat fruit, the seeds move through your body and when you defecate it naturally spreads the seed so a new tree can grow and provide more food. Alternately, what happens when you kill an animal and eat it's corpse? Does a pig regenerate it's limbs if you cut them off and eat them? When you defecate a meal of pork does a pork tree grow and provide thousands of new pigs to eat? NO. When you eat animals you're ending the cycle of life! You are infringing on another beings freedom, torturing and murdering it, just so you can have a less healthy meal than you would've if you'd just gotten your nutrients from plant sources.

You can murder plants all day and no one will care. You can murder certain animals all day and only vegetarians will care. If you murder someone's pet animal, suddenly everyone cares and will get the police involved. And if you murder a human, you get life in prison or the death penalty. So if you think all plant, animal, and human life is equal, that's quite a fringe belief that almost no one in society will agree with. Try telling it to a judge! :) Peace

Unknown said...

Great speech. However he shouldn't be giving health recommendations to people when he isn't a nutritional health and wellness expert.

Recommending wheat and soy as healthy substitutes to people convincing them they are ,making healthy choices is just morally wrong on all counts. Gotta make sure you have all ends covered. Soy and wheat are very harmless to humans and both can cause sickness and health problems.

Keep up the good work my friend! Although I don't understand why in your blog you just copy and pasted what he said in the article instead of coming up with your own piece like you usually do. Haha look at me being a negative Nancy. Not my intent, just irritated by the wheat and soy recommendations!