Monday, October 10, 2011

Forks Over Knives: The Whole-Food Plant-Based Diet

This important documentary Forks Over Knives examines the claim that most, if not all, chronic and degenerative diseases that afflict us can be controlled and reversed by rejecting our present menu of animal-based and processed foods. Combining scientific evidence with medical experience, covering the China Study, longevity research, and clinical trials, Forks Over Knives shows how meat, dairy, and processed foods are slowly killing you. If all these testimonials, raw data, and miraculous recoveries aren't enough to convince you to go vegan today, you'll likely enjoy and more readily identify with the video below. Peace


Druv said...

:( the last video was nasty - the poor pig died a horrid way, but then with the cycle of rebirth the same people who kill these animals get the same treatment in their next life and they get tortured and eaten the same way when they will be reborn as animals.

These is still justice in the world, for those who enjoy this sort of thing will pay the price sooner or later in this life or the next.

Druv said...

All the physical aliments are a manifestations of the accumulated evil over the death of so many souls in an horrid way. Even if you haven't killed the animal, but are eating its flesh, the accumulated negative energy from a violent death will destroy you from within. Not to mention you take the suffering to your next life.

Anonymous said...

Damn us meat eaters! I've been off and on vegetarian since last x-mas and straight vegan for the last couple weeks... I do crave meat and felt guilty everytime I told myself it was better to eat that organic chicken, steak, etc...
Since being vegan, however, I have actually acquired a greater craving for more veggies and fruit! I try to eat mostly raw/fruitarian but it is difficult since most my friends and my environment eat dairy and eggs.... I am making them watch all these videos when I get home.
Thanks Eric and waddup Druv,

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Druv and Derek. Yeah, that's good old-fashioned wholesome organic slaughter. Like Druv said, whether you personally kill your meat or not, you're ingesting something that's bad for your health, bad for your karma, bad for that animal, and a bad example for everyone else.

For Derek, great job with your transition and keep it up! Don't let your friends or environment change you, you change your environment and friends by leading by example.

For the meat-eaters out there: If aliens came to Earth and treated humans the way we treat cows, pigs, and chickens, would you try to rationalize their behavior? If aliens kept us locked together in tight cages, fattened us up, then killed and ate us when we were the most tasty, would you see anything wrong with that?

And for the anti-war meat-eaters out there: Need I point out the hypocrisy? If you kill innocent, defenseless animals every day just because you like the taste, then go around pretending you're "anti-war," you're only fooling yourself.

"As long as there are slaughterhouses, there will be battlefields." ~Leo Tolstoy

"Recognize meat for what it really is: the antibiotic- and pesticide-laden corpse of a tortured animal" ~Ingrid Newkirk

"A man of my spiritual intensity does not eat corpses" ~George Bernard Shaw

"A human can be healthy without killing animals for food. Therefore if he eats meat he participates in taking animal life merely for the sake of his appetite. And to act so is immoral" ~Leo Tolstoy

"Non-violence leads to the highest ethics, which is the goal of all evolution. Until we stop harming all other living beings, we are still savages" ~Thomas Edison

"Nothing will benefit human health and increase chances for survival of life on Earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet" ~Albert Einstein

Anonymous said...

excellent !! thanx for posting !! especially the 3rd vid !! poor pigs!!
yes long as there are slaughter-houses there will be battlefields !! and as george carlin put it "fighting for peace is the same as screwing for virginity"
and to dublyn keep strong and keep on trying ...just keep this 3rd vid in mind, and the craving for flesh will evaporate instantly !! and YOU WILL BECOME HEALTHIER !!
south africa

Eric Dubay said...

Nice one, thanks Robbie. I just watched this great video too:

McDonald's Kids Watch Slaughterhouse Videos!

Anonymous said...

We Need Your Help to Put an End to Water Fluoridation:

thanks in advance :)!

Druv said...

hello Derek, its been a while.

Today, there are many people in India "Hindu/Sanatan Dharma" who have been eating fish, chicken etc for a while now.

Some thing changed in our history long time ago and most people are off their normal track.

Even my family lines is not vegetarian any more, i had to change myself back.

Things have changed a lot and older better traditions are being wiped out, its best to act now to get back to the older natural path.

I do like milk though :P, though i rarely have it now.

Pasteurized milk kills most of the proteins of milk, and most of them are not absorbed by the body making the quality of milk extremely low.

If people like milk, its best to have it fresh -- which is only possible if you have a cow :P

Druv said...

The fruits and seeds that a plant has eventually is meant to separate from its parent plant and those seeds grow into new plants.

The fruits are meant for animals to eat and the seeds are thrown away which on the ground become new plants. (some seeds are eaten by birds)

That is the original process of life, and many herbivores live a lot longer than a carnivore (Generally speaking).

So if you want to live longer -- plant energy is the >most pure< than a complex flesh of an animal which contains its suffering as it dies. (its a simple concept)

Druv said...

All dairy foods are not bad, the Ghee that people in India use is very healthy and can be used sparingly by people who do more mental work than physical.

Generally its meant for people who do more of physical work, Ghee is used in many other Vedic traditions.

Its better than the yellowish butter.

Eric Dubay said...

Dairy is by far the most mucus-forming and lymph-clogging food group and isn't "very healthy" at all compared to fresh fruits and vegetables. If you're comparing it to cooked and processed meats, then I guess you could say it's "healthier" but that's all. Check out some of the medical / scientific research:

Why do you think you see so many "lactose intolerant" people out there but never see fruit and vegetables intolerances? Dairy, especially when cooked or pasteurized is difficult to digest and acidic.

As for ethics, eggs are chicken fetuses, so you're eating an unborn chick... this should make any non-vegan pro-lifers think twice. And the mothers are usually kept tightly together in cages full of their own urine and feces with their beaks cut off. Factory farmed cows are tortured and their puss is mixed in with all the milk and cheese:

Dairy Factory Farm

Druv said...

i agree, i have seen those factory farmed cows, and its terrible. They are constantly kept pregnant to produce milk - pumped with hormones as well.

In the ancient Vedic civilization, which i don't think it exists any where like i remember --

They used to be fed a certain type of wild grass which produced the highest quality milk. They were kept free to roam about so their muscles were healthy.

Traditionally they were cleaned properly, and were given a massage daily with oil.

Cows were prayed to in ancient India.

Every food has its own specialty, and if you have the understanding of the five elements then you can use different combination of food to have the right effect. (same goes for milk) if you mix milk with turmeric -- it acts against cough -- an Ayurveda treatment -- also it accelerates healing of wounds and blood clotting.


Factory farmed cows, and genetic engineered, pumped with hormones etc -- its going to produce poison and not real milk for sure.

Its the same poison that made the people lactose intolerant.

If you have cows treated the traditional and natural way -- you would not be lactose intolerant.

Druv said...


Boil 1 cup of milk with 1 tsp of turmeric powder. Drink warm.

Its best to stick to older natural studies than "modern" scientific ones which has no knowledge of the 5 elements.

Druv said...

looks like i was a wee bit wrong about pasteurization, and it did not start with Luise pasture.

Unhappy Unhealthy Cows:

If you also look at some of my blogs, you would see that Greeks and Romans also used to have high regard for Cows and bulls before th advent of Christianity.

They used to have the same system till it was warped and destroyed into what it is today.

Anonymous said...

We have stopped our colds/flu misery without the use of animal products.

Just the herb itself is good!

The Zapper based on Dr. Hulda Clark's model works everytime if you use it once you start to feel a scratchy sore throat.
Used in conjunction wtih Echinacea, and we have been cold free for 3 years.
I also noticed when I went vegetarian for 1 year, that was the best I ever felt in a long time--no headaches (which led me to conclude it must be something in the meat & dairy), no colds!

It also helped to use a paper towel to open/close doors, and turn on/off water faucets when using public bathrooms.

If we were designed to drink milk as adults, why not just milk humands? It would be more biologically compatible.

Why would mothers feed their babies milk from an animal?

When I was forced to drink milk as a child, I detested it because I can smell the cow. I much preferred soy milk (the real kind, not the abomination like Silk brand).

Don't try to justify cow's milk Druv ;)

As you've said, the cow must be constantly kept pregnant. Do you know how it feels to be always pregnant? Maybe in your next life time....

Anonymous said...

And since they have to keep cows constantly pregnant, what are they going to do with all those surplus babies? Give them away as pets?

No, the babies are taken away from their mothers, DENIED their mother's milk, LOCKED in tiny crates so they CANNOT STAND and CANNOT MOVE. When it is "time" in just a matter of days or weeks, they get a rod jammed down their spinal cord.

Still like milk, Druv?


Druv said...

As you've said, the cow must be constantly kept pregnant. Do you know how it feels to be always pregnant? Maybe in your next life time....

At which part did it seem to you that i was condoning "Factory farming"?

You need to read my work again, till you get what i am saying.

Its in factory farming -- its kept constantly pregnant, I was talking about the natural way.

In older vedic civilization they were let to roam free, eat special natural wild grass, and were given a oil massage every day.

Cows were considered the most holiest of all animals and were given the highest standing in Vedic India society.

You can find Cow figurines in all ancient Hindu/Sanatan Dharma temples.


Allow me to take it up to a whole new level that is "Far" beyond your understanding.

Diseases occur as the energies that go against the flow of normal life force accumulate and manifest themselves in physical form as diseases.

Cough is actually a Good thing because you can eject out the manifested negative energy our of your system completely, there by reducing the chances that it will manifest itself as a bigger badder disease.

Hence, problems like Cough is actually a Good thing, because you can purge out the negative forces.

--You only see the world in physical form, i see the spiritual realms which your "modern -warped-science" cannot surpass "any-day"---

The concept of "cure" is fraudulent, Ayurveda was built to elongate life which cannot be done just by merely treating the body.

As you've said, the cow must be constantly kept pregnant. Do you know how it feels to be always pregnant? Maybe in your next life time....

Sorry, anon -- i am light years ahead of you, wake me up when you get there?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, but how is it natural for humans to drink the bodily fluids of another species--especially the fluids that are supposed to nourish that species young?

Do you see other animals drinking human milk?

This is just another justification to satiate your lust & desire to consume the fluids of another animal--meant for their young.

What you reason is the SAME EXACT selfishness of meat-eaters reasoning that it is their right to eat meat.

So much for all your "enlightentment" (cough, cough)

Anonymous said...

You are also very arrogant.
How can you assume you are "light years" ahead of me.

That's a riot. And sadly, only goes to show your still utter ignorance of the whole enlightentment.

But go ahead, drink all the bodily fluids you like. You justify it in your own little mind.


Eric Dubay said...

Simmer down folks :) You're both right and you're both on the same side here. Factory farming is despicable and grotesquely immoral, we agree about that. But if you have your own cow, it just so happens to be pregnant, and you just so happen to want to drink it's puss-filled excretions, then that's fine, but even raw, organic, grass-fed milk isn't "good for you." If you doubt that, try going on a mono diet of milk for a couple months and see what happens. Compare that to a mono diet of any fruit (the world's most suitable food for humans) and you'll see what's really healthy. And don't try the typical "calcium" argument either as there's 4x more calcium in sesame seeds than milk.

I'm sorry to say I doubt that you're "light-years ahead" of the Anonymous commenter Druv... if you were, you'd probably be more humble and less abrasive.

On a positive note, since my first magic mushroom trip I started thinking "Holy Cow!" and "Holy Shit!" these amazing eye-opening, emotionally-cleansing, spiritually enlightening mushrooms grow on cow dung? Now I know why cows are holy in India:

Magic Mushrooms


Anonymous said...

The best way to "worship" a cow is to give them their freedom to live their lives without being at the mercy of its "owner".

Not for them to be a slave to satiate your desires.

Andrew said...

I would like to see wardrobe and furnitures of every vege agitator. Then it would turn out how many of you really practice what you preach.

Anonymous said...

I love you cats!! I learn much from yall I just wish there was much less arguing!!

Anyway, I wanted to share this music track with you conscious foos:

It's a group called Dead Prez, I believe one guy ( is vegan and M1 is vegetarian. I think made the beat..
Let me know if y'all dig!

Druv said...

That's a riot. And sadly, only goes to show your still utter ignorance of the whole
This is just another justification to satiate your lust & desire to consume the fluids of another animal--meant for their young.

What you reason is the SAME EXACT selfishness of meat-eaters reasoning that it is their right to eat meat.

keep your retarded comments to yourself when you have no clue what you are talking about.

selfishness? you are infinitely retarded when you have no idea what i am talking about, its best to keep your trap shut.

That's a riot. And sadly, only goes to show your still utter ignorance of the whole enlightentment.

But go ahead, drink all the bodily fluids you like. You justify it in your own little mind.

Your retarded little mind can never come close to what i can put out, when you have no idea how to read.

When i was talking against "Factory farming", stop barking.

You inferior knowledge and inability to read is of no concern to me.

Learn to read when i was saying that they were allowed to roam free and cleaned and given body massage before the advent of the abrahmic world.

Ill say again, stop your stupidity and learn to read.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch, Druv, since you are so knowledgeable and familiar with it. Maybe you will get the chance to have your teaties molested daily by your owner, and just hope you have a kind owner who will let you live out your life on green pastures, long after you stop giving milk. Maybe he'll come give you a massage too.
Just hope he doesnt get lonely at night and pay you a "visit"

Anonymous said...

Which brings to mind a short story by Piers Anthony I read in high school about women being farmed as Double D milk cows on some planet.

The story gets down and dirty with nasty sex between the stud (human man) and the "cows".
You might want to have a read, Druv. Quite titillating.

Anonymous said...

~"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease." --Thomas Edison


Anonymous said...

How can someone afford the cost of drinking two liters of orange juice for breakfast? Are they millionaires? How in the world can someone eat 15 bananas in one sitting? How big is their stomach? Again, the cost of 15 bananas. How can they afford that?

I would REALLY like to know.

Anonymous said...

i agree eating 15 bannanas in a day or at a time is retarded, however the cost of 15 a day is like 3 dollars

Eric Dubay said...

Check out

I often eat 10 bananas or more at a sitting and afterwards feel absolutely energized and satisfied. Raw vegan athletes like Harley Johnston, Mike Arnstein and Tim VanOrden eat almost nothing but fruit, are in top health and regularly win marathons. There is nothing wrong or retarded about eating several bananas at a time. It's not very expensive either if you know how/where to shop.