Monday, October 31, 2011

Genocide Music

Genocide, real name Jusuf, was born in Bosnia (former Yugoslavia) in 1984. In 1992 as a young child he was trapped in a brutal conflict that overtook his country. His home town of Zvornik was one of the first places to fall under attack and resulted in the murder and ethnic cleansing of the entire Muslim population. Jusef watched from the hills as tanks shelled the city and paramilitary forces moved in to cleanse the once beautiful and multicultural city.


Druv said...

Since, U.N. peacekeeping forces were involved in the situation, does this mean Zionist manipulation again? making two people kill each other off for their pleasure?

Just like UN ordered NATO to kill of Gadaffi?

Looks like a deeper manipulation is also involved here.

The big question is who is the source of this menace?

Druv said...

Why did the massacre happen?

It further appears that these same officials may have been on better terms with the Serb commanders who were threatening the enclaves than with the Bosnian Muslim population that they were supposed to protect. To paraphrase a remark by another United Nations leader about another mass murder, Mladic seems to have impressed them as a man that they could do business with. Even before July 1995, Akashi and Janvier had begun to act as though the protection of the safe areas was not an important part of their mandate and they had communicated this to the Serbs. A month earlier, Akashi may have reached a secret agreement with Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic that, in return for releasing U.N. hostages held by the Serbs, the U.N. forces would stop calling for NATO airstrikes in response to future Serb aggression.
Within days of the massacres, accounts by survivors and by U.N. peacekeepers themselves had begun to surface. It also appears that the United Nations had access to satellite photographs of mass graves and perhaps even of men kneeling on the ground waiting to be shot. This evidence had surprisingly little effect on the attitudes of the U.N. commanders, whose own reports had described nothing more serious than harassment and unfortunate incidents. Rohde reports that 3 weeks after the massacres at Srebrenica, Akashi and Janvier had dinner with Milosevic at a hunting lodge outside of Belgrade. When Milosevic pointed out that hunting was prohibited in the immediate vicinity of the lodge, Akashi joked that it was a safe area for animals. Everybody laughed.

Yup, Manipulation and mass murder by Zionist puppet masters.

These Demons have to be stopped, and made to pay for their numerous crimes against humanity.

Druv said...

In July 1996, the forensic investigations began of the mass graves under the auspices of the International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. It was hell for the investigators. There were about 90 scientists from 19 different countries. These were scientists from Chile, Argentina, the Philippines, and the National Park Service in the United States. When they arrived U.N. or NATO troops at that time were not providing them security at the sites, neither was there any demining activity.

I smell Zionist poisonous fumes from this massacre.

These people will be Avenged! their cries will not go unheard.

Eric Dubay said...

Here's Jusef's story of what happened to him as a young child in Yugoslavia:

Genocide - Made in Bosnia

Eric Dubay said...

He blames the Zionists as well:

Mujahadeen Chronicles

Eric Dubay said...

Worldwide Genocide

Free Palestine

9/11 We Demand the Truth

Druv said...

These Jews/Zionist truly are poisonous snakes, they will spread their poison into the whole world until every thing is consumed.

I found a jewish woman's blog:

posted by Elaine Supkis


Bubble Boy was forced out of his carefully constructed bomb proof shelter to address an increasingly wary nation. Since he and his minions have unleashed the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse upon us, his inner demon decided this is the time to tell us what is in store next: Disease.

So why is Congress and Bush destroying the CDC, driving out real scientists, replacing them with idiots, cutting down access to Medicaid? Why?

Only Durga Kali the Great Destroyer knows. She is their God.

Her poisonous posts are a clear cut reflection of the true nature of 95% Jewish population, using their own stooge Bush and attacking a Gentile Goyim culture at the same time.

Goddess Kali is the destroyer of evil, which she has clearly warped to fit her own needs.

Poisonous creature isn't she?


Zionist ultimate conspiracy roots:

1) It is more than Clear that Jews took over "Rome" which used to be the center of Celtic Civilization and replaced it with their "New testament" which is a programming machine. Turning it into a monstrous "Missionary" cult which reflect the the forceful conversions.

2) They also Programmed and planted an unstable man "Mohammad" to warp the Arabs who had the "triple Goddess Worship" as well. Creating another Missionary cult which assimilated the places that Christianity did not reach.

But the original puppet masters who programmed the two missionary cults of Abraham is the Original super cult of Abraham = Zionism.


They are the most poisonous creatures of the planet.


after using Islam to warp the rest of the Gentile world, now they can use the excuse of "Jihad terrorism" to wipe out the assimilated people of Islam.

They not only created this poison, they are doing to use it to kill every one off.


One thing for sure, their monstrosity is massive.

Anonymous said...

This event was manipulated on the much deeper level.
You have to look to the events hepend before and after.
Dutch military which was a part of the u.n was involved as a one side as well.
They were the controllers of event.
Also numbers of people died is questionable. There was a one research done by the Serbian journalist few years after and they were showing that lot of people died from the list are still alive.
Dutch military was between Serbians and Bosnians. Months before they were allowing groups of Bosnians from Srebrenica to go on the other side.
They were committing crimes for months.
Military units over there was organized from the people from that area.
So you can imagine the rage building in people for long time.
Also general Mladic daughter committed suicide just two weeks before.
She was a student in Belgrade Serbia.
Now after a new investigation it looks like that was not a suicide at all.
Dutch military corpus retracted from the positions in very short period. I think that was under 30 min.
That speed means only one thing,everything was organized.
There is not a video or even a picture from Srebrenica in the moments of conflict nothing.
Lot of people died on both sides that is not questionable but what it is is genocide word.
It looks like that there is nothing organized by Serbian side except a military action.
Crimes are committed by the individuals or maybe a groups under military units.
And that is far from genocide.
Just a look from the other side.