Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Raw Vegan Inspiration - Harley and Freelee

I recently had the great pleasure of meeting the inspirational raw vegan duo Harley a.k.a. Durian Rider of 30bananasaday.com and his girlfriend Freelee a.k.a. The Raw Fit Bitch on one of their frequent visits here to Thailand. Harley and Freelee have been eating a high-carb, low-fat, raw vegan diet for several years and it shows! They both have rock-hard abs, perfect complexion, brilliant shining eyes, inexhaustible stamina, loving energy and great positive attitudes. They are also both top-level athletes, champion marathon runners and distance cyclists. Harley often cycles over 200-300 kilometers a day and Freelee once cycled 3,000 kilometers across Australia all powered by nothing but raw fruits and vegetables.

I tried running around the park with Harley for a while which was quite amusing, like a human remake of the Tortoise vs. the Hare (minus the underdog victory - it was more like Tortoise vs. Cheetah). He jogged slowly with me at my sloth's pace until my face was red, feet were blistered, and breath was gone. Through pants and wheezes I managed to say that I'd meet him back at the juice bar and he took off like a drag car and was literally a tiny speck in the distance within 10 seconds. Nobody comes even close to passing Harley on foot or bike, and he puts the words "Go Vegan" in English and Thai on the backs of his shirts/shorts so everyone can understand why they just got owned.

Thanks so much to Harley and Freelee for all the great advice and interesting conversation, for the fun, informative videos and constant inspiration. For everyone else have a look at their videos and websites to learn more about how to increase the peace and maintain the highest possible levels of health.


Druv said...

I really wanted to use my cycle to work, but the traffic is so bad i would probably get killed Lol.

These guys are really amazing though!

I need a job where i can ride my bike to work :(


By the way, does any one notice the Google ad's saying "The End of the world is near" ?

The Globalist are using everything at their disposal to instill fear in the world.

It is not the end of the world but the end of them, it is their fear that they are reflecting on the populace of the world.

Anonymous said...

Very inspirational video. I've been exposed to the Vegan diet for a while now and I feel ready to take this big step...does anyone know where I can find information to get started?

Thanks alot!

Eric Dubay said...

That's great to hear Anonymous! I've been compiling a fair amount of info on Veganism and Raw Food. Have a look through these posts and comments:


Raw Food

Jesse L Zesbaugh said...

Animal rights groups have the best info on non health oriented veganism, peta would love to help you, trust me.

If you drink/eat a lot of dairy, be patient with yourself giving up dairy is hard. Dairy is actually kind of addictive, I think that is the biggest hurdle for most people, is the opioid properties of dairy creating mild addictions.