Sunday, January 8, 2012

Every Cancer Can Be Cured in Weeks

In this short interview Dr. Leonard Coldwell shares his clinical experience and expert opinion that all cancers can be cured quickly, effectively and naturally, without dangerous, expensive surgery, chemo or radiation simply by alkalizing and oxygenating the body via exercize and a raw vegan diet.


Baron Munse said...

I think its interesting that some of our elite are switching to a vegan diet for these reasons. A lot of conspiracy folks give the Rothschild family flack, but if you type in the Google "Rothschild", and "Cookbook", you will get a book that teaches us all about alkaline diets, and the effects of acidosis.

One of the things I heard some of the bankers talking about in an interview a while back is their flawed economic model of unlimited resources, and their sudden awful struggle to fix a failed economic model.

I think we see it on two fronts, first is the diet and consumption and second it the service based economy

If you have a moment listen to what Rothschild is saying about the "service based economy", because the idea is to undermine the failing product based one that used resources, as far as I can tell. It's in the following video:

I know you tend to disapprove of shadowy behavior, but elements of this are pretty upfront.

Happy New Year

-The Baron

Joseph said...

Parsley is a turbo nutrient. I ate only parsley berry smoothies for one week and I cured a lifelong depression/anxiety and received knowledge that I had not known previously. I had also just stopped taking anti-depressants, realizing I was killing myself. The parsley sent a rush of serotonin and a crazy energy to my brain, with a deeper understanding of how life works, and how my actions affect the universe. I want to know the effects of psilocybin on cancerous tumors, as magic mushrooms seem to heal the brain and detoxify your whole body. Your posts have helped me change my way of thinking and helped me on my path to waking up. Thanks Eric

Anonymous said...

P.U.K.'d if you do, Phucked if you don't:

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments guys. For Baron, I don't think the Rothschild's are given flack for their dietary choices so much as their majority holding of the world economy. Glad to hear you've been getting proactive with your health and cleaning up your diet Joseph. And that YouTube link from Anonymous about the Kosher Tax was very telling and informative. Small wonder the Jews have been kicked out of not one, not two, but 85 nations in their history.

Kosher Certification Fee

Jewish Expulsions

Anonymous said...

Joseph, could you explain how you made the parsley berry smoothie (amounts and such) and your routine regarding that during your week of taking them? I'm interested. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

More reasons to stay away from packaged food~cause you get screwed:

WARNING: look at the info, set aside the controlled opposition-- AJ.

The big brand cereals are now tasting horribly chemical--due to the pesticide sprayed ON the box/bag, so they don't have to list it as an ingredient or do testing on the cereal itself.

Baron Munse said...

Ha, some good points Eric.

I find some humor in that in this your goals are somewhat the same as theirs. Perhaps you do to?

But the list of Jewish expulsions you linked is telling, one thing is unique there, is language, hebrew has always been an international language, this allows those folks to talk to the french much easier then say the english, because they shear a common language in hebrew. I think this advantage is lost as we move more into the modern era where English is the dominant Language.

Internationalism is a threat to nationalism, you know?

Eric Dubay said...

I agree with your points about language and nationalism. Not sure how my message of vegan voluntarism is similar to that of the elites though. They seem to want to control and lie about everything, whereas I just want freedom and truth.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time posting here, but just wanted to say how much I love this site! I only wish there was more, but I understand its not an easy thing to do. Also there is another short film called Leaf, which is about the benifits of juicing raw medical grade mj. I would link it up for you, but I'm at work.

Keep up the good work!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Anonymous, I'll check that out.

Joseph said...

I was drinking about 3 mixed berry parsley smoothies a day for about a week. I used a couple of heads of organic parsley and they were pretty strong drinks. Doesn't taste good, but the immediate detoxification of your body is noticeable. You think extremely clear, and see how people may or may not be taking advantage of you or affecting you negatively. You do really look at life differently without chemicals in your body. Please be careful detoxing, as dealing with high-nutrient plants can really open your mind quickly.

Eric Dubay said...

In the process of cleaning up our diet we experienced similar things like being able to notice negative people/influences immediately, sharper intuition, take things less personally, and forgive easier. It seems a healthy body paves the way for a healthy mind and healthy emotions while an unhealthy body gives way to an unhealthy mind and emotions.