Wednesday, December 28, 2011

First on Fire

My smart, beautiful, talented, activist fiance "First on Fire" has been working hard to alert and inform Thai people of many of the same important issues covered in English on If you have any Thai friends, family, neighbors or co-workers please do us and the world a favor by sending them a link to First's blog. She updates it frequently and has already covered several critical topics such as Aspartame, Fluoride, Chemtrails, Cannabis, Parasites, Fasting/Detox, Raw Food, Wing Chun, and more. Anyway, we're taking off for a holiday in the mountains tomorrow and will be back in a couple weeks. Merry Mushrooms and Happy Jew Year! :) Peace


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot for the Thai version, first on fire! Have a good time in the mountains Eric, looking forward to read your next post! Merry Mushrooms! D.

First said...

You are so sweet. :D
Love you baby and Happy Jew Year to you too!:P
can't wait for our mountain trips !

Ian Leslie said...

Have a great new year you guys :)

Anonymous said...

First you are so good for Eric. I'm so proud of you guys. I Love you Both. Have a great Time in the Mountains. Drop Mom and I an E-mail and let us know all the fun stuff you are doing. With Lots of Love ""Mom and Dad""

Exorcist said...

Sawadee Eric! Have fun in the mountains, watch out while riding the Chiangs and eating some Tom Yam :P I just came back from Thailand and cant wait to get back!

Hope to see you back soon, you're blogging about conspiracy's rock.

Keep up the good work and Sabai Sabai! ^^

Anonymous said...

Keep up the good for dude.


Pagg Supplement said...

Thanks for give the accurate blog.

Ta-Wan said...

Congratulations on the engagement both. I'll be in Thailand this year so will speak to you on email about possibly meeting again.

root said...

Hi Eric,

I want to say thank you for your posts exposing and where its roots are come from. I have read some of your posts and I have to say, the Masonic members are really hard hitting, the fact that a majority of them are in denial of what it really means to be a Freemason, just goes to show you how much people will lose their connection to their humanity.

I am also glad that you didn't directly address them, for if you did, they would have won by distraction. They do a lot good deeds for people and their community, but I would think twice about trusting secretive groups with a ranking system.

Please continue to do your work and post whatever you can whenever you can. I look forward to following your blog and I am interested in what you have to say.

Few people know about our ancient history, or the current exploitation of our rights and the more they learn, the more people become aware, let us teach them the truth.

You and your girl have a great night and a wonderful day.


robbie said...

beautiful!! congrats you guys
much strength and peace

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for all the nice comments guys, we really appreciate your kindness and support. Peace

Illuminati Agenda said...

I shall recommend this to a friends Thai wife who has recently moved over to the west and is feeling a little homesick and rather chilly in the cold weather compared to Thailand!

Eric Dubay said...

That's great! Thanks Illuminati Agenda.