Thursday, February 2, 2012

Freemasons Run the US Army

Former US Army E-4 Specialist Bickle has come out unequivocally stating, "The US Army is run by Freemasons. All the top brass with rank in the Army are Freemasons whether they'll admit to it or not. I can't speak on the Air Force, Marines or the Navy because I wasn't in those branches but from what I know about how fluid the military runs, it is probably the same in those branches too." While in Afghanistan Bickle noticed his Staff Sergeant reading a book with the Masonic compass/square logo and asked what it was about. The Staff Sergeant answered, "I'm trying to become a Freemason. It's something you'll learn about as your career progresses. It's a fraternity and in order to get your E8, Master Sergeant, you have to be part of it." Bickle also learned that military ERB (Enlisted Record Brief) resumes and DD214 discharge paperwork both always have an innocuous looking "M" written on them if they were Masons. In conclusion Bickle re-emphasized, "yes, Freemasons run the Army. I don't care what anyone tells me. I did 4 years of that shit, 16 months in Afghanistan. I know it for a fact." Check out the video above to hear the complete commentary.


nvra75 said...

i have a few relatives in the US army and some have told me about the large amount of open satanists within the ranks of the north east US bases they were stationed at.

i know freemasons are satanists also but they are secretive about it. There are actually "church of satan chapters" at some of these bases.

"they" are everywhere.

Michelle York said...

As always, The search for Truth & Justice. Appreciate your posting these most interesting videos Eric.

Anonymous said...

Freemasons aren't just in charge of the American Armed forces, they're in charge of all world forces and all world major establishments.

The judiciary, the police force, the government, religion, banking, the media, the arts industries (film, TV and music) all but a few of the establishments that the freemason's completely control.

There is absolutely NOTHING at all that anyone can do to stop the continuation of placing these 'Manchurian candidates' in all walks of establishments.

The system is staffed by the people and worse still protect it. Yes, the people protect the very system that seeks to utterly destroy them.

You do not rise to positions of power without having psychopathic qualities as well as being a freemason. As I said, the people will join the freemasons and listen to the lies given to them about what it is. They are the peons, those in the outer circle, those fed the exoteric BS about what freemasonry most certainly isn't.

The people are ignorant to much of what is going on within reality and if you do not know who and what your enemy is you can never, ever, hope to defeat it.

Keep up the good posts.
I would ask you to excuse my pessimism, but it's what an optimist calls a realist, of which I most certainly am. I only and have always spoken the truth in my life.
Freemasonry is deeply entwined within society and humanity. It cannot be removed by any lawful means because the law was created by the system to protect it and freemasonry is the system.



Eric Dubay said...

Great comments all, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

Having dealt w. military folks buying my stuff online, I can tell you they are the most quick to assume you are out to "get" them and are quite nasty about it.

Having dealth w. wiccans buying my stuff online, they are the same way.

And funny how there are wiccans in the military who are just nutso.

And my ex-roommate who is wiccan, and who also taught at a prestigous school's music, she is a pyscho nut as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree that Masons are in the military, but not all E8s and E9s are Masons. Ensure that you are presenting facts and not guessing. You can always hurt them with the TRUTH. Even though this country was built on Christian Beliefs, satan also had to envoke his anti christian dogma into society. We fight against spirtual influences and not physical influences.
12 For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places.
Eph 6:12 (KJV)
The spirtual influences the physical.
Don't do it yourself, research and surround yourself with people who can help on a higher level and not just raw data and emotions.
GOD Bless..

Anonymous said...

In the u.s. air force most people are forced to join the masons if they want to stay in and retire ! The members of the black lodge are some common fucks !!!! They use witchcraft and treachery to try to make you join. They are everywhere, and they all have a very negative satanic energy. When you shake their hand you can feel a dull confusing vibe !! They will always lie to your face !! Remember this : If the people in every single country in the world that control things ie food ,housing, everything that you need to live, if these people were such good people why do they live off the backs of the poor ??? They are all Liars and they are never going to change. ONCE you are satans you belong to him for life !!! Yor leaders don,t care about You !!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I happen to be a 32 degree freemason and I can tell you this is all BS. I joined to see what was actually going on and do you know what it is? A bunch of retired guys with nothing better to do with there time. Freemasonry is honestly boring as hell and very religious...most go to church and are very conservative. They don't run shit and honestly it is a huge joke, sorry to disappoint you all.

james said...

Probly true. I see it as a charity bieng run to cover up the fact that guys like to get promoted. world conspiracy ummm i am well read up on it and i gotta lean to no way. It would he to devisive and have gotten out by now

Brother Mason said...

I am a 32 MM also. 86 years on this planet. My father, my grand father my sons and grand sons are all masons. hbere isd nothing about masonary thaty you can not view on Telivison. We are a faturnity made up of loyal citizens of which most of us have served in the milatary. Your visious attack upon a organization that gave you your constatuytion and the bill of rights that is gioft from masons. We believe in GOD, our country our families and fellow man. WE welcome all who are of like mind. The milatary in my time welcomed the private as well as the officer who all were equally and of that belief. We all meet on the level. Honor integrity a belief in the brotherhood of men is what we are all about.

Papa Soja said...

Brother man,
If you believe in GOD then why do you say prayers to the devil and have SATANIC symbols all the time?

Anonymous said...

when we take over the world we are starting with all of your community's for posting this we are the all watching eye. we run the NSA and the CIA. hahahahah

what a bunch of f**king douches. you sound stupid because you have know clue what you are talking about. if it was not for the Freemasons we would not have a govt. or any thing American. this country was founded and defended by Freemasons if you dont like it do us all a favor and leave the country.

Anonymous said...

I am a E-5 rank in US Army and all this is true, this freemasons run this stuff. some of them just join to progress in the next rank without knowing what it is, they are satanics if you do not beleive me just read the Albert pike book "morals and dogma". the books states that they worship Luficer in the 4th grade of being mason but the lower grades do not know this because they lie to them. and honestly if you are not a mason in the military they treat you as a garbage and from 1SG to SPC fremasons do whatever they want including the most worst fraternization without being punish not even from legal or IG not matter the complain you can touch them they are all protected by the logia. if a soldier wants to progress in the next ranks quickly she or he got to join the masons. The prince hall mason runs all hispanics and black people and they are the most corructed ones with unaceptable manners and getto personality but the white masons are most discrete all of them follow Lucifer as a GOD. Shame on US Forces.

Anonymous said...

Its true. Did the military thing for a very long time. The upper ranks are mostly Masons with the females in some sister of masons group called daughters of something. They openly cover for each others illegal actions, that is a fact. And to prove it check out SMG Clark Davis, female In the sister group that openly covers for the Mason members under her when they commit crimes. People need to start naming names instead of complaining about the mystical "Them"!

Anonymous said...

As a recently retired Army SFC in the Infantry, the Prince Hall Masons are out of control both un uniform and civilian employees who work on base. They abuse the system to their own will just to screw with you because of whatever reason they dream up. Back in the late 80's while I was at Ft. campbell, there was a so called fraternity that many black Soldiers were joining, it got to a head one night when the power went off in the barracks and a huge riot soon began, after the dust settled, the IG disbanded the fraternity and all of the members gravitated to Prince Hall Masons and picked up where they left off, networking to elevate all fellow black people by hook or crook so yes, it's very much alive and well, assume nothing when dealing with these people. It is a shame they feel they have to resort to these tactics instead of being normal and showing some moral courage in situations but, that requires true leadership skills which many never bothered to develop and it shows clear when they rise in rank and are presented with small issues and can't see their way out so, they scream and holler and always point the finger at someone else! Useless. Last week I was talking with a retired Army SGM about a complaint and it was obvious he had no intention of doing his job as my advocate, I asked him if he was going to stand up for me and help me or be an errand boy to deliver my complaint form? He didn't like that one bit, as I left, I told him he was obviously a useless SGM while in the Army, thanks for nothing guy! They'll say things like "we have ways of getting to you" to try and intimidate you, just repeat the same words to them and watch what happens! Remember, Infantry do take care of their own, even when out of uniform!4420

free said...

I read and heard a lot of similar theories, but I have never heard or seen one hundred percent proof that all this is reality and not fiction.

Anonymous said...

Everything this guy said, I am sure is true. I was in the Australian Navy for 6 years & its full of Masons. They run the whole show. All the top brass are Freemasons in all the services. They most likely get their higher orders from the American top brass Freemasons. From what I know for my 2 cents worth is Freemasons infiltrate all the 5 eyes military forces.

Anonymous said...

They sometimes take fellow military and veteran's side's against donating members after acts of violence.