Wednesday, May 16, 2012

The Truth About Cannabis

The truth is it's nature, and making nature against the law is unnatural.  What's next, broccoli?  Did you know the first ever marijuana law in America was a 1619 mandate forcing farmers to grow hemp!?  Now they'll throw you in prison for growing it!  The government had their excuses back then for why you must grow it and they have their excuses now for why you must not grow it.  The point is you do what you're told slave or we'll lock you up.  We're the monopoly of power on this planet and we'll decide which plants will be grown!  We made Mother Nature our bitch and now she works for us.  You've been lied to and propagandized for generations.  Mother Nature is not to blame for society's problems and outlawing her is not the answer:  Decriminalize Mother Nature - Legalize All Plants!  The Real Reason Cannabis is IllegalThe Marijuana ConspiracyThe War on MarijuanaHow Weed Won the WestThe Emperor Wears No ClothesSuper High Me and the Marijuana-Louges.


Anonymous said...

Im 16 years old and i have a heart condition which has caused a lack of blood circulation in my body for many years. It has caused a few serious health problems here and there and the medical industries way of diagnosing heart problems is destructive and unnecesarily invasive. Of all the treatments i know, there are an alkaline rich diet,healing water springs, and cannabis. The video you had posted didnt mention cannabis's ability to stimulate cell growth. That is a very important one for alot of people. I just made a marijuna oil mango sweet coconut rice desert thats cooling and i cannot wait... I got arrested a month ago for gowing my own, lets goddamn decriminalize it before or during this USA election! Just an added benefit i personally believe in, it treats sypmtoms of being an asshole- AG

Bob Saccamano said...

I really like cannabis, but I've read about monsanto being behind a legalize movement.
I wont stop smokin even if satan himself is the dealer.

Anonymous said...

god damned the preacher man, as the red indian once said they speak with false tongue,

Gary N. said...

My father was a pot head. Not something I like to talk about really. As a grown man, he acted like a teenager, often begging me to smoke with him when I turned 16 years old. I don't have a problem with smoking pot, but in that situation, yes I did. Smoking pot don't make you "cool" or anything, but I don't have a problem with people that do smoke it, it's just not for me.

The argument of pot treating symptoms of being an asshole, that's a joke. I was around someone that smoked my entire childhood, and he was a huge psychopathic asshole, and when he smoked it often made him 3 times more paranoid, always thinking your conspiring against them (not as bad really considering he was a heavy alcoholic and couldn't remember his violent outbursts most the time). I have seen it have different effects on people (make them funny in some ways) but that I do not believe. Once it wears off, a jerk is still going to be a jerk after the effects are worn out.

I do not believe it's a gateway drug however. If pot was legalized tomorrow, and you didn't smoke it, you're not going to wake up the next morning and start smoking all of a sudden are you? Same with any kind of drug. If you legalize it you also take away the easy access for minors to get a hold of it. I'm sure I'm not the only one that went to school and seen friends getting it more easily than trying to get alcohol.

Pot I don't have a problem with, it's alcohol I absolutely cannot stand. I don't think pot will kill you, but I 101% believe Alcohol will kill you, and not a single doubt in my mind after what I lived through that it can turn someone into a full blown psychotic maniac. I have had many friends you can consider 'normal' but when they start drinking, they turn into an entire different person. Humphrey Bogart once said "when you drink, you reveal who you really are." I think he was on the money with that one.