Tuesday, March 23, 2010

How Weed Won the West

The new documentary from Sacred Cow featuring Alex Jones and Kevin Booth is another great success, How Weed Won the West. With California and the rest of the country going bankrupt, one business is booming. How Weed Won the West is the story of the growing Medical Marijuana industry, focusing on Los Angeles with over 700 legal dispensaries doling out the buds. Following the story of Organica, a southland dispensary which was raided by state and federal agencies in August of 2009, the film shows that the drug war is nowhere near over. How Weed Won The West delves deeply into the culture and commerce of cannabis featuring California's ganja growers, medicinal marijuana patients and law reform advocates. The trailer is above, watch the full movie here.


Anonymous said...

I've heard only amazing things about "How Weed Won the West". I'm very interested in documentaries about the legalization of marijuana. I saw "American Drug War" a few months ago and LOVED it! I can't wait to watch this on 4/20.

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