Friday, January 11, 2013

Alex Jones: General of the Second American Revolution

Alex Jones topped Twitter trends and YouTube's front page this week when he went head-to-head with Piers Morgan on CNN Live debating US Gun Control. As usual Alex belligerently bombasts out-of-turn, doesn't allow Piers to finish a sentence, mocks and belittles his host, then sarcastically adopts Piers' British accent and calls him a red-coat! Just like "old times" when I used to be a daily AJ listener I found myself agreeing with most of Alex's points and laughing out loud at his shtick humor. However, nowadays whenever I listen to Alex the Judas Goat, Molly-gate, Punchbowl Turd, Inside Job Jones, I listen with a much more discerning eye towards what his actual purpose is in this whole NWO scheme. When someone like Alex goes on mainstream news, makes many good points, and takes jabs at obvious establishment stooges like Piers Morgan, it makes half-awake 2nd-amendment-loving Americans feel like he's their anti-NWO General in the "Infowar" standing up for truth and freedom. However, especially in the aftermath of several school shootings and the propaganda that's followed, many Americans are feeling that tighter government gun-control laws and even confiscation might be a good thing. Then when they turn on the TV news and see Alex Jones going nuts, screaming with blazing crazy in his eyes, it further convinces Mr. & Mrs. Middle-America that Obama, Piers and the high-brow, smooth-talking gun-grabbers are right! They think "man, we definitely need to get the guns out of the hands of crazy conspiracy theorists like Alex Jones!" And in a way, they're right, because Alex Jones is a terrible poster-boy for the second amendment, and I think that's part of his purpose. Watch this clip below where he storms a peaceful Austin Pro Gun Rally, screams over the protestors, gets in their faces, disrupts the whole demonstration, then claims he was attacked by Cointel Pro on his radio show! The truth is Alex was invited to speak at this rally and turned down co-ordinator Catherine Bleish claiming she "had a hard-on for him." Then he came and crashed it anyway.

Alex's annoying catch-phrase that he's been shouting for years now out his bullhorn and over the airwaves is, "The Answer to 1984 is 1776," which literally means "the answer to George Orwell's Big Brother society that has been constructed around us is to have a bloody Revolutionary War." Having researched the original Masonic Revolutionary War, and being a proponent of peaceful solutions myself, the statement that "1776 is the answer to 1984" sounds to me like a brainless hot-headed violent mantra sub-consciously instilling in Alex's cult followers the idea that bloody revolution is the answer! Alex will always say that he's anti-violence and would never promote a violent solution, but then he'll scream on the air until his head looks like it's about to explode channeling Charleton Heston saying the government will have to take our guns from our cold dead hands. In the Piers interview Alex actually "prophecizes" government gun confiscation triggering a second American Revolution when he yells at Piers waving a finger in his face saying "1776 will commence again if you try to take our firearms!" So once again, here Alex is subliminally telling his millions of gun-toting cult-listeners "if the government comes to confiscate your guns, you should go down in a blaze of glory" (i.e. you should shoot the police officers who come to your house). But is this actually good advice? Is that really the answer to 1984? Doesn't violent revolution triggered by government gun confiscation come right from the New World Order playbook?


Anonymous said...

Well, you have to admit, AJ's controllers now have probably the biggest list of gun-owners, prepper-type, patriots, ammo storage, food storage addressess in the nation.

AJ is quite effective...for his controlllers.

PLUS, they collect on all those subscriber fees and shtuff they sell


Anonymous said...

easily the scarest thing about this blog is the new world order cards at the bottom and specifically the gun control card. For anyone that hasn't read the story behind these cards you should do so its very concerning.

It could be possible that Alex was against the establishment at one time but is certainly not now. I dont know what the NWO has to gain by having him show info regarding the BG i would think they would want that secret, yet at the same time i dont fully believe Alex could have penetrated their security alone.

I think Alex could talk all day about the government behing behind these school shootings but nobody will believe him, but why would they let him publish info about there gay boy owl club in CA?

Anonymous said...

Working and working it beautifully,
as planned...

Anonymous said...

BOTH sides owned, again

Eric Dubay said...

Good points Anonymice. I think Alex was allowed into Bohemian Grove to help skyrocket his popularity within the conspiracy community. He only came out of there with a tiny bit of footage and only talks about gay porn stars and babies burned in effigy... in fact Bohemian Grove for over a century has had reports of missing children, and many murdered children and adults. Alex only showed a ceremony which he insists was a fake baby, but the accusations and testimony going back a century say they do a lot worse evil in there than just burning fake babies.

Anonymous said...

AJ certainly isn't perfect, but he has taught me that history is not boring. Since i started listening it has prompted me to look into the things he says and alot of it is correct. I can form a question and go research it myself. when before, and most people are like this, I didn't understand that something needed questioning. I voice my research out loud and spread the fact that knowledge is power. I will not be afraid of my government coming to kill me in the middle of the night because of too many facebook posts. I will fight the infowar.

Eric Dubay said...

New Alex Jones Proof

Anonymous said...

Man you are spot on with this article, thank you for this.

I have to say, Alex Jones and his supporters really do scare me when it comes to owning guns. It hurts me to admit that, since I am a southern boy and I believe in the 2nd amendment. We grew up down here with guns everywhere! Our grandparents had shotguns in the closets and most elderly people had rifles and guns.

The difference is, there's a lot of people that do own guns who are responsible, but Alex Jones promotes violence. "The answer to 1984 is 1776!". His answer to martial law is to just run out there firing and to go down in a blaze of glory. That's what he is telling them to do, and the sad thing is his supporters listen to him and worship this man. I got sick to my stomach hearing people talk about this man like he's some patriot for what he did on Piers Morgan.

Alex Jones ultimately did what they wanted him to do on Piers Morgan. He fell right into the bait to make every gun owner look like scary psychopaths that will explode at any given moment. That is why he is not the best poster boy for the 2nd amendment. Listen to his supporters, they are some of the scariest people you will ever meet in your life. These people are young, dumb, and very trigger happy, and the worst part of it all is they are not a small fan base. Literally millions listen to him, it is down right scary.

I just have this bad bad feeling that one day Jones is going to lead his army of sheep thinking he's some patriot into a trap. Like if something happened to Obama, that he predicts, these are the ones that would straight up go out all guns blazing and start violence and riots that would lead to martial law and them taking our firearms away. His followers are so blinded, sometimes I believe they truly want it to get this bad, just so they can unleash their violence and short tempers. That's exactly how Alex operates too. He works them up with all this emotion and makes them incredibly angry. They are the ultimate blind, dumb, sheep that are trigger happy and just waiting to explode.