Thursday, January 31, 2013

Humans are Biologically Built Vegetarian

Our human anatomy is undeniably designed to subsist on plant foods and not on animal flesh; literally every aspect of our bodies proves we are herbivore/frugivores and not carnivore/omnivores.

To begin with, humans and other natural vegetarians have 4x longer, convoluted intestinal tracts perfect for slow digesting fruits and starches, whereas omnivore/carnivores have 4x shorter intestines to quickly push out the acidic, putrefying animal flesh they eat.

Humans have alkaline saliva ptyalin to pre-digest grains, alkaline urine, and weak stomach acid whereas all omnivore/carnivores have acidic saliva, acidic urine, and 10-1000x stronger hydrochloric stomach acid essential for digesting meat.  All natural flesh-eaters also secrete the enzyme "uricase" necessary to metabolize the uric acid in meat, but uricase is not produced by our human bodies.

Humans have lateral jaw movement and flat molars for grinding grains and vegetables whereas natural flesh eaters have no lateral jaw movement and scores of huge fangs for biting and ripping. Humans have short, weak fingernails whereas carnivores and omnivores have long, strong, sharp claws for cutting through skin and flesh.

Humans must take in Vitamin C from our food whereas all carnivores and most omnivore's bodies produce their own Vitamin C.  Natural omnivores and carnivores also have a microbial tolerance far higher than humans.  For example the botulinum toxin which is deadly to humans but is easily and safely digested by natural flesh-eaters.

Humans eating a high fat diet become obese, lazy, and diseased whereas natural flesh eaters stay trim, energetic and absolutely thrive on their high fat diet.

Human mouths water at the sights and smells of ripe plant foods whereas omnivore/carnivore's mouths water at the sight and smell of dead animal carcasses.  To humans the image and stench of bloody roadkill turns the stomach and is not the least bit appetizing.  The only way we will even eat animal flesh is if it is first cleaned, marinated, and seasoned with various vegetarian herbs and spices to make it palatable.

Human vision is easily able to differentiate various colors making it simple to discern ripe from unripe plant foods, whereas the color vision of most omnivore/carnivores is far less discerning.

Humans sleep only 6-12 hours a day like most herbivore/frugivores, whereas most omnivore/carnivores sleep 18-20 hours a day. Humans sweat from pores all over our bodies whereas all carnivores and most omnivores release perspiration from their tongues. Humans have single births and two mammary glands whereas most all omnivores and carnivores birth litters of several babies have have rows upon rows of mammary glands.

In summation, our bodies clearly resemble that of an herbivore/frugivore, not an omnivore/carnivore.  For the human body, animal flesh is highly acidic, fattening, cholesterol-laden, artery-clogging, lymph-clotting, mucus-forming, constipating, difficult to digest, and full of worms, parasites, bacteria, metabolic waste, hormones, and chemicals all of which breed disease.

For human beings there is not a single vitamin, mineral, nutrient, phyto-nutrient, amino-acid, fatty-acid, protein-chain, omega, or any other such elusive vital ingredient to health, not a single thing found in meat (or dairy) products that cannot be found, in greater abundance and more optimally, in the plant kingdom.  Put simply, humans are biologically built vegetarians.

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Anonymous said...

iv always known this

Anonymous said...

eating vegetables is nice but i disagree that you need herbs and vegis to go along with your steak to make your mouth water... my mouth waters not at vegetables but a good lookin filet mignon.

I would be interested in a blog detailling where cultures have successfully followed a vegan diet because it seems very few and far between. Monks in Asia and people all over india follow a vegetarian diet but even Ghandi was snacking on milk and cheese for the nutritents.

Maybe in the mythical Atlantis people were vegan but i dont know that there has been any culture that didn't use animals to survive.

Eric Dubay said...

Your mouth might water for filet mignon, but your mouth doesn't water when you see a cow standing in a field.

Anonymous said...

ps, don't go

Mare said...

Feed a cow or a horse with meat and see what happens. Feed a human with meet. Does the same happen to a human? If not, we are omnivores.

Eric Dubay said...

Yes, it becomes unhealthy, overweight, and dies sooner just like humans:

"Inuit Greenlanders, who historically have had limited access to fruits and vegetables, have the worst longevity statistics in North America. Research from the past and present shows that they die on the average about 10 years younger and have a higher rate of cancer than the overall Canadian population. We now know that greatly increasing the consumption of vegetables, legumes, fruits, and raw nuts and seeds (and greatly decreasing the consumption of animal products) offers profound increased longevity potential, due in large part to broad symphony of life-extending phytochemical nutrients that a vegetable-based diet contains." Link

NambyBamby said...

"Meat-eaters thive on fat-based diet". What will happen if a lion is kept in a zoo and constantly fed with fatty meat? He will get obese, lazy and sloppy... you really ignored the basic fact how active are the carnivores, and how active were our ancestors. Even today, eskimos are very healthy even when they eat mostly fat.
You can see who is the carnivore/omnviore by looking at their eyes... all carnies/omnis have eyes placed in the front of their skulls

0_0 = carni
O_____O = herbi

Anonymous said...

Why the people with the longest life-span (the Japanese) have omnivore diet (meat, fish, eggs, vegetables)?

Why most people above the age of 100 had balanced diet (mixing vegetables with animal protein)?

Why most vegetarian nations (Thailand, India, Pakistan, Thaiwan) are with really low life-spans?

Eric Dubay said...

Vegetarians live on average 10 years longer than meat-eaters. Read the China Study. Or just Google it, eating animal flesh does not make you live longer!

Vegetarians Live Longer Than Meat Eaters

Why Do Vegetarians Live Longer?

Vegetarians Live 11 Years Longer Than Meat Eaters

Unknown said...

You may be operating under some assumptions that aren't true. Cholesterol in the diet does not necessarily cause high cholesterol in the blood, and a high fat diet does not necessarily cause someone to be obese. These occur in conjunction with a diet high in carbohydrates. Our main sources of energy are sugars and fats, the usual being the processing of glucose(sugar)to make glycogen, which is easily processed into ATP(energy). For fats, the process is called ketosis and makes slightly less ATP, but it is a viable source of energy. The problem arises when you consume fats and an excess of carbohydrates at the same time. The body will naturally choose the more efficient pathway, the glucose, and the fats get stored(to make a long story short). Cholesterol is similarly left unprocessed when sugars are in high supply. Some of the biggest sources of sugar(glucose) in the modern diet: bread, noodles, etc. These are processed foods that, if you look at the available evidence, human beings have been eating for much less time than they have been eating meat. The reason why so many people(Americans in particular) are unhealthy is not because of the presence of meat in the diet(although meat quality is certainly an issue in the States), but the presence of excess energy and probably the absence of adequate nutrients(fruits and vegetables, although fructose is an entirely different discussion). I'd be happy to present you with some compelling evidence for my argument, if you'd like.

Unknown said...

Also, as sort of an aside.. I would assume that you are a vegetarian, but it shouldn't make much of a difference. Because the most natural diet for humans, according to archaeological evidence, is mostly plants with opportunistic and eventually routine meat consumption, I would invite you to try giving up bread and noodles and any other sorts of processed foods for at least three weeks, and then talk about your energy and hunger levels. As a martial artist, I'm sure you'll notice a huge difference.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Yano, thanks for the comments. I'd recommend Dr. Doug Graham's 80/10/10 book which makes the case that the body's natural carb/fat/protien ratio is 80%/10%/10% which is optimal, especially when the majority of carbohydrate calories come from fresh fruit. The kind of junk carbs you mentioned are indeed very unhealthy. Ketosis is not recommended (except by Atkins/Paleo-Primal "gurus" who make a fortune selling supplements) as it takes far more energy to turn your fat stores into glycogen than to simply use the simple glucose/fructose carb sugars for energy. There is a reason all humans have a sweet tooth, it's because the bulk of our diet should consist of fresh fruit. Personally I eat fruits, vegetables, and rice and that's about it. I went 30 days on nothing but raw fruits and vegetables (3000 cal/day) and it was by far the best I've ever felt. It's quite expensive to eat that way though and I like to treat myself to rice/vegetable dishes often. I've tried every kind of diet you can name and this is undeniably what works best for me. Peace

Unknown said...

Ohhh I strongly disagree here. A lot of vegetarian have health issues, where most people on a paleo diet are very healthy and children raised with this type of diet grow healthy and beautiful with broad faces and wide dental archs.

Eric Dubay said...

Hi Marc, good talking with you today, thanks for the comment. I'm afraid Weston Price was a dentist, not a nutritionist, and people only like his health theories because he tells people good things about their bad habits, just like the Atkins/Paleo-Primal people telling you bacon and eggs for breakfast is the most healthy meal possible for human beings.

Third Party Facepalm

Have a look at these pages regarding Weston Price and the whole Atkins/Paleo low-carb high-fat heart-attack diet fad. It's terrible for your long-term health to follow these high-fat diets:

Weston Price Facts and Fiction

Weston Price Foundation, Stupid Traditions

Anonymous said...

Depends on what you believe, or understand. According to ayurveda (google it) the statement "we are what we eat" is very true, in that the things/food we eat has influence on the type of thoughts we have, and consequently the decisions we make. According to it, meat is 'tamsic', meaning it requires the most amount of energy to digest, and makes you feel sluggish and gives you more aggressive thoughts. Fruits and most vegetables are considered 'satvic', meaning they require least amount of energy to digest and promote more insightful thoughts. Of course this is not proven by science, and perhaps does not need to be because ayurveda is a science itself based on experiences people have had over a course of thousands (millions, depending on what you believe) of years - basic trial and error. Therefore if human beings are naturally vegetarian is not the important question, but whether you want to live a sustainable and insightful life is. On an extra note, there are plenty of vegetarian people who are unhealthy and without insight, and that's because they have poor habits and eat a vegetarian diet in a destructive manner (overeating, deep fried, late night eating..etc)

Bhndr said...

I am sorry but as a person with medical training, I cannot agree with the findings given here. Biologically, humanity is built for an omnivorous diet. Humans are equipped with BOTH canine and molars that show that they are meant to rip, tear, and cut through the sinewy tissues and also have the molars that are useful for grinding plant materials. Also we are lacking in many of the enzymes necessary foer plant breakdown and humanity is incapable of digesting the plant materials in an efficient =manner which is why a human must consume vast quantities of plant materials and still are unable to garner the appropriate levels of nutrition. Our gut also does not have the intestinal flora that is associated with ruminants but we are equipped with the flora to deal with animal proteins. As to the length of the human intestinal track, a meal traverses the entirety in a single 24 hour period and at most takes 2 days to traverse the intestinal tract which is NOT lengthy enough to extract the proper nutrition. Then there is the heavy incidence of flatulence, constipation and diarrhea that occur with a vegetarian diet. AND the human interest in food is set off with both vegetables and meats. so the article while nice and cute is nothing more than propaganda and is not factually correct.

Eric Dubay said...

You can call those teeth "canines" all you want, it doesn't make us dogs. True canine teeth are far sharper, pointier, and carnivores do not have lateral jaw movement for grinding like we do. Canine teeth are made to rip through skin, fur and bones; our 4 weak, blunt cuspids are nothing like dog's fully omnivorous teeth. Humans are not "lacking many enzymes necessary for plant breakdown." Whole plant foods come intact with their own enzymes. You are trying to claim that we need some mystery enzyme only found in animal flesh to break down vegetables!? I'm afraid your "medical training" wasn't worth your money. Whole plant foods have all the nutrients necessary and sufficient to thrive, moreso than people who live omnivorously. This has been proved over and over, see Dr. Gregers meta-study on how animal protein has been linked to the top 15 killers including heart disease, cancer and diabetes. Check out long-term raw vegans like Annette Larkins, who is 73 now but doesn't look a day over 40. Also, who are these vegetarians you speak of with flatulence, constipation and diarrhea!? Nobody is more constipated than meat-eaters, as there is no fiber in animal products! All the fiber our colons need for smooth elimination comes from plant foods. There is no disease or deficiency on Earth exclusive to vegans, though there are many exclusive to meat-eaters. Everyone knows fruits and vegetables are the best health foods, but when you tell people for the best health, to eat only fruits and vegetables, then they can't handle that fact, and want to believe that meat/dairy has some mystery nutrition they need, when in fact they are just addicted to a less healthy option.

Sarah said...

If you ask a dentist why most people break their teeth, it is because they bite down and pull on something laterally, like pizza. Human teeth are not as strong when pulling sideways, even if they are "canine." If you were to kill an animal and bite into its flesh, you would need to pull in that sideways motion and would quite possibly break your teeth. They were not designed to do that. That's why we need fancy tools to eat meat. It is really the only possible way.

If you bite into a piece of fruit however, your teeth will sink straight down into the flesh of the fruit, which will then easily be severed from the rest of the fruit to be able to be chewed in the mouth.

I really don't understand this "canine" and omnivore nonsense. It is so obvious that we are not meant to eat meat. To those who don't see it clearly, just try going meat-free for 30 days. You will see.