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The Conscious Vibratory Holomovement

In the 18th century a Frenchman named Jean Fourier discovered a mathematical method of converting patterns into simple wave forms called the Fourier transform, a process which later led to the discoveries of both television and holography.  When a video camera captures scenes on film it converts pictures into electromagnetic frequencies which are then converted back again by your television set.  Scientists are now finding that this Fourier transform process is how the brain works, as an electromagnetic frequency decoder.  We have long known that through our 120 billion miles of DNA/RNA our entire bodies are involved in a frequency decoding process.  We know our ears are audio frequency decoders, Nobel Prize winner Georg von Bekesy has proven that our skin responds to frequencies, and thanks to neurophysiologists Russell and Karen DeValois, we now know that brain cells in the visual cortex react and activate based on frequency patterns.

University of California at Berkeley Neurophysiologists Russell and Karen DeValois converted simple plaid and checkerboard patterns into Fourier waves and discovered that the brain cells of cats and monkeys responded not to the patterns themselves but to the interference patterns of their component waves.  Countless studies, elaborated on by the DeValois team in their book Spatial Vision, show that numerous cells in the visual system are tuned into certain frequencies.  Other studies have showed that the human cerebral cortex may be tuned to specific frequenciesPribram conjectured that these wave collisions must create the pictorial images in our brain.  When we perceive something, it’s not due to the activity of neurons themselves but to certain patches of dendrites distributed around the brain, which, like a radio station, are set to resonate only at certain frequencies.  It is like having a vast number of piano strings all over your head, only some of which would vibrate as a particular note is played.”  -Lynne McTaggart, “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe,” (86-88)

Dr. Pribram has conjectured that wave-interference patterns are likely not created or received by any particular brain cells, but in the spaces between them.  Dendrites, the tiny nerve endings of neurons where synapses are fired, communicate with other neurons by sending and receiving electrical/chemical wave impulses.  It is plausible that this is where wave frequencies are received and transformed into holographic images, because there are constantly millions of wave-interference patterns criss-crossing here anyway.

The fact that movement could somehow be represented formally in terms of Fourier equations made Pribram realize that the brain’s conversations with the body might also be occurring in the form of waves and patterns, rather than as images.  The brain somehow had the capacity to analyze movement, break it down into wave frequencies and transmit this wave-pattern shorthand to the rest of the body.  This information, transmitted nonlocally, to many parts at once, would explain how we can fairy easily manage complicated global tasks involving multiple body parts, such as riding a bicycle or roller skating.  It also accounts for how we can easily imitate some task.  Pribram also came across evidence that our other senses – smell, taste and hearing – operate by analyzing frequencies.  In Pribram’s own studies with cats, in which he recorded frequencies from the motor cortex of cats while their right forepaw was being moved up and down, he discovered that, like the visual cortex, individual cells in the cat’s motor cortex responded to only a limited number of frequencies of movement, just as individual strings in a piano respond to a limited range of frequencies.”  -Lynne McTaggart, “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe,” (87)

The color “red” in our explicate experience is really just an implicate wave-interference pattern vibrating at a frequency of 400 THz.  The color “violet” in our experience is really just a wave-interference pattern vibrating at a frequency of 790 THz.  Above the spectrum visible to humans are ultra-violet rays, x-rays, and gamma rays.  Below the spectrum visible to us are infra-red, microwaves, and radio waves.  Our brains decode this small sliver of electromagnetic frequencies and create the perceptions and sensations we experience in our consciousness.  Using the piano analogy, think of the color red as a low note and the color violet as a high note, a rainbow is a major chord, and a lakeside sunset is a concerto.

Our brain is not a storage medium but a receiving mechanism in every sense, and memory is simply a distant cousin of ordinary perception.  The brain retrieves ‘old’ information the same way it processes ‘new’ information – through holographic transformation of wave interference patterns.  Lashley’s rats with the fried brains were able to conjure up their run in its entirety because the memory of it was never burned away in the first place.  Whatever reception mechanism was left in the brain – and as Pribram had demonstrated, it was distributed all over the brain – was tuning back into the memory through The Field.  Some scientists went as far as to suggest that all of our higher cognitive processes result from an interaction with the Zero Point Field.  This kind of constant interaction might account for intuition or creativity – and how ideas come to us in bursts of insight, sometimes in fragments but often as a miraculous whole.  An intuitive leap might simply be a sudden coalescence of coherence in The Field.”  -Lynne McTaggart, “The Field: The Quest for the Secret Force of the Universe,” (95)

If you take a piece of regular film and cut it up, your image is destroyed forever.  However, when you cut up a piece of holographic film, the image is never destroyed - a smaller scale version of the image always exists.  If memories were stored locally, like regular film, and you cut out that part of the brain, the memory would be lost.  But in reality, like holographic film, when you cut out parts of the brain, a smaller scale version of the memory always exists.  So just as a piece of holographic film stores complete images as interference patterns throughout its entirety, the human brain stores complete memories as interference patterns throughout its entirety.  And just like a laser light focused on a piece of holographic film creates a seemingly physical three-dimensional image, the light of our consciousness focusing on quanta creates a seeming physical three-dimensional world.

The holographic model offers revolutionary possibilities for a new understanding of the relationships between the parts and the whole.  No longer confined to the limited logic of traditional thought, the part ceases to be just a fragment of the whole but, under certain circumstances, reflects and contains the whole.  As individual human beings we are not isolated and insignificant Newtonian entities; rather, as integral fields of the holomovement each of us is also a microcosm that reflects and contains the macrocosm.  If this is true, then we each hold the potential for having direct and immediate experiential access to virtually every aspect of the universe, extending our capacities well beyond the reach of our senses.”  -Stanislav Grof, “The Holotropic Mind” (10)

Another markedly holographic processor present in our bodies and the universe is DNA.  Watch any movie or TV series about crime-scene investigation and notice that the identity of the culprit can be determined from tiny traces of their DNA.  A drop of blood, a fingernail, or a single strand of hair is enough to positively identify the perpetrator.  The reason for this is that DNA, like our brains, holographically mirrors each part in the whole and the whole in each part. 

DNA (like RNA) emits light-energy in the form of photons to such an extent that it has been compared by some to an 'ultra weak laser'. They generate coherent light in the same way that our technological lasers do - the lasers that create holograms. The [universe] broadcasts its signals in wave, or interference, patterns and it may be that the laser light emitted by the DNA/RNA is part of the process of turning them into holographic representations of that waveform …One mystery of quantum physics is how particles can either express themselves as a 'wave' form (nonphysical) or as a particle (apparently 'physical') and the waveforms only become particles when they are being observed - when we are looking at them. What is actually happening is that the DNA/RNA/brain is causing the waveform or interference pattern to project an illusory hologram. The act of 'observation' - focus - projects the holograms from the waveforms and when this happens the quantum physicists see the waveform 'becoming' a particle. Both the waveform and the particle exist at the same time and they don't move from one state to another. When a laser is shone onto a photographic interference pattern to manifest a hologram, one does not replace the other. Both waveform and hologram coexist. It is just that the observer sees the hologram as the prime reality. The waveform is possibility; the particle is 'physical' experience.” –David Icke, “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion” (62-3)

Ever-increasing evidence overwhelmingly suggests that our brains, bodies, DNA, and the entire universe are non-local holographic transducers incessantly interacting with a deeper quantum reality.  This “holomovement” is an “undivided wholeness in flowing motion” where all perceived separation is ultimately illusory like whirlpools in a river.  Even the seeming separation of forms and consciousness into “relatively independent subtotalities” only exists at the explicate level.  As David Bohm put it simply, “deep down, the consciousness of mankind is one.”

Scientists can't understand why subatomic particles can communicate instantly with each other over staggering distances because they are thinking in terms of space. But there is no space involved. It is like the droplet of water and the ocean.  There are no particles, plural, except in the way we perceive them in the illusion. All particles are the same One. They don't have to communicate between each other because there is no 'each other' and they don't move from one place to another because there is no space and so there can be no places. Appropriately the word 'Utopia' means 'no place' - beyond the illusion of time and space. The superhologram appears to occupy space and we talk of the vastness of space. But it's a hologram and so that cannot be. If there is no space how come we seem to travel through it? Once again because that is the illusion our DNA/RNA decodes for us and we travel through space only as electrical signals interpreted by the brain.” –David Icke, “Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion” (93)

Every particle in the universe is a carrier of knowledge.  In other words, in some form or another, every particle can be said to be conscious. As humatons, we tend to assume that only we are conscious, because only we seem to be self-conscious …  Not only that, we have attributed our consciousness to a single organ only, the brain (And it is possible we only use ten percent of that organ with which to deduce all of this).  It would seem to be equally possible, however - and a lot more logical - to assume that the brain is merely a receiver of information - a tuning dial that picks up data and translates it into sense impressions and rational thought, images, and so forth - and that knowledge as such, memory, is stored in every single atom of our bodies. For organic beings, the 'filing system' provided for every living molecule is DNA. As such, if we were to tune in with the remaining ninety percent of our brains, we would be capable of receiving vastly greater amounts of data than we are presently accustomed to … Just as knowledge/memory/experience is passed through generations of a given species, presumably via DNA, in order for the species to evolve as a whole, so information would appear to be shared freely amongst all the billions upon billions of particles that make up the physical universe. This is cooperation on a grand scale. Every particle is conscious. Every particle is potentially conscious of what every other particle is conscious of. And all particles are connected together into a single tapestry of consciousness/information/energy which is, it therefore follows, conscious of what every particle is conscious of, and conscious of itself as a unified whole; a living, conscious organism. Ergo, the universe is a superconscious being within which all beings exist and have life and consciousness. It is God, and every one of its parts and components - as in a hologram in which each fragment contains the whole - is also God, the totality, in and of itself.  –Jake Horsley, “Matrix Warrior” (90-91)

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Anonymous said...

i scrolled down and as soon as i saw david ickes name i threw up and ignored this blog :(

Eric Dubay said...

Seems a bit harsh. Even though David Icke is a bit of a turd in the conspiracy punch bowl and banned me from his forum, he still has an eloquence in explaining some of these spiritual / conspiracy topics, and the majority of what he presents is spot-on. I only post good quotes that I agree with, so ignoring and criticizing me just for seeing Icke's name seems like you're throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

Anonymous said...

seems like your indirectly supporting him every time you quote him.

you could have a superior eloquence in explaining these spiritual topics if you quoted him less :)

i just hate david icke.

hes dead on about the reptiles though...


Eric Dubay said...

Lol, yeah obviously we're ruled over by extra-terrestrial shape-shifting reptilian aliens, that's obvious :D I quoted him in my 2nd and 3rd books, but I promise no David Icke quotes in my 4th :)

Anonymous said...

Scott Adams wrote a book that is much like the last paragraph, God's Debris.
Good read.
Icke is ick, he seems to have made himself a mockery. You could say to avoid the pressures or maybe because of them... either way I agree good to avoid.