Saturday, December 14, 2013

Exposing the Atlantean Conspiracy on Gnostic Warrior Radio

This week I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Moe Bedard on the Gnostic Warrior Radio Show. We cover a wide range of topics including my life story, Wing Chun Kung-Fu, Living in Thailand, Thai Politics, the (Old) New World Order, Royal Bloodlines, Freemasonry, and Controlled Opposition agents Alex Jones and David Icke. We've both received a lot of positive feedback on the show so far, I hope you all enjoy and help share this important interview on your social networks. Thanks!


Unknown said...

MOONday - 12 16 2013 - MAN of SIN is MARK ANTHONY STANDLEY - LIARS don't GET BIGGER than SATAN CLAUS - CHRONUS- APOLLYON 666 - fathertimetodie -


Anonymous said...

Very interesting show Eric, you've done well.Congratulations

Anonymous said...

Ciao Eric,
I'm an Italian researcher from Rome. I liked your interview, and I just downloaded your book, which seems interesting, but I have 2 important observations to make:
1) The Moe guy who interviews you seems to agree with what you say, but then I visited his website and I realized that, in truth, he embraces the occult ideology which is behind the "psychopaths" that you rightly condemn. You didn't notice this yourself? I think you should be more careful, then.
2) Are you familiar with the work of Simon Shack on 9/11 ("September Clues", no-plane, "vicsims").I think you should, because he's really revealed the extent of media fakery involved, which you didn't cover in your book.

Eric Dubay said...

Ciao! :) Thanks for the comment, I'll go on most any radio show regardless of occult symbolism on their website. If the host says anything I disagree with I will be quick to retort. For instance, I would still go on Alex Jones' show anytime he wants me to, even though I know he's working for TPTB, but I will be talking about things like his Stratfor connections, Bill Hicks connections, the moon landing hoax, the holocaust hoax, Zionism/Judaism and all the other topics he clearly gate-keeps. Moe and Gnostic Warrior are new to me, but so far I like Moe and his website... if I see/hear anything awry though, I'll let my readers know :) And I have posted September Clues and media fakery stuff as well:

Fake Birds and Fake Planes on 9/11