Thursday, September 30, 2010

Fake Birds and Fake Planes

Have a look at this first clip of amateur video taken of WTC tower 2 on 9/11. You will notice a flock of "birds" flying by the screen at speeds faster than any bird you've ever seen. When the video is slowed down, it becomes apparent that these "birds" are likely not real birds at all, especially the one that has no wings! Yes, there is one "bird" which is just a long flying cylinder in amongst a group of fake birds (Also note, this video has been censored, taken down, and re-uploaded so many times I've lost track. Someone doesn't want you to see this).

These three clips show planes dumping massive amounts of chemtrails. In all 3 clips the planes seem rather translucent and have no windows or identifying markings. In the first clip, the plane has an unexplainable anomaly in the tail section, and the third clip shows one of the planes' engines well off-kilter. If these were real planes (and not holographic projections) there is no way they could fly normally with these tail/engine anomalies.

In this clip, John Lear (son of Bill Lear, founder of Lear Jet Corporation), an experienced pilot of 40 years, explains why he believes the government has fake/hologram planes and likely used them on 9/11.

Here is a slow-motion replay of one of the planes flying into the World Trade Center. Notice how the left wing mysteriously disappears into thin-air just before impact. Where did it go? Also note how the plane just melts into the side of the building without any substantial falling debris, collapsing metal or indentations. Is that really all that happens when speeding titanium engines meet a steel framed building? The "plane" simply disappears into the building with a mysterious flash (at the point where there was likely a real missile, concealed by the holographic plane).

This final clip is the first part of an excellent documentary called "September Clues" exposing the TV fakery and hologram technology used on 9/11. Have a look and click the links to view more evidence. Leave comments below with your thoughts on these holograms, planes, and birds. BTW, If you think this is crazy, do yourself a favor and click this link here to Project Bluebeam, which is a leaked classified NSA plan to deceive the whole world using holograms! Now that's crazy, and comes straight from the horse's mouth.


Unknown said...

"Fake planes" - what a pun - indeed.

No-planes symbolizes, subliminally that the 3D plane is not real.

The holographic subliminal is deep at play in these series of video clips.

On the surface it is saying one thing, but underneath, it is telling us that we must be in an illusion.

You don't need to be a scientist to figure that one out based on these videos.


Xinyu Hu

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, just finished watching the September Clues series. I've always been good at geometry. Photography is my hobby. Know a little bit about digital image editing too. My conclusion is "the planes" were a hoax. Thanks for finding this excellent piece of work.

Dermalogica said...

It is just terrible what happened holograms or not. It obviously was fake the whole 911 saga.

Anonymous said...

I think you guys have far more imagination than fact going here. There's absolutely not evidence, regardless of what you're calling this nonsense, to prove your theory.

It is terrible what happened, but based on what presented here, you didn't change my mind.

Terrorists, not our government, executed 9/11 attacks.

Gary Johnson, PMP

Anonymous said...

Hi Gary, the forum that accompanies the September Clues series is worth a look if you have time. It's still very much active with ongoing analyses and exhaustive investigation that reveals the media fakery behind 9/11. The hologram theory didn't change my mind either but the more recent work at did.

Viewed in isolation and with our programmed notions of what constitutes "reality", 9/11 can be accepted as a horrific act of terrorism. But following the 9/11 rabbit trails with just a little further research uncovers a much more vast and open conspiracy to distract and misdirect us away from what and who we truly are.

Eric illustrates this brilliantly in his impressive work on this blog and in his books. 9/11 is but a small, albeit significant, part. Take the "tour guide" to the September Clues research at (Updated May 2013) :)

Unknown said...

I am a true believer that the government orchestrated the whole 9/11 tragedy. I have also seen documentaries showing that they are real planes, but not civilian planes. It was said that they were military planes. I'm not sure which is true.. What is your thought on that theory?
Thank you,

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Katherine, the government absolutely orchestrated 9/11. Whether the planes were real or holograms is still a mystery to me. There are many points of contention for both. The fact that it was a conspiracy is the main point to drive home... the details are difficult to nail down however. It's like the JFK assassination. It's pretty easy to establish that it was a conspiracy. But nailing down the minutia of what, how, when, where, why is much more difficult. Keep researching and sharing this important information Katherine! Peace