Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Alex Jones, David Icke and AboveTopSecret are Controlled Opposition

Having been an active figure in the conspiracy community over 7 years now, I can safely and confidently say that Alex Jones and David Icke, the world's two most popular conspiracy theorists, and Above Top Secret, the world's biggest conspiracy forum, are in fact controlled opposition working directly with the government / corporate powers that be. In the following videos I expose facts like Alex Jones' and AboveTopSecret's C.I.A. connections and explain the nature of intelligence agency honeypots, how they effectively gather intel, poison the well, and control the conspiracy opposition by leading it.


Anonymous said...

Alex rides the fear trip. If he is talking about fluoride in water, you're gonna see him selling water filters on the site.

Lots of stuff out there, one big one failed, they say hey maybe if people think we go into space... they will stop fighting wake up. Maybe if they take LSD, they will stop fighting wake up. People are like that, especially if they are on a top dog bottom dog trip.

Women's rights was never an issue at the top, right? England had queens for some time before women had to have rights. So why did we have woman's rights, if the top already treated women equal. Where was it really a problem, what group needed to have the message clarified?

Not sure what will wake the lower classes up really, to bad people still use the animal parts of their brain to get stuff done, got all these other great parts waiting to fire up.

If people wanna buy the fear trip, they might as well pick up some water filters too.

Say oh wow, what would wake people up big time. Say well maybe we get them hooked on the wires, then flip the switch, turn off the power for a while, they can't make their own food. Better then a war, they gotta relearn the basics, by the time it's over and the switch is hit back on, they let anyone rule, any global force can step in, do away with the whole nationalism thing. You know it's all about the next phase of evolution. Right now you got to many species of mankind, you got america man, you got russia man. Where is earth man? Crazy man, but they tell yah all about it, if you got the ears. What's gonna fire up those wasted parts in mans brain?

So yah, you know buy a generator, keep the juice on, even if the global people turn off the big wires.

Sooner then you guess. Maybe a little garden.. too. I got some good deals on seeds. Ya know?

Baron Munse

Pribek said...

Hi Eric,
I first became aware of you from the Gnostic cast in the clips. I had heard stuff about these guys being controlled opposition before but, had not really looked in to any of it until I heard you on the broadcast.
For me, the whole thing is becoming a red herring, a diversion (in which case the "controlled opposition" actually becomes effective I guess).
I've never paid much attention to Icke and I've never looked at AboveTopSecret but, I first became aware of Jones after the OKC bombing and, through the years I've been introduced to a lot of key players via his show. His broadcasts are really an infomercial today and I feel that is more damning than any of the evidence I've seen that he is affiliated with the alphabet soup.

Anyway Eric, I find everything else you write and talk about far more interesting than this stuff.

muzuzuzus said...

Well I received an apparently life-time ban from ATS, without ANY warning whatsoever, or explanation because of this: this moderator would recommend videos to watch for members. One of them was a so-called native American person who was talking about 'space brothers' etc. I already knew that for many people in Native American tribes, they are VERY not happy with what they call new age frauds and plastic shamans (often white westerners who adopt 'nativey-sounding' names like 'walking cloud, golden sun eagle, etc---lol, and also claiming to belong to a native tribe, and from there they sell-which includes asking for money-their phony shit which deeply insults native peoples. So when I heard of this speaker, I rightfully investigated his name at a site native people run called 'new age frauds and plastic shamans' and THERE was threads about him. So using about three sentences I informed others about this, and linked to that forum so in FREEDOM they could think for themselves. I was immediately banned! And have been ever since---that was easily about two years ago.
I am also wondering about another person who claims to be a 'radical activist'. I was hurt by this guy because I HAD respected him. He seemed to be on the 'war on drugs and consciousness' and other deep issues, and respecting psychedelic healing. However when I joined his FB and began posting, I met with a *resistance* to radicalism. Examples, on one post as soon as I linked the thread to two important videos revealing the Zionist influence on 9/11 etc--which upset an Israeli 'friend' on his FB--I got a pm telling me to cool it. That I was too radical for many of his followers (totally patronizing), and I was polite at first because I respected him. But next thing was when he was posting about something and I just shared occult clues to do with it. Well he quietly censored my post. Then when I found out he had done that and protested it, he censored that, and pmed me telling me I was a conspiracy theorist, my views were stupid, I was confusing people, and I was an attention freak, and I had no right to free speech on his FB. This time I was not so polite and told him he was chatting shit. He totally blocked me. His name is Charles Shaw.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for the comments guys! AJ definitely rides the fear trip, making money off his listeners at every angle. I agree with Pribek to a certain degree, I'd like not to waste time exposing controlled opposition agents/forums, but liars in the "truth" movement is certainly something that needs to be addressed. And Muz, good on you for continuing to expose ATS, Charles Shaw, and other charlatans in the movement. Keep it up! Peace

Anonymous said...

I agree with your assessment, and add GLP to that list.

Also, it may feel like a time-waster, but exposing the controlled opposition is the most critical item on the People's agenda if we ever want to be truly informed.

Personally, I'd like to see more exposing of disinfo and misdirection.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Anon, and yep, I've been IP banned from GLP for years, it's a tightly controlled mess over there.

Anonymous said...

What are the alternatives? I was nearly banned from ATS for asking this question. Then when other members were seeing pornographic ads they warned me for advising using an ad blocker. They have placed a hiatus on religious threads which I feel is a way of pushing out the small but vocal minority on ATS who don't bow to the disinfo. This is a mockingbird op and all they do is repost mainstream articles now (usually the mods are the most fervent posters) with left/right talking points. Stay clear of ATS. Even AJ warned about ATS but I didn't believe him because of his over the top antics. Time for everyone to think for themselves. This is my first time to this site but I will check it out more since I have found someone not afraid to speak the truth.

Eric Dubay said...

Getting banned from ATS is the very reason I started this blog actually. Before I started 7 years ago I was on ATS sometimes up to 10 hours a day posting threads thinking it was a genuine forum, debating with the mods, trying to open people's eyes... then it slowly started sinking in, admitted freemasonic moderators, censoring my posts for no reason, constantly denounced and belittled by supposed fellow truth-seekers, and ultimately banned for exposing Hollywood Masonry by one of their Masonic moderators. Their IP has been traced to CIA Headquarters in Langley, Virginia, so... enough said ;-)

Anonymous said...

Alternative media continues to ignore Alex Jones’ Stratfor connections

rmstock said...

Alex Jones has frequently referred to 911 as the new Reichstag fire , announcing the coming of .... trouble. However inside a most treasured book, which i'm pondering about to scan/digitize from cover to cover and make available online, "KGB The Inside Story" by Christopher Andrew and Oleg Gordievsky, its stated that the controversy about the Reichstag fire has never been resolved, to this very day :

"The anti-fascist crusade which led to the recruitment of the Cambridge moles was mounted by Willie Münzenberg, the great virtuoso of Comintern propaganda and originator in the 1920s of the `Innocents' Clubs' designed to `organise the intellectuals' in Communist-dominated front organisations. 39 During the Nazi, anti-Communist witch-hunt which followed the burning of the Reichstag, the German parliament building, on 27 February 1933, blamed by the Nazis on the Communists, Münzenberg was forced to move his headquarters from Berlin to Paris 40. There in June 1933 he founded what proved to be the most influential of all the `Innocents' Clubs, the World Committee for the Relief of the Victims of German Fascism. The writer Arthur Koestler, who worked for it, noted that, as usual with the Innocents' Clubs, `great care was taken that no Communist - except a few internationally known names, such as Henri Barbusse and J.B.S. Haldane - should be connected with the Committee'. The French section was led by a distinguished Hungarian émigré, Count Károlyi. The International Chairman was a naïve British Labour peer, Lord Marley. The great physicist Albert Einstein also agreed to join the Committee, and soon found himself described as `President'. Their participation made the Committee appear a non-party philanthropic organisation. In reality, wrote Koestler later, the Paris secretariat which ran it was `a purely Communist caucus, headed by Münzenberg and controlled by the Comintern ... Münzenberg himself worked in a large room in the World Committee's premises, but no outsider ever learned about this. It was as simple as that.' 41 From his Paris base Münzenberg organised the publication in August 1933 of the most effective piece of propaganda in Comintern history, the Brown Book on the Hitler Terror and the Burning of the Reichstag. 42 Quickly translated into over twenty languages ranging from Japanese to Yiddish, the Brown Book became, in Koestler's phrase, `the bible of the anti-fascist crusade'. Koestler claimed, with some exaggeration, that it `probably had the strongest political impact of any pamphlet since Tom Paine's Common Sense demanded independence for the American colonies a century and a half earlier'. 43 According the title-page, the book was `prepared by the World Committee for the Victims of German Fascism (PRESIDENT: EINSTEIN) with an introduction by LORD MARLEY'. `My Name,' wrote Einstein, `appeared in the English and French editions as if I had written it. That is not true. I did not write a word of it.' But since it was all in a good cause, the great physicist decided not to complain. `The fact that I did not write it,' he said genially, `does not matter ...' 44 Lord Marley's introduction, written from the `House of Lords, London SW I', gave the fraudulent volume an air of establishment respectability and scrupulous veracity. `We have not used the most ... sensational ... documents,' the noble lord assured his readers. `Every statement made in this book has been carefully verified and is typical of a number of similar cases.' 45 Lord Marley was naïve enough to have believed his own introduction. Like most successful deceptions, the Brown Book contained a significant element of fact. But fact, as Koestler later acknowledged, was mixed with forgeries and `brazen bluff' by `the Comintern's intelligence apparat'. Most of the writing, according to Koestler, was done by Münzenberg's chief assistant, Otto Katz (alias Andre Simone). 46"

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks rmstock! Great blog you've got going, keep it up. I wondered about the Reichstag Fire as Alex reports it too. Most everything bad attributed to Hitler has been a lie concocted by the Zionist media. The more I've delved into the subject the more it seems Hitler has come to be the worst understood person in history, and the Jewish "holocaust" the biggest hoax in history:

Why the Holocaust Denial?

The Truth About Adolf Hitler

Anonymous said...

if you post about sandy hook it ends up in the lol forum and this is a conspiracy site or knock their gods phage or jim olberg and you get banned just look at a thread there called 9-11 what time did you hear about it my story -and see how many shills came in quick the place sucks and the mods do not even try and post a funny picture there

Anonymous said...

Something didn't seem right with David Icke.

When I did the research on Hitlers family tree, and then David Icke said that Hitler was the grandson of a Rothschild? No evidence to support David Ickes claim

muzuzuzus said...

yes, and also does stuff like COMBINES quotes that cannot be verified. A very sloppy disinfo agent. Well actually it does it's work because if you were to present that to a skeptic they would laugh out off the table

Anonymous said...

It is very true that they are controlled opposition. However, it is important to note that 'some' of the things that they propagate are true to 'an' extent and they use these half-truths to lure the unsuspecting into embracing them as the whole truth.

The occult elite always loves to control all the levels of the mind matrix in order to ensure our slavery so whether it is Icke or Obama, The 99% or the 1% the illuminati or the so called New age illuminati exposers, it is the same satan mind manifesting in its dual form and they ensure our slavery by feeding our minds with their bullshit information=in+formation i.e the assimilation and formation (in an outer sense) of the ideas that they input into our minds.

The way out of this mind matrix is to stop feeding our minds with their lies and start feeding on the only genuine Mind in the universe: The Mind of the out-dwelling Jesus Christ who we must invite inside the temple by faith and that is when our minds will become free.

muzuzuzus said...

and HOW do you know that the Christian myth is not also a myth designed to suck you in and disinform you. I personally think it is. For a kick off there is absolutely no historical evidence that a Jesus of Nazareth ever existed.
Christians are, to me, the most paranoid belief system of them all. In their history they have demonized nearly everything including the very air, which they believed was Satan's domain. Contrast that with the Native American understanding of the air as magically interconnecting ALL life forms including whole of natural world.
Belief systems that propagate fear, like Alex Jones' fear-porn are not to be trusted. The control-freak formula from advertizing through propaganda and occult mindcontrol with its false flags is FEAR and SOLUTION. First they induce fear which is divide and control and then offer their phony solution

Anonymous said...

Excellent question muzuzuzus. However before I address you, I would love to make it clear that Christianity is not a myth. Christianity is life, spiritual
life. It is the life empowered by the only reality in the world, Jesus Christ.

Now to your question. I will start by asking you a rhetorical question: Why are you so convinced about the Native American understanding of the air as magically interconnecting ALL life forms including whole of natural world?

Can you see the so called 'air' interconnecting all life forms? Can you prove it with your senses?

The eternal truth (Jesus Christ) can not be perceived by the natural mind. He can only be perceived by the mind that has been spiritually regenerated and enlightened by His Spirit and that is why the natural/un-regenerated man can never understand the things of the spirit of God.

Just as the natural sun/light is the condition necessary for the revelation of natural objects, Jesus Christ is the light necessary for the revelation of spiritual objects/realities. Without Jesus, the mysteries of God do not make sense and are foolishness. Without the presence of Jesus, the truths of God are reduced to historical and academic facts and rigid doctrines. That is why Jesus spoke to the outer court in parables. The outer court is more interested in the letter that reflects the truth than in the truth that it reflects: Jesus Christ.

If you perfectly understood Christianity, you would have realized that Christianity does not deny this "the air as magically interconnecting ALL life forms including whole of natural world". In fact, that has always been its point.

Wherein in time past ye walked according to the course of this world, according to the prince of the "power of the air", the spirit that now worketh "in" the children of disobedience Eph 2:2

The air spirit, satan is the power/consciousness that controls/holds this world together and he always manifests in the dual form of light, darkness, awareness and ego , unconscious (female) and conscious (male), good and evil, enlightenment and ignorance, kether and malkuth, cosmic consciousnesses and maya, muladhara chakra and sahasrara chakra etc but it always the same chameleon satan manifesting in his dual forms of good and evil.

And we are his witnesses of these things; and so is also the Holy Ghost, whom God hath "given" to them that obey him.Acts 5:32

We as a result of the fall of our progenitors (the world soul and the world mind) into death have lost Life i.e Christ (Gen 2:17) and are operating under the dual power of the serpent tree/consciousness that they ingested in Eden (Gen 3:6) so we cannot find Christ within and therefore, we can never perceive Him i.e reality as He is.

In order to see reality as it is, we must look 'beyond' ourselves to the outer Jesus by faith, accept the gift of His spirit within and allow Him to bruise the headship of the kundalini serpent that rules within us (Gen 3:15). That is when the kingdom of God will rule within.

Anonymous said...

Finally, reality does not depend on our feelings and beliefs and it is not changed by our subjective inferences. It was Philip Dick that wrote: Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn't go away. The sky will always remain blue even if we strongly believe and propagate to the world that it is brown so stop relying on feelings and biases. Search, probe, question and see that Jesus Christ, (not the accursed inner spark within) is the one and only way to the real, inapproachable and unknowable God. (He is unknowable and inapproachable without Jesus)

The inner spark is none other than the "in"gested fruit in Eden so awakening it profits nothing but deceit and destruction.

And with all deceivableness of unrighteousness "in" them that perish; because they received not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie: That they all might be damned who believed not the truth, but had pleasure in unrighteousness. 2 Thess 2:10-12

The inner consciousness (in whatever form) is the mind matrix that keeps us blind and enslaved. Jesus is the way out of it. Jesus is the door out of the matrix. We must go through Him if we want to see reality as it is

I am the door: by me if any man enter in, he shall be saved, and shall go in and out, and find pasture.John 10:9

Unknown said...

Oh he's controlled alright, by his ex wife... Seriously though have you seen his latest stunt to raise money?

D.V said...

What about Anonymous
they tend to expose a lot of stuff related illuminati, NWO, government conspiracies etc
it has been a great buzz over the international media for exposing USA funding ISIS also it threatened ISIS that they will cause its end in a video

It is also said that anonymous is a group of american patriots working on the inside
the way it has set sensation over media abd internet I think there are high chances of it also being controlled opposition to support nwo agenda
It is even more known than david and alex
moreover it callanges both government and opposition openly
If its really against government and after so much attention one can be surprised to see that it is still untouched
I wish you publish something about anonymous on this topic

WolfpackFan said...


Thank you for this was very insightful. I just have a quick question and this is in no way any form of criticism towards you as I am a huge follower of yours. I noticed that in this article you are saying that David Icke and Alex Jones are Controlled Opposition but in other articles, you use specific quotes from David and/or Alex to push your viewpoint. I just wanted to see if I could get a little clarification on whether these guys are people who you support or reject?

Thanks Eric

Unknown said...

Ill clarify for you @wolfpackfan. These guys constantly spill half truths. They can say any truth they want (to pull you in and make you trust them) but its never ever ever the Jews. The fluoride in the water, the energy grid agenda, bohemian grove, but never the Jews.

Near Term Extinction said...

Alex Jones does not care about creating a new system, he is an AGW denier. They are clearly part of the present system. Anybody can see the arctic & other ice is melting on the planet 50 years ahead of models. We are in an extinction level event & Jones is playing around with Trump & Clinton crappola.

This Alex Jones fraud has a bogus lying bastard on his show & he knows the guy is a liar. I'm talking about Christopher Monckton.

You can't keep lying Jones. Everyone can see the truth now.

Anthony Forwood said...

Thanks for posting this, and thank you to those commenters who shared their own input.

I'll try to post my own experiences in another post when I have more time.

Anonymous said...

So are hundreds of others in the conspiracy industry; Bill Still, Ed Griffin, whatreallyhappened, Dean Henderson, Ellen Brown;

Unknown said...

None of us will ever really know the exact truth.. How do any of us know who really works for, and with whom without any concrete evidence. It all comes down to your own PERSONAL belief and what YOU find to be true.