Saturday, March 8, 2014

Government is Violence and Slavery

There is nowhere on Earth you can go that isn't controlled by a Statist government.  Every piece of land has been divided up and claimed by 196 nations all of which are controlled by some form of forced governance.  There is nowhere left on Earth that sovereign, freedom-loving individuals can go live freely without a mafioso government forcing them to pay taxes and obey laws.  No matter whether you live under a Monarchy, an Oligarchy, or a Republic, whether it's called Democracy, Communism, Socialism or Fascism, all current forms of government initiate and mandate violence and slavery upon their populations.

We are all slaves to our governments because every nation forces under threat reality of violence and kidnapping that we must pay them a percentage of our income.  In some countries like Thailand it's around 30%, America like 40 to 50%, France is around 60%, not to mention hundreds of other smaller mandatory taxes which raise these figures even higher!  So if the definition of slavery is forcefully taking 100% of someone's income, what is it called when governments forcefully take 60% of someone's income?  Is that not slavery?  What if they only take 30%, is that still slavery?  We are taught in school that slavery ended long ago and it is universally understood that slavery is immoral, but if governments still are forceably taking even 1% of their population's income, that is still slavery, and even 1% slavery is immoral!

The very definition of the word "govern-ment" is "mind-control," and the vast majority of people worldwide, public and private sector alike, are absolutely mind-controlled by their governments, medias, and education systems to believe that their Statist government is a moral and altruistic institution that exists for the benefit of the people.  The reality is of course the opposite.  The reality is that all nations are like open-air slave plantations allowing their indentured servant populations to choose their occupation giving the illusion of freedom, then swooping in on payday to steal the fruits of your labor.  This is why all governments are criminal and immoral, and why the only system of just governance is Anarchism, Agorism, or Voluntarism.


Anonymous said...

always on point Eric yo by the way wanted you to check my friends band "Raleaf" incredible musicians they are really going to change some things check them out on Facebook or sound cloud. what's been new with you sir

Unknown said...

hello eric,

question is if every form of government is corrupt...what is the solution then..??..if countries become sovereign in real terms i mean if they are freed from foreign control..can this problem be solved...also because little bit of corruption is embedded in can we reduce this...??

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks guys, I've done a podcast about solutions to the system you might enjoy Akash:

Solutions to the System

Also, it's not that I'm saying we need no government, I'm merely saying we need voluntary governance and voluntary taxation. I'm all for having groups of bureaucrats creating social programs for our benefit, but if they're truly for our benefit then they must be voluntary, not mandatory.

Anonymous said...

Modern lifestyle can be resumed in a single quote:

"Thou shan't engage in activities that do not spend or reward money."

Vulcan said...

Ayn Rand, whose philosophy underpins Corporate Capitalism? Really?

What is left out of that quote is how the ultra-wealthy obtain and horde their "wealth" from the land and the people, be it as the head of a logging company, a mining company, or an arms manufacturer.

Can we not have asinine comments from Ayn Rand and others on a site purporting to represent the 99% of humanity not enjoying the confluence of crises perpetuated by an extreme minority?


Here's my blog:

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Vulcan, I can post a quote of Ayn Rand without having to agree or endorse every single view she's ever held, thanks. Keep up the good work on your blog. Peace

Anonymous said...

Vulcan Tuminello,

Don't blame capitalism or Rand's philosophies for the corrupt system we have in place. Any system will not work if you have the corruption we have now.