Wednesday, January 14, 2015

The Flat Earth Comedy Special

The above stand-up comedy special featuring President Obama, Joe Rogan, Matthew Boylan, George Carlin and Bill Hicks is both hilarious and enlightening, please help me like, favorite, share and subscribe! Also see the following humorous compilation of NASA's fake CGI spinning ball-Earth compared with actual amateur balloon footage from space, showing the Earth to be completely flat and motionless, and NASA to be the most successful liars in history.


Neil said...

Frightening... You do not appear retarded. Therefore, my concern is your motives for your assertions.

Eric Dubay said...

No, I have an IQ of 143 which rates as more intelligent than exactly 99.8% of the people who call me retarded.

Unknown said...

After these two videos i believe your right. These NASA photos and videos are fake. I have to admit NASA was clever for decieving us for a long time. The guy that used to work for them was right. To me the earth is a infinite plane and contains the universe within it. Neil Degrasse Tyson sounds like hes confused saying the earth is pear shaped which makes no sense. Modern science is just a new age religion, the ancient civilizations of the past knew earth was flat, they didnt have to go outer space to prove it. Theres a tribe in Africa, called the Dogon that says there ancestors knew how to read the universe cause the universe is within the earth. The sun,moon, and the stars revolve around this earth plane. A person made a comment on this a site once when it was saying earth was pear shaped, the person said there was no gravity but its Aether controls this flat earth plane. Another thing too is how can there be gravity on earth if birds and air planes can fly. NASA are nothing but Freemason liars. Everthing has to be taught over again in science but thats not happening cause science like religion has been manipulated by the powers that be. That guy at the end of the video had a good point about this being a huge conspiracy than all combined really. Good job Eric, i never seen one site that talks about flat earth theory.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks so much Rahsaan. Mine is the first flat Earth book published in over 40 years so finding information is quite difficult. As you mentioned there's almost no websites on the subject, only a bunch of really old literature, mostly from the 19th century and before. As you said, "NASA are nothing but Freemason liars," Never A Straight Answer, Not A Space Agency, No Astronauts Should Apply, to the National Academy of Space Actors. Peace

Ben said...

I agree with everything you say on this website regarding the Flat Earth, Atlantis etc but would like to know why you believe that aliens do not exist (on any level)?

I am aware that a high percentage of supposed aliens are government hoaxes but there does genuinely seem to be some evidence for actual aliens existing and visiting our planet for thousands of years. They are even seemingly described with regards to Atlantis.

I believe that it is very likely that aliens in their 'gold discs' visited our planet and were seen as Gods by the many different cultures. I have seen literally thousands of paintings and artifacts and read hundreds of witness accounts all of which are at least several hundred years old describing what we would call aliens and flying saucers. What do you think about these things? And have you heard of William Cooper, a respected conspiracy theorist who also disliked disinfo agents like Alex Jones and David Icke but was murdered in 2001?

I am obviously aware that they would have to be vastly more advanced and most likely very different than us in order to travel through space.

Thank you for replying!

Eric Dubay said...

Hi Ben, thanks for the comment. Yes I have read Bill Cooper's book and watched/heard most of his archived material online, great stuff. I don't say that "aliens don't exist at any level," but that extra-terrestrials don't exist, as Earth is the only material, terrestrial plane. The so-called "planets" are just stars, that's why Pluto's not a "planet" anymore, because one day its starlight diminished by over half and NASA couldn't continue calling it a "planet" (their spherical terra firma CGI inventions). They are just flat round luminaries that revolve around the Earth. As for greys, reptilians, nordics, and the other "aliens" depicted on paintings and artifacts you mentioned, these non-physical beings traveling in UFO craft are the same depicted by modern shamans in the Peruvian Amazon (for example) in their ayahuasca paintings. The same beings/crafts seen in UFOlogy are the same seen in medieval "demonology" and modern entheogenic lore. People on DMT, peyote, magic mushrooms, etc. have seen and interacted with these same spirit beings for thousands of years. And since DMT is naturally produced in our pineal glands, many people experience spontaneous bursts (usually during sleep) and then experience what they consider "alien abduction" which is really just an endogenous DMT trip in this "spirit world" the shamans talk about. Government "UFO" craft and physical human/animal hybrids which look alien exist as well, but are not from other worlds:

The Masonic Truth Behind UFOs/Aliens

Ben said...

Thank you for your reply. Do you think that the spiritual 'aliens' that you mention can have a physical impact on our realm? For instance, do you think that they were responsible for the incredible, seemingly impossible, achievements of ancient civilisations, such as laser cutting hieroglyphics, bonding rock together, and the building of huge pyramids? Or are these just visions as the results of hallucinogenic drugs, and not actually real beings?

Could you also tell me more about the animal hybrids that you mentioned? And do you think that there is any other planets in the Universe like Earth, and how big do you think the Universe actually is? Do you think there are any other flat discs with life on them, like Earth? I'm also interested in knowing any guesses you have as to the depth of the disc that we live on, could it be hollow and have other people living inside of it?

Oz10 said...

I had a dream that the future is coming too soon, it is in my belief that time travel is the reason. (This would explain ancient UFO stuff without trying to say everyone in history was daytriping.)
Trying to make a future has pushed humanity to an edge between knowledge and wisdom. We possess the power but not the realization of that power, it has been advanced faster than we have evolved and we are close to societal collapse because of this.

Flat or not the lies are ancient.

Unknown said...

Hey Ben, from what I been told is aliens are just really entities from other dimensions. Some can appear as an alien or any shape or form. Eric is right, our planet is the only planet with life on it and is flat. The universe revolves around this earth plane with the sun,moon and stars revolving around us. Most UFOs that people see are either government owned military crafts, or entities that people call angels or demons from the astral realms that people see. I used to believe aliens were from different galxies but now cause the earth is flat and is the center of the universe we are infinite in existence with other infinite dimensions, so other entities can visit our physical plane.

Anonymous said...

Infinite parallel planes of consciousness infinitely expanding and colliding

Unknown said...

But the real thing is to understand it, how the universe works as described in Srimad-Bhagavatam. And that is not easy for us to do. We are so much brainwashed by the current western scientific idea of the universe we can not seriously consider anything else.

But we have to accept that what is written in the Bhagavatam is correct, and it is correct.

The islands and oceans are all on the bhu-mandala plane. That is one thing, the bhu-mandala plane. Bhu-mandala means earth plane and it is described as a disk according to the ancient Vedic Bhagavata Purana. The zodiac signs are part of another completely different thing, the sisumara chakra which is rotating around the pivot of the pole star and it is this rotation of the sisumara chakra that is causing the sun and moon and stars and planets to rise and set every 24 hours in the sky we see. It is not that the earth is rotating. The universe is rotating around the earth…

So you have to actually have practical realization as to how the universe is working according to the Srimad-Bhagavatam.

The Vedic model of the universe has to predict the actual observations we see in the sky. The model has to explain how it is that we see the sun and moon rising and setting, has to explain the phases of the moon, the seasons, the changing lengths of the days and nights and whatever else we can see.

There are many dramatically different things to what is accepted as “fact” by the scientists.

For example:

The earth is more-or-less in the center of the universe
The earth is stationary, not revolving.
The sun moves around the earth, the earth does not move around the sun.
There is only one sun in the universe. The moon is a star and the other stars are like the moon.
The whole universe is only 4 billion miles across. So there are no light-year distances. That is completely wrong.
The stars are much closer than the western astronomers think.

The mistake in calculating the distance to the stars is because they think the earth is moving around the sun and the sun is 93 million miles away. So they think that after 6 months the earth will have moved to the other side of the sun, which is 93 x 2 million miles away from where it was 6 months ago. So that is quite a distance. Almost 200 million miles. So they do triangulation to try and measure the distance of the stars. Using this 200 million miles distance of where they think the earth was and where they think the earth is now as the base of the triangle. So they measure the angle to the stars and find it is still exactly the same angle even though they think the earth has moved 200 million miles. So they come to the conclusion that the stars must be so, so far away that even though the earth has moved 200 million miles the angle is still the same…

But really the angle is the same because the earth has not moved at all. It is still in the same place. Because it is the sun moving around the earth, not the earth moving around the sun.

So understanding this point there is no longer any need to believe the stars are so far away…

The universe is lotus shaped…

Also according to the Vedas there are heavenly planes with heavenly planets and hellish planes with hellish planets. We get visited by beings residing in the hellish planes and beings from the heavenly planes. Difference is that the beings from the hellish planes are Asuric (demonic) and use mechanical technology as they are highly advanced than us. These beings are mostly the ones we here about doing horrible experiments on people. Namely the greys and reptilians. Beings from the heavenly planes are Devas (godly) similar to the modern view of angelic beings and these entities use mantric and prayer form of technology.

What do you think about this Eric Dubay? What are your views on the Srimad Bhagavatam explanation of the universe?

Eric Dubay said...

For Ben, great questions, I'm not sure exactly if/what impact non-physical beings can have on the physical realm, but would like to know more as well. As for the human-animal hybrids, many "insiders" like Steven Swerdlow and Phil Schneider talk about "alien" genetic programs going on in underground military D.U.M.B.s which others have suggested are not "alien" in origin as they were told/assumed, but are rather the result of various human-animal hybrid cloning experiments, which is far more plausible. As for other planets, Earth is the only material plane, "planets" are simply stars which have slightly different motions than the other fixed stars. They are merely dots of round light in the night sky like stars; they are not spherical physical terra firma capable of standing on as NASA would have us believe. There may be other physical universes out there, accessible through entheogens, OBE, meditation, lucid dreams, post-death etc., but there cannot be any other physical planes like Earth in this physical universe. As for the depth of the flat-Earth, we still haven't found the bottom of certain parts of the ocean so I have no idea how far down it may go. In light of the many large caverns, sink holes and underground bases, the Earth must be hollow in some ways, large enough for people to live inside, though it's not a sphere, so the traditional hollow-Earth model with openings at the non-existent south-pole are certainly wrong.

Eric Dubay said...

For Tony, thanks for the great comment! I've actually just finished compiling a video which includes Richard L. Thompson describing the Srimad Bhagavatam's flat-Earth along with many other culture's models. I think there is so much to be learned from examining what our ancient ancestors taught:

Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs

Anonymous said...

Have u talked to mark sargent? I've got some good ones. The stars would look like stripes on the highway if we were moving and THEY weren't.I can make the lite from a sparkler become a line at 5mph.Person on the north and south pole would be spinning like crazy like the middle of a merry go round.compass should spin to the south after crossing the equator

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, you're right, and yes I've talked to Mark Sargent, check out the entire drama here:

Interview with Mark Sargent

su said...

Lost my global virginity Christmas 2015.
Never looked back.
We are infinite, eternal , universal beings.
Thank you for your input Eric.
P. S. That interview with Mark Sargeant has been removed.

Fer said...

Hello Eric,

I have been reading your book Atlantean Conspiracy and have a serious of question I will try to post later on if I don´t find the answer on the same book. I just bought another one of your books, The Flat Earth Conspiracy.
I have awakened from this dream around a year ago I began researching and watching all sorts of documentaries and various articles.

About the flat earth theory, I want you or anyone reading this to try to explain me something I saw on "MrThriveAndSurvive" youtube channel. In one of his balloon videos, one person commented that you can´t actually see the Moon if it was over Australia, on the other side of the "Globe shaped Earth" from Nevada. I totally get this, you won´t be able to see it. Some folk commented about, this being something regarding a shield reflect effect of some type of the atmosphere or some lens effect.
I am getting my head around this theory because it is mind blowing. I was raised roman catholic as a child as most latin americans, I am from Panama. I stopped believing all of that around adolescence. I am currently agnostic, I believe there is something, but only energy. Not a higher being as most people think and prey to thin air.

The thing is if we were genetically engineered this shit is like the matrix, right. So, do we live in an alien made artificial reality...?

Best regards,

Unknown said...

I will try to be brief. i graduated from arch. school in 1994 (summa cum laude) and started working in the field immediately after. I had a 158 i.q. before an auto accident 15 years ago. Sorry, let me get to my point. They taught us curvature of earth equations, then during survey studies showed us how far you could "shoot" a chicago stick and in the process negating a lot of math that seemed necessary in my mind at the time. Here's the fun part. I'm from south bend indiana. This might not seem very significant, but before i decided to write this i realized i had been raised around several factors that are part of the flat earth proofs.
1. The St. Joseph River is one of two rivers that run NORTH into a larger body of water (Lake Michigan).
2. Lake Michigan. You can see chicago from michigan city shoreline everyday of the week...If you have good eyes and try you can see chicago from shoreline farther north, but all you ever heard from adults was "it's an illusion" and "ignorance is bliss".
2a. You see the sun in front of clouds all the damn time up there...

Thanks for your courage for laying it on the line and at least trying.

As a rough tangent from what i've discovered in my requests and then path higher self's reply, the rabbit hole is deep, but almost amusing in retrospect.
I come from a family (mothers side) of masons, and was indoctrinated through demolay. I thought it to be horseshit, and was right after having seen how it all seems to work. what you are told growing up is ALL laid out to decieve and pay a "living tax" to zion-o-masonic thieves who think that guarding the "truth" is honorable...I no longer believe in dashboard jesus, but am going to close this with the following:
if there is a benevolence that keeps us in its bosom of love and protection, may the spirits of those who deceive us... i don't know how to finish that without anger.

anyhow thanks for your hard work. much love and clarity!

David said...

Hello Erik,

First I am starting to understand much of why this earth is flat. I am beginning to look at many things differently just because of that.
The one thing that continues to puzzle me is how the stars in the southern "hemisphere" (Notice the quotes) appear to rotate clockwise while those in the northern "hemisphere" rotate counter-clockwise. I have seen videos supposedly but never observed this myself since I neither have the time or money to get to someplace like Australia just yet.

If it is true, I cannot seem to wrap my head around a working model that would cause such a thing in a flat earth.

This is the only thing that keeps me on the fence between being simply a fixed earth geocentrist and a fixed flat earth geocentrist.

Thanks for your response in advance.

David B

Eric Dubay said...

Hey, thanks David, see my video "Flat Earth Star Trails Explained" on YouTube to answer you question. Peace

Mathew said...

Hi eric, you seem like a smart man and i trust you more than other 'conspiracy theorists' (even though it ent a conspiracy) so id appreciate it if youd share your views on a couple things for me.
I used to read a lot on the reptilians of another dimension or plane and how they control the elite in some way because the enslaving of the planet benefits them. Some people said it was because they feed off of our fear energy, do you think there is any truth to the whole reptilian theory(ies)?
Also this may sound silly but i cant get a decent opinion on this question but, who do you think satan represents in the bible. is it the jews? a evil spiritual being? fallen angel? theres so many theories out there about it but cant work it out.
thankyou for your time and good luck with the rest of your work, you have my full respect.

Mathew said...

Also one more question, have you read the book 'journey of souls' by michael newton and what do you think of it, i find it feels right when im reading the content of the book, thankyou