Sunday, February 1, 2015

Space Travel is the Hoax of the Century!

The Moon and Mars landings, the current Rosetta mission, the International Space Station, the Hubble space telescope, satellites, and sustained space travel in general are absolutely the biggest hoaxes of the century, and NASA the most successful propaganda organization in history.

The International Space Station, just like everything else brought to us by NASA, is a fake Freemasonic hoax, a complete fabrication done with special effects, models, pools, zero G planes, and various camera tricks.  The above video exposes key points of evidence for the hoax and breaks down exactly how the illusion is created and maintained.

Satellites are purely science-fiction. All supposed images of satellites in orbit show fake CGI "satellites" orbiting a fake CGI "ball-Earth." First conceived by Freemason science-fiction writer Arthur C. Clarke in 1945, they claim satellites became science-fact soon after. This is impossible for many reasons outlined in the above video, however, including the fact the melting points of the metals used in satellites are far lower than the temperature in the "thermosphere" where satellites supposedly are.  And lastly, for a few extra laughs at NASA's expense for once, see the following NASA Fail Compilation:


Bob said...

Thanks for your interesting posts, Eric. Very compelling to say the least. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...

I dont believe any of this. Why would they sink so much money, time and effort into making people this we were actually exploring space? The logic just doesnt make sense. What's their end-goal of fucking with people if this were true? Is it just to fuck with people or are they actually trying to accomplish something? Im sincerily asking. I am a man of science but why would people from all around the world collude on something like this? Surely if this was true they could have put all the money they sunk into it towards a real space program. Your logic just doesnt add up. You send all this time and effort to expose these "hoaxes" but you dont give any explaination as to what the motives are behind the hoaxes.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Bob, and Anonymous, yes I do give explanations as to the motives behind the hoaxes. Someone like yourself who hasn't really researched my work comes into nearly every comment section and asks, as though it's the first time, claiming something wrong with my "logic." Instead of copying and pasting for the umpteenth time, allow me to direct you to the comments section of last week's post where you can find the answer:

The Always Horizontal Horizon Proves Earth Flat

And let me ask you, why "sink money into a real space program" when you can just pocket the money and give people a Hollywood-style hoax? NASA gets tens of billions of dollars per year taxpayers money. The Freemasons in charge pocket the majority and give us fake space programs using the rest. They're doing it in many countries now, and all the programs are fake because sustained space travel is impossible. What goes up must come down. The "vacuum of space" do not exist and is impossible to exist as there is nothing to seal the supposed vacuum off from the atmosphere. All NASA's rockets make a parabolic curve and come right back to Earth crashing into the ocean. The supposedly "successful" ones are those which get high enough before their curve to disappear from sight and NASA just claims they are "curving around the curvature of the ball-Earth" and everyone eats it up.

They want you to think at some undetermined height, instead of everything falling and crashing back down to Earth, that suddenly everything goes 100% weightless and starts free-floating. This conception of infinite vacuum space with "zero gravity" does not exist. They film the effect using zero G planes and huge swimming pools as shown in the videos. In reality, what goes up, comes back down, there is no point high enough where everything just suddenly goes weightless.

Anonymous said...

So what do astrophysicists really do all day? Do they just sit around and this of new ways to fuck with the public?

Anonymous said...

Please do the world a favor and kindly throw yourself off the edge of our "flat earth" no one is going to be sad to see you go. The earth will continue to rotate as it always does

Anonymous said...

You realize that the claims you're making (about flat earth and earth being the center of the universe) are all beliefs that were held in the dark ages, thanks to years of scientific advaces we have been able to prove that the earth is in fact round, Magellan proved that by sailing around the world and not falling off. And Galileo proved we go around the sun, you are just as bad as the Christian assholes who condemed Galileo because they could not handle science proving them wrong. Just admit you're wrong, you're obviously a smart guy, you do lots of research and put a lot of time and effort into your work but its just plain wrong. There is a reason people like you are a minority. You hold on to these ancient archaic beliefs for some fleeting reason because you cant accept scientific facts. The best part about science fact is that its true whether you believe it or not. I dont know what type of weed you're smoking because it must be really good if it gets you high enough to think the world is flat

Anonymous said...

Im the Anon from the comment asking about the motives behind these hoaxes. I dont want to watch another one of your videos. Just explain yourself. If you cant take the time to write it out to someone who is interested then I'm just going to think you're full of crap. If you really care about these topic you would explain it 1000 times regardless of how many people asked you for an explaination.

Anonymous said...

The Scientists and ppl at nass on the bottom end most likely believe in what they are doing and working on. The science they have studied and are taught works, the math fits. Just pawns in the game. Only those at the top know the truth. Just like the federal reserve... Fet and ret can both work in science one has been made to sound so ridiculous that you are labeled a crazy person to believe it. Same as those who wanted to see obamas true birth certificate. The potus owns the masses and tells u what to think. Instead of being objective and truly studying all aspects of every theory. Sadly most ppl are sheep...

Eric Dubay said...

I dont want to watch another one of your videos. Just explain yourself.

I didn't tell you to "watch another one of my videos," I told you to read the comments section of the link provided. Sorry to hear written communication is so difficult for you. Keep sounding out the words and practicing with your teacher and eventually you'll get there.

The earth is in fact round, Magellan proved that by sailing around the world and not falling off.

You can trace a circle around a flat plane just as you can a globe, that is nothing but proof of your gullibility. In 2015 there has still been no complete North / South circumnavigation of Earth because it is impossible. Everything goes East / West.

And Galileo proved we go around the sun

Galileo and Magellan just prove you don't think for yourself. We are motionless, just as it seems, just as you can feel for yourself. And the Sun revolves over and around the Earth, just as it appears, just as you can see with your own eyes every day. The Freemasons you have blind faith in have stolen your common sense and replaced it with fairy tales you completely believe are true, even though they are totally counter to your lived experience:

Earth is the Center of the Universe

Startrails Prove Earth is the Center of the Universe

Proof the Earth is Not Spinning, Rotating, Revolving, or Wobbling

The Earth is Not Moving

Geocentricity vs. Heliocentricity

Steamship said...

I don't know about you Eric, but I'm getting really fed up with all these people who see themselves as having drunk more deeply from the Well of Reason than the rest of us but who prove exactly the opposite whenever they open their mouths. I believe the term is "pseudo-skeptics".

Allow me to explain something to all you geniuses... It is not necessary to prove a motive in order to prove that a crime has been committed. If I see someone being mugged in the street then I do not have to provide the motivation of the mugger in order to prove that an assault has taken place. There are plenty of people serving time for crimes the motive for which will remain forever unknowable. Eric alleges that space travel is a hoax. The only way to disprove that is to find fault with the PHYSICAL EVIDENCE that he presents and no amount of arguing from incredulity will alter one fact one jot. Just because you don't understand HOW or WHY something can have happened it doesn't follow that it DIDN'T.

Furthermore, Eric Dubay does not have to provide the motivation for any alleged fraud. He is not the one who planned it...

P.S. I've bought your book Eric, "The Flat Earth Conspiracy" and I'm enjoying it immensely. Just a couple of months ago I would never have thought that I would ever entertain such a concept... Seriously compelling!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks so much for that Steamship! I was starting to lose faith in my readers then your comment came along and restored it :) So glad to hear you're enjoying the book. I really appreciate the support, thanks for commenting. Peace!

Unknown said...

This may be,if not obvious,than perhaps redundant as I've not read all the posts. But I'm an amateur astronomer and have seen and tracked the space station.and other satellites that 'orbit'. The rock we live on. Now I'd like to think I'm open to things that are not the main the 911 attacks. Total bull shit. Jet fuel will not bring down a steel building.not to mention building 7. No jets. And dropped like it was imploded.. But this info that your blowing is just wrong and if you need to buy a telescope.

Eric Dubay said...

That's not "the ISS," Mark, it's covered in the video you haven't bothered to watch. There's "being open" and then there's "research." You may be open to this, but you haven't researched this subject for years as I have, so I'd recommend reading some of my articles and watching the videos before commenting about how open you are. Peace

Jamie Lee said...

(Eric, i haven't had a chance to watch your latest video here, but some of my thoughts after reading your excellent book and doing my own research.)

The story goes....that the ISS maintains an orbit with an altitude of between 330 and 435 km (205 and 270 mi) by means of reboost manoeuvres using the engines of the Zvezda module or visiting spacecraft.

It completes 15.54 orbits per day.

Further, NASA states that it maintains a speed of 17,500 mph to keep in sync with Earth's orbit and spin while being on the outer reaches of "micro-gravity" from Earth.

NASA also states their have been over 185 space walks in that time on ISS.

Just a question? How the hell would a Astro=not! be able to step out of the ISS and not get blasted by 17,500 mph winds (yes, less drag because of space but still law of resistance applies)

some of these alleged space walks occurred without even tethers, which means that the astro-not would have to have thrusters on him/her to keep up with the ship, no?

Secondly, the story NASA tells is that there are over 500,000 pieces of of satellites and space junk just floating around in space which the ISS has had to make maneuvers to avoid now and then.

In fact, wiki ISS shows how much damage a smaller than a penny object did when it the space station.

NASA Says space debris objects are tracked remotely from the ground, and the station crew can be notified. This allows for a Debris Avoidance Manoeuvre (DAM) to be conducted, which uses thrusters on the Russian Orbital Segment to alter the station's orbital altitude, avoiding the debris.

Additionlly,there are millions of micro-meteors traveling at speeds as fast as 6000 mph, which would rip the ship apart.

So orbiting 15 times every day, traveling at 17,500 mph, the ISS successfully has avoided all space debris for over a decade now, where one small hit could rip it to the ISS to shreds.

One more question, of many more to come,

NASA says that star systems are quadrillions of miles away. The say they have equipment that peers into deep, deep,deep space.

The say they have equipment that measures stars quadrillions of miles away that can measure atmosphere and sizes of stars and planets to varying degrees. They then rank all these stars in size like Sirius, Atares, etc. to compare with our Sun's size.

So what they are saying is that their xray and radio beams can travel hundreds, thousands, millions, trillions, past quadrillion miles....then bounce off the star, planet .....back to their pick up systems (observatories, space telescopes, etc.) that can then measure these gas, light energy balls so precisely.

Without any space interference over these quadrillions of miles.

With highly accurate radio/xray signals.

What a bunch of crap.

And how much has this charade cost the U.S. tax payers?

again,from Wiki ISS

The ISS is arguably the most expensive single item ever constructed.[265] As of 2010 the cost is estimated to be $150 billion. It includes NASA's budget of $58.7 billion for the station from 1985 to 2015 ($72.4 billion in 2010), Russia's $12 billion ISS budget, Europe's $5 billion, Japan's $5 billion, Canada's $2 billion, and the cost of 36 shuttle flights to build the station; estimated at $1.4 billion each, or $50.4 billion total. Assuming 20,000 person-days of use from 2000 to 2015 by two to six-person crews, each person-day would cost $7.5 million, less than half the inflation adjusted $19.6 million ($5.5 million before inflation) per person-day of Skylab.[266]

So they build a few rockets, do some showy launches, drop 'em in the ocean, have CGI make up some images...and pocket the rest in offshore bank accounts of the wealthy elite.

Nice job guys. You've fooled us all, but it's over now.

The Emperor has no clothes.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric I appreciate your search for truth thanks.You have raised some very interesting points through the duration of articles,although I have disagreed with you before.

I fully agree NASAS is being deceptive but am thinking on different lines.

I believe there is a secret space program and NASA is just pretending they are the pinnacle of tech which is not the case.

There are battles that have been filmed at high altitude as well. I also believe the holographic tech is quite advanced,I have also witnessed many UFO sightings,as I have been tracked for years.

I think the true deception lies in the hyper dimensional nature of all planets and the Sun (which may well be a stargate) this I know for a fact and the Hyper dimensional aspect (and sacred geometry used by Masons) of planets and the Sun would not be possible with a flat Earth imo,so this one morsel undermines your theory I contend..can you explain how the hyper dimensional grids of planets is so,if you claim the Earth is flat?

Cheers take care

Johnny 😃

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hello Eric,
I find ur evidences simple and compelling.
But I wanted to know what ur observations are regarding the space programs of other countries like India? Like the Mars Orbiter?

Really finding it very difficult to believe that all the scientists in all the countries are together in this deception. If the earth is flat then all the countries scientist are lying at the same time. Just doesn't seem right to me.

Joey said...

Hi Eric,

Have you heard of 'Spy Satellites'?

Are they able to spy on people from above?

In 1997, I was at someone's place, while they were watching a documentary, or film, which showed they are able to zoom right in from above, so close, they they can see even which book a person is reading, or the text!!

They zoomed right in, which showed a man in a park reading a book & which one!

I don't know what the title of that documentary was, as I didn't watch it directly. Back then it was a VHS tape. The people there talked about it later on. The chap there, had a friend over in the USA, who often send him interesting stuff. Yes they were already well aware of the corruption & of the crooks, operating in high places.

They also had a book called: "Angels Don't Play This HAARP : Advances in Tesla Technology by Dr. Nick Begich". So they were already well informed back at that time.

What about Google Earth, how are they able to make all these images, if there aren't any Satellites circulating, or in orbit?

I've heard, or read from others, that the military can zoom even closer on targets they choose, than what is shown, or available on Google earth!

I appreciate your time & plz keep up the good work, it is certainly mind blowing!

If they earth is indeed a vast flat plane and not a globe, I find that far more fascinating, because not everything has been explored, navigated & researched and that there are likely still unknown territory's & secrets out there, even on our earth!

Anonymous said...

So this article is just meant to mess with people? They are just telling people that they are planning to go into deep space and they are going to fake a mission to mars because...reasons?

Anonymous said...

I believe you are either an internet troll or down right retarded. I could probably spend a hour typing basic arguments for what you "believe" to be true. In short you are no different from an ignorant person I met who does not believe that cancer is real.

Good work if this an attempt to get views and responses. If however you are serious I feel very sorry for you.

From the tin foil hat police

Anonymous said...

I didn't tell you to "watch another one of my videos," I told you to read the comments section of the link provided.

You're just redirecting me instead of giving me a direct answer. If you can answer two questions without telling me to comb through comments or watch a video I'll consider believing your claims. You're suppose to be an expert on this so it shouldn't be too difficult for you. Who's idea was it to start lying to the masses of the world about the earth and its place in the universe? And what was there reason for doing so?

Anonymous said...

You think space travel is a hoax...that is rich, I keep coming back to your site for the same reason people go to the zoo, to watch lesser life forms beat there chest, get on a soap box and talk about absurd theories that died out hundreds of years ago when SCIENCE proved them wrong. You have a dedicated reader for life with me. I show your garbage website to my friends and we have a good laugh at your ignorance. If you respond to this don't say i'm the one that's ignorant. There is a reason people like you are a minority. If there was any truth to your INSANE claims, the majority of the world would know about it by now and it wouldn't be discussed on your blogger site. Yes there is rich elite that controls our world, but do help make advances in science because they would not survive if they didn't. We wouldn't be living right now if it wasn't for antibiotics. Science moves the world forward, not this pseudo-garbage.

Johnny Slater said...


Anonymous said...

That was quite an article. So do you think all science is a lie or no? I'm seriously asking.

Eric Dubay said...

Great points Jamie Lee, thanks for that! Johnny 1, there are certainly government "UFO" crafts and advanced hologram Bluebeam technology, but these "hyperdimensional planetary grids" you've asked about before are just more NASA science-fiction. Earth is a plane, not a planet. And "planets" are just stars, that's why Pluto's not a "planet" anymore, it's starlight rapidly diminished one day and they couldn't continue lying about it being a spherical terra firma world anymore. Seen through a telescope the "planets" (wandering stars) appear as nothing but tiny dots of colored light, NOT spherical terra firma as NASA shows in their fake CGI images. All the images of ball-planets with "hyperdimensional energy grids" at 19.5 degrees North and South latitudes, all the "hexagon formations on Saturn," all the "faces and pyramids on Mars," all this bullshit is coming from NASA, the same people who are producing these fake images in the first place. Mars is just a tiny light in the night sky, it is not a spherical Earth-like habitation in space with faces and pyramids on it. It's all propaganda to brainwash you with science-fiction, they've been caught adding red tint in photoshop to the "Mars" pictures, there's no reality to the world's space programs whatsoever. They are all run by Freemasons. For the first Anonymous that can't believe Indian Freemasons exist, research the oldest and largest secret society operating in the world, Freemasonry, with over 5 million members in almost every country, sworn to secrecy by blood-oath at sword-point, members of this brotherhood are placed in key power positions from entertainment and media, to banking, politics, and space programs.

Eric Dubay said...

An inordinate number of NASA astronauts, the current propagators of the globalist heliocentric doctrine, are/were admitted Freemasons as well. John Glenn, two-time US senator and one of NASA’s first astronauts is a known Mason. Buzz Aldrin Jr., the second man to lie about walking on the moon is an admitted, ring-wearing, hand-sign flashing 33rd degree Mason from Montclair Lodge No. 144 in New Jersey. Edgar Mitchell, another supposed moon-walker aboard Apollo 14 is an Order of Demolay Mason at Artesta Lodge No. 29 in New Mexico. James Irwin of Apollo 15, the last man to lie about walking on the moon, was a Tejon Lodge No. 104 member in Colorado Springs. Donn Eisele on Apollo 7 was a member of the Luther B. Turner Lodge No. 732 in Ohio. Gordon Cooper aboard Mercury 9 and Gemini 5 was a Master Mason in Carbondale Lodge No. 82 in Colorado. Virgil Grissom on Apollo 1 and 15, Mercury 5 and Gemini 3 was a Master Mason from Mitchell Lodge No. 228 in Indiana. Walter Schirra Jr. on Apollo 7, Sigma 7, Gemini 6 and Mercury 8 was a 33rd degree Mason at Canaveral Lodge No. 339 in Florida. Thomas Stafford on Apollo 10 and 18, Gemini 7 and 9 is a Mason at Western Star Lodge No. 138 in Oklahoma. Paul Weitz on Skylab 2 and Challenger is from Lawrence Lodge No. 708 in Pennsylvania.

NASA astronauts Neil Armstrong, Allen Sheppard, William Pogue, Vance Brand, and Anthony England all had fathers who were Freemasons too! The amount of astronauts known to be Freemasons or from Freemasonic families is astonishing. It is likely that more astronauts and people of key importance in NASA are affiliated with the brotherhood as well, but not so open about their membership. For there to be this many Masons, members of the world’s largest and oldest secret society, involved with the promotion and propagation of this globalist heliocentric doctrine from its outset to today should raise some serious suspicion!

“C. Fred Kleinknecht, head of NASA at the time of the Apollo Space Program, is now the Sovereign Grand Commander of the Council of the 33rd Degree of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry of the Southern Jurisdiction. It was his reward for pulling it off! All of the first astronauts were Freemasons. There is a photograph in the House of the Temple in Washington DC of Neil Armstrong supposedly on the moon’s surface in his spacesuit holding his Masonic Apron in front of his groin.” -William Cooper

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Joey, they certainly have high-altitude planes and drones which do all the spy surveillance they need and take photos for Google Earth. For the next Anonymous, read Johnny's comment:

The ISS is arguably the most expensive single item ever constructed. As of 2010 the cost is estimated to be $150 billion. It includes NASA's budget of $58.7 billion for the station from 1985 to 2015 ($72.4 billion in 2010), Russia's $12 billion ISS budget, Europe's $5 billion, Japan's $5 billion, Canada's $2 billion, and the cost of 36 shuttle flights to build the station; estimated at $1.4 billion each, or $50.4 billion total. Assuming 20,000 person-days of use from 2000 to 2015 by two to six-person crews, each person-day would cost $7.5 million, less than half the inflation adjusted $19.6 million ($5.5 million before inflation) per person-day of Skylab.

These space programs are huge black budget black holes funneling taxpayer money into these Freemasons pockets while they brainwash us with their Hollywood bullshit.

Glad you've seen through it Johnny Slater, I'm always available to meet people through my private Yoga/Wing Chun sessions if you're ever in Bangkok and interested.

And for the final anonymous, I have a book called "Spiritual Science," and my entire Flat Earth Conspiracy book is filled with actual science experiments and data, not the pseudo-science we've been fed by the establishment. Capital "S" Science does not exist, that is definitely a misnomer. The only thing that exists is "the scientific method" of empirical testing and repeated observation. When someone like NASA comes along and starts claiming (capital S) "Science says this, and Science says that," it is no different than the Pope or religion saying "God says this, and God says that." The scientific method is a wonderful tool, though incomplete in itself because it can only confirm or deny repeatable, empirical evidence. Yet there are many things that are 100% real, but not physically tangible/testable or easily repeatable under laboratory conditions. So the scientific method can be a wonderful tool for discovering truth, but at the same time, "capital S infallible Science" is a wonderful tool for brainwashing.

Joey said...

Eric thankyou for replying to my question, I do appreciate that!

Yes, that makes perfect sense!

Have you heard of "Astral Implants & of Time Travel?"

This stuff is likely real!

Why does god allow this, I'm referring to Astral implants for example & time travel too, where is free will in all of this?

If they are allowed & able to time travel into the past & future & mess with people, what kind of damage are they capable of?

I wonder how all of this began, do people know, that we are dealing with psychopaths, satanic worshipping luciferians here?

Do you know, that they kill & sacrifice innocent children & they drink their blood? It is all related. Very sick they are who do that, no doubt!

Why are they fighting against god, don't they realize, that no created being, can ever be higher than God is, inc Lucifer himself?

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Joey, yes these psychopaths have been caught and exposed throughout history being involved in ritual sex magic, sex slavery, pedophilia and cannibalism among other atrocities. As for physical time-travel, that is definitely impossible, but "astral" time-travel, as in pre-cognition, prophetic dreams etc. is certainly possible as I have experienced it myself on more than one occasion. Consciousness is outside and a priori to all space, time and matter, so consciousness can step outside of time during dreams, meditation, psychedelic trips, and other altered states of consciousness:

Pre-cognition, Dream Psi and The Nature of Time

Joey said...

Eric, they do seem to be more advanced!

Alfred Webre: 2016 Time Travel Chronicles: CIA Time Travel pre-identification is why I switched from running in the 2016 US Presidential race to exposing the 2016 race


Alfred Webre, Secret Teleportation And Time Travel Technology Used To Govern The Planet


Anonymous said...

Wow. Just wow. I really hope this guy Eric is just doing this for the lulz and isn't really this stupid.

Simply blaming everything on evil genius "freemasons" that somehow can control the entire world, despite the fact that the whole world is a mess and fighting eachother. I suppose that is just the "freemasons" creating infinitely deep and complex fake caos just to deceive us?

Now to answer Jamie's questions...

The ISS doesn't get blasted with 17,500mph winds because it is in space and in a vacuum. There is no friction to slow either the astronaut or spacecraft down. Speed is relative. If an astronaut leaves his ship without a tether, he would still be traveling along with the ship at the same speed because there is no friction to slow him down. Just like if you were in a car going 60mph and threw a ball a couple inches in the air, it doesn't fly straight to the back of the car!

Yes, space debris is a very big problem for space travel, but space is extremely... spacious. Also, most satelites fly at much higher altitudes than manned space flights including the ISS and also orbit at a wide range of different inclinations. This makes collision with larger space debris much less likely to occur, and when there is a projected collision, the space station executes an emergency maneuvere to avoid said debris as you already mentioned. However, collisions do still happen. The ISS has been hit several times and there are holes in the solar panels to prove it! As for the living modules of the ISS, the most vunerable parts of the station are protected by shielding called Whipple Shields. The ISS has over 100 of these shields installed on high risk areas. But generally speaking, a tiny piece of debris hitting the station would not tear the station to shreds.

And your "one last question", which doesn't appear to be a question at all, but I'll explain a bit about what you seem confused about. No, we do not have to send radio waves quadrillions of miles to the stars and wait for them to come back, that would take thousands of years. The radio and light waves are emitted by the stars themselves and eventually reach us. Infact, some of the stars we see in the night sky are already dead due to how long it takes for their light to reach us. But yes, we can tell what the stars are made of based on their light they emit. The tool used is called a spectrometer. A spectrometer works like a prism. Think of the Pink Floyd shirts hippies wear. It breaks the light into a color spectrum. Based on the colors of the star light, you can determine the stars makeup. This is another experiment you can do on earth. Spectrometers are used daily in earth based science and chemistry.

But to give you guys some credit, depending on the observer, the earth is technically flat. Although for it to be flat, an observer would need to be traveling at the speed of light towards the earth (technically the earth would appear 16 meters thick in this situation). But for the rest of us, it is spherical in shape. This fact has been known to scientist since ancient Greece. This can be easily tested and proven by looking out at a ship far out at sea, or by measuring shadows of two identical poles placed some distance apart, or simply observing the curved shadow the earth creates on the moon during a lunar eclipse. The whole flat earth society was started by a creepy cult leader named Wilbur Voliva in 1906. Who also had several other bizarre theories, including predicting the end of the world in 1923, then when it didn't happen he changed it to 1927, then 1930, then 1934, then 1935.

Unknown said...

Hej! In response to Joey's question about google earth. Eric answered most of it with explanation of the drones etc...but people seem to forget that google travel round every city, town and village. Visiting every single street taking millions of photos at ground level. Then, when someone goes onto google earth to look at a particular location they think that google are beaming them an image direct from a satelite.

Eric Dubay said...

I'm not sure why you're so easily convinced of such far-out things Joey. There is no evidence whatsoever in the articles or anywhere else to suggest that physical time-travel or teleportation is possible. Philosophically it is decidedly impossible, no matter how high the technology, because of the paradoxes such as "the butterfly effect." Same with teleportation, it's physically impossible to teleport unique, living beings in the way spoken of in science-fiction because the newly constructed being post-teleportation would NOT be the same person, even if you could find a way to make it happen. There is a paradox in philosophy regarding this as well, if all your physical, mental and emotional material was somehow destroyed and regenerated elsewhere, you are NOT the same person, and it's more like "cloning" than teleporting. And if it wasn't destroyed before/during/after the teleportation, then there would be two yous and which one would be you? Anyway, I promise you teleportation and time-travel are completely science-fiction just like space travel and the spinning ball-Earth. There is no evidence in those articles or anywhere else that such imaginative technologies could ever exist. And Zannie, you're absolutely right about Google Earth, thanks! Peace

Joey said...

Heey Eric,

I found your excellent & informative blog just a few days ago, which I'm glad I did!
I was doing a Google search on Orgone Energy.

A guy named Bradley Loves claims that they have altered time, no kidding there. Jean Haines has posted some fascinating articles from him on her blog, this is how I came across it.

I feel that much of what you share is the real deal, it is REAL education!

Much of what you state on the flat earth, makes perfect, common & plain sense, for any intelligent person! People need to question everything they have been led to believe by the establishment, because once you know & understand the psychopaths have infiltrated it for their own ends, people will need to look outside of their control system.

Eric in regards to the flat earth, has anyone tried to cross & fly over the Antarctica via a plane? How far South is one able to travel before it gets to cold? Have any photos or videos ever been made, I'd love to know how the view is over there!

Or is there a barrier in the air, preventing people from flying over there? I'm aware of the no fly zones, but has anyone tried to cross over there yet, or are they preventing people from flying over it?

Say if someone tried to fly over it, take some photos, film or video it, do you think the cabal's military will shoot the people down etc?

Thankyou Eric, you're doing an excellent job, no doubt!

You are like a shinning & bright star!

Plz take care & stay safe,

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks so much Joey! No one has ever attempted a complete North / South circumnavigation by plane, though I would love to see some independent aviator with a UStream account make it happen. It's 2015, we've supposedly went to the Moon and Mars yet no pilots have ever publicly ventured Southwards over the Antarctic ice with the excuse that "the extreme cold makes it too dangerous" to fly over (yet NASA claims to be coping just fine in much colder conditions in outer space). People like Rodney Cluff and Jarle Andehoy have been barred from reaching the North Pole and Antarctica in their ships by military vessels threatening to blow them out of the water if they continue. They are heavily guarded by militaries from 47 U.N. treaty nations (the same UN which uses a flat-Earth map for its logo)! Peace

Unknown said...

This video definitely has proof of NASA Freemason liars. Most people never even question what they are promoting. Awakend people for years have said the moon landings are fake. Im aware now that NASA is just a controlled organization like other secret societies who brainwash the masses and profit off of these space programs like everything else. Its hard to believe what these government owned programs say now cause they are all owned by cults. Even if you dont believe in flat earth theory, you cant deny NASA space travels are fake. Theres too many proofs like in the video. For those of you saying why NASA would spend billions of dollars on fake space programs is the same reason as to spend money on fake banker wars, the medical scientific industry who claim they are looking for a cure for cancer or AIDs when there is already natural cures. Most of our tax money goes to hoaxes and propaganda systems such as NASA. The new age movements are controlled also, most of them dont even question space travel, I see they support NASA in space travel and claim there are many habital planets to travel to. Modern science like religion is a control system for your mind. When I look at NASA photographs of earth i can clearly see they are fake animations, everything is fake. Makes more since for earth to be a flat plane , its a infinite plane with no edge. Atlest Erics research has proofs and has to be disproved if someone can say earth is round,but you can still see the space travels are fake.

Anonymous said...

If you have spent years doing research do some experiments. Finish a physics degree and do simple experiments to prove your theories. For instance your comment on common sense that the earth is not moving because we don't feel it. Get in a car and reach a constant velocity with no acceleration; smooth road no turns same speed for an amount of time. Do you feel your motion? Just saying if you do some of these experiments you should write papers on them and submit them. Scientist love to be proved wrong because they love to learn things they did not know.

Anonymous said...

I'm wondering how the NASA is predicting events like the solar and lunar eclipses and blood moon tetrad, super moon, etc with great accuracy? Does your research cover this topic?
If these are not based on the rotation of the earth and moon, how are they calculating them?

Anonymous said...

Who started this grand conspiracy and why?

Eric Dubay said...

The Feb. 3rd Anon got stuck in my spam filter for some reason, so in response to them:

I love how you're so ready to accept the idea that a huge floating space station is flying at break-neck 17,500mph but conveniently seems to be still because of "the vacuum of space." Just like people are willing to say about the 1,038mph spinning ball-Earth we just don't feel it because it's always spinning at a constant velocity. Oh ok, how silly of me to use my brain and think and be skeptical! NASA has all the unproven, unprovable answers up their sleeve already. Again, "the vacuum of space" is impossible because this "vacuum" is in no way separated from the atmospheres of the over one septillion ball-planets they claim exist. They want you to think as you rise from Earth you have less atmosphere, less atmosphere, less, less, until finally you suddenly go weightless and space magically becomes a vacuum even though it is not separated in anyway from the non-vacuum you just came from. They also want you to think the atmosphere is spinning with the ball-Earth at tens of thousands of miles per hour, faster and faster the higher you go (because you're farther from the center of spin) until at that magical "vacuum" height, your "space ship" will just pop out from tens of thousands of mile per hour spinning atmosphere into empty, motionless, vacuum space. Nobody else has a problem with this? Seriously? Gullible people are calling me crazy while gobbling this shit and calling it "science."

Eric Dubay said...

This can be easily tested and proven by looking out at a ship far out at sea, or by measuring shadows of two identical poles placed some distance apart, or simply observing the curved shadow the earth creates on the moon during a lunar eclipse.

One of ball-Earthers favorite "proofs" is the appearance from an observer on shore of ships’ hulls being obfuscated by the water and disappearing from view when sailing away towards the horizon. Their claim is that ship’s hulls disappear before their mast-heads because the ship is beginning its declination around the convex curvature of the ball-Earth. Once again, however, their hasty conclusion is drawn from a faulty premise, namely that only on a ball-Earth can this phenomenon occur. The fact of the matter is that the Law of Perspective on plane surfaces dictates and necessitates the exact same occurrence. For example a girl wearing a dress walking away towards the horizon will appear to sink into the Earth the farther away she walks. Her feet will disappear from view first and the distance between the ground and the bottom of her dress will gradually diminish until after about half a mile it seems like her dress is touching the ground as she walks on invisible legs. The same happens with cars speeding away, the axles gradually get lower and the wheels vanish until it appears as if the car is gliding along its body. Such is the case on plane surfaces, the lowest parts of objects receding from a given point of observation necessarily disappear before the highest.

“This law of Perspective meets us on every hand; and cannot be gainsaid. If, in a straight line, we look at a frozen lake from a certain distance, we shall observe people who appear to be skating on their knees, but, if we approach sufficiently near, we shall see them performing graceful motions on their feet. Farther, if we look through a straight tunnel, we shall notice that the roof and the roadway below converge to a point of light at the end. It is the same law which makes the hills sink, to the horizon, as the observer recedes, which explains how the ship's hull disappears in the offing. I would also remark that when the sea is undisturbed by waves, the hull can be restored to sight by the aid of a good telescope long after it has disappeared from the naked eye, thus proving that the ship had not gone down behind the watery hill of a convex globe, but is still sailing on the level of a Plane sea.” -David Wardlaw Scott, “Terra Firma” (75)

Not only is the disappearance of ship’s hulls explained by the Law of Perspective, it is proven undeniably true with the aid of a good telescope. If you watch a ship sailing away into the horizon with the naked eye until its hull has completely disappeared from view under the supposed “curvature of the Earth,” then look through a telescope, you will notice the entire ship quickly zooms back into view, hull and all, proving that the disappearance was caused by the Law of Perspective, and not by a wall of curved water!

“On any frozen lake or canal, notably on the ‘Bedford Canal,’ in the county of Cambridge, in winter and on a clear day, skaters may be observed several miles away, seeming to glide along upon limbs without feet--skates and boots quite invisible to the unaided eye, but distinctly visible through a good telescope. But even on the sea, when the water is very calm, if a vessel is observed until it is just ‘hull down,’ a powerful telescope turned upon it will restore the hull to sight. From which it must be concluded that the lower part of a receding ship disappears through the influence of perspective, and not from sinking behind the summit of a convex surface.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (216)

Eric Dubay said...

The Eratosthenes experiment of measuring shadows is assuming the Sun to be millions of miles away with light rays all arriving to Earth at the same angle. They don't. The Sun moves over and around the Earth very close as proven at 3:00 here as well as measured by sextants and plane trigonometry, the Sun and Moon are both found to be 32 miles in diameter, 3,000 miles from the surface of the Earth.

“Regiments of figures are paraded with all the learned jargon for which science is famous, but one might as well look at the changing clouds in the sky and seek for certainty there, as to expect to get it from the propounders of modern astronomy. But is there no means of testing these ever-changing never-stable speculations and bringing them to the scrutiny of the hard logic of fact? Indeed there is. The distance of the sun can be measured with much precision, the same way as a tree or a house, or church steeple is measured, by plane triangulation. It is the principle on which a house is built, a table made or a man-of-war constructed … The sun is always somewhere between the tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, a distance admitted to be less than 3,000 miles; how then can the sun if it be so many thousand miles in diameter, squeeze itself into a space of about 3,000 miles only? But look at the distance, say the professors! We have already done that and not one of the wise men we have so often challenged, has ever attempted to refute the principle on which we measure the sun’s distance … If the navigator neglects to apply the sun’s semi-diameter to his observation at sea, he is 16 nautical miles out in calculating the position his ship is in. A minute of arc on the sextant represents a nautical mile, and if the semi-diameter be 16 miles, the diameter is of course 32 miles. And as measured by the sextant, the sun’s diameter is 32 minutes of arc, that is 32 nautical miles in diameter. Let him disprove this who can. If ever disproof is attempted, it will be a literary curiosity, well worth framing.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (114-120)

Eric Dubay said...

Another assumption and supposed proof of Earth’s shape, heliocentrists claim that lunar eclipses are caused by the shadow of the ball-Earth occulting the Moon. The idea is that the Sun, Earth, and Moon spheres perfectly align like three billiard balls in a row so that the Sun’s light casts the Earth’s shadow onto the Moon. Unfortunately for heliocentrists, this explanation is rendered completely invalid due to the fact that lunar eclipses have happened and continue to happen regularly when both the Sun and Moon are still visible together above the horizon! For the Sun’s light to be casting Earth’s shadow onto the Moon, the three bodies must be aligned in a straight 180 degree syzygy.

“According to the globular theory, a lunar eclipse occurs when the sun, earth, and moon are in a direct line; but it is on record that since about the fifteenth century over fifty eclipses have occurred while both sun and moon have been visible above the horizon.” -F.H. Cook, “The Terrestrial Plane”

As early as the time of Pliny, there are records of lunar eclipses happening while both the Sun and Moon are visible in the sky. The Greenwich Royal Observatory recorded that “during the lunar eclipses of July 17th, 1590, November 3rd, 1648, June 16th, 1666, and May 26th, 1668 the moon rose eclipsed whilst the sun was still above the horizon.” McCulluch’s Geography recorded that “on September 20th, 1717 and April 20th, 1837 the moon appeared to rise eclipsed before the sun had set.” Sir Henry Holland also noted in his “Recollections of Past Life” the April 20th, 1837 phenomena where “the moon rose eclipsed before the sun set.” The Daily Telegraph recorded it happening again on January 17th, 1870, then again in July of the same year, and it continues to happen during lunar eclipses to this day. Therefore the eclipsor of the Moon cannot be the Earth/Earth's shadow and therefore some other explanation must be sought.

Eric Dubay said...

Great comment Rahsaan, thanks for that! For the next Anonymous, I have a very sensitive stomach and I certainly can tell when I'm in a car, train, elevator, or any other such contraption, no matter how steady the velocity and motion, I can feel that I'm moving. I can also see that I'm moving and hear that I'm moving. Thanks to Einstein's brainwashing excuses, you're convinced that you cannot see, hear, or feel the Earth's 1,038mph spin because the "truth" is just so perfectly deceptive like that.

“In the Middle Ages people believed that the earth was flat, for which they had at least the evidence of their senses: we believe it to be round, not because as many as one percent of us could give the physical reasons for so quaint a belief, but because modern science has convinced us that nothing that is obvious is true, and that everything that is magical, improbable, extraordinary, gigantic, microscopic, heartless or outrageous is ‘scientific.’” -George Bernard Shaw

Modern astronomy has absolutely convinced the world, as George Bernard Shaw stated, that nothing that is obvious is true. It is obvious that the Earth is flat, yet they say it is curved; it is obvious that the world is motionless, yet they say that it moves; it is obvious that the heavens revolve around us, yet they say it is us that revolves; it is obvious that the stars are stars yet they say the stars are suns; it is obvious that the Sun is bigger than the stars, yet they say the stars are bigger than the Sun; it is obvious that the Sun and Moon are the same size, yet they say the Sun is 400 times larger; it is obvious that Earth is the only “plane,” yet they say there are over a septillion (1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) "planet"; it is obvious that up is up and down is down, yet they say it is not so, and everyone believes them!

Eric Dubay said...

For the next Anon. Many people think that modern astronomy’s ability to accurately predict lunar and solar eclipses is a result and proof positive of the heliocentric theory of the universe. The fact of the matter however is that eclipses have been accurately predicted by cultures worldwide for thousands of years before the “heliocentric ball-Earth” was even a glimmer in Copernicus’ imagination. Ptolemy in the 1st century A.D. accurately predicted eclipses for six hundred years on the basis of a flat, stationary Earth with equal precision as anyone living today. All the way back in 600 B.C. Thales accurately predicted an eclipse which ended the war between the Medes and Lydians. Eclipses happen regularly with precision in 18 year cycles, so regardless of geocentric or heliocentric, flat or globe Earth cosmologies, eclipses can be accurately calculated independent of such factors.

“Those who are unacquainted with the methods of calculating eclipses and other phenomena, are prone to look upon the correctness of such calculations as powerful arguments in favour of the doctrine of the earth's rotundity and the Newtonian philosophy, generally. One of the most pitiful manifestations of ignorance of the true nature of theoretical astronomy is the ardent inquiry so often made, ‘How is it possible for that system to be false, which enables its professors to calculate to a second of time both solar and lunar eclipses for hundreds of years to come?’ The supposition that such calculations are an essential part of the Newtonian or any other theory is entirely gratuitous, and exceedingly fallacious and misleading. Whatever theory is adopted, or if all theories are discarded, the same calculations can be made.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (151)

“The Chaldeans used to predict the eclipses three thousand years ago; with a degree of accuracy that is only surpassed by seconds in these days because we have wonderful clocks which they had not. Yet they had an entirely different theory of the universe than we have. The fact is that eclipses occur with a certain exact regularity just as Christmas and birthdays do, every so many years, days and minutes, so that anyone who has the records of the eclipses of thousands of years can predict them as well as the best astronomers, without any knowledge of their cause.” -Gerrard Hickson, “Kings Dethroned” (40)

“The simplest method of ascertaining any future eclipse is to take the tables which have been formed during hundreds of years of careful observation; or each observer may form his own tables by collecting a number of old almanacks one for each of the last forty years; separate the times of the eclipses in each year, and arrange them in a tabular form. On looking over the various items he will soon discover parallel cases, or ‘cycles’ of eclipses; that is, taking the eclipses in the first year of his table, and examining those of each succeeding year, he will notice peculiarities in each year's phenomena; but on arriving to the items of the nineteenth and twentieth years, he will perceive that some of the eclipses in the earlier part of the table will have been now repeated--that is to say, the times and characters will be alike … Tables of the places of the sun and moon, of eclipses, and of kindred phenomena, have existed for thousands of years, and were formed independently of each other, by the Chaldean, Babylonian, Egyptian, Hindoo, Chinese, and other ancient astronomers. Modern science has had nothing to do with these.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (153-154)

Eric Dubay said...

And to answer the guy who spammed "Who started the conspiracy and why?" about 20 times (I deleted the rest) if you really want to know, you can find out in my book:

The Flat Earth Conspiracy

Joey said...

Eric, this is the part I mentioned.

I don't think Bradley Loves is his or her real name.

If this info is top secret, which it likely is, this is why he/she is using a fake name, in order to protect him/herself!

I feel, much of what he or she has written, is close, if not spot on?

Any how, I hope that they are not able to travel back & forwards in time, not physically anyway! Isn't there a spiritual law, that should prevent/forbid anyone, from messing around with time & on other people?

Plz let me know what you think, it's much appreciated! I hope you can assure me, that they are not permitted to do these crimes, I think that is going way to far, if true! If they are able to do this, it's certainly disturbing!


“The one thing that the government cannot ever admit to at ANY cost is that TIME HAS BEEN COMPROMISED…This was the one thing that would get anyone, anywhere, killed instantly a few years ago if they disclosed it…”

“At this point,” he continued, “There are some who are more willing to let this kind of thing out now, and I am always told,” he added, “what I can and cannot say in these lectures. Yes, I’ve sold out, but I’m protecting my family,” he finished, frowning sadly.

In the rest of the lecture Corso said that the reason UFOs were secret is that the technology they used in intergalactic flight was, in fact, a type of time travel, and that almost ALL of the conventional physics taught in regular Universities was total bunk. If they talked about UFOs and where they came from, conventional physics would not support travel from that distance. That type of technology itself BY DEFAULT made UFOs a necessary secret.


Anonymous said...

WOW! My eyes have been opened for the very first time. And, by a yoga instructor and part-time Wang Chung performer!!!!! Thank you!

Anonymous said...

We are listening to your arguments. I've gotten my degree in engineering with the understanding of physics and I just say why don't you do the same so you can prove the theory. You think space keeping separated from our atmosphere sounds crazy then prove it. I think with out seeing oil sit at the top of water and always staying separate sounds funny too but we can both calculate and test this and see it does. Why does this calculated space & atmosphere sound so crazy. All I ask is instead of you believing conspircy why do you prove your theories by calculating then, testing them and document them. You have yet given any proof to any of your theories just assumptions which are like assholes and everyone has one. Or just stick to yoga and shut up

Steamship said...

Those are some very interesting comments about the supposed vacuum in space. I have often wondered about how exactly it was determined that such a thing is the case. Back in the day, in the seventeenth century, a cute story was written about Cyranno de Bergerac and how, one day, he decided to fly to the Moon. He accomplished this by tethering a flight of swans to a rowing boat and thus he was born aloft! There were many similar stories written during the early modern period but at no time did the writers of such fiction ever have to explain to their readers how the hero of the piece survived without any means to breathe or save themselves from exploding all over the place. This is because it was taken for granted in those days that the air simply went on forever (why would you think otherwise?) so our hero could converse with the King and Queen of the Moon, for example, without looking like Arnie having a bad time on the surface of Mars in "Total Recall".

So, that being the case, sometime between then and the era of rocketry somebody apparently discovered that "space is a vacuum". Well, who did that then? How did they know? How did the possibility ever occur to them? What was the nature of their experiments to determine this? How come we've never heard of them? Surely, their name would be taught in every school and everyone would know it! By definition, they would be a genius! But no, we're not supposed to ask such questions, are we... We're just supposed to take it on trust that "science figured it out somehow" and if you don't then you're just a knuckle-dragging turnip-muncher with "too much time on their hands"...

Anonymous said...

HI Eric I'm afraid you're absolutely wrong about the hyper dimensional grid,I chose that question purposely to gauge your response.

This grid is where all the ancient structures and megaliths are built on,they can be aligned and match up exactly not possible with a flat Earth! the fact that we have volcanoes at these points e.g Hawaii (19.5degrees)is also another energy release point, as is Olympus mons on Mars,sun spots etc.Connecting in between these points makes leylines and is sacred geometry which is illustrated throughout the Universe.

I have seen many points you have brought up debunked,with comments deleted.I appreciate that you are responding,but you are leading people astray from the very real approach of Planet X.

You always blame everything on the Masons,which is in part true,but they are just a branch of the hidden ET hand,as this is called the Atlantean conspiracy and you have Michael Tsarion videos, I would assume you would acknowledge that?

Eric another thing,even if the ISS films are fake that proves nothing with regards to flat Earth,as they are likely deceiving,but not in the way you envisage.Again the same applies for the videos that show no horizon, you cannot rest your theory on that, when I could just say it was down to a lens and the stars are not fixed, as Noted by the Inuit and Me,the Earth is being thrown off axis by the gravitational force of PX and as for the Sun and Moon being the same size? This is explained by it being brought into orbit and perfectly positioned by ETs..This grand conspiracy needs studying in every subject and area and you have overlooked a wealth of info (which I previously provided)

So to the yourself a favour and visit zeta and the

Kind regards Eric

All the best

Johnny 😃

Unknown said...

Hey Eric, I'm trying to get my head around couple of things.. and wanted to know your take on this...

1. If we look at the earth flat the boarder of Siberia and Alaska would be either side of earth.. correct?
So in that sense your telling me that no one has traveled from Siberia end to Alaska? I think you find that they have.. and then therefore it has to mean that the earth must be joined and this means it's a circle.. hence round not a flat plane... So this is what I dont get..

2. To support your theory that it's flat.. If the earth is round what I dont get is .. how would I in Sydney see the same star constellations as someone in Iceland? If the earth is indeed round, then in my logic it's a ball and the view from the TOP of the ball to the BOTTOM of the wall would be totally different.. the same star constellations cannot be seen...surly it be out of view no?
But in a flat situation it's the same view..

So i guess I have a question to support and a question to challenge the flat earth theory.. thoughts?

Anonymous said...

I just made a visit to Zeta I think its a pretty stupid web site. What the hell is a Zeta?? Are Zeta's aliens?? They sure do not know how to set up a decent web site. They hate Putin, I think that is the hole reason for the site.

Anonymous said...

I REFUSE TO BUY YOUR SHIT KICKING BOOK YOU IGNORANT PIECE OF SHIT. YOU ARE THE WORST TYPE OF PERSON. SPREADING IGNORACE AND PREYING ON OTHER MORONS THAT BELIEVE YOU WITH ZERO EVIDENCE TO BACK IT UP AND WHEN SOMEONE ASKS YOU TO ANSWER A SIMPLE QUESTION YOU TELL THEM TO BUY YOU SHIT SO YOU CAN MAKE MONEY INSTEAD OF JUST GIVING AN ANSWER. WHY CANT YOU JUST ANSWER THE QUESTION? WHY DO I HAVE TO BUY YOUR SHIT BOOK TO GET THE ANSWERS. IF YOUR CLAIMS HAD EVIDENCE WHY ARENT MORE PEOPLE AWARE OF THEM? Earth is not FLAT but its not a ball either, its spherical and bulges out towards the middle. That is scientific FACT! If you seriously think that all images taken from space are CGI I would love to hear how they were able to make such beautiful high quality pictures with computers in the 1960' and 1970's. Do you remember what computers were like in the 1960's and 70's? Were you even alive then? Computers would not have been able to make such beautiful pictures back then, the tech was not advanced at all. We have more tech in our cell phones now than what was on the original Apollo missions. BACK TO MY ORIGINAL ISSUE. WHAT WAS THE REASON FOR STARTING THIS CONSPIRACY? IF YOU SAY IT WAS TO JUST TO TRICK US AND POCKET THE MONEY THATS NOT AN ANSWER. THERE HAS TO BE A REASON AND NOT JUST TO FUCK WITH PEOPLE. IF YOUR SO SURE ABOUT YOUR CLAIMS WHY DONT YOU COME OUT PUBLICLY AND EXPOSE THESE FREEMASONS. WHY DO YOU HIDE BEHIND YOUR GARBAGE BLOGGER SITE? IF YOU REALLY BELIEVE IN THIS CRAP WHY DONT YOU FIND A WAY TO BRING THIS SHIT TO THE MASSES. IF WE REALLY ARE SHEEP PEOPLE WOULDNT YOU BE OBLIGATED TO LET EVERYONE KNOW THE TRUTH? UNLESS THE TRUTH YOUR SPOUTING IS COMPLETE AND UTTER GARBAGE...JUST LIKE YOUR. I HOPE YOU DIE AND THE SPHERICAL ROCK WE INHABIT CAN BREATH A SIGH OF RELIEF. You are a little bitch. If you really believed this stuff you would be doing more besides writing shitty articles on a blogger site and telling people to buy your shit books. Go on TV shows, make a podcast, make a documentay so people can come a laugh at your expense when they see what you believe. I thought religious people were bad till I found your site. Your just as bad as some religious fundamentalists only your claims come from refusing to believe science since you and your readers find science to be flawed in some way. You would not be alive today if it wasnt for science. You choose to believe the ideas of people who lived over 2000 years ago. Why cant you just accept the way the world is? Yes we live a shitty world, there is a lot wrong, but how can you stand against modern scientist and say "No everything you tell us is wrong" I hope a group of scientists come to your house, smash your face against a science text book before taking turns cock-whipping you in the face till you admit science fact is true whether you believe it or not.

Anonymous said...

Eric is a unfuckable white guy that has no love in his life so he makes wild accusations about modern science since he is not desired by members of either sex. No happy, sane person would ever believe something like this. Eric needs a hug and someone to tell him "No one wants to fuck you" Its okay Eric, you are just like all those fat, bearded white guys that go looking for Bigfoot, you reached a point in your life where you just decided to give up and suspend rational thought and dive head first into the deep-end of conspiracy. You're not the first guy to do so and you wont be the last.

Anonymous said...

You're awfully vague in your explaination of this. The top picture of your post pokes fun at NASA saying "Never a straight answer". I think the same could be said for your so called "evidence"

Anonymous said...

Space travel is a hoax? Yeah Bigfoot is also real, the moon is made of cheese and our earth is also hollow. Who the fuck reads this shit?

Anonymous said...

Do you believe in global warming? If you do and for some reason actually do believe the earth is flat, what is going to happen to that ring of ice that surrounds our "disc" when the earth warms them enough to melt them? Are our NASA overlords guarding it going to fall off?

Eric Dubay said...

Joey, that time-travel teleportation stuff is completely bogus disinfo like the Philadelphia experiment to occupy your mind and keep you busy chasing phantoms, such things are physically and philosophically impossible. Good points about the "vacuum of space" Steamship. Johnny, you and that ZetaTalk lady are leading people astray with Planet X non-sense. How many false predictions of exact dates for Planet X's arrival has she flubbed up now? Many. She's just like the rapture prediction people giving dates then when they pass by with nothing happening, just move the date back and claim "Jesus" or in her case "the Zeta aliens" ran into a problem, or couldn't come at that time and had to post-pone. I don't know how anyone can seriously believe this Planet X Zeta Talk alien stuff Johnny, but feel free to post any evidence here in the comments section. I'm willing to listen if you've got actual evidence for these outlandish claims.

u always blame everything on the Masons, which is in part true, but they are just a branch of the hidden ET hand and as for the Sun and Moon being the same size? This is explained by it being brought into orbit and perfectly positioned by ETs

The Sun and Moon were created the same size by the intelligent consciousness that created Earth and the heavens, not "ETs." And ET's were created by Masons like Steven Spielberg, you need to get off those alien websites and come back down to the flat Earth:

The Masonic Truth Behind Aliens/UFOs

Eric Dubay said...

Ali, yes the Earth is a flat plane disc shape with an Antarctic ice circumference and North Pole in the middle-point, directly in line below Polaris the North star at the top of the dome of the heavens. Due to the law of perspective the further South you travel from the North Pole the further downwards Polaris appears in the night sky, until at about the Tropic of Capricorn it completely disappears from sight. This is due to the law of perspective on plane surfaces, not the Earth being a ball.

Viewed from a ball-Earth, Polaris, situated straight over the North Pole, should not be visible anywhere in the Southern Hemisphere. For Polaris to be seen from the Southern Hemisphere of a globular Earth, the observer would have to be somehow looking “through the globe,” and miles of land and sea would have to be transparent.

“If the Earth is a sphere and the pole star hangs over the northern axis, it would be impossible to see it for a single degree beyond the equator, or 90 degrees from the pole. The line-of-sight would become a tangent to the sphere, and consequently several thousand miles out of and divergent from the direction of the pole star. Many cases, however, are on record of the north polar star being visible far beyond the equator, as far even as the tropic of Capricorn.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Earth Not a Globe, 2nd Edition” (41)

“The astronomers' theory of a globular Earth necessitates the conclusion that, if we travel south of the equator, to see the North Star is an impossibility. Yet it is well known this star has been seen by navigators when they have been more than 20 degrees south of the equator. This fact, like hundreds of other facts, puts the theory to shame, and gives us a proof that the Earth is not a globe.” -William Carpenter, “100 Proofs the Earth is Not a Globe” (71)

To account for this glaring problem in their model, desperate heliocentrists since the late 19th century have claimed the ball-Earth actually tilts a convenient 23.5 degrees back on its vertical axis. Even this brilliant revision to their theory cannot account for the visibility of many other constellations though. For instance, Ursa Major, very close to Polaris, can be seen from 90 degrees North latitude (the North Pole) all the way down to 30 degrees South latitude. The constellation Vulpecula can be seen from 90 degrees North latitude, all the way to 55 degrees South latitude. Taurus, Pisces and Leo can be seen from 90 degrees North all the way to 65 degrees South. Aquarius and Libra can be seen from 65 degrees North to 90 degrees South! The constellation Virgo is visible from 80 degrees North down to 80 degrees South, and Orion can be seen from 85 degrees North all the way to 75 degrees South latitude! An observer on a ball-Earth, regardless of any tilt or inclination, should not logically be able to see this far.

Eric Dubay said...

“Another thing is certain, that from within the equator the north pole star, and the constellations Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, and many others, can be seen from every meridian simultaneously; whereas in the south, from the equator, neither the so-called south pole star, nor the remarkable constellation of the Southern Cross, can be seen simultaneously from every meridian, showing that all the constellations of the south - pole star included - sweep over a great southern arc and across the meridian, from their rise in the evening to their setting in the morning. But if the earth is a globe, Sigma Octantis, a south pole star, and the Southern Cross, a southern circumpolar constellation, they would all be visible at the same time from every longitude on the same latitude, as is the case with the northern pole star and the northern circumpolar constellations. Such, however, is not the case.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (286)

Some heliocentrists have even tried to suggest that the Pole Star’s gradual declination overhead as an observer travels southwards is proof of a globular Earth. Far from it, the declination of the Pole Star or any other object is simply a result of the Law of Perspective. The Law of Perspective dictates that the angle and height at which an object is seen diminishes the farther one recedes from the object, until at a certain point the line of sight and the seemingly uprising surface of the Earth converges to a vanishing point (i.e. the horizon line) beyond which the object is invisible.

“If we select a flat street a mile long, containing a row of lamps, it will be noticed that from where we stand the lamps gradually decline to the ground, the last one being apparently quite on the ground. Take the lamp at the end of the street and walk away from it a hundred yards, and it will appear to be much nearer the ground than when we were close to it; keep on walking away from it and it will appear to be gradually depressed until it is last seen on the ground and then disappears. Now, according to the astronomers, the whole mile was only depressed about eight inches from one end to the other, so that this 8 in. could not account for the enormous depression of the light as we recede from it. This proves that the depression of the Pole Star can and does take place in relation to a flat surface, simply because we increase our distance from it, the same as from the street lamp. In other words, the further away we get from any object above us, as a star for example, the more it is depressed, and if we go far enough it will sink (or appear to sink) to the horizon and then disappear. The writer has tried the street lamp many times with the same result.” -Thomas Winship, “Zetetic Cosmogeny” (34)

Eric Dubay said...

So in short, it's not nearly as simple as they claim with one set of stars seen in the North and another set seen everywhere in the South, as it would be on a ball. Rather based on where you are on the disc of the Earth will determine the position, direction and appearance of the various stars/constellations spinning around us like a planetarium dome.

“It has often been urged that the earth must be a globe, because the stars in the southern ‘hemisphere’ move round a south polar star; in the same way that those of the north revolve round the northern pole star. This is another instance of the sacrifice of truth, and denial of the evidence of our senses for the purpose of supporting a theory which is in every sense false and unnatural. It is known to every observer that the north pole star is the centre of a number of constellations which move over the earth in a circular direction. Those nearest to it, as the ‘Great Bear,’ etc. are always visible in England during their whole twenty-four hours' revolution. Those further away southwards rise north-north-east, and set south-south-west; still further south they rise east by north, and set west by north. The farthest south visible from England, the rising is more to the east and south-east, and the setting to the west and south-west. But all the stars visible from London rise and set in a way which is not compatible with the doctrine of rotundity. For instance, if we stand with our backs to the north, on the high land known as ‘Arthur's Seat,’ near Edinburgh, and note the stars in the zenith of our position, and watch for several hours, the zenith stars will gradually recede to the north-west. If we do the same on Woodhouse Moor, near Leeds, or on any of the mountain tops in Yorkshire or Derbyshire, the same phenomenon is observed. The same thing may be seen from the top of Primrose Hill, near Regent's Park, London; from Hampstead Heath; or Shooter's Hill, near Woolwich. If we remain all night, we shall observe the same stars rising towards our position from the north-east, showing that the path of all the stars between ourselves and the northern centre move round the north pole-star as a common centre of rotation; just as they must do over a plane such as the earth is proved to be. It is undeniable that upon a globe zenith stars would rise, pass over head, and set in the plane of the observer's position. If now we carefully watch in the same way the zenith stars from the Rock of Gibraltar, the very same phenomenon is observed. The same is also the case from Cape of Good Hope, Sydney and Melbourne in Australia, in New Zealand, in Rio Janeiro, Monte Video, Valparaiso, and other places in the south. If then the zenith stars of all the places on the earth, where special observations have been made, rise from the morning horizon to the zenith of an observer, and descend to the evening horizon, not in a plane of the position of such observer, but in an arc of a circle concentric with the northern centre, the earth is thereby proved to be a plane, and rotundity altogether disproved - shown, indeed, to be impossible.” -Dr. Samuel Rowbotham, “Zetetic Astronomy, Earth Not a Globe!” (284-6)

Eric Dubay said...

Earth is not FLAT but its not a ball either, its spherical and bulges out towards the middle. That is scientific FACT!

Yes, Neil DeGrasse Tyson Says the Earth is Pear-Shaped yet NASA's own pictures show a perfect sphere, why is that?

The unfuckable guy gave my fiance a good chuckle, thanks for that. And for the other Anonymous, man-made global warming is just a UN scheme to get the first world tax passed on carbon emissions. They're busy filling their pockets with our tax money, not "saving the world." Your masters are not as benevolent as you think.

Joey said...

Eric, do you think this Bradley Loves person Aka whoever, is a disinfo agent?

Unfortunately much of what he/she writes, seems to be close, if not spoton!

For example, he/she mentions the Dark, or Black Magicians, of how they are using certain words, in order to hold us captive! It is called WORD MAGIC!

This is why Jean Haines, wrote a SAMPLE working declaration, in order to help to SHUT them down!


Are you absolutely sure, that they are not able to time travel as they please & mess around with people?

It certainly boggles the mind, if this is true! Why does God allow them to do these crimes, unless the Creator is powerless to stop them?

This is why Jean wrote that declaration!

Let me know plz, what you think. I hope you'll be able to assure us, that they aren't allowed to do this & to back it up (if possible)?

Joey said...

What about project 'Blue Beam'?

If there are no satellites, how are they able to accomplish that, without any?

Anonymous said...

It makes me laugh how people hark on mainstream science(seance) just like the religious tout their sacred scriptures. "Science" is just another religion and I lost faith in it in high school. Follow your intuition and what you see with your eyes(all three), that is where true wisdom lies.

Kris said...

This may be a stupid question. But, can you not see satellites through telescopes?

Unknown said...

Eric .. you kinda missed this comment though "1. If we look at the earth flat the boarder of Siberia and Alaska would be either side of earth.. correct?
So in that sense your telling me that no one has traveled from Siberia end to Alaska? I think you find that they have.. and then therefore it has to mean that the earth must be joined and this means it's a circle.. hence round not a flat plane... So this is what I dont get.. "

Anonymous said...

So you dont believe in Global Warming either...ok your ignorance is overwhelming. When all the ice on Greenland melts and raises global sea levels I hope you're one of the first to drown.

Anonymous said...

Sooo your saying from this article that we've never been to space EVER? There's no satellites, ISS or space junk floating above us? If there arent satellites orbiting the planet then how do you explain how GPS works? We use satellites for televisions, phones, GPS, environmental monitoring, space exploration and security and you think they cant survive in the thermosphere? Where did you get your data from? Have you ever tried to launch a satellite yourself? If you've studied science or satellites I seriously doubt your credibility

Unknown said...

I see that in the ancient times the indigenous cultures believed the earth was flat. It seems like maybe after the middle ages groups like the Freemasons and the Illuminati took all the information from ancient times and basically made it there own reality to control the masses around the world. For those of you who are praising science have to realize modern science has been manipulated like religion into controlling people. Its like a big monopoly game to trick you. I dont believe a word what NASA says about outer space, even the new age movements are caught up in the alien agenda or they make up lies about how there are many habital planets similar to earth that other species live on. One thing that is just hitting me now is how can there be so many satellites in outer space without not of them gettings damged by so called solar flares. The sun and moon seem to be much closer than what they claim. Scientists like Neil Degrasse Tyson can't even agree if the earth is round or pear shaped, the pear shaped theory is new to me and even sounds dumber than a round earth. If the earth is round why isnt the oceans curved, why is everything horizontal. When the sun rises and sets why does it go up and down horizontally, that means the earth is stationary.A flat plane earth doesnt have an edge, but a round earth would if everything curved instead of going horizontally.

Eric Dubay said...

Joey, yes, I promise you time-travel and teleportation are physically and philosophically impossible due to many unresolvable paradoxes, and ANYONE claiming to be a physical time-traveler or having physically teleported is lying to you and you need your bullshit-radar checked. Of course disinfo agents mix plenty of good, true information with the misinfo so it will take effect. Anyone spouting 100% misinfo would never be believed so you must mix credible information in. Blue beam works from the ground, they can project and bounce off the "ionosphere" like they do with HAARP, see what they did with the "Norway Spiral" as an example.

You cannot see satellites through telescopes Kris. You can see stars, planes, drones, government "UFO" craft, and their ISS hologram though.

Ali, yes, I specified a "flat plane disc" meaning it is circular. The Antarctic ice encircles the oceans, so that is circular, but whether the ice terminates eventually in an edge, a barrier like a dome, or whether it's an infinite plane is still unknown.

For the satellite Anonymous, those questions are addressed in the satellite video you must not have watched. And thanks for another great comment Rahsaan, I agree completely with your analysis, thanks! Peace

Jamie Lee said...

Back to gravity and all that implies, since this is the lynchpin of the geo vs. flat argument.

From earth we are told that gravity dissipates the further one travels into space where microgravity is reached and astro-nots can fly around unencumbered by Earth's gravity.

So Earth's gravitational pull us limited.

The Moon's gravity is 1/6th the Earth's and is some 238,000 miles from the Earth. And it's gravity must dissipate at some level as well.

So how the hell can the significantly lower power, dissipating Moon's gravity, move our massive oceans up and down in tidal changes, causing an ellipidoid Earth?

Additionally, the Earth is said to be tilted on its back at 23.5 degees which means that gravity must be greater on the "backside" when 1/2 of the Mother Ship is on her back no?

So, take a tennis ball and a drill. Attach a drill bit to the ball and fire it up.

The water sprays out due to centrifugal force in all directions.

Yet the Earth, rotating at 1,000 mph per day, every day while traveling at more than 1,000 miles per second, never releases outward, always holding everything in due to gravity's pull form Earth.

So at what change in size does gravitational Newton Law change 180?

Oh yea, except when you reach outer space, then it is minimal.

Except the Moon has herculean pull over Earths to move our oceans.

What a bunch of nonsense and crap we've been spoon fed.

remember, the Vatican were the first to put up modern observatories.

The Guttenberg press was developed in the same century period as did the theories of Copernicus, Newton and Galileo.

Previously, the Vatican held all the books of knowledge, so they had the once in humanity time to create the "Big Cosmo Story".

The Nazi scientists who designed and built the V2 Buzz bombs that reigned down on our allies went to run NASA after Operation Paperclip with complete complicity of the U.S. Government.

DARPA released the internet to the public in 1995. They had photoshop long before the public.

...and if you take the T off then end of the word "Planet" you get PLANE!

Hence air-on-plane...or horizontal...or flat, straight, like a carpenters plane. Get it?

Keep fighting Eric, stay calm and state facts and observations.

Many more will get it over time.

Eric Dubay said...

Great points Jamie, thanks for that! Peace

Anonymous said...,fl_progressive,q_80,w_636/u3e4iyp1mshev3x4gkld.jpg

^^Look its a picture of a REAL satellite! Oh wait its just a giant troll by the government...I guess everything about this article is a troll right?

Unknown said...

Eric... I finally got how it can be 'flat' and be circular.. OMG took me like a week.. hahah just googled flat earth map and makes sense.. I'm not sure if you have such image in your article but made more sense once you see the possible image. Interesting.. still very odd that anyone would try to make all this effort to fool 7 billion ppl .. but hey never say never..

Oriel said...

Hi there Eric,

Long time reader of your blog and firstly, I would like to thank you for the great work you are doing exposing this global conspiracy. I fell upon your blog a few years back and I admit that it has really awakened me on how deep the rabbit hole goes. the flat earth theory is something I would have probably rejected a few years back, but ever since realizing that we have been lied on absolutely everything, this flat earth theory makes more sense than a spherical earth. I live in Cape Town and I go watch the sunset almost everyday where you can clearly sea that the earth is flat. It makes so much more sense and it is clear that the Sun is not 150 million km away as NASA makes it out to be. I have a question regarding the sun and would like your opinion on it. Have you heard of an electrical engineer Eric Dollard? Some label him as the closest thing to Tesla left in this world. he claims that the sun is hollow.

I would like your take on that!

Continue the great work!

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Oriel, thanks for the message! Interesting videos, I noticed Eric Dollard mentioned "The Earth actually wobbled in its orbit from the solar flare," which is silly since Earth has no orbit or wobble ever, but that's all part of the usual conditioning, so he doesn't know any better. I agree the Sun isn't "burning" anything, he also says the Sun is "hollow" meaning there's not much matter to it and I agree with that. Whether it's a "convertor from another dimension" is tough to confirm or deny, but a neat theory. I also agree that starlight doesn't take "light-years" to get here, as he admitted "it might be instantaneous." The stars are not trillions of miles away, they are only a few thousand miles away, and they are not distant suns in other "solar systems," but tiny round luminaries circling over and around the Earth. Peace

Jamie Lee said...

I cannot find a flat earth model that will show how the Sun light is consistent with our known daylight and darkness times.

On Summer solstace, when Sun is closest to center in N. Hemisphere, the light and dark days are equal. There should be a model to show this for FE'ers to examine?

does the fact that the true circumference of the outer edges of Earth not being disclosed effect the model created below and it's conclusion?

just wandering...

Anonymous said...

Please tell me your next article will be about how bigfoot is real.

Anonymous said...

The stars are not trillions of miles away, they are only a few thousand miles away

Our moon is ~238,900 miles away from Earth. If stars were only a few thousand miles away then we'd be burned alive from them being in such close proximity. Our sun is ~92,960,000 miles from Earth and can still kill us from being outside too long. If our sun (which is a star) was only a few thousand miles from earth we would not be in the habitable zone that allows life to spawn on a planet. How can you say the stars are only a few thousand miles away. Where are you getting your data from?

Anonymous said...

Let's just say you're right about this flat earth stuff, and space travel hoax; SO WHAT! springs to mind!

It doesn't require too much analysis to work out that the bedrock of all conspiricy theorists is that they are trying to prove just one thing. That thing is that of a 'New World Order', being formed as an easier way of controlling people without them questioning it, because historically for governments it's these 'questions', which have been their biggest nightmare to deal with. They just want servile slaves who are happy enough to shut up, and get on with their 'job/s.'

The thing is that 'the players' of this chess like game, (which IS the only thing most of us already know is happening), are so good at it that there's little we can actually do about it.

Granted, Eric, they allow you your freedom of speech, but your ideas wont come to much except your own little wage packet from publishings of your books, and your own little soapbox of self expression.

There is nothing that can be done to stop the NWO. 'They', are at the 'top of their game', they are 'the best chess players in the world'! They own the land, make the laws, have the power to brainwash people, start wars,stop wars, we are basically at their mercy.

When you think along these lines it's quite nice that they allow us to talk on forums like this. They have a human side, our set of 'players', that is. But, comeon Eric, you yourself must know of other 'players', of the game who won't allow their people such 'freedoms of speech and communications', of such subjects. Countries where internet is tightly controlled if not banned, spring to mind.

Say whatever you want to say Eric, you can say whatever you like. It's all about NWO. If they own the land then they own the food, the water on it, where you can put your house. They OWN YOU!

And they have their trained adrenaline junkies more interested in bodybuilding than critical thinking wha are more than happy to enforce the laws for a paycheck so they can keep on training their body with weights and protein powders whilst manicuring their carefully cultivated ego's based on narcissm and some baloney belief like that of 'The American Dream!'


Anon the mouse.

Anonymous said...


In case you're wondering why im saying this?

It's because the reasons you offer to explain why they are doing these hoaxes do not seem to add up to much. Why? Because they have already total control of the people if truth be known.

Granted, some of these changing beliefs may have contributed, and may even act as 'some sort if insurance policy of guaranteed dominance', in the game of mind control.

But truly, he who owns the land, and can enforce such ownership, truly OWNS mankind!

NO REAL NEED for any additional gimmicks.

Anon the moose.

Joey said...

Eric, I'd appreciate it, what your thoughts are on this, is there any truth therein, I hope there isn't any, because I find this is disturbing info!

I hope you can assure us, that this article is total 'disinfo' or most of it anyway!

Looking forward hearing from you!

Joey said...

Pardon, I forgot to insert the link, was in a rush, sorry!

Eric, this is the link to the article, plz let us know, whether any of it, is true or not?

Alien Agenda XIX: High-tech Soul-snatching and the long planned Final Solution!

Some Secret Space War Contractors and Secret Agencies have been infiltrated, mind-kontrolled and hijacked by Alien ETs who are deploying an incredibly Evil Agenda which includes the use of high powered Psychotronics to mind-kontrol the masses, Terra-forming to prepare the Earth for Alien Settlements, followed by a planned near total extermination of humans. All Americans must learn the truth and withdraw consent by taking back our USG from the Organized Crime Cabal which has been hijacked by Evil Alien ETs and is doing its “Dirty Work.”


Eric Dubay said...

Hey Joey, I'm starting to think you just scour the internet for the most ridiculous articles you can find and then half-believe everything you read! :) You are clearly very open-minded which is excellent, but only half of the equation. Keen discernment and weighing of evidence is the other half. There is no producible evidence of time-travel, teleportation, "evil alien ETs," "Dracos," "Zeta Aliens," or many other such things you're far too ready to accept on blind faith. Keep up the open-minded investigations but give more credence and attention to matters with abundant evidence/proof and less to those without. Peace!

Tina van der Walt said...

hi Eric, I watched your doc on the flat earth last night, and was bombed out!! Especially the bit about the sun not being so far away as Nasa claims it to be, I somehow always thought that the moon and the sun looks like the exact same size. So the solar flares, and the pics that the Zeta's and other post are also bullshit? What is your idea of chemtrails, Ive always wondered how ""they"" manage to cover the whole ball earth with chemtrails at the same time, there must be thousand and thousand of pilots doing this every day. the way I feel today, after watching your doc, is like I dont believe ANYTHING anymore, Im thinking most of the Spiritual stuff Ive read over the past few years is also nonsense. What about reincarnation and the concept of a prison planet, that we keep going after the white light, and then end up coming back to earth time after time. Is the dome over the flat earth stoppping us from leaving this ""plane""?

Grumble said...

Keep it up Eric,
Get em thinking,
and even keeping your cool when some anonymous ****** starts bitching,
much respect for you bro.
As for the believing part,
don't believe shit,
as long as a theory is not tested/experienced/confirmed,
anything and everything remains possible, though with more or less probability possible nonetheless.
And even when somethiing's experienced with our senses,
keep in mind senses can be fooled as well hahaha
Have a good day/night everyone,
Namaste! <3

The American Underground said...


This is one of the great debates of our century. It is obvious that we are being lied to but to what extent? Even if the moon landing was faked, we have far greater concerns when looking into the objectives of a Space program gone rouge.
There is considerable fear in the NASA community as evidenced by many of their employees "freaking out". Not to mention multiple scientists who turn up dead in suspicious circumstances. Something is going on. Not only are the pictures coming in STILL black and white (for the most part) but they are also digital. The images of today seem no better than the images of the original Viking missions sent back over 40 fricking years ago! And the fact that these images are now sent in pixels; not only are they easily modified but most importantly; easily ENCODED. If you had the proper programs you could see the three dimensional images embedded in the 2-D plane... there is more, so much more...

Vihaan Kumar said...

Vedic perspective of flat earth. Good read.

Unknown said...

Hey Eric,

Is there any possibility your book "the flat earth conspiracy" gets translated to german ?

Axel Klitzke does it for the english people.

would be fair :p

Sorry for my poor english.


Unknown said...

My bad he didnt...just auto english subtitle link.

Sorry for that.

Damn english people get no chance to understand axel kltzkes genuis thoughts and german people vice versa with you eric.

My father is 50+ and he never learned english.


Eric Dubay said...

Hey, glad you enjoyed the documentary Tina! Chemtrails are certainly being sprayed all over the skies, you might want to see the Chemtrails section. As for reincarnation and spirituality, those are two of the main subjects explored in my book Spiritual Science you might want to check out.

Thanks for the encouragement Grumble! Good points American Underground. Thanks for the Vedic Cosmology link Vihaan, I have looked into that quite a bit and included it in my Ancient Flat Earth Beliefs video. And C13, I would certainly love to have people translate my books but I couldn't offer any money for it, and not sure how publishing in several languages would work with Lulu, interesting idea though. Peace!

Unknown said...

Hey Eric,

I appreciate your quick response.

"A radical solution for translation costs."
"Indie Translators: Money Is Waiting"

I would love to hear your opinion about Axel Klitzkes "Measure of God and Apocrypha".

He explains god with math and digs deep into freemasonry.
Maybe the best thing out there...but it is 7,5 hours long and most people just miss it due the length.
The english subs are handwritten.

He shows how the inauguarotion actually worked (all three mastergrades 11+22+33 )

Love your work Eric !
Keep it up

Anonymous said...

You might have answered this question, but please do answer it again if you will. I believe you about satellites being a hoax.

But satellites being a hoax, then how does that play into the satellite TV thing where the dish on your roof has to be aimed at the "satellite" in the sky? It actually happens that if the dish is aimed at the wrong point in the sky, then you don't pick up anything.

Anonymous said...

Okay, I answered my own question. Went to your video about satellites being fake. And in the comments, you answered that the "satellite" dish is not facing up, but at 45 degrees or lower, because they're just picking up signal from ground-based towers.

Which makes sense because, they have to be precisely aimed at the towers.

Which also makes sense because, if the "satellites" are moving around, then the dish would have to be moving too.

Anonymous said...

Here's the thing. It's easy to prove space travel actually happened. In the 60s, more than anything else, the Soviet Union didn't want the US getting to the moon. It was a pride thing. You damn well know the Soviets reviewed every frame of footage looking for trickery. They never called us out, they never said we're lying. They would have if we were faking the moon landing or anything else space related.

And I've just debunked your entire theory with a single paragraph. Sorry, man, next time you start making things up, try to have them make sense.

Eric Dubay said...

You're clueless to how controlled opposition works Anonymous. Russia, Iran, etc. are not "at war" or "at odds" with America anymore than Hulk Hogan is really fighting the Macho Man. They are all owned and paid by Vince McMann's NWO New World Order. The wars are a racket as General Smedley Butler proved in his book; bankers, corporations and governments collude to create wars for profit. You can see pictures of Putin in Freemasonic dress, and Ahmenajhad giving Freemasonic hand-signs, but then you believe they are really at war with Obama and his Freemasonic hand-signs. As George Carlin said, "they're all part of the big club, and you ain't in it." The Cold War, just like NASA and the Space Race, played the American and Russian tax farms off one another while the political class amassed hundreds of billions of dollars of wealth while giving their populations fake nuclear weapons and fake space programs.

Anonymous said...

Eric, in your Feb. 3, 2015 8:37 PM comment, you said:

"Again, "the vacuum of space" is impossible because this "vacuum" is in no way separated from the atmospheres of the over one septillion ball-planets they claim exist. They want you to think as you rise from Earth you have less atmosphere, less atmosphere, less, less, until finally you suddenly go weightless and space magically becomes a vacuum even though it is not separated in anyway from the non-vacuum you just came from."

But the atmosphere DOES get thinner, the higher up one travels - any mountaineer can tell you this. It's why nearly all attempts to climb the highest mountain peaks require oxygen bottles. One doesn't even need to be a mountaineer to experience that the air pressure is progressively less at higher and higher altitudes. I once experienced this myself at about 7,000 feet in the mountains of northern Arizona - totally winded and light-headed after running only about 50 feet to catch a bus (I live at sea level and I'm a fairly regular jogger in pretty good shape). Also, the thinner air pressure at high altitudes is the reason aircraft need to have pressurized cabins if they travel higher than about 15,000 feet, otherwise the pilots and passengers would black out from lack of oxygen.

This alone, in my view, disproves your claim that the Earth is flat - the atmosphere DOES get "less and less" as you go higher!

Also, how do you explain that the Sun and Moon appear larger when they're on the horizon than when directly overhead? As everyone knows, this occurs because the Sun's or Moon's light shines through more of the Earth's atmosphere when on the horizon (possible only with a globe Earth), and this produces a "magnifying glass" effect on the Sun's or Moon's apparent size in the sky. If the Earth was flat and the Sun was only 32 miles wide and 3,000 miles from Earth, as you ridiculously claim, it would appear the same size on the horizon as it does when directly overhead.

I agree that there's some type of massive coverup going on involving Freemasons, NASA, and manned space flight. After researching it for several years, I definitely think the Apollo moon landings were hoaxed, and I now suspect that the ISS is a hoax, too. I suspect the real reason for the NASA hoaxes is that deep-space radiation makes extended human space travel impossible, and the money given to NASA for manned space travel has really gone into secret military "black projects." No "flat Earth" theory necessary.

I think you are barking up the wrong tree with this "flat Earth" nonsense, and leading gullible people astray. In fact, I suspect that you are deliberately trying to distract people from the real NASA conspiracies by promoting this ridiculous "flat Earth" theory. By mixing a little truth about NASA hoaxes and Freemasons with the patently ridiculous "flat Earth" theory, I suspect that you are trying to make anyone who questions NASA look like a kook: "See! These kooks who question the Apollo moon landings even believe that the Earth is flat! They're all complete idiots and nutcases!" Isn't that your real purpose for pushing this "flat Earth" nonsense? You say that you're a yoga instructor in Bangkok, but I'm not buying it. Do you really work for NASA, by any chance?

Anonymous said...

As a reputed french politician said Talleyrand : " More terrible than calomny this is : the truth!"
THere are so many layers:
- Pseudo scientific lies as of today unexplained
*Low earth orbit issues and radiations
* General mechanics
- More opposing are the integrated layers of beliefs and belief systems in the people's head

Western people base their socalled "technical superiority" on the moon project at an unconscient level...

I support your approach of questionning everything.


I have 2 question as I have researched this subject also.

So many people work in satellite business I have problem
I got the specs of satellites (frecnh) from friends working there

How can they fool thousands of people who have the impression of piloting those satellites ?

Otherwise radiation protection procedures consists of
- Triple motherboard for control in case any of the 3 aiutonomous flashes
- 20 cm lead protection on all sides
- Machine and motherboards switched off in the energy belts

Even, then they regularly lose control of satellites temporarily due to energy particles fields

Seemed credible to me this, machines can barely pass but no man...

Keep going and arguing !

Take care

Unknown said...

Thanks Eric, for your awesome work, please keep this up I've actually got 3 believers
Its been rough but this needs to be out.

mutchie said...

I truly believe you are onto something here Eric - Armstrong's speech said there are places to go beyond belief for those that can remove one of truths protective layers ... What do you think he meant by that ??? A flat earth .... Seriously can you imagine the outrage & the shift in paradigm that would follow ?? Is this the great Deception they spoke of ?? Could we not start a fund of some sort to PROVE the flat earth ??

What do you think Eric ? How would we go about proving it once & for all ?

Good day to you my friend from Aberdeen in Scotland ...Mutchie6g

Dale said...

Hi Eric,

Your case against satellites is mainly to quote NASA literature regarding the supposed temperatures in the level of atmosphere in which they fly. If this is a lie, then isn't it possible that they could fly in similar orbits (like the sun and moon) until they eventually crash to the earth or land with parachutes in the ocean? I watched a video called A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon. They suggest that all the moon walks have been staged, but that they actually filmed in a capsule flying in the atmosphere and attempt to make the earth look like a globe by filming the earth out of the round window and the lights are out in the capsule. They actually show this! This would require the capsule to actually be looking down on the earth. If the earth is flat, this would explain why they wouldn't want to actually take pictures of the earth from the satellites, so we get all the CGI. And they can be lying about how many satellites there are. What do you think? Some flat-earthers, even people who love your work are convinced they have seen satellites and they are not planes. Thanks again for all your work!


Dale said...

Of course its also possible that they were on earth and had a painting of the earth just outside the capsule window. I just find it harder to believe in fictional satellites. Didn't many people actually see Sputnik in 1957? I could easily believe that they weren't as high up as they say, so we can still see them. The fact that they gave up on the moon after three years (1969=72) but keep sending up satellites seems to support that one was a fiction and the other is not. Just trying to think it through. I appreciate any help you can offer in helping me think clearly about this. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

Reading today about New Horizons and how it's mission began 9 years ago and how it missed it's scheduled arrival time by 100 seconds. Seriously does anybody believe that? Travels supposedly 3 billion miles for 9 years lol. There is no way that we could have viewed something from 3 billion miles away either.

Unknown said...

Whats up Eric big fan here. I respect your hustle and the seriousness in which you approach the flat earth model.
You are the only flat earther who kicks fact by fact proof by proof and thats why i came to you with this question..
Ive been very interested in the gnostics and christ consciousness and so forth.
My question is do you think the gnostic belief of the demi urge matrix like system we live in correlates with the flat earth model in any way??

Mutchie said...

You ever notice how people get ANGRY when their paradigm is somehow shown to be a fake reality ?? They do that because they realise in their minds it COULD BE TRUE .... None of us will ever have proof unless we try leaving earth ourselves ... So i wander WHO really lives beyond the South pole ??? And what is the point of our lives on this plane ?? And WHY must we be fed sooo much lies ??? Respect to Eric & all the rest of you's from Scotland !!!!

Anonymous said...

1. Money is Fictitious Information that is merely TYPED into Existence, so "WHY would THEY" need Not be considered. 2. If you think Lunch must have grown in a cage with no room to move at all, then Reality might be confusing to you. 3. If you are waiting on a PSYCHOTIC Murder Enticing phallic swinging "DEITY" to establish Harmony/Peace(save the day), while babies are being Raped,we are many,many class hours behind. SYMBOLS(letters/words, numbers/math)Do NOT Control What they are Referencing. All we have learned is 1+1=2,but 1+1 has Never equaled 2. In fact there are NO LETTERS AND NO NUMBERS.

Anonymous said...

Mother can't get her comment posted?????? Boo-Hoo what will we do? Did we step on some Christian toes? Hey, your Penis is an Extended Clitoris, well so is Mine. Post it, son(the one with the Lucy Reference "1+1 has Never equalled 2" or are all of your Left Hemispheres Not RAW Yet. Stop Replying to the Hopelessly Unaware Shills. English is an INVERTED Masonic Languge. Stop playing by those Rules. Speak to Us or / are you following Yahweh's Mandate to Subdue all who can't Text???

Anonymous said...

Good Day Eric,

About Satellites & Digital TV

First of all, thank you for this blog and the massive amount of documents you published free of charge !
I had a conversation lately with one of my colleagues who knows a bit about waves and transmission.

And this is what he states :

If SATs do not exist, then the TV signals would have to be generated straight from the ground to the ""Sky"" at a certain height in order to reach the domestic dishes.
And this would imply:

- The presence of significantly high, ground-based antennas in every country in the world
- These antennas should be located roughly every mile as TV signals (found on a 11/12Ghz spectrum) do not propagate on a very long distance.

But so far, such an infrastructure does not exist. Even if it did, many people living nearby these antennas would "fry" in such terrible conditions !

Therefore, I have 2 questions for you Eric, if you will :

- If SATs dont exist, how do boats manage to get TV signals in the middle of the ocean (where obviously there are no relays)
- How is it possible to receive , for instance , Japanese TV in Europe 24/24 / with no interruption ?

On the technical side of things, can you explain what mecanism is used to propagate such high frequency waves from the ground on a very long distance and then create the "illusion" of a proper SAT system ? Indeed, these clarifications are missing on the YT video "Satellites do not exist".

Many thanks in anticipation,

Greetings from France,


Goo Henson said...

Let's rejoice in the freedom of undeclared war, T.S.A. gropings & molestations, quantitative easing, nat'l I.D. cards, warrantless searches, R.F.I.D. chips, "smart" meters, the "patriot" act, naked-body scanners, mercury-laced vaccines, chem-trails, suspension of Habeas Corpus & Posse Comitatus. Truly for you "soldiers" (who face no organized opposition, no enemy ships, no enemy planes): it's good to be home w/your families after irradiating the homes of Arab families with "depleted" uranium.

Anonymous said...

People often ask, "What is the purpose of faking space missions?" If the space missions have been faked, the odds are that the deception is part of a much larger plan to condition humanity into believing the lie that 'aliens' exist. The Bible predicts a Great Deception so powerful it will fool the entire world. More and more people are beginning to believe that this deception will be Fallen Angels presenting themselves on earth as 'aliens'. The Fallen Angels are already here, but they are just beyond the veil that separates our dimension from the heavenly realm. Even Arthur C. Clarke stated it is much more likely we will be visited by beings from another dimension, rather than by 'alien's from outer space.

Anonymous said...

There are many tv sattellites rotating around facing to earth 7/24. Many have lots of useless tv channels or even free HD channels. Why any of them not have a camera and send live video of beautiful earth so that everyone on earth see the truth. They cant do that. 2 reasons

1. Earth is flat and they dont want you to see it
2. There is nothing as satellites. Signals just get reflected from dome

Stir Fry said...

The "spinning ball earth", "planets" (really wandering stars), "galaxies", "rotation around the sun", and especially EVOLUTION were invented to plant doubt in man about a Creator and to hijack the creation.

Unknown said...

Awesome Video"s & information.
Thank You for the work and Sharing the Truth.
We shared this Video and Youtube channel with the World on Google+.
Please help us increase our followers and views by Sharing out G+ Site.

Archangels Arising

Jose Corujo said...

Don't destroy our only planet with take off and lets travel close to earth life its not science fiction read the book of Revelation and do feed our planet ...

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric, I'm not saying flat earth isn't real, I don't believe what nasa says, obviously they fake images of earth and the footage from space station is all shit, but what is the light in the sky when they say the apparent soace station is over head, you can atually see what they claim to be the iss, but if it's not then what is that light and how is it going overhead every 90 minutes? I'm just trying to understand it all that's all, if you or anyone else could reply that would be much appreciated, thanks.

Anonymous said...

Awesome work man! In 2008, I started researching WTC 7 and in 8 years, I've made it to the Flat Earth!!! Unbelievable stuff.. I bought your book too. Love it. Thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

It is funny when someone comes here and truly thinks that if they "Call you names" this is going to make someone (who has seen the truth) suddenly (renounce the truth). It's like they (the shills) have no other practical method for mind control anymore. It's hilarious. Eric's work is very focused and sincere. The Fred Flintstone style responses here, only make Eric's comments even more important. The people who "Dislike Eric's comments", do not ever offer any kind of proof to support their own beliefs. They choose to act like "Well this is true because mommy told me". It is so dumb and sad to see that. Great Work Eric. Please keep it up.

Unknown said...

You have more patience than I. Arguing with hardened globe earth cult members is like beating your head against the wall.
Best to spend time on those interested in understanding.

Blinky One said...

Hi Eric, I've been reading up on your blog for a while now and I think it's awesome and eye opening. You've helped me wake up and open my eyes! I've been a bit nervous to post anything because I'm a rookie at this whole thing and I didn't want to get laughed at, but today I wanted to ask you about something that... I'm not sure if you've talked about this yet. I was wondering what you thought about.... the moon phases. I feel that the moon phases are the moon charging and recharging. When the moon looks like a cheshire cat smile that means it is low on energy and it needs time to re-energize because it's gas tank is empty. When the moon is full that means it is 100% charged. Kind of like when we go to bed and sleep. We are re-energizing because our gas tank or our battery is low. I feel that the moon goes through the same thing since it has nothing to do with the sun light. I also feel that the sun goes through the same thing because sometimes it feel really hot and strong and other times it feel weaker and not so hot. Feel free to ban me if this makes no sense. LOL Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, people can't handle the truth, most are retards..some of the most retarded people Ive met are "educated"..sad part is, because they memorized content, regurgitated it on a test, they think they are "smart". Just laugh at their false sense of wisdom as they struggle to pay off their student loans for the next 20 years. Keep on unveiling the worlds bullshit!

Anonymous said...

Why do they always do back flips? Never forward flips, cartwheels or any other thing. When asked to show weightlessness they always do back flips.

Anonymous said...

I've watched several of these flat earth videos and I can't believe how plausible it all is. 'Flat Earth' was a term I would use to describe someone as crazy. Not anymore! Thanks Eric! I've listened to several of your interviews and definitely am seeing the world through a different lens. The shake up of my perspective is most welcome! Best of luck!

Anonymous said...

The reason they hoax us with space travel is so that nobody tries to figure out a way to leave earth. What if the ancients left? What is those "ancient astronauts" were human getting out of there, not aliens arriving? What if you don't need modern technology to travel through space (especially since modern technology, especially gas powered rockets don't work in space)? Our current leaders are happy controlling us here and don't want us trying to leave. So they convince us that the finest minds and bravest souls are trying, and failing, to find anything except dust, rocks and dirt. Except no real scientists work at NASA or for the space industry and all astronauts are actors who never even got into the live rocket.

The certainly try to sell on the "best and brightest" and "right stuff" when it's all actors pretending. Not even very good ones. Go watch the NASA MARS Rover presentation, it's a joke.

mutchie said...

I think the Earth might just be FLAT and that the South pole is actually HUGE covering the whole underside why else would ALL the countrys sign that treaty keeping everyone away till 2041 ... Its topics like this that make you realise how much we just take at face value thank Eric you have really got me thinking !!!

Unknown said...

Thnx Eric Dubay for all Your heard work and research. You'e certainly opened the eyes of this family. When can we expect some more documentaries? New Flat Earth 2016 perhaps?

Anonymous said...

just to give you something to think about, looking up and down the street where I live I have noticed all the tv satellite dishes pointing east the same as the aerials on the roof tops. shouldn't they be pointing into space towards the satellite. simple reason for this, there are no satellites.

Wolf said...

Hello again Eric, I reached this page as I was curious to know more about all the satellites that are supposidly orbiting this earth without ever crashing into one another or ever needing maintenence or repairs. I have now come to the conclusion that they are indeed just another complete hoax used to push the agenda.

The more I research your site, the more things fit into place and make perfect sense to me. I would like to thank you personally for your dedication to the truth, I would be truly lost if I had not found this wonderful website. And I am trying to read through it all but there is just so much to read and take in..I plan to buy your book soon. It is a relief to know that there are people out there who share the same views. there is so much I have to thank you for which I cannot put into words as I have never been a good writer.. but you make it look easy and your descriptions just flow so beautifully it is like reading poetry .

I have read the "anonymous" comments on your blog and these people are obvious trolls with little or no intellect,some probably paid government workers to try and discredit you and your fantastic work and try and cross examine your work and prove you wrong... Another reason they would spend all that time trying to disprove your hard, factual evidence is because they are scared of the truths you are revealing and can't accept the fact they have been taught lies their entire lives. they are happy in their own ignorant bubbles.
I guess what I'm trying to say is please don't ever let these horrible comments get you down, keep exposing the lies and honouring the truth.

Thank you.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for that great comment Wolf, I appreciate it.

Anonymous said...

It might lend a bit of credibility to the argument if these people did not present themselves as uneducated idiots by using the word Fuck every other sentence and generally just sounding like morons.

Anonymous said...

And harassing people to "admit" the truth, whatever the truth is, is not a very commendable way to go about an investigation. In fact it just makes you look more like a bunch of aggressive and rude amateurs with no credibility.

Unknown said...

I wanted to say thank you for your work on these topics Eric. I have always been one to question the motives and some of the things the powers that be try and spoon feed the population. I find it funny how angry certain people become when you try and discuse the topic of flat earth theory or the moon landing hoax. I have friends on my Facebook page that will literally get heated over the topic and fire back with condescending remarks and a bunch of other nonsense most of which has no validity to the argument. I guess some people are just too afraid to think that we have been lied to about damn near everything so it makes them angry. But the simple truth is that the only supposed proof of the globe earth is a bunch of cgi that nasa has given us lol. Anyway once again thank you Eric for all your YouTube videos and research.

Unknown said...

What causes the shadow on the moon if the earth is flat?

Anonymous said...

If they successfully convinced the world that two 110 story buildings fell in under 10 seconds while concrete and steel collapsed with it then why are we surprised if they lied about the flat earth ? I'm willing to join a trip with others who want to prove this. We are smarter than they are so let's prove it. Let's get a few hundred of us truth seekers and let's go around or across the world.

Anonymous said...

Can you explain the Sun in November, December, and January? If the Sun is making a bigger circle over a flat earth in those months, then wouldn't it be going faster? Has the speed of the Sun been measured to be faster or slower in the sky in different months? Also, how can the Southern continents experience 18 hours of light? In December, the Sun would still be closer to the North Pole (24 hours of dark) than to the dawn and dusk points in the southern continents that still are being lit by the Sun. An acceptable explanation of how the Sun operates in the South in the "Winter" months is holding me back.

My senses and observations tell me the Earth is flat and motionless, I can see the bases of buildings in Chicago from 35 miles out - seemingly impossible if the Earth were a curved globe. I have also never felt the increased rate of spin when I have travelled to southern states (the closer to the equator, the faster you are being spun around on a globe).
Thanks, Parker

Anne Welland said...

My blood boils when I hear again of this Man on the Moon Myth. The Apollo 11 mission might have taken place, but no way did they fly to the Moon. The same goes for Apollo 12, 14, etc. right the way through to Apollo 17, after which "space" missions were no longer undertaken for fear of the public’s seeing through the pitiful scam.

But I would like to draw people’s attention, here, to a greater because all the more resilient myth. Don't you agree it is strange that the inhabitants of the so-called "New World" all speak European languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese and French, for instance? The same goes for Australians, who speak English.

I am 57 years old and I’ve got around quite a bit in my life: I’ve been to Asia, and I’ve seen the lights of Africa shining at night beyond the Strait of Gibraltar. If there really are millions and millions of Americans, as some people maintain, why is it that in these 57 years I have only met four people who were under the illusion that they from beyond the Atlantic? Don’t you think it strange that in all these years I have not met a single New Zealander and only one ‘Australian’? She later admitted that she was born in Swindon! If there really are 39 million sheep in this so-called New Zealand, why is mutton as good as unaffordable?

In these same 57 years I have, on the other hand, met literally thousands of Germans, Spanish, French, Swiss, Croatians – Croatia being our favourite holiday destination – Italians, Danes, Turks, Chinese, Indians, Pakistanis etc. The list is endless. If the population of the so-called United States of America is 317.5 million, as Wikipedia would have us believe, why is it that I have never met an American? Why is it that I know far more Poles, when Poland, by the same source, has a population of only 38.2 million?

I once wanted to get to the bottom of this and booked a flight to "New York". Guess what! The flight was cancelled and my money was refunded to my bank account. Of course it was. The flight never took place. There is no such place as "New York".

Fact is: Christopher Columbus did not discover America in 1492. How could he? We know that as we reach a distance of 3,400 nautical miles (6,300 km) from the mid-point of the Earth's disc, the sky becomes so low that no reasonably sized ship can continue. I concede that in a small boat one might be able to sail a few kilometres further – maybe even 20 km. But why would anyone want to?

I suspect Columbus started this myth to save his head. The exotic birds, other animals, and people that he brought back as "proof" were all taken from parts of Africa that were still unknown at that time, which explains why some inhabitants of the "New World" bear an incontestable resemblance to Africans. But, heck! Surely the name alone – the "New World" – is enough to make any sensible person smell a rat. The fact that the space shuttle (which is little more than a glorified aeroplane) is called Columbus says everything!

If the truth be known, the Man on the Moon Myth is a trivial matter unworthy of any self-respecting, modern-minded individual. We are wasting our time and breath discussing trifling, marginal issues like that when there are far more pertinacious myths such as Columbus’ discovery of a New World that are crying out for our attention. We must also be asking ourselves who is responsible for these conspiracies. In plain words: Who has most to gain from these lies? Who is lining his pocket?

You can’t pull the wool over everyone’s eyes: there aren’t enough sheep!

jsmappy said...

Eric - great site. Bravo.

As to Anne's comment. Yes Anne, I live in the United States and there are over 300 Million people here and thanks to our idiot that is posing as a President - more every day. Oh, how I wish you were right. Yes, New York exists. Yes there were Twin Towers. No, no planes hit the Twin Towers.

Anonymous said...


I have enjoyed the info and videos you've posted. Great work! My question is as follows: Do you have any accounts of people discussing what today we think are satellites travelling the night sky? I know you've discussed "wandering stars", but in the 1940s and 1950s people would've seen what we think today are satellites as satellites are modern developments but a hoax. That means those lights we see that look like stars cutting across the night sky must have been observed in the fairly recent past. Surely Americans and Europeans in the 1950s had a comment on the wandering star. Do we have any of those accounts? Ever since I was young, i was told those lights moving at a clip across the sky were satellites. What was a child in the 1950's USA told they were? Thanks again.

Anonymous said...

Hey Eric,

Thanks for all of your research and work. Really eye-opening stuff.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed reading these all theses comments, especially those who can't fathom why some one would fake something so they can steal millions of dollars,or how science is always right...that's why two years later 'scientists' come out and dis prove what they proved two years back all the time. It's theory.. Ain't no body going to space aint no missions money is the goal and yes conspiracy theorist take it one step too far but the most logical expansion is that it's all fake.I'm sure all you with your huge brains can figure that bout a look at the photos nasa just released of Saturn...a 12 year old kid with photo shop could make mote convincing images. They spit in your face and the masses swallow. Nice blog. Nice theory

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I myself often wondered whether space was a hoax, or if the NASA conspiracy was to simply hide what actually existed in space. I know astral travellers who have the ability to willingly leave their bodies-I wonder if they could travel up that far to see what is actually up there? Lol

aysar123 said...

Thanks Eric for this blogg and I just can't believe it that NASA could fooled us all this long time ... F**k them.

Anonymous said...

What about the water in the toilet bowls circling down differently in different hemispheres? Please explain that to me? Thanks Dana

Anonymous said...

I live south of the imaginary line known as the equator and my sinks/toilet all spin exactly like they did in the northern hemisphere. You can read more here...

Anonymous said...

So, the best proof for ball earth has been that a man from north america and south america 6k miles away from each other and the moon 3k miles high should see different sides of the moon.
But to assume that moon and sun are 32 miles across is done on the premise that moon that is 200k miles away should look like the size that it looks, same goes for the sun when in reality none really knows how big or how far they are and how big they should look from the earth. English isnt my native language so the point im trying to get across is that the math was faulty from the beginning and based on assumptions.

Anonymous said...

my grandfather allen harris worked for nasa 30 years. He is part of the nights cavaleer. 33 degree. When i was 10 he would fly us around lakeland florida in hes little plane single engine. it was scary as shit lol. but anyway. i would always ask him about aliens and stuff being naive kid. knowing he worked for nasa. He was a solid n firm dude never really gave any detailed answers to me. But would get mad and say they are demons. illusions. That there was no space but the fermament. and put my faith in god. i think frm my own prospective. its all about god. driving you further away from him with science. it seems simple. its a mass manipulation. a collection of souls. most of the indeginous world will survive another carrington emp event. but we wont and our science and ideas will die with us. have faith live frm what god has given us and be simple. thevgeorgia guide stones is an example of what they know will come. a true communion with nature. now thats advancement.

Dishank Kumar said...

Dish (2000) a must watch

Anonymous said...

Keep up the great work. The 20th century has been a century of Government corruption and lies. I predict NASA runs out of runway in the 21st century. Just like the song Video killed the Radio star the Internet is killing NASA and the ball earth hoax. No one can consistently fake real. Everything NASA throws against the wall is fake. They have nothing but lies. There is nothing on the earth plane worse than a sell out liar. There's no coming clean from that position.

Terra said...

Planet is just plane with a t.. Super enlightening stuff.. I've always wanted to work for NASA growing up and now I'm beginning to see why I had been veered from that path. Most of this information is new to me but I will continue to study and research and spread the news far and wide at that. Thanks brother!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey lets waste billions of dollars in space and have nothing to show for it. While people of earth are starving and our water is polluted. Makes sense. GOOD JOB NASA!

Jason said...

We focus so much on corrupt men (Freemasons) being behind fraud. Moreover we somehow act as if men in power are honest. Beyond this we forget that the money we accuse them of operating to obtain is itself a total fraud the same groups control. The Reality goes much deeper than this. Without grounding in Scripture one misses the much bigger points.

Satan rules this Earth. The highly devious men merely do his bidding in exchange for worldly benefits. Sure space is a fraud , money is a fraud, what "successful" enterprise do you think is not some sort of lie? Bible told us all these things plainly, thousands of years ago! Here is just a very small sample from memory:
"There is nothing new under the sun"
"No man is righteous not one"
"Cursed is he who trusts in man"
"The Earth takes its shape like wax under a seal"
"The Earth shall not be moved"
"Satan is ruler of this world." " There is NO TRUTH in him".

So sure you can spend endless time unravelling the works of the Devil and exposing his lies. But if you stop there you are doomed. Take note:

"Whoever believes in the Son has eternal life; whoever does not obey the Son shall not see life, but the wrath of God remains on him."

Eric I know you are also into this "New Age" stuff (actually goes all the way back to Mystery Schools of Babylon , taught to man by fallen angels) and dismiss the Bible and Jesus. If you continue in this path you will continue to be ever more popular and you certainly will teach many of the workings of the world, but in the end it will be for nothing as you will die in your sins and be punished for eternity.
"What good is it to gain the whole world , and lose your soul?"

I ask everyone on this thread to earnestly seek higher Truth and think not only upon who you dont trust but also who you do. Focus not only on what is Lie, but what is Life and Truth. Repent and Accept Christ. Otherwise your fate is the same as the Father of Lies himself. I wish this on noone.


eexplorer said...

Hi Eric

Have just finished reading The Flat Earth Conspiracy and awaiting the arrival of Tha Atlantean Conspiracy and just had to tell you your layout is brilliant, I thank you for your work I have been on my Truth Journey for some years and have read many books etc. It is easy for me to read a book over days or weeks I couldn't put this book down, Thanks again.

Peace Brother


Anonymous said...

or they did go to space but not by the methods known to the layman, and they also would like people to fight between going or not-going to the outer space, so, if conclusion is 'they couldn't' - it would play their way even better to shot any questions about their real activities up there.

I just can't comprehend how would they pass the radiation belt, but, considering the possibility of the fact that we do not know just about anything of our planet, besides our home addresses and, obviously - the distances of celestial bodies, what are they ecc. - it is no wonder that one can't connect any dots.

You can't trust propaganda science including, an, even in a first place, astronomy and their agents of what they plan to disclose to you. Just since when you are their man?

Anonymous said...

Hello Steve, congratulations on spotting yet another Global Myth like Organized Religion and Big Inc Health Services.
I've been onto these NASA clowns for over 30 years. In my early 20's I did a diploma course in photography and studied lighting in one of my Units. By applying this knowledge I discovered the 1969 Mission was a total Hoax.
After having my childhood dreams destroyed yet again by manufactured 'Lies' I began to investigate every other Big Society claims. All have proved to be fakes and Cons.
NASA - National Academy of Space Actors.
NASA has a real problem explaining how a solid fuel rocket can get to 5 miles per second before it reached space. That feat is 100% Impossible. Even at 70,000 feet flying at a claimed speed of 3000mph the friction on aircraft is 300*C. 3000 mph is only 15% of the speed required to reach Orbital speed(if there's even such a speed?)
But like xmas and Easter, like Superman and every other fairy tale we are loaded up with in our early years they are all proved to be garbage.
Royalty is a Swindle and a Hoax.
The Pope is a Con Artist.
The Talmudic Mafia are Serials and Thieves(they are not Jews)
Their 6M claims are also a man made fairy tale, posted long before their WW2 claims.
Yes Steve, long before all of us were born, these BS stories have been doing the rounds to keep the Masses locked up in Myth Bonds to control Free Thinking.
When you've finished your work on this NASA Fairy Tale , let's begin working on the Daddy of them all, the Grand Jewish Fraud by those Talmudic Serials.
Keep up the epic work brother.

Unknown said...

All of you who are offended at the truth, any truth, about any subject. It's not that you are actually offended, but rather you are defending yourself, because YOU literally ARE what you believe. So if Eric and other awake people factually prove that many things you believe are UNTRUE, then a part of you is UNTRUE, and that's the REAL REASON why you cannot accept the TRUTH.

Furthermore, you have a SPIRITUAL problem because TRUTH is associated with INNER LIGHT and the desire to have LIGHT within yourself.

Jesus said men would LOVE DARKNESS rather than LIGHT. He is not talking about literal darkness and literal light, but rather Jesus is talking about TRUTH as light and LIES as darkness.

So, those of you who simply CANNOT receive the TRUTH, the TRUTH is NOT GIVEN to you.

I find it completely fascinating that when you try to explain easily provable TRUTHS and FACTS to people, they simply CANNOT BELIEVE IT. Even though every said is TRUE and FACT.

This same phenomenon happens in relationships between men and women. Men seem to be factual and women seem to be emotional. Yet most men cannot win an argument with a woman, even though the man has FACTS and TRUTH about a given subject. In situations like this; these Men must be aware that God SPECIFICALLY STATED that Man would be the HEAD of the woman. In other words from a spiritual sense, a women has NO SENCES, only EMOTIONS, and she MUST be one with a man to SEE, HEAR, and know what's going on. Thus a woman is commanded by God to SUBMIT to her HEAD, her husband and OBEY him, because HE can SEE the TRUTH because God gave him the ability to SEE. So a women who is REBELLIOUS against God and who REFUSES to SUBMIT to her husband will be "OUT OF ORDER" and "OUT OF CONTROL", and "EASILY BELIEVING LIES". This is how sin entered the world through a LIE believed by a REBELLIOUS woman who would NOT SUBMIT to her Husband.

So getting back to GROUPS of people in general who believe LIES, even though FACTS have been given to them, these people are REBELLIOUS against GOD because GOD is the HEAD of each mans inner self. So if you don't have God within you or if you RESIST the TRUTH, then you will experience DARKNESS and LIES.

For Example:
Millions of Christians in the west CLAIM to believe in God and hold the bible as TRUTH. Yet these same people REJECT the bible's FACTUAL STATEMENTS about the shape of the earth. The bible clearly states the earth is FLAT. So when you REJECT the TRUTH, any TRUTH, you are REJECTING CHRIST.

Jesus said "I am the way, the TRUTH and the LIGHT, whoever believes and relies on me shall not walk in DARKNESS"

And so I say to you people who simply cannot accept TRUTH and FACTS that are contrary to your "beliefs":

1 - You are walking in darkness

2 - Your only hope to see TRUTH and LIGHT is to SUBMIT to the HEADSHIP of your life which is CHRIST, for without a HEAD, you are just EMOTIONS and you will not see the truth.

3 - Once Christ is allowed into your life, humble yourself. Remember you have received the baby born in a manger with animals, you have received the one who rode a lowly donkey, you have received the one who was alone who often helped and ministered to people 1 on 1 away from the crowds. He is meek and lowly in heart.

Only in your submission to God and His Son Jesus, and in your humility will you begin to know the TRUTH, for the scripture says "God resisteth the proud, but gives grace to the humble"

Amen and Amen