Friday, February 13, 2015

Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist!

The following documentary explores the surprisingly abundant evidence that nuclear weapons are a hoax. Many of the nuclear explosion videos we have all seen and presumed real are shown to be complete fakes using model trees, houses and cars exploding on a set. The destruction of Hiroshima and Nagasaki appear not to be the result of one large explosion, but rather the result of a fire-bombing campaign comparable in pictures to Tokyo's fire-bombed remains. Hiroshima and Nagasaki also never experienced anything like the hundreds or thousands of years of radiation predicted by nuclear scientists, in fact, vegetation began growing within a month after the bombing, and the Japanese people began rebuilding almost immediately! Some nuclear physicists even claim nuclear weaponry fraudulent based solely on the technical impossibilities of fission material not to be incinerated before triggering the necessary nuclear chain reaction. Check out the documentary, read through the excellent Nuke Lies Forum, and leave a comment what you think about this nuclear hoax. Was the government teaching school-children to hide under their desks just to induce fear and funnel black tax money into a fake Cold War arms race?


Anonymous said...

Interesting. The idea that, the "explosion" is fake. Actually that makes sense.

How does this relate (if at all) to nuclear leaks and disasters or depleted uranium or any other nuclear type damage as has been seen in Iraq, Chernobyl, Japan, and other places?

Eric Dubay said...

Good questions, I've been reading the Nuke Lies forum all day. There seems to be a fair amount of legitimate skepticism about whether Nuclear power even exists, and that Nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl and Fukishima are just hoaxes to scare the public.

Barb MacMaster said...

And how do we account for the increased radiation levels on the west cost after Fukishima?

Anonymous said...

If you're so sure in this assumption, then why don't you go to Fukushima and/or Chernobyl and see for yourself. Seriously. If you went there and were able to prove its a scare tactic, THAT would really get peoples attention and give you a tremendous amount of credibility.

Anonymous said...

Just saying you read a forum doesnt mean anything, they have forums for bigfoot...

Dave B said...

Interesting. Anything is possible in this duplicitous world. That forum however hasn't had any postings in 3 years. One question. Why do you suppose the background radiation has increased over the years if nuclear is a myth?



Eric Dubay said...

Hey Barb, radiation increases come from non-nuclear explosions as well, there was an increase in Hiroshima and Nagasaki for a while as well but flowers began growing within a month and people repopulated and rebuilt the areas immediately without any long-term problems. The pictures of Japanese people burned is consistent with fire-bombing like happened in Tokyo and Dresden for example... they are clearly burn victims, not nuclear bomb victims. Don't get me wrong, I am as disgusted and outraged as anyone about what American weaponry has done to Japanese, Iraqis, and other peoples all over the world! That doesn't mean it went down exactly how they told us it did though. Peace

Anonymous said...

Actually I have a hard time to imagine that this is a hoax in that manner that nuclear weapons do not exist. I think the headline is misleading. In my opinion the do exist but the hoax is about the consequences of the radiation. It does not really take this much much time until you reach a level where everything is growing back and you can live there again.

Eric Dubay said...

The headline is the name of the documentary. Here are another couple more excellent clips on the subject well worth watching (except for the ridiculous singing in the second):

Nuclear Weapons Do Not Exist

Was Hiroshima Destroyed By Bats?

Eric Dubay said...

Another fascinating piece of the puzzle:

Fake Nukes, Jesuits and Japan

solar bloom said...

So how is energy being generated from power plants? What's boiling the water? There's a plant in the middle of the Mississippi River not far from where I live lol, another one up the road at Monticello -- the spent rod pools? Geiger counter readings? It's just steam/vapor coming out, not smoke like a clandestine coal burning operation...the weaponry as a hoax seems somewhat more plausible at first glance, although when you look at the Bikini Atoll health studies it doesn't seem possible to fake it all, so many observed and documented longterm problems, and tons of witnesses to blasts and fallout. Looking forward to the videos....

Anonymous said...

I have a 75 year old friend who claims to have seen nukes go off during tests for the U.S. military. He also claims to have transported "suitcase" nukes as well (portable explosives). Anything I can ask to aid your research?

By the way, I'm reading The Flat Earth Conspiracy right now while touring India. I just had a conversation with a man who says a spiritual guide of theirs teaches the Flat Earth model to his students. Pleasantly surprised to hear that one! Also on the plane here I saw absolutely no curve in sight!

Eric Dubay said...

Galen Winsor is a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wimington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory and storage. He completely blows the lid off the idea of "nuclear meltdown" or "nuclear waste," it simply does not exist, he even eats a good portion of live radioactive waste on video and claims to have been doing it for years! In this excellent presentation Galen shows that fear of nuclear radiation has been greatly exaggerated to scare people and so a few powerful organizations can maintain total control of the world's most valuable power resource:

The Nuclear Scare Scam

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Solar Bloom, the nuclear physicist in the video linked above says, "nuclear power plants are simply the most expensive and effective way of boiling water." He shows Geiger counter readings in his lecture, and shows how dangerous radioactive material is by eating it! He has even swam in pools of it to show how harmless it is. Bikini Atoll is covered in the second video also if I remember right. And for Anonymous, thanks for getting a copy of the book! Let me know what you think when you finish. Many people have "seen" nukes go off, but they were also told to close their eyes, cover their ears and bury their heads in their laps while it happened. The explosions are real, it's just that they are huge piles of layered / stacked dynamite, NOT single tiny nuclear bombs. It's shown in the videos, huge masses of TNT, not a tiny contained little bomb / missile or even more "Hollywood" are the "suitcase nukes," those take the cake!

Eric Dubay said...

"In Hiroshima I was prepared for radically different sights. But, to my surprise, Hiroshima looked exactly like all the other burned-out cities in Japan. There was a familiar pink blot, about two miles in diameter. It was dotted with charred trees and telephone poles. Only one of the cities twenty bridges was down. Hiroshima's clusters of modern buildings in the downtown section stood upright. It was obvious that the blast could not have been so powerful as we had been led to believe. It was extensive blast rather than intensive. I had heard of buildings instantly consumed by unprecedented heat. Yet here I saw the buildings structurally intact, and what is more, topped by undamaged flag poles, lightning rods, painted railings, air raid precaution signs and other comparatively fragile objects. At the T-bridge, the aiming point for the atomic bomb, I looked for the "bald spot" where everything presumably had been vaporized in the twinkling of an eye. It wasn't there or anywhere else. I could find no traces of unusual phenomena. What I did see was in substance a replica of Yokohama or Osaka, or the Tokyo suburbs - the familiar residue of an area of wood and brick houses razed by uncontrollable fire. Everywhere I saw the trunks of charred and leafless trees, burned and unburned chunks of wood. The fire had been intense enough to bend and twist steel girders and to melt glass until it ran like lava - just as in other Japanese cities. The concrete buildings nearest to the center of explosion, some only a few blocks from the heart of the atom blast, showed no structural damage. Even cornices, canopies and delicate exterior decorations were intact. Window glass was shattered, of course, but single-panel frames held firm; only window frames of two or more panels were bent and buckled. The blast impact therefore could not have been unusual." -Major Alexander Seversky

The Atomic Bomb Hoax (More Evidence From an Engineer's Perspective)

Unknown said...

I seen a video also on how Atomic and Nuclear weapons dont exist. We are really being tricked in scare tactics to decieve the world. I dont believe a word the media says especially when saying North Korea or Russia could Nuke USA. We really live in a dream world.

Christine Erikson (aka Justina) said...

There is too much research along these lines for it to be fake. one mushroom cloud is not consistent with a firebombing. As for plants growing back, radiation decreases to 10% of the original in a week, except for some isotopes.

you don't like New World Order? get out of the New Age yoga crap and so forth, because all that oneness and illumination is the spiritual arm of the NWO and the NWO is the political arm of the New Age.

Oz10 said...

Some of the people that were there are still alive, have you interviewed any of them?

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric,

I know Christine's comment doesn't really go with this post, but I am curious as to your take on it?

I have been a strong proponent of energy medicine, learning to clear my chakras, etc...but recently I have started to wonder if I have been duped...
It really hit me when I realized so many celebrities and politicians are getting into transcendental meditation - which basically seems like a cult.

The basis behind much of this new age stuff "seems" like it's good, however it also seems like more and more of the "NWO" puppets are pushing for it as well. That makes me weary.

I try and rationalize this by telling myself, "Well my intentions are only for GOOD", perhaps I am ok then...Who knows what the intentions are of the 'elite'..."Greed, Power, Evil, etc?" Who knows.

Just curious as to your take on all of this as well. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Eric - I just commented above, but you don't have to post this one. Just sending to you, perhaps you can one day do a blog on this.
Really has my head in a tailspin right now...and I am certainly confused after being all about the wonderful aspects of all this "New Age" material for 7+ years...Ancient Knowledge...etc..

(No need to post this comment - just sending for your own reading)

Eric Dubay said...

They're fake Christine, there's plenty of evidence to the contrary and none for it which stands up to critical scrutiny. You clearly didn't even watch the videos. Mushroom clouds happen from all big explosions, most "nuclear" bomb tests were huge stacks of piled TNT, and the others were done with miniature models, and if you look again you'll see the Hiroshima and Nagasaki plumes have TWO mushroom clouds each put together in post-production.

There is a big difference between "Yoga" and "New Age Crap." I'm not into "new age" anything and I recommend Mark Passio's excellent lectures exposing the new age movement controlled opposition bullshit:

New Age Bullshit and Suppression of the Sacred Masculine

Yoga, in the manner I practice and teach it, is nothing more than an excellent form of exercise, stretching, relaxing, strengthening and balancing the body. I teach deep breathing Pranayama/Qigong which is simply the correct, most healthful way(s) to breathe for optimum oxygenation and vitality. Can you tell me how this is Pro-NWO again? Why do you insist on calling my chosen job and passion, "Yoga Crap?" You Uber-fundi-Christian types are so quick to condemn things you know nothing about. Some stretching and deep breathing would surely do you good. You must be pretty up-tight if you're seriously, actively trying to get people to stop stretching and deep breathing and trying to convince them it is somehow "new age" to take care of yourself.

For Anonymous, certainly the new age movement has taken many legitimate ancient practices and re-packaged them with some extra bullshit and a price-tag, but that doesn't discredit the ancient knowledge, you just have to dig deeper for what is true and what is snake-oil. You're right about the celebrity TM cult, they are doing a very specific form of meditation which certainly appears to be part of the NWO controlled opposition plan to control the very definition of what meditation is. True meditation is an individual practice, not a collective thing at all. Peace

Anonymous said...

Very well said and thank you for responding to Christine's comment.

Anonymous said...

I've been researching this for a few years now & am convinced NUKES (bombs/energy) DO NOT EXIST!I suggest you read the nuke hoax thread at .They have covered this topic quite extensively. Keep up the good work brother!

Mountainwalker said...

Nukes do not exist for a very simple reason, if there were nukes some one would use them by now and we would see evidence, there are plenty of lunatics that would love to use nukes, North Korea, Iran, take your pick.
As far as evidence goes I might add that when Chernobyl incident happened there were hundreds of villagers who did not buy into the BS and stayed, and you know what? they live there till this day happily ever after.
The deformed children and genetic mutations are propaganda, this happens in nature all the time because of genetic entropy and has nothing to do with Chernobyl or anything else.
Waking up is a dangerous thing, you suddenly know more than you're supposed to, all credit goes to our God creator.

Anonymous said...

What are your thoughts on this article Eric?

Ps. I love all your work on Flat Earth and have read your book.

J. Lee said...

Just started get into this subject. Another Pandora Box or hundred year lie?

One thing I haven't been able to rectify is how Japan, who relied on over 3/4's of their power using nukes before Fukishima, then shut down 54/55 nuke the hell did they keep all the lights on? There were no brown outs that summer, or following....and we all know how much electricity Tokyo uses.

i also cannot reconcile how Hiroshima and Nagasaki residents did not continue this day having increased radiation exposure and cancer...aren't we told the half lie of uranium and plutonium in some isotopes increase over decades and centuries???

Another thing that makes me go hmmm..

J. Lee said...

found this summary on the that might be helpful:

"Couldn't be a Giant Hoax!! Thousands of Experts!!!" - Reply

Postby rerevisionist » 08 Dec 2011 19:33
Answering the Argument from Numbers Involved....

From another forum....

To perpetrate this giant hoax, one would have to involve thousands of scientists, engineers, politicians, military people from at least three of the services, and god knows how many civilians. And it's held up over a period of decades. ... The ineptitude of both the government and the military to keep secrets is legend and yet you believe they have kept this giant hoax without anybody blowing the whistle. ...

The supposed bomb was shipped before supposedly being tested; the alleged test did not have the effects claimed; the bomb wasn't fitted with its aerials, which wouldn't have worked anyway; it couldn't have been aimed accurately; accounts of the aiming are wrong; the crews were isolated and the planes not watched; accounts of the effects contradict each other - the supposed 'mushroom cloud' is described in contradictory ways and was clearly an invention, and the film of it could not have been taken at the claimed time; Japanese witnesses didn't know it happened; Japanese accounts describe fire and nothing like the supposed effects of a hugely high temperature blast; aerial photography of the after-effects were indistinguishable from bombing raids of the time, with no central blast zone; the film crew specifically sent to record the event, didn't do so; the Indianapolis which carried the supposed bomb was sunk on the voyage back to the USA, and was left four days without any assistance; the Japanese weren't told the events were 'nuclear' until long after, when they had to be told by propaganda films; trams were running three days later; the claims about shadows of bodies are wrong; there were no radiation effects; here are no seismic indicators that the supposed events took place; the story is still not consistent to this day.

J. Lee said...

upon further review, how much radiation was there in the decades after the alleged Nuke bombing?

"For all other cancers, incidence increase did not appear until around ten years after the attacks. The increase was first noted in 1956 and soon after tumor registries were started in both Hiroshima and Nagasaki to collect data on the excess cancer risks caused by the radiation exposure.

The most thorough study regarding the incidence of solid cancer (meaning cancer that is not leukemia) was conducted by a team led by Dale L. Preston of Hirosoft International Corporation and published in 2003.

The study estimated the attributable rate of radiation exposure to solid cancer to be significantly lower than that for leukemia—10.7%.

According to the RERF, the data corroborates the general rule that even if someone is exposed to a barely survivable whole-body radiation dose, the solid cancer risk will not be more than five times greater than the risk of an unexposed individual.

....One of the most immediate concerns after the attacks regarding the future of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki was what health effects the radiation would have on the children of survivors conceived after the bombings.

So far, no radiation-related excess of disease has been seen in the children of survivors, though more time is needed to be able to know for certain.

In general, though, the healthfulness of the new generations in Hiroshima and Nagasaki provide confidence that, like the oleander flower, the cities will continue to rise from their past destruction.

Perhaps most reassuring of this is the view of the cityscapes themselves. Among some there is the unfounded fear that Hiroshima and Nagasaki are still radioactive; in reality, this is not true."


and this:

"The atomic bomb that detonated over Hiroshima used Uranium-235, while the Nagasaki bomb had Plutonium-239. The half-life of U-235 is 700 million years, while that of Pu-239 is 24,000 years.

In other words, once on the ground, they will be there for a very long time. I thus again visited both peace parks to get to the bottom of all this.

I asked for and received several pages from the Hiroshima Peace Museum regarding this issue. To quote:

"Today, the background radiation in Hiroshima and Nagasaki is the same as the average amount of natural radiation present anywhere on Earth. It is not enough to affect human health."

Part of the answer is that these bombs exploded high up in the air and all the radioactive material blew or rained away... somewhere. I guess.

But, Little Boy over Hiroshima was only about 1% efficient, so what happened to the 139 pounds of the U-235 that were particularized? From all reports, the plume dissipated over land and sea. Same for Nagasaki and the 12 pounds of Pu-239 particles.

There was a slight increase of leukemia in the Nagasaki region, but no additional incidence of cancers anywhere in and around Hiroshima.

Thus, contrary to any kind of logical sense, while the high altitude (1968 feet for Hiroshima and 1800 feet for Nagasaki) of the nuclear explosions immediately killed 200,000 people, these cities soon became safe, and are thriving today.

I'm, actually, still wondering why.

AndyPSV said...


Thank you for your work.

I would be very thankful/ if you put:mention on your website book The.Luciferian.Doctrine.


Anonymous said...

The smoking gun, so to speak, is that a nuclear weapon, if it exists, cannot possibly create a mushroom cloud.
Mushroom clouds are made of gasses and Uranium does not change to gas during fission. So where do the clouds come from:
1. Not from heated air. Moist, heated air only forms clouds when it cools.
2. Not from dust lifted off the ground. Big Boy and Little Boy were "detonated" 1,000 feet in the air and left no craters.
3. Not from 5 Kg of Uranium undergoing fission
TNT produces gas when exploded. 1 gram of TNT produces 1 L of gas. The expanding gas creates the shockwave that does all the damage. Nuclear weapons are supposed to release deadly radiation, not clouds of gas, yet for decades we've believed the lying photos of large TNT explosions are nuclear for no other reason than someone in power/media told us they were.

Mottdog said...

The Nuclear Scare Scam | Galen Winsor
Galen Winsor is a nuclear physicist of renown who worked at, and helped design, nuclear power plants in Hanford, WA; Oak Ridge, TN; Morris, IL, San Jose, CA; Wimington, NJ. Among his positions of expertise he was in charge of measuring and controlling the nuclear fuel inventory and storage.

Fukushima Radiation Hysteria:
A Well Funded & Calculated Disinformation Campaign
Index of Articles

Witness the nuclear fear scam. Scientist eats uranium.

The Nuclear Atom Does NOT Exist


Physicist Claims No Nuclear Disaster at Fukushima


The Nuke Hoax - How Far Does It Go?

Unknown said...

Its totally insane to think that people would be driving trucks through the areas of Hiroshima and Nagasaki without getting radiation poisoning. I remember hearing about several Jesuit Priests who survived being right in the middle of the blasts eith Nag or Hiro..

Unknown said...

The idea that a secret couldn't be kept 70 years?? JFK murder facts have been kept secret. Secrets are kept if you are under a dictaorship and people are murdered if they talk and if the media is controlled. The ROTHCHILD'S CONTROL THINGS PRETTY WELL. iTS A MIRACLE THAT EVEN iLLUMINATI AND NEW WORLD ORDER INFO IS OUT... Some brave people have sacrificed alot to get this information out about the NWO and the Big Bankers and their control of the world...... The Rothchilds financed both Hitler and the West for WW2 like every other war. Prescott Bush tried to pull a military coup against FDR. A hoax is quite possible and there was money to be mADE HAVING WARS. Guiseppe Messini from the Illuminati said they would PLAN 3 WARS AND AFTER THE THIRD WAR THEY WOULD ROLL OUT THE PURE DOCTRINE OF LUCIFER AND HAVE WORLDWIDE LUCIFER WORSHIP THESE GUYS ARE REAL BAD GUYS....

Derrick said...

If the world is flat, as Eric has pretty much blown the lid open on - then I am open to anything, but...

while I can understand nuclear radiation being used as an effective scare tactic; particularly since it's invisible, am still not convinced that all nuclear science is fake. The A-bombs, sure - that would be easy to fake and I wouldn't put it past them. The evidence seems to suggest that it was just another fire-bombing like what they did to Tokyo and Osaka.

But regarding nuclear power, Chernobyl, and specifically: Fukushima ... the idea that Fukushima is a disinfo project designed to create hysteria just doesn't add up so well. Why the hell would the elites, the same elites who would presumably profit from nuclear power, sabotage and sacrifice one of their own assets to such a degree as to strike fear in people enough that they will protest and reject any notion of nuclear power in their neighboorhood, municipality, province/state/preficture ? From what I understand, Japan has put ALL of their other nuclear sites into shutdown/standby since 3/11 - with only speculation as to when and if ever they will turn them back on again (it has been said that the insurance needed to accommodate nuclear power sites in Japan makes them all economically unfeasable). How does that favor the elites? How is General Electric EVER going to sell another nuclear project in Japan? It's like intentionally shooting yourself in the foot, it doesn't seem to make any sense.

At this point I am equally as interested in photos beyond the Antartica ice wall and mountains as I am more data from Fukushima, particularly confirmation of nuclear isotopes like cesium137 (which apparently might not exist?).

rerevisionist said...

I run the nukelies site now. A few comments:
[1] was a forum, taken down without notice by its owner. I had a site-grabbed copy and restored as much as I could. But the ability to post wasn't restorable. However I do insert new material from time to time.
[2] On nuclear energy, I see confusion here. The claim we made was that all electricity is generated by coal or other fuel, or hydro-electricity. Plus a few bits. So called nuclear power stations are dumploads, like huge kettles to boil water. They are needed because demand for electricity varies. So there's a constant dumping of surplus. Most people can't imagine this: they pay their bills, and the idea of waste isn't part of their outlook.
[3] If you're in the mood for a very long (3 1/2 hour) video, Google 'LORDS OF THE NUKES' in Youtube. The two main voices are Rerevisionist and FirstClassSkeptic, from the Nukelies forum. The host is 'fakeologist', a Canadian who is not very well informed, but at any rate has done useful work.
[4] Most white people think of WW2 as an isolated event, standing by itself, a job to be done; or something like that. It's important to understand Jews don't work like that and are undistracted by atrocities, bombings, etc. For example Cuba was run by the Marrano Jew Castro, and was part of the whole Jewish process, just as much as faked films of 'nukes' and fake nuclear subs and missiles. I've tried to put all this into Lords of the Nukes. If you get through that video your worldview is likely to be completely changed.

Anonymous said...

It depends on the constant leakage of radiation or one time exposure of a certain extent that determines the time radiation clears. Radiation poisoning is very much possible.

Anonymous said...

If nuclear radiation is a hoax how does the sun create heat?

Anonymous said...

I saw a replica of the little boy atom bomb at the Naval Air Museum in Pensacola. It weighed maybe four hundred pounds. Yet, in the documentary, the plane had to be stripped because of the enormous weight of the bomb and it even had a hard time taking off. I am convinced that it is a con to keep folks scared and obedient. Plus, many thanks to Eric Dubay for challenging the bogus spinning globe nonsense. We live in a world full of LIES.

Dennis said...

nukes don't work, moon landing a hoax, earth turning at 1600 kph a hoax air flights east to west or visa versa take the same time? Darwin theory a hoax human gene so complex had to be done by intelligent design, the earth's population has been fed so much bull crap hard to find the truth in anything you read today.

Anonymous said...

The fact that 'nukes' do not exist is as obvious& self-evident as the flat, non-hurtling through space while freaking rotating earth upon which we stand. Wake up! If nukes existed we'd have all been vaporized in 1962. Human beings, especially the ego maniacs in power, have no concept of restraint. Thanks, Eric! Great job!

JustnAmurrican said...

Hello all- I have attempted to educate myself here after surfing the other choices that my search engine presented. I got to Flat Earth concepts IFERS quite by accident but find Eric Dubay does present in a reasoned and logical manner. Plus he is a fellow student of Wing Chun! I must admit this perspective of a flat earth being the focal point of it's 'local' universe is more comforting and sensible in terms of a relationship with Creator! One realization I came to has to do with God's economy... especially exemplified with conservation of Mass/Energy and how such efficiency and conservation of energy speaks rather loudly against putting a large and alleged "fusion" furnace so far away from it's beneficiary (ie: Earth)! The Native Americans had a saying I learned in a fire-making class in Boy Scouts some decades ago: "White man make big fire and stands way back. Indian make small fire and get real close!"... Thus, to me, the idea of a smaller, closer Sun to heat and light our surface just makes more sense!
by the way Eric. Your IFERS board has me banned and I have never even posted to it. I started an account this past summer and then got busy. Now that I am paying attention and return I find I am 'persona non-grata' could you look into that? -K

JustnAmurrican said...

Another note: a couple decades ago I was a crew-member on an SSBN 'Boomer'-type Nuclear-powered Ballistic Missile submarine. The idea that the warheads were actually non-functional is every bit as intriguing as the (now) apparent film fakery of atomic detonations... But someone on IFERS was saying in a thread that they did not believe the on-board nuclear power plant was functional as the source of propulsion... I have to say that would be MUCH harder to conceal. Just because the nuclear detonations were faked once upon a time, does not mean there have not been advances in weaponry of that type. Nor would a lack of success in weaponry necessarily have anything at all to do with nuclear power plants aboard or ashore, for that matter.. Naval graduates of Nuclear Power school are highly trained operators. It is simply, in my opinion, quite impractical for them to operate a system as complex as a nuclear reactor without knowing the details and nuances of precisely what they are dealing with on a minute by minute basis. Further, although I worked in the Nav(igation) center vs. being 'back aft' personnell... in order to get his Dolphins every man on the 'boat' has to be cross-trained on all systems from stem to stern. This means at least a sketch and manual familiarity with ALL the systems on a sub. In my case I found the power plant and other machinery in the back half of the boat at least as interesting as the electronic equipment in my own rating: I don't believe there was any way to physically hide an alternative power plant to the reactor and steam turbines that drove this rather mammoth 35'x 380' torpedo we lived on.... much less keep it a secret if there was one. Thank you for reading this.

Anonymous said...


Do you believe that we're all part of the creator? Also do you believe the christian bible was manipulated by man?

mythra81 said...

nuclear attack is just a cover for HAARP and EMP type technology ...... all the radiation must have come from using HAARP/EMP technology which already existed since the time of WW2 ...... so right now geoengineering is equivalent to continuous 'nuking' of the earth ......... i think nuclear power generation is real but nuclear weapons are fake because otherwise the petrodollar lobby cannot compete with nuclear power industry in generating power ........ remember Chernobyl was a massive sabotage done to prove that nuclear power is dangerous but i can guarantee you most of the radiation was caused by HAARP

J-Victus said...

I was linked here by someone who made the claim that since Hiroshima and Nagasaki were able to begin reconstruction within the year, meaning it was not prohibitively radioactive, that means that the nukes were fake. This is of course lunacy. Both atomic bombings were AIRBURSTS, meaning they exploded at a preset altitude rather than contact with the ground. This has two effects, both of which were understood and were the very REASONS they did airbursts. First, airbursts result in greater physical devastation due to the double shockwave bouncing off the ground. Second, more importantly, since the fireball itself does not touch the ground, significantly less dust is stirred up by the mushroom cloud. American commanders WANTED to rebuild Japan as it was rebuilt after surrender. They had no intention of making whole areas of Japan uninhabitable. It is this irradiated dust that falls to the ground after surface blasts that we know as fallout (WHOA!). And the fact that Hiroshima and Nagasaki were bombed with airbursts explains perfectly why they were not irradiated for years and years. Nukes are real, unfortunately.

Unknown said...

Just read what Anders Bjorkman has to say about this subject... All in one place, you'll need nothing else to know, believe me!

Anonymous said...

Dado Blagus. I belive what Anders said about the WTC is very much disinformation. The concept of the WTC being actual Holograms then simply being shut off is absolutely unfounded. Yes, what is claimed to have happened on 911 is a complete falsity, however I have a hard time believing g that the WTC didn't ever exist and we're Holograms all along is very much specifically intended to be unbelievable and easily debunked. I also believe this is the case with Dubay and his FE theory's very easily debunked "portions". I personally believe that the idea of FE is very much believable, however. I also think men like Anders and Dubay include much very easily debunked concepts INTENTIONALLY. The motive for why, would take more time to explain than I am willing give at this moment.

Unknown said...

I think people are getting confused the process of nuclear fission is not being doubted just the weaponisation of it! You can put radio active material in a normal bomb for what's known as a dirty bomb or as in Iraq paint bullets with depleted uranium this can have the effect you would expect to see! Pregnant people at the time could have development issues like Hiroshima and Nagasaki but had it been a nuke it would be radioactive today hence therefore it wasn't no fallout! Chernobyl wasn't a bomb and is still a problem today also Fukushima but the weapon seems to lack the fallout that indicate a fakery going on after all there two thousand +live tests so they are defiantly not real ha busted have you actually seen how fake the nuke explosions look it's pathetic!

J-Victus said...

"The concept of the WTC being actual Holograms then simply being shut off is absolutely unfounded."
Wow, ya think so? I only went to the observation deck a dozen times. Am I a hologram too? I know you weren't making this preposterous claim, but it's just indescribably idiotic.

"Pregnant people at the time could have development issues like Hiroshima and Nagasaki but had it been a nuke it would be radioactive today hence therefore it wasn't no fallout! "
Nope, that's again preposterous. Fall out is the dust and pulverized material pulled upwards by a SURFACE DETONATION. As I said above, the fallout was limited because they were detonated as an air burst. Nukes are real. End of discussion. Let's try to make them a relic, however. They are made only for mass murder.

Unknown said...

Chernobyl is radioactively normalized as of 2012 with exception of a few materials that blew out of the reactor across the area, the fact wild life and plant life flourish says it's inhabitable if radiation was truly a health issue we would all be dead already..
The power plant actually continued to run other reactors until the mid 90's it's safe. The only reason people never returned was because of global misunderstanding and agenda

Anonymous said...

there are no nukes, there is no G-ravity there is no e=mc2, all is fake all is bullshit, and everyone will now in about 20-30 years if war will not happen until then, cuz ordinary people will demand to go to "space", and they will never send no-masons in "space" hAHA, and the technology will go up soo ordinary people will see that besides electromeganetim our science is buuuuuuuuulcrap.

Anonymous said...

About Chernobyl and nuclear power/plans and nukes they said us a bunch of bullshit. Around Chernobyl are still living several babushke aged 80 and 90, in their log cabins. they have never left the area after 1986 are well in health and continue to live there without problems. to say nothing of the first liquidators in the so-called suicide mission, Alexei Ananenko and Valeri Bezpalov who worked half-naked in the vicinity of the presumed core exposed, they are still alive and well. nuclear energy does not exist, as there are not nukes. it is yet another way to fearful intimidate and control the world's people, it's definitely a mind game control.

kanites said...

If radiation is harmless, what about microwaved food?

Brad Ward said...

It's important to keep in mind that the primary argument (in most well sourced, detailed presentations) is not that nuclear energy doesn't actually exist, the more accessible, plausible explanation is that the nuclear materials and energy is orders of magnitude less harmful to the cellular structure of plants and animals than has been promoted via Cold War and modern propaganda.

Likewise, as interesting and vastly ramifying as the implications of such a deception are, it remains absolutely important that we always apply the principles of reason, logic and evidence in the research of this issue. Just the same as it is with every other issue.

As a society we have had our educational experience hijacked by those who chose to influence into existence a society of laborers who do not ask questions or do not even really know how to question the nature of their reality. This was accomplished when logic was removed from the public education system and subjects were presented to students out of proper sequence and their immersion into each subject greatly limited by and overshadowed by behavior modification techniques; bells, lines, no talking, and the required assumption that any teacher, instructor or professor is the final word on the "facts" they purport.

If we truly want to be in control of our world, we first must reclaim and solidify our relationship with logic and critical thinking.
And we must cease immediately taking our cues from advertising, corporate media, state supported institutions and any other source that is asking us to accept their version of facts without proper sourcing and compelling evidence. Which is the status quo for governments, marketing and the entertainment industry.

How can it be explained that an entire nation of potentially intelligent people have arrived at a point where the most ubiquitous assumptions of that society suddenly come under rightful question?

Idolatry and patriotic belief in a system that has control of such a great portion of the lives of its subjects is where the understanding of answering this question emanates.

Take back your mind.
Filter the inundating flow of information with logic.
Withdraw your consent from a system that would take advantage of you.
And feel the inspiration of true liberty in your life.

Hawaiiguy said...

I would say a good reason for an increase in cancers in Japanese cities post WWII could easily be attributed to Japan's use of known cancer causing fire retardants and insulation being blown into the atmosphere and being inhaled. Lead paints, asbestos etc would have been everywhere after the Dresden type fire bombings.

Hawaiiguy said...

We should all know by now, all governments lie, and all governments are run by criminal canals. How much richer did they make themselves by pushing the nuke hoax? Are we to believe they exploded 2 untested nukes successfully over Japan? How did the planes escape the blast radius? Would the cabal lie to enrich themselves? Why haven't we seen video tests of what should be pure white to purple nuke explosions. They shouldn't be orange and no cameras iris should be able to actually catch the blast, it should flood the sensor as to be just a white screen.

Anonymous said...

“Our government has kept us in a perpetual state of fear -- kept us in a continuous stampede of patriotic fervor -- with the cry of grave national emergency... Always there has been some terrible evil to gobble us up if we did not blindly rally behind it by furnishing the exorbitant sums demanded. Yet, in retrospect, these disasters seem never to have happened, seem never to have been quite real.” - General Douglas MacArthur

Indigo Lucifer said...

I have to disagree.

1. Fallout is the big issue in this case not the radiation. Fallout is the excess radiation from a nuclear explosion and a majority of it dissipates within 2 weeks. After that it is considered low risk. The only exception is if water in the area is contaminated this can cause a whole lot of problems as this was the case with chernobyl.

2. The Nagasaki and Hiroshima bombs were tiny compared to the Castle Bravo and Tsar Bomba tests. In fact those two in particular the Little Boy and Fat Man were first generation nuclear weapons that used only fission reactions and those were the only 2 developed in this category. After project paperclip and the roswell incident we gained alot more information on nuclear devices developing Second Generation nuclear devices often termed Thermonuclear Devices. These were hundreds to thousands of times more powerful than the First gen devices. This is because they were hydrogen fusion bombs. These bombs used a primary fission reaction to initiate a secondary fusion reaction. Fusion reactions are way more powerful than fission reactions.

If you want more info regarding this please let me know.

hawaii guy said...

Its just very hard to trust a scientific community that has more holes in its gravitational model than swiss cheese. The fact that they grossly ignore the excellent, irrefutable work of Halton Arp, Hannes Alfvens, Anthony Peratt, The Burbidge's, Vera Ruben, Langmuir and most importantly I think Christian Birkeland, is my huge red flag. The Sun we observe is exactly inside out to the nuke sun theory as to heavy and light elements.

Monty Childs leads a team of scientists with impeccable resumes from established giants of scientific industry testing an electric sun theory. The fantastic work the past 5 years on the electric sun model called "The Safire Project", impartially funded and run, ( is now in stage 3 testing I believe. It is not a closed project, they welcome all serious researchers and scientists to give input and help out. They have observed in laboratory testing as has been predicted and theorized by plasma scientists for over a hundred years almost everything we have observed of our solar star. None of the "observations" of the nuke sun model were ever predicted in the standard and updated nuke sun theory model. they all point that the nuke theory is horribly wrong. But they just keep inventing words to make it seem like they know what they're doing to the unscientific masses.

The Safire model on the other hand, is proving in the lab almost exactly on par to the actual observations, as captured by SOHO and other satellites and probes. In that its powered from the outside via a Birkeland current? and gets cooler toward the center, just like the sun is observed to do. All of the expected/predicted electro-magnetics, spicules, corona, sunspots, solar flares, speed of travel from sun to planets etc is proving out in the project thus far, though they haven't made any conclusions they were beyond amazed at the results they have gotten thus far as many went in skeptics to the theory. Its truly an amazing continuation of Alfvens, Langmuir, Birkeland and other pioneers in plasma physics.

So if they are showing that a star is electric and powered in a Birkeland current, how can the nuclear model be trusted when the majority of Scientific American and other "peer reviewed" publications have daily headlines like "bewildered" "baffled" "impossible" "we'll have to rethink everything we thought we knew" in regards to a star, neutron star, pulsar, galaxy formation, energy discharge from center of galaxies and repeating explosions of "a single supernova". We're just not as smart as they tell us they are.

Anonymous said...

It is interesting to look at the presence of caesium 137 in the atmosphere, there was none prior to the first nuclear power station accident in 1952 at Chalk River. This is confirmed by Phillipe Hubert in his scientific paper on dating wines. The precis of his paper can be seen at
You can see in this paper that Phillipe Hubert states that "if we detect caesium 137 in a bottle older than 1952, its absolutely a fake". So Phillipe Hubert is quite categorical that there was no caesium 137 in the atmosphere before 1952.
Some of the more sharp eyed journalists must have realised the implications of this, that it proves nuclear weapons are fakes because they were supposedly exploded from 1945 onwards. The chaps at Wikipedia admit that caesium 137 is released by both nuclear reactors and so called nuclear bombs. Wikipedia says:
"By observing the characteristic gamma rays emitted by this isotope, one can determine whether the contents of a given sealed container were made before or after the first atomic bomb explosion (Trinity test, 16 July 1945), which spread some of it into the atmosphere, quickly distributing trace amounts of it around the globe. This procedure has been used by researchers to check the authenticity of certain rare wines, most notably the purported "Jefferson bottles"."
So the Wikipedia entry is a complete lie in stating that wines between 1945 and 1952 contain caesium 137, it completely contradicts Phillipe Hubert's findings. Other reports of the wine test repeat this falsehood about caesium 137 being present in wines between 1945 and 1952. I wonder why?
Show less

hawaii guy said...

Yeah Galen Winsor was eyewitness to the takeover of the nuclear industry by massive corporations. His hands on work with "energized rocks" and the hysteria he caused by eating uranium oxide for years while lecturing etc puts a massive red flag on exposure limits. He basically said the lunch you eat is a billion times more energy than what the government says you can be exposed to by "energy rocks", at which he laughed and ate more uranium:)

Anonymous said...

So, what about all those extraterrestrial communications warning us about the use of atomic bombs, and blocking their explosions?
Are extraterrestrials just a huge hoax invented by the Illuminati to support their plan?
Anybody knows more about this subject?

Anonymous said...


Anon 1 said...

Death Object: Exploding The Nuclear Weapons Hoax by Akio Nakatani made a believer out of me. Of course it is all one big scam, perhaps America's first "if you can't make it, fake it" event..

Jim Greenwood said...

Most people don't realize that nuclear power plants are basically steam engines turbines that use radioactive rods to heat the water to make the steam to turn the turbines. Instead of wood, it's radiated metal rods, as if in a microwave oven for a little while. This is why they are usually situated near the ocean.

The ability to radiate the rods is real. The ability to make a huge nuclear reaction isn't. The big bombs we see are and were conventional, but with the "nuclear" hoax attached to them for the fear factor to create, condone, and justify MIC spending as well.

This is why nobody has used nukes since WWII because they simply are huge conventional bombs with the fear factor attached. Chernoybl was "reinforcement programming" like going to church or place of worship once a week.

The mind controls the body. Get people to be afraid and they will volunteer for front line infantry and run into a hail of bullets. The cold war was a farce, like covid is now. Just fear tactic control mechanisms. The big ones are religion, race, money, drugs, sex, and the lesser are music, especially rap with its monotony and only spoken words (NLP) basically.

Ritalin is an MK drug and part of the programming. Those poor kids, and I was one, don't sleep and are abused sexually, physically, in horrible ways. You don't have to kill the kids anhmore to get the andrrochrome high the abusers get. But they do kill many because the trauma is too much and they know the child will not be able to function. Like me.

Most relgions are run by beholden abusers and it'a worldwide. The template is use a religion, a global company, and basically the kids and drugs are the products. For instance, mormons have marriot. Islam has ramadan hotes chain. etc...

The more religions and global chains they own and share the better for plausible deniability.

Most crimes that seem random are usually organized hits agaisnt someone or their family member for breaking their oath. Marrie d with children, lots of children, its the preferred secret society member. That creates leverage. Sadder still, the multi-generational families willingly sell out their non-progenitor children to live a lavish life with the pro-genitor living well and doing the same to his children.

Often the progenitors are dark haired, olive skinned draconian ashholes who often abuse their own children themselves. The red-headed race is particularly targeted by the draconians. They only marry the fair haired (diana, fergie) then hope to have dark haired progenitors with them. The red gene carries qualities they desire to abuse and control.

God bless you all and please pray for me.

Anonymous said...

I like and agree with a lot of your work and thank you for your research. You believe dinosaurs and nukes are fake, even the earth is flat. Yet you believe in all the anti christian alt history. Why do you trust that stuff? Maybe the 'Yoga' and 'martial arts' have let a jin or demon into your thinking? heh. Cant wait for your new movie 'level'.

Thanks for your research.

CGD TAO said...

Nuclear power plants do not exist by definition. Those are military areas rather. And moreover, they are misleading that the generator needs fuel or a source of kinetic energy. In fact, the US and China are selling free energy to the world.

Free energy has been given by Tesla to American corporations, because the US Patent Office does not accept Tesla's invention. He hid Tesla's name. See free energy generators:
Free Energy Generator
Permanent Magnet Generator