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Dinosaur Hoax - Dinosaurs Never Existed!

The class “Dinosauria” was originally defined by “Sir” Richard Owen of the Royal Society, and Superintendent of the British Museum Natural History Department in 1842.  In other words, the existence of dinosaurs was first speculatively hypothesized by a knighted museum-head “coincidentally” in the mid-19th century, during the heyday of evolutionism, before a single dinosaur fossil had ever been found.  The Masonic media and mainstream press worldwide got to work hyping stories of these supposed long-lost animals, and then lo and behold, 12 years later in 1854, Ferdinand Vandiveer Hayden  during his exploration of the upper Missouri River, found “proof” of Owen’s theory!  A few unidentified teeth he mailed to leading paleontologist Joseph Leidy, who several years later declared them to be from an ancient extinct “Trachodon,” dinosaur (which beyond ironically means “rough tooth”).

Firstly, it should be needless to say that it is impossible to reconstruct an entire hypothetical ancient animal based on a few teeth!  But even more importantly, it is dubious that a myriad of ancient reptile/bird and reptile/mammal transitional forms necessary for the blossoming theory of evolution, would be hypothesized and then conveniently “discovered” by teams of evolutionist archeologists purposely out looking to find such fossils!  And it is even more dubious that such fossils have supposedly existed for millions of years but were never found by or known to any civilization in the history of humanity until evolutionism’s Masonic renaissance in the mid-19th century!

Why are there no discoveries by native Americans in all the years previous when they roamed the American continents?  There is no belief of dinosaurs in the Native American religion or tradition.  For that matter, why were there no discoveries prior to the nineteenth century in any part of the world?  According to the World Book Encyclopedia, ‘before the 1800’s no one ever knew that dinosaurs existed.’  During the late 1800’s and early 1900’s, large deposits of dinosaur remains were discovered …Why has man suddenly made all these discoveries?  -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

No tribes, cultures or countries in the world ever discovered a dinosaur bone before the mid-1800s, and then they were suddenly found all over the world in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Argentina, Belgium, Mongolia, Tanzania, West Germany and many other places apparently had large deposits of dinosaur fossils never before seen.  All these places were inhabited and well-explored for thousands of years before this time, why had no one ever found a dinosaur fossil before? 

According to the book, “The Dinosaur Project,” paleontological journalist Wayne Grady claims the period following this, from around 1870 to 1880 became “a period in North America where some of the most underhanded shenanigans in the history of science were conducted.”  In what was known as “The Great Dinosaur Rush” or “Bone Wars,” Edward Drinker Cope of the  Academy of Natural Sciences and Othniel Marsh of the Peabody Museum of Natural History, began a life-long rivalry and passion for “dinosaur hunting.”  They started out as friends but became bitter enemies during a legendary feud involving double-crossing, slander, bribery, theft, spying, and destruction of bones by both parties.  Marsh is said to have discovered over 500 different ancient species including 80 dinosaurs, while Cope discovered 56.  Out of the 136 dinosaur species supposedly discovered by the two men, however, only 32 are presently considered valid; the rest have all proven to be falsifications and fabrications!  None of them once claimed to find a complete skeleton either, so all their work involved reconstructions.  In fact, to this day no complete skeleton has ever been found, and so all dinosaurs are reconstructions.

Discoveries and excavations seem not to be made by disinterested people, such as farmers, ranchers, hikers, outdoor recreationists, building construction industry basement excavators, pipeline trench diggers, and mining industry personnel but rather by people with vested interests, such as paleontologists, scientists, university professors, and museum organization personnel who were intentionally looking for dinosaur bones or who have studied dinosaurs previously.  The finds are often made during special dinosaur-bone hunting trips and expeditions by these people to far-away regions already inhabited and explored.  This seems highly implausible.  More believable is the case of the discovery of the first original Dead Sea scrolls in 1947, which were unintentionally discovered by a child, and which were all published by 1955.  In some cases of a discovery of dinosaur bones by a disinterested person, it was suggested to them by some ‘professional’ in the field to look or dig in a certain area.  Also very interesting to note are special areas set aside and designated as dinosaur parks for which amateur dinosaur hunters are required to first obtain a dinosaur hunting license.”  -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

Whatever destination these establishment-funded archeologists and paleontologists set, it seemed they found incredible numbers of fossils in tiny areas.  In one of the largest dinosaur excavation sites, called the Ruth Mason Quarry, over 2,000 fossils were allegedly discovered.  Casts and original skeletons assembled from these bones are currently on display in over 60 museums world-wide.  Florentino Ameghino, head of paleontology at La Plata Museum is amazingly responsible for 6,000 fossil species supposedly discovered throughout his career all in Argentina.  Dinosaur hunter Earl Douglass sent 350 tons of excavated “dinosaur” bones to the Carnegie Museum of Natural History throughout his career, all coming from the “Dinosaur National Monument” in Utah.  During an expedition to Patagonia, Dr. Luis Chiappe and Dr. Lowell Dingus supposedly discovered thousands of dinosaur eggs at a site of only a few hundred square yards.  Many experts have mentioned how such finds of huge quantities of fossils in one area, by just a few highly-invested individuals, goes against the laws of natural probability and lends credence to the likelihood of forgeries or concentrated planting efforts.

‘Dinosaur’ bones sell for a lot of money at auctions. It is a profitable business. There is pressure for academics to publish papers. Museums are in the business of producing displays that are popular and appealing. Movie producers and the media need to produce material to sell to stay in business. The mainstream media loves to hype alleged dinosaurs finds. Much is to be gained by converting a bland non-dinosaur discovery, of a bone of modern origin, into an impressive dinosaur find, and letting artists' interpretations and imaginations take the spotlight, rather than the basic boring real find. There are people who desire and crave prestige, fame and attention. There is the bandwagon effect and crowd behaviour. And then there are people and entities pursuing political and religious agendas. Highly rewarding financial and economic benefits to museums, educational and research organizations, university departments of paleontology, discoverers and owners of dinosaur bones, and the book, television, movie, and media industries may cause sufficient motivations for ridiculing of open questioning and for suppression of honest investigation.”  -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”. 

The fact that “T-Rex” bones have sold at auctions for upwards of $12 million shows how lucrative the field of dinosaur-hunting can be, and it just happens to be Museum officials who serendipitously seem to make the most prolific finds!  The first dinosaur to ever be publicly displayed was the “Hadrosaurus foulkii,” at  Edward Drinker Cope’s Academy of Natural Sciences in Philidelphia.  The bones were co-discovered by Joseph Leidy, Cope’s esteemed professor, and the man responsible for the “Trachodon” toothosaurus.  The original Hadrosaurus reconstruction, which is still on display today, shows a huge plaster cast bipedal reptile standing upright using its tail as a third-leg.  What few people know, however, is that no skull was ever discovered and no original bones were put in the public exhibit.

A visual and a sculptural artist were promptly hired to invent a skull, and from the illustrations of another artist, who had depicted the Iguanadon, the two artists drew the same face for the Hadrosaurus foulkii.  The people involved could now technically defend the existence of this dinosaur, if someone were to ask.  The stunt worked out so well, and fooled the public so thoroughly, that they could later change the head of the creature without anyone noticing.  To this day, Hadrosaurus foulkii is on display at the Academy of Natural Sciences in Philadelphia.  The bones are said to be kept behind heavy, closed doors, but a plaster copy is exhibited in their place … So we learn of an iguana skull being substituted for the skull of a dinosaur on display. Was the public told at the time? What are we not being told today?  -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

What we are not being told is that this is the rule and the not the exception.  To this day not a single complete skeleton of any dinosaur has ever been found!  All the museum displays, models, mannequins, cartoons, and movies of prehistoric monsters you have ever seen are all imaginative reconstructions based on incomplete skeletons arranged in a manner paleontologists believe to be most realistic.  Furthermore, the skeletons exhibited in museums are all admittedly intricate fabrications made of plaster, fiberglass, various epoxies, and other animal bones, not original fossils.

When “dinosaur” bones are transported and prepared they use strips of burlap soaked in plaster to jacket over the fossils.  Then after applying a tissue separator to keep the plaster from direct contact with the bone, the soaked burlap strips are laid on until it is totally encased in a protective mummy-like coating ready for safe transport.  In an article titled “A Fossil’s Trail From Excavation to Exhibit” one insider remarked that, “Through moldmaking and casting we can totally fabricate limbs, ribs, vertebrae, etc., for the missing pieces of an articulated skeletal mount.  Plaster, fiberglass and epoxies are often and commonly used.  In reconstruction work on single bones, small to large cracks can be filled in with mache or plaster mixed with dextrin, a starch that imparts an adhesive quality and extra hardness to regular molding plaster.  We’ve also had success using epoxy putties.  Large missing fragments can be sculpted directly in place with these same materials.”  In other words, Museum personnel work with plaster and other materials to transport and fabricate skeletons and missing or incomplete bones all the time.  In fact, the huge “dinosaur bone” displays found in museums across the world are admittedly carefully prepared fakes!  No independent researcher has ever examined a real dinosaur skull!  They claim all the actual fossils are kept in high-security storage, but only a select few paleontologists are ever allowed to examine them, so the ability to ascertain their authenticity is kept from the general public.

Most people believe that dinosaur skeletons displayed in museums consist of real dinosaur bones.  This is not the case.  The real bones are incarcerated in thick vaults to which only a select few highly placed researchers hold a key, which means that NO independent researcher has ever handled a tyrannosaurus rex bone.  When people unaffiliated with the paleontological establishment attempt to gain access in order to study these dinosaur bones, they are met with refusal upon refusal … Only around 2100 dinosaur bones sets have been discovered worldwide, and out of these, only 15 incomplete Tyrannosaurus Rex bone sets have been found.  These dinosaur bone sets have never formed a complete skeleton, but from these incomplete bones sets, paleontologists have constructed a hypothesis about the appearance of the whole skeleton, which they have modeled in plastic.  If thousands of longnecks and large carnivorous reptiles had really roamed Earth, we wouldn’t only have found 2100 dinosaur bone sets, but millions of bones, with ordinary people tripping over them when digging in their vegetable patches.”  -Robbin Koefoed, “The Dinosaurs Never Existed”

When children go to a dinosaur museum, are the displays they see displays of science or displays of art and science fiction?  Are we being deceived and brainwashed at an early age into believing a dinosaur myth?  Deep probing questions need to be asked of the entire dinosaur business.  There may have been an ongoing effort since the earliest dinosaur ‘discoveries’ to plant, mix and match bones of various animals, such as crocodiles, alligators, iguanas, giraffes, elephants, cattle, kangaroos, ostriches, emus, dolphins, whales, rhinoceroses, etc. to construct and create a new man-made concept prehistoric animal called the dinosaur.  Where bones from existing animals are not satisfactory for deception purposes, plaster substitutes may be manufactured and used.  Some material similar or superior to plasticine clay or plaster of Paris would be suitable.  Molds may also be employed.  What would be the motivation for such a deceptive endeavor?  Obvious motivations include trying to prove evolution, trying to disprove or cast doubt on the Christian Bible and the existence of the Christian God, and trying to disprove the ‘young-earth theory.’  The dinosaur concept implies that if God exists, He tinkered with His idea of dinosaurs for awhile, then probably discarded or became tired of this creation and then went on to create man.  The presented dinosaur historical timeline suggests an imperfect God who came up with the idea of man as an afterthought, thus demoting the biblical idea that God created man in His own image.  -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

Type “Dinosaur Skulls” into a search engine and you will find a variety of replicas, tailor made dinosaurs, and “museum-quality” skeletons.  One of the largest and most-renowned suppliers of fake dinosaurs is the Zigong Dino Ocean Art Company in Sichuan, China which provides natural history museums worldwide with ultra-realistic dinosaur skeletons made from real bones!  Chicken, frog, dog, cat, horse and pig’s bones are melted down, mixed with glue, resin and plaster, then used as base material for re-casting as “dinosaur bones.”  They are even given intentional fractures and an antiquated/fossilized look to achieve the right effect.  Their website boasts, “Over 62% of our output goes to American and European markets, which means we will understand and are familiar with the intricacies and regulation of exporting to these regions …  Since we are a partner of Dinosaur Museums, all products are made under the guidance of experts of the Chinese Academy of Sciences … We have gained a global sales network reaching the USA, Brazil, France, Poland, Russia, Germany, Saudi Arabia, South Korea, Thailand, Indonesia, exhibited in Peru, Argentina, Vancouver, Cincinnati, Chicago and other places.”

I have heard there is a fake-fossil factory in northeast China, in Liaoning Province, near the deposits where many of these recent alleged feather dinosaurs were found.”  -Alan Feduccia, University of North Carolina Paleontology Professor

The possibility exists that key dinosaur bones on display have been artificially modified through sculpture and carving.  Bone sculpture is not an unknown human activity.  Many cultures participate in creating man-made objects out of existing bones, totally unrecognizable from the original shape.  Is the dinosaur industry a customer of this sort of business?  Is it possible that dinosaur skeleton replica are secretly assembled or manufactured in private buildings out of public view, with bones artificially constructed or used from a number of different modern-day animals?  Why bother having any authentic original fossils at all if alleged replicas please the public?  -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

Another problem with dinosaurs is their unnatural structural dynamics.  Many dinosaur skeletons and reconstructions feature bipedal monsters like the T-Rex with a forward-leaning torso and head far larger and heavier than its counter-balancing tail.  Many museum displays cannot even stand up under their own weight; it is highly unlikely that beasts this large and disproportionate could exist at all.  The loads acting on their skeletons are so great that calculations indicate the bones of the largest dinosaurs would buckle and crack under their own immense weight!  Experts have also pointed out that dinosaurs would have to have moved much slower than portrayed in movies to prevent sudden shocks to their skeletons.

This idea of slow moving animals does not agree with the bio-mechanical analysis of dinosaurs, which indicate that the Dinosaurs were agile, active creatures.  This is the paradox between the Dinosaurs size and lifestyle.  Many displays and drawings of dinosaurs appear to be an absurdity, showing a two-legged animal that would be totally off-balance, with the weight of head and abdomen much greater than weight of tail, which is supposed to act as a counter-balance.  Is the dinosaur industry a case of science trying to meet public desires or expectations?  The movie Jurassic Park is an example of showing dinosaurs much larger than any current displays in museums.  After the movie came out, it is interesting to note that many articles were written asking ‘Is this possible?’ I can recall a report of dinosaur DNA being discovered preserved in amber, which later turned out to be false.”  -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

Overall, several millions of dollars have been spent promoting the existence of dinosaurs through movies, TV, magazines and comics.  The world of movies and paleontology are like Siamese twins.  People’s view on the existence of dinosaurs is based not on firm evidence, but on Hollywood fixated artistic impressions.  Documentaries colorfully illustrate each dinosaur’s characteristics, like colors, weight and muscle mass, but Don Lessem (advisor for Jurassic Park) admits that this is pure guesswork - consider for instance the question of how much these dinosaurs weigh.  Don Lessem says, ‘Scientists don’t know how much dinosaurs weighed!’”  -Robbin Koefoed, “The Dinosaurs Never Existed”

Dinosaurs are presented to the public with colorful artistic reconstructions, drawings, models, mannequins, gigantic skeletons in museums, cartoons and movies showing these beasts in explicit detail, but the fact is from the assigning and arrangement of bones in each species, to the impossible to discern soft tissue, skin, eyes, noses, color, hairyness, texture etc., just like the many supposed Ape-Man species, all dinosaur reconstructions are 100% fictional fabrications created by invested and inventive evolutionists.  They purposely present dinosaurs to children in the media to spark and bias their young imaginations towards their machinations.  Cartoons like “Ice Age” and “The Land Before Time,” movies like “Jurassic Park” and “Dinosaur Island,” coloring books, dolls, plastic toys, elementary school textbooks, and huge displays in children’s museums certainly have an effect on budding young minds.

National Geographic and the Ice Age movies were produced by Mason Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp. and 20th Century Fox.  The Masonic production company Universal Studios created Jurassic Park and The Land Before Time.  They are owned by Comcast, whose main shareholders are Masons JP Morgan and the Rothschilds.  Discovery Channel which features many dinosaur documentaries is also financially advised by N M Rothschild and Sons Limited.

Former Paleontology student Michael Forsell claimed on a radio interview with leading paleontologist Jack Horner, that he was “a total fraud, fabricating evidence and perpetuating the myth of dinosaurs.”  He continued on saying, “I started my career in the field of paleontology, only to leave my studies once I realized the whole thing was a sham.  It’s nonsense, most of the so-called skeletons in museums are actually plaster casts.  They even do it openly on documentaries now, preserving the bones my ass!  I struggled as a student, mainly because I could not tell the difference between a fossilized egg and an ordinary rock, and of course there is no difference.  I was treated like a leper when I refused to buy into their propaganda, and promptly left the course.  Dinosaurs never existed, the whole shebang is a freak show, they just grab a couple of old bones and form them into their latest Frankenstein’s monster-like exhibit.  If dinosaurs existed they would be mentioned in the Bible.  We are all being fooled and it’s wrong, but together we can stop it.”

Many claim that since dinosaur fossils have been radiometrically dated to be tens of millions of years old that their authenticity is thus proven.  The fact is, however, that the methods used to date dinosaur fossils involve not measuring the actual fossils, but the rocks near where they are found.  Most fossils are found near the surface of the earth, and if a modern-day animal were to die in the area, paleontologists would be likely to date them the same age!  Dr. Margaret Helder in her book “Completing the Picture, A Handbook on Museums and Interpretive Centers Dealing with Fossils,” she writes, “Scientists used to be very impressed with the potential of radiometric for coming up with absolutely reliable ages of some kinds of rocks.  They do not feel that way anymore.  Having had to deal with numerous calculated dates which are too young or too old compared with what they expected, scientists now admit that the process has many more uncertainties than they ever would have supposed in the early years.  The public knows almost nothing about uncertainties in the dating of rocks.  The impression that most people have received is that many rocks on earth are extremely old and that the technology exists to make accurate measurements of the ages.  Scientists have become more and more aware however that the measurements which the machines make, may tell us nothing about the actual age of the rock.”

One of the main reasons that evolutionists “needed” the existence of dinosaurs was to answer the complicated problems present in the theory of evolution including: sea-dwelling animals evolving into land-dwellers; reptiles evolving wings, feathers, flying and becoming birds; as well as other reptiles evolving warm-blood, live births, breasts and becoming mammals.  Through their imaginary multi-million-year timeline and a variety of supposed transitional dinosaur forms, the paleontological establishment has been promoting various sea-dinosaur, reptile/birds and reptile/mammals to bridge these gaps.  Many professionals and experts in the field have disputed such findings as often as they have been presented, however.  Dr. Storrs Olson, a Smithsonian Institute Scientist, wrote, “The idea of feathered dinosaurs and the theropod origin of birds is being actively promulgated by a cadre of zealous scientists acting in concert with certain editors at Nature and National Geographic who themselves have become outspoken and highly biased proselytizers of the faith.  Truth and careful scientific weighing of evidence have been among the first casualties in their program, which is now fast becoming one of the grander scientific hoaxes or our age.” 

No authentic feathers have ever been found with dinosaur fossils, though a few exposed hoaxes certainly attempted to fake it.  Dr. Olson called the adding of feathers to their findings “hype, wishful thinking, propaganda, nonsense fantasia, and a hoax.”  In the 1990s many fossils with feathers were supposedly discovered in China (suspiciously close to the Zigong Dino Ocean Art Company), but when examined Dr. Timothy Rowe found the so-called “Confuciusornis” was an elaborate hoax.  He also found the “Archeoraptor” supposedly discovered in the 90s was composed of bones from 5 different animals!  When Dr. Rowe presented his findings to National Geographic the head scientist reportedly remarked “well all of these have been fiddled with!  National Geographic then proceeded with their news conferences and media stories about the Archeoraptor fossils being genuine and having found the missing link in evolution.

In 1999, National Geographic magazine was busted when they presented, in a colorful and fancily presented article, the missing link.  An Archeoraptor dinosaur, which was supposed to support the basic tenet of evolutionary theory, that dinosaurs had slowly developed over millions of years.  Their proof consisted of a fossil, where carefully arranged bone imprints gave the impression of a creature half dinosaur and half bird.  The scam was discovered during a CT scan which uncovered unnatural bone links.  National Geographic magazine was later forced to admit, when pressured, that the fossil was man-made!  -Robbin Koefoed, “The Dinosaurs Never Existed”

Paleontologists claim that “Archaeopteryx” is another transitional form of bird evolved from dinosaurs, but this theory falls on its face against overwhelming evidence to the contrary.  Other species like Confuciusornis, Liaoningornis, and Eoalulavis have all been found to be contemporary with the Archaeopteryx and are indistinguishable from present-day birds.  Alan Feduccia from University of North Carolina, one of the most famous ornithologists in the world stated, “I’ve studied bird skulls for 25 years and I don’t see any similarities whatsoever.  I just don’t see it.  The theropod origins of birds, in my opinion, will be the greatest embarrassment of paleontology of the 20th century.”  Larry Martin from the University of Kansas, a paleo-ornithologist says, “to tell you the truth, if I had to support the dinosaur origin of birds with those characters, I’d be embarrassed every time I had to get up and talk about it.”

Even if dinosaurs did evolve into birds to fill their evolution gap, it does not explain how something like the common housefly could have evolved.  Flies flap their wings simultaneously 500 times per second, even the slightest dissonance in vibration would cause them to lose balance and fall, but this never happens.  How could they “evolve” such an amazing and specialized ability?  Why were dinosaurs never discovered before the evolutionist renaissance in the mid-19th century?  Why do paleontologists think they can reconstruct an entire species of ancient animal from a few teeth?  Why have so many dinosaur “discoveries” turned out to be hoaxes?  Why are all “authentic dinosaur fossils” kept under tight lock and key away from any independent analysis?  Why has erosion and weathering not destroyed all these supposed prints and fossils that are allegedly millions of years old?  If dinosaurs were supposedly wiped out by a meteor impact or other such global catastrophe, why is it that all the other various animal species that exist today were not similarly wiped out?  There are many more questions which need to be answered before anyone in their right-mind should consider the existence of dinosaurs anything but a convenient evolutionist myth.

The paleontological establishment can control which hypotheses will be constructed through textbooks and the curriculum.  In this way, students are brainwashed into a pseudo-reality controlled by the text material and the teacher’s authority.  A short practical example; a random dental bone is found at an excavation site and from this dental bone, the rest of the skeleton is guessed at.  We are not kidding about this.  The entire dinosaurian field of the paleontological program is a sham.”  -Robbin Koefoed, “The Dinosaurs Never Existed”

During the nineteenth century a new world view of evolution was being pursued by then influential people such as Darwin and Marx. During this era of thought the first dinosaur discoveries were made. Were these discoveries ‘made’ to try to make up for inadequacies in the fossil record for the theory of evolution? The following issues raise red flags as to the integrity of the dinosaur industry and cast doubts as to whether dinosaurs ever existed: (1) dinosaur discoveries having occurred only within the last two centuries and in huge unusual concentrated quantities going against the laws of nature and probability; (2) dinosaur discoverers typically and generally not being disinterested parties without a vested interest; (3) the nature of public display preparation, calling into question the integrity and source of fossils, and allowing for the possibility of tampering and bone substitution, and the possibility of fraudulent activities on a systemic basis; (4) existing artistic drawings and public exhibits showing off-balance and awkward postures that basic physics would rule out as being possible; (5) very low odds of all these dinosaur bones being fossilized but relatively few bones of other animals; (6) implications of dinosaur discoveries to the theory of evolution and the belief that man was created in God's image, suggesting possible hidden and subtle political or religious agendas served on a naive and unsuspecting public; and, (7) a lack of funding for organizations and people questioning or being skeptical of each and every discovery and public display.  The possibility exists that living dinosaurs never existed.  The dinosaur industry should be investigated and questions need to be asked.  I am unaware of any evidence or reason for absolutely believing dinosaurs ever were alive on earth.  The possibility exists that the concept of prehistoric living dinosaurs has been a fabrication of nineteenth and twentieth century people possibly pursuing an evolutionary and anti-Bible, anti-Christian agenda.  Questioning what is being told instead is a better choice rather than blindly believing the dinosaur story.  ‘O Timothy, keep that which is committed to thy trust, avoiding profane and vain babblings, and oppositions of science falsely so called.’ (1 Timothy 6:20).  The choice between believing the word of man, the evolutionists, or the word of God, the Bible, is a matter of faith.”  -David Wozney, “Dinosaurs: Science or Science Fiction”

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Anonymous said... brain can't handle another lid being blown off of the lie machine. First I find they messed with the shape of the earth, set up an military industrial complex like space agency, and now all of the dinosaur bones shoved in my face since I was a child is a hoax too? My heart is broken...I have been lied to on so many levels my whole life? WHY? The only thing that makes the most sense is their fear of God and His power to make or break creation. If anything , it proves more and more we have been warned in the bible that the enemy is the FATHER OF LIES. What's next? Radical Islam is the pure religion? And the sheeple will run to sad....

Regina 😓

Anonymous said...

Bravo(!) yet again, Eric. I would add that the very thought of these absolutely enormous creatures, some larger than very large trees, roaming around the Earth strains credibility to say the least. And this coming from a guy who as a kid grew up loving "Dinosaurs" and especially "Triceratops."

And hey, if I might make a suggestion… Have you considered putting Social Sharing buttons -- using a plugin or something -- at the end of each of your blog posts? I don't know if the platform has such a thing, but it's something to consider. Best Regards…

David Johnson said...

did you happen by chance to run across my work on this subject. Yes indeed Dinosaurs are in fact HOAXES fully and completely.

Zetetic Dream said...

Great article. Highly suspicious how "dinosaur denial" now puts you in the same camp as religious fundamentalists by the knee-jerk manipulators... absolute ball-bags that they are! :D

jacobshepherd42 said...

Please join us and help put a stop to the dinosaur mythology once and for all!

HealingDaNation said...

Great article! Now I have some more reading to do. This is getting crazy...

One paradigm-shattering truth after another! I am seriously at the point where I am starting to see that the entire system as a lie. It's crumbling down around me and I am jumping for joy! Now I know why as a child I was so reluctant to believe many of the popularized myths like Dinosaurs and Space Travel. They just never rang true for me! And now they're laughable. Thank god I didn't invest too many neural pathways into BS things like this.

And thank God for people like Eric Dubay, balling hard for the truth movement!

Dario Virgilio said...

Interesting article. Don't you have a link to the full conversation between you and the other guys about this topic?

Harry Moore said...

WOW...buddy you are a mind blower!!!! Congratz.

I had books on dinos, the universe, earth, early man as far back as I can remember early 70's.
And I has seen the Zetetic map stuff about 10 years ago...couldn't buy it then, even though I remember saying this is the UN flag.

You're drawing alot of heat so you must be getting close if not rigth on target.

fiser said...

hi - got banned from IFERS - dunno why?? -

found this


Rahsaan Motley said...

Science has become almost a complete joke and a fairy tale, religion is more entertaining lol. We are told in school about dinosaurs, I was always curious about dinosaurs. In my opinion everything was created and never evolved. Evolution is a complete lie especially saying humans evolved from apes. Darwin and many of the Eurocentric who supported evolution during the Renaissance age were also racist. In my research, I found out Darwin was a Mason and was funded to spread the lie about evolution to decieve us. The ancient indigenous people all over the world never believed in dinosaurs or evolution just like the round earth myth. They to me were more advanced than what we are today and knew what the universe truly was. Science like religion today is manipulated, dinosaurs is a complete myth like big foot and aliens. If the scholors,historians and scientist can lie about flat earth... why are we surprised at this, we have been dumb down severely. Keep spreading the truth no matter what because the majority of the world is still asleep to the matrix.

Mick said...

Thanks Eric, that's another childhood sacred cow you've just slaughtered. I have no innocence left, man!

Anonymous said...

Adrienne Mayor would like a word with you.

Mary Martha said...

I am new to the flat earth concept. (As of just a couple of weeks ago to be perfectly honest)It rocked me to the core to come to the understanding after observing your work and doing some research on my own that "MY WORLD IS NOT SPINNING AS I ONCE THOUGHT IT WAS!" 'EGYPT KNEW NO PHARAOHS NOR ISRAELITES" by Dr. Ashraf Ezzat. Yup, you read that right.No slaves.No israelites.Egyptians did not refer to their kings and queens as Pharaohs.Pyramids are not mentioned in the Bible of the Hebrews...You know the ones that they as slaves supposedly built.Egyptologists have known for a long time....Archaeologists have known about this in academia but they "Whisper like chickens" among themselves according to Dr. E. This is revolutionary information that when related to the flat earth concept, can change the world.Why?Because it turns CHRISTIANITY, JUDAISM, AND ISLAM on their heads.even if their religions correctly supported a flat earth as their "bibles" state, their "bibles" were developed from mistranslations of the Septuagint bible....and it was on PURPOSE.Say Whaaaaaat? Holy Mary Mother of God. E is currently in production of a video to spread "The Good News".or the not so good news depending on how you look at it.Here is the trailer for his book.
The good Dr. pulls no punches...He has no problem calling out those who threw Egypt under the bus...painted them as brutal slave drivers...that the pyramids were built by slaves...The Exodus wasn't in Egypt.The holy land is not so holy.Moses did not say "Let my people go" in Egypt....(Think Yemen)There were no slaves.There is no wall to wail turns out it is a fort of all things.All of the suffering and strife in Gaza and the middle east,all of the violence committed by these religious groups inflicted throughout history upon each other and humanity is a result of MISTAKEN GEOGRAPHY. a friend sent me mark s's flat earth clues documentary.I sent a message similar to this comment in an email to M. Sargent of FEC offering to "gift" a copy of Dr. E's book. This was a couple of weeks agoI have not heard backHopefully he is a real person and not on the dark side's team.People knew the earth was flat.Then "somehow" some Jesuit guy starts the global thingy and everyone and his mother's brother is on board for the last 500 years.Control of humanity and huge amounts of suffering result,that continue to our present day.This all put us in the dark.Separated us from the wisdom of the ancestors and put us in the hands of the deceivers(the mistranslators of the Septuagint bible)while they demonized the Egyptians and their culture. Now the word GLOBALIST....makes perfect sense.In an Email Dr. E told me he is in the fight of his life exposing the deception. I told him I fear for his safety...He has picked a fight with the 3 biggest bullies on this flat earth of ours.If this Egypt Knew no Pharaohs nor Israelites combined with your Flat Earth Atlantean Conspiracy gain an appropriate amount of traction in the minds of humanity....what will happen?I was raised a ChristianBut I am a universalist at heart. All of this is scary as hell. I agree with you who the bad guys are and that there are no lizzard people. But I have overlearned and now I am on the slippery slope on a big black inner tube,careening toward the edge of the earth I think you will find Dr. E's book aligns with you on the deception and corruption. I would be more than happy to gift you a copy through amazon as it is under 5 bucks.It is a short read..I got through it in a morning.I have an email out to him referencing your work and asking him if he knows the earth is flat.He is Egyptian after all.

Shinteo said...

Personally, I think dinosaurs existed, just not so long ago as claimed by conventional science. If you search "dinosaurs in ancient art", you'll find many examples of dinosaurs in the artwork, carvings, painting, drawing and even cave drawings of our ancestors, meaning they are aware of these giant lizards and recorded it in their art and cultures.

Other websites also claim the same, with more evidence than I can show in this comment. I'll just leave some links, and you can study them yourself.

nyse said...

Great article! There is such a clear agenda here. Keep it up man...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Great work Eric as always!
I will now seek strenghth to tell a friend who is just now becoming a doctor in paleontology that dinosaurs never existed.

Mary Martha said...

No Dinos. No pharaohs. No Israelite slaves in Egypt. No globe. No moon mission. No Holocaust? Yes Virginia, there was a HOLODOMOR.......THAT WORD DOESN'T EVEN SET OFF MY SPELLCHECKER...20 million people dead in Ukraine. President Roosevelt knew ...American children are not taught about the Holodomor in school......hmmmmm....They are indoctrinated with lie after lie...."All of the lies covered in flies......."
I am now reading every single one of Eric's books...MM

Willard said...

I want to order your book but I do not have credit cards and need to know where I can send a money order to!
I asked this question on but was banned from the forum You did not answer my question but for some reason you banned me.
I only get to internet on Wednesdays for a few hours.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Willard, not sure why the mods banned you, what's your screen name so I can reinstate your account? We have strict rules on the forum so be sure to read the rules thread before posting and use the search function to find answers for any of your flat Earth questions. There's no way to buy my books by money order, but you can download most of them free. Also check out my Eric Dubay Youtube channel for much more info. Peace

jer salem said...

Check out Mathew Nolan

Anonymous said...

I am a devoted Catholic who follows the Voice of the Good Shepherd. For me, it is truly a blessing to find this article and read the truth. I must admit, I was once a fan of science and everything it teaches. But when I looked to Jesus and read the Scriptures, I began to see clearly how clever the demons are in their deceptions.

Al Jean said...

Hey Eric u did a wonderful job in ur latest book 200 proofs earth is not a spinning ball, you really changed the original perception of this world I once had .When ur flat there is no turning back to a globe lol . Now everyone new I meet with the only subject that comes up to my mind 1st is the FE not much time is wasted that I questioned them about their perceptions of the world we live in, I still get most of them answering me that they believe to be on a spinning wobbling ball !! so i dont lose any time to start proving facts and theories that the only thing Earth can be is motionless flat plane with everything revolving around us and I tell them to not take my word for it and propose them to look into the subject for themselves . So if I can talk to 5 person a day and change their opinion they originally had about Earth and these 5 person each talk to 5 more a day 25 the 1st day 125 the second day 625 the 3rd now I see how 500,000 new FE's .
But I seem to have one question of why we haven't heard anything in the mainstream media about the growing amount of people that are waking up to the reality of a FE .
Why does NASA, is still faking spacewalks , why does Obama still don't have time with a meeting with the FES , I really hope that there will be some serious change in our way of treating the planet the way we are and all the people around us .If earth is all there is and that we are in fact the only living being in this universe what is the purpose of all the wars and starvation in yet 1/3 of the world

Janet Osborne said...

Dear Eric, Thankyou for the incredible insight you have given me and my husband and teenage daughter about the flat earth and much more. WE bought and read your book (my daughter still has to do that as part of her home education).

I have come to this site tonight to see how I might contact you and probably have not come to the correct place? I joined your research site a while back and went to have a look again this evening (while my husband is out doing his Wing Chun training) and a notice flashed up saying that I was banned from site?? I'm not sure if there is a general problem or some mistake? I have not yet made any comment on the boards so can't imagine I have been able to upset anyone and imagine it tis a technical issue? As I can't go on the site to contact you I am trying this route. Admin must get such a bore for you so apologies for bringing this to you here, but I was really learning a lot from the posts there and hoping to start making a contribution. Yours sincerely, Janet (flatjanet on IFERS) Many thanks

Eric Dubay said...

To IFERS members receiving banned messages, it seems there has been some kind of hack and I'm getting an influx of reports from genuine members getting ban messages even though they are in good standing on the forum :( I'm very sorry about this and don't know what to do. Many have used proxies to change their IP and can get back on the forum, however, so for now this is a temporary fix to the problem. My apologies, we will try to fix this or find a new home for IFERS as it seems I am being attacked at every front now, my YouTube, Facebook, and now the forum.

Al Jean said...

that kinda suck

their probably pissed that the truth is out and there is nothing they can do to hide the reality anymore !!!
Let me know if u have to move

jagiddy said...

Thank you for the update regarding the forum! I was a little butthurt to be honest. I will heed your advice and hope to personally express to you my gratitude soon!

Skeptics' Skeptic said...

Do you mean will have to discard my collection of "coprolite," "Dinosaur
Dung? Sob! -Zan Overall, The Skeptic's Soeptic.

Aaron O'Guin said...

Hellyeah Eric, my family and friends think I'm retarded and REFUSE to be shown evidence bc I'm a drug addict but oh well. Thank you Eric for strengthening my faith.

dm ironsky said...

very good works eric. since i read about the FE in its disk shape (that i've never thought before), I started to disbelieve in moon landing and UFOs. When talk about FE, most people think it's a square surface and you will be falling down when you reach the edge. . I spread the words about the disk earth, and it's not rotating, among friends in my social network. Many years ago before i reach your articles, I never believe there are primitive stone age humans living in the caves, hunting and eat raw meat. I believe Adam is the very first human, and very intelligent. I have a blog writing about all these greatest lies. For me, FE make more sense than RE, with logical explanations. I added oyu in my circle and will continue to read your works.

Anonymous said...

Just the thought of the Tyrannosaurs Rex as an actual creature roaming around is hilarious to me! The "smarter than us idiots" at the museums can't even put together the much lighter casts of bones without using wires to keep them in place. The tiny little arms that the Rex had, flailing in the winds! That head must have been so heavy. It just constantly dropped to the ground. The Rex just runs along like a bulldozer, with its' head and mouth open on the ground, inhaling small game for food!

I actually believed this garbage as a child and well into my adult years! I found it interesting who was really behind "fossil fuels" and "peak oil." None other than Johnny D and his before and after cronies! Even on "Suppressed-ipedia" it writes that the Rockefeller family "was guarding an embarrassing secret." Gee, ya think! Just how many secrets were/are they guarding? John D lived to be 97 years old! Not too shabby back in those days!

I hope many of you are aware that the Earth "magically" makes its oil. It does not come from pockets of dead plant and animal matter. It is abundant EVERYWHERE! It is just deeper and harder to get to in some places, yes it is under your(you reading this) house to! It is a well known FACT that there were oil wells in Texas that had supposedly run dry. After so many years depending on the location, without digging any deeper, these wells were/are COMPLETELY FULL AGAIN! The Earth's oil is very important to us, it was given to us for a reason. It can be very safely used for MANY purposes to make our lives better and healthier. It WILL NEVER run out, that is, if we use it wisely.

Think back to grade school science for a moment. Almost everything you were taught was a lie. Here is something that wasn't. We humans breath out carbon dioxide and the plants and trees take it in and return oxygen to us. Oil/gas can be broken down and used for fuel which the only by-product is clean carbon dioxide. The plants and trees (as long as we don't destroy all of them, and are constantly replanting more) will soak all that up and give us awesome, clean oxygen! Now here is where the problem is. The oil can only be broken down so much. These horrible companies such as DuPont and Monsanto will break this oil down WAY TOO much and combine it with all kinds of other stuff to make poisonous chemicals. Vegetable oil and water are quite natural, but don't mix well together! They then release this garbage back upon us because they have nowhere else to put it and they make TONS of money off it. They don't even need the money anymore, they just want to kill us off. Just look at what is going on in Flint, Michigan as well as many other areas around the world with OUR water supply.

Sorry to get off topic Eric and friends. I do that a lot lately as my mind is spinning faster than ball Earth! Oil could be a wondrous gift to us if we actually had competent people in charge of it. Yes we can make cars that run on water. The problem there is that clean water is becoming a valuable resource. I would much rather use water to grow healthy foods! Now if we could use salt water as a fuel, I'm all for it! The problem here is that we will have TONS of yucky salt as a by-product. I'm not sure what we could do with all that salt? Yes, we could use it on roads where snow is abundant, but that salt then ruins farmlands. Tough times we are facing people, keep your heads up and your brains/common sense even higher up!


Harry Moore said...

EXCELLENT commente Sombreroman....couldn't agree with you more.
I wouldn't add a point to that for fear that you may take it as a dis.

Here's the solution to your salt problem. Send the salt to CANADA AND RUSIA. We'll use it in the winter on the roads.

Jen said...

I would argue that in addition to the 'false narrative' regarding dinosaurs, that the opposite is as well 'false' .... There will be several who read this that may be offended, but I rationally ask you 'please don't shoot the messenger'...
Eric's pointing out all the Masonic links in finance, etc, to the so-called 'dinosaur hoax' was interesting to me in that it is precisely the conclusion I've come to in my own research regarding these same 'monetary controlling interests' and the beloved 'bible'. Since we know that 'they' have always fomented BOTH sides in any war/conflict, then one MUST consider as distinct possibility that 'they' as well created not only the myth of Jesus (maybe he was a real man whose message they conscripted) but as well the written 'history' of him and his so-called 'teachings' known as The New Testament'.
For anyone who has studied the mellenia-old practice of the Dark Art of Money Creation--that these Rothchild/Rockefeller types are in charge of--one quickly sees that the current system we are enslaved by is merely a cyclical boom-and-bust cycle known as the Babylonian Money Magik System and has been used for thousands of years to great effect. It is as well increasingly obvious that is is from the ancient 'Jewish' text known as The Talmud that the basics of this vampiric structure came down to us--- from where it came to those who wrote it down as The Talmud? Well, that's anybody's guess: Off-Worlders is mine...
My point is to say that my research indicates that the fraudulence of the dinosaur-myth must as well be applied to the notion of the Bible. I have much more evidence to discuss if anyone is interested.
Again, it is not my intention to offend, only to assist my fellow humans in questioning EVERYTHING we've been 'given' in this 'reality'---INCLUDING religious, dogmatic 'faith'....
With Respect,
Jennifer Williams

Anonymous said...

I'm not quite buying it...I agree there's a lot of evolutionary hocus pocus with the Dino idea, but while the name Dinosaur originated with Sir Richard Owen, Dragons have had a place in the myths, legends, and lore of nearly every people group in the world for thousands of years. They didn't have to dig up the bones, they lived along side of them and even hunted them. There are even a large number of eye witnesses Claiming to see them today. There is definitely a great deal of fraud when they "make" an entire skeleton from 3 bones, but I'm still of the opinion that dinosaurs (i.e. Dragons) did and maybe do exist.

Jen said...

Agreed. But if there's commercial gain involved--truth-stretching is the name of the game--just ask any advertiser...

Anonymous said...

"For that matter, why were there no discoveries prior to the nineteenth century in any part of the world? According to the World Book Encyclopedia, ‘before the 1800’s no one ever knew that dinosaurs existed."- third paragraph. I have one word. "dragons." Dragons were believed to exist for thousands of years.

albumfixer said...

Thank you for your work. They tell us 3 lies before we are 5 years old - heliocentricism, evolution, and dinosaurs. These cast doubt on the existence of God, and it changes the Bible from history into mythology. We have been set up for a Great Deception that will involve fake aliens from fake planets orbiting fake stars, and we will be told we must upgrade our DNA or go extinct like the dinosaurs.

Anonymous said...

Once you learn about soil erosion and corrosion yes, all the enzymes and processes underneath the soil that break down materials you realize the dinosaurs are a myth. Anyone who claims to have found bones of millions of years ago is a liar. Uranium is the most difficult element for the earth to break down is uranium-235 shelf life 24,000 years. This is the longest lasting element in existence. But by less than a million years this too is broken down. No way can any creature still have bones in existence for millions of years that are still intact. That is why oil is created from fossils that have broken down and died from the natural tertiary systems & processes at work in the earth.

Anonymous said...

Anynomous above, the 'fossil fuel' nonsense is also just another swindle, look here:

Oil is an Abiotic.

I have just recently been looking into the Dinosaur issue and it has taken me about a week of research to realise I have been lied to, yet again. Is there anything in our lives that is genuine, apart from our indentured servitude?

I have no childhood dreams left, they have all been shattered and lay about my feet decomposing.

The most difficult aspect of realising the deception is having to live with it. One cannot talk about much of it openly as it causes leads to banishment and ridicule from the happy slaves. It is a very lonely existence, clamouring for the truth and digesting knowledge.

Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff Eric.. i have always had my doubts about the ridiculous theories of evolution and the big bang- the nonsense we are told through the media about dinosaurs is staggering. They find a finger bone and within a week we have a documentary about a 'new' dinosaur that went extinct some 65 - 100 million years ago !! Theres a big space of time between 65 and 100 million years.what a stupid estimation!
They can also tell us the daily life of a t rex just by looking at a fossil.its all bullshit.
Dinosaurs were the dragons of legend in my opinion. Its hard for me to believe they didnt exist although anything is possible and i wouldnt rule it out that many types of dinosaur are fabricated to make us believe the earth was absolutely crawling with them..
One thing i do agree with is - we are living in a world that feeds us huge lies on a daily basis and most people follow like sheep everything they are taught. Im just glad there are others out there who question the insane claims of science.