Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Flat Earth is the Most Important Truth

Eric Dubay says the greatest lie and most successful cover-up in history, NASA and Freemasonry's biggest secret, is that we live on a plane, not a planet; that Earth is the flat, stationary center of the universe. Eric is an American living in Thailand where he teaches Yoga and Wing Chun part-time while exposing the New World Order full-time. He is the author of five books and is the president of the International Flat Earth Research Society.

From Mel Fabregas: Let me begin this interview by stating that I have no attachment to the flat earth. I have no attachment to the oblate spheroid, and even to the sphere. If our home is any of these, so be it. I wouldn't be surprised of any. What I continue to be surprised and suspicious of are the people who continue attacking those who simply ask questions. I recently attended a conference that deals with the most open minded topics you could possibly imagine. However, when it comes to the flat earth topic, it was a no no. Look, I can't say I blame people for thinking this is the most absurd topic under the sun, or the firmament, rather, but you, open minded people who discuss aliens, UFOs, reptilians who rule the world, Bigfoot, and the rest of it, why do you continue telling people to stop looking into the flat earth? Those of you who study the pyramids and ancient civilizations, you venerate these ancient ones, and rightfully so, and some of these very ancient ones believed the earth was flat. Why do you then continue looking into their achievements if the notion of a flat earth is so absurd? Shouldn't that discredit them too? And those of you who continue writing to me saying the ancient ones knew they lived on a sphere, how did they know? Perhaps they had advanced technology that allowed seeing the skies above. Just because you see sphere above you doesn't prove you are standing on one. You can still play pool on a flat table and basketball on a flat court.  Perhaps the psyop is questioning those who question the true shape of our plane(t).

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Mary Martha said...

Hi Eric, Mary Martha here. Just finished watching these two videos. Mel is one of your best interviewers and the result is one of your best interviews combined with the video you have given. I have your books and love your coffee table version but hearing your voice and seeing the videos and listening to intelligent questions asked of you and your response is always helpful to me on my journey of discerning and deciding. I love that you say, "I don't know." when you don't! I understand now how dinosaurs and evolution came about at the same time and why that was necessary. In Minnesota where I live the St. Paul Pioneer Press ran an article about Giant Human remains and I ask around at historical societies and museum curators and they have no idea about the article or where the bones are now. I grew up in a time listening to Kansas "Dust in the wind. All we are is dust in the wind." My soul sinks remembering all of the crap I was indoctrinated with. I felt hopeless as they "educated" me in their ways. No eternality or spirituality for me. I am a fluke that defended from monkeys who came from a big bang nothing. No creator. No intelligence. Just dust. But a spark in me did not believe them wholly. So I go searching. Now I understand it is up to my subjective consciousness to choose. I need to discern all possibilities. The Flat Earth is the most important truth. It all goes forth from there.

Eric Dubay said...

Great comment, thanks so much Mary

Matt Long said...

Interesting article that may have some impact on the flat earth: http://www.collective-evolution.com/2016/08/03/tibetan-buddhist-scripture-calls-it-shambhala-a-land-inside-the-earth-inhabited-by-others/

What if "Shambhala" is the what's at the center of our plane aka "the north pole"?
What if it's a parallel plane that coincides with our own?
It could be where (extra-dimensional) aliens come from aka "angels and demons"?

Regardless, I thought it was an interesting article when read with prior knowledge of the flat earth

Haze said...

Ruined cyclopean stone structures prevail the world over, from the Americas to Africa and Asia. Europe also has stupendous monolithic stones. There are cairns, dolmen and circles littering the landscape. Many ancient sites have been obscured by overgrown vegetation and some can only be seen from above, like the Nazca plain. Others are so large they appear to be natural formations or hills; like mounds and barrows.

There are stone slabs weighing hundreds of tons, transported for hundreds of miles and cut and laid with precision, often in complex polygonal patterns, between which you cannot insert a needle. We still find the extraordinary stone heads and spheres of the Olmecs. There are numerous pyramids of enormous proportions and huge statues, like the great Sphinx and Colossi of Memnon. On remote mountain tops and isolated islands and even beneath the ocean waves, there is evidence of this lost megalithic culture.

This civilization was spread across the four corners of the Earth. One could be forgiven for thinking they must have been giants! Why would average-sized people build on such a massive scale? It's as though these stones were positioned by a levitating force. Their marvelous cities and sculptures appear to have been abandoned or partially destroyed and forgotten in the mists of time. Something brought a tragic end to their world and ours is built tenuously upon what little remains.

Aristarchus of Samos taught that the Earth undergoes two destructions, of combustion and deluge. Plato's legendary Atlantis, disappearing beneath the sea in a day and a night, bears this out. Heraclitus introduced the cyclical ‘Great Year,’ later developed by Plato; a period during which the eight heavenly bodies return to their original point of departure and the world is inundated and burned alternately in these epochs.

After this conflagration of brimstone and fire, it seems the 'windows of heaven' and the 'fountains of the deep' are opened simultaneously to quench the flames and the land is immersed in a Deucalion flood. This deluge was God's means of punishing mankind for their wickedness and the cycle is repeating, where our iniquity will have to be purged by fire and drowned by water, as in the Day's of Noah...

Haze said...

"He is the God who sits in the center, on the navel of the earth, and he is the interpreter of religion to all mankind." -- Plato.

Flat-Earthers may wish to acquaint themselves with 'The Smoky God' by Willis George Emerson, published in 1908. Exponents of the Hollow Earth are well versed in this story. It tells of a Norseman called Olaf Jansen and his father Jens, who sailed far beyond the 'North Wind' in 1829 to seek the fabled land of the gods, Odin and Thor. After surviving the 'Maelstrom' they finally found it! The "cradle of the human race."

Many of the anomalies witnessed by father and son on this Arctic voyage, were also recorded by Ross, Nansen, Amundsen and other polar explorers. According to Olaf, on the top of a high mountain, is the fountain-head of four mighty rivers, the Euphrates, the Pison, the Gihon and the Hiddekel, which divide and flow out in four directions. Fresh water icebergs form in the mouths of these rivers and are some fifteen to twenty miles wide.

Olaf described the people as being twelve to fourteen feet tall and having the longevity of the Patriarchs. He told of being taken overland at high speed to the city of "Eden" in a noiseless conveyance, which ran on a single iron rail in perfect balance. He deduced this vehicle was doubtless some contrivance which rendered the force of atmospheric pressure ineffectual, as if it were in a vacuum. This was at a time when we operated steam locomotives!

He saw some inexplicable device which they "hold communion with one another between the most distant parts of their country, on air currents." There were forests of mighty trees which made California's sequoia gigantea pale to insignificance, up to one thousand feet in height and a hundred and twenty feet in diameter. There were mammoths and gigantic birds with a thirty foot wing span and tortoise seven feet high.

On the return journey, Jens lost his life when their boat was capsized by an Antarctic iceberg and after being rescued, Olaf was certified insane in Stockholm for recounting this experience. He was incarcerated in an asylum for twenty-eight years. Olaf knew never to speak of it again, until he was on his deathbed, but he wanted the world to know about the "inner-earth."

Olaf said; "In concluding this history of my adventures, I wish to state that I firmly believe science is yet in its infancy concerning the cosmology of the earth. There is so much that is unaccounted for by the world's accepted knowledge of to-day, and will ever remain so until the land of "The Smoky God" is known and recognized by our geographers."


"The nights are never so dark at the Poles as in other regions, for the moon and stars seem to possess twice as much light and effulgence. In addition, there is a continuous light, the varied shades and play of which are amongst the strangest phenomena of nature." - Rambrosson's Astronomy.