Thursday, July 13, 2017

Forced Government Indoctrination Camps

Every day all over the world, millions of bright young minds are spending the best years of their lives being herded around by governments like cattle, responding to bells, whistles and other Pavlovian/Skinnerian conditioning.  Millions of children are locked into this program Monday to Friday from 9-5 performing boring/arduous tasks against their will because society has deemed it necessary.  Just like the workplace, only unquestioning compliance is rewarded and your only reprieves are snack breaks and lunch time, which are withheld from you like salivating dogs until the bell rings.  Meanwhile you anxiously sit in rigid rows all facing the big boss and the blackboard, focused on fantasy objectives, conditioned to view other students as competitors and hindrances.

Scientifically subjecting young children to factory-style seating, standardized testing, and government textbooks bring “order out of chaos,” and make for manageable populations. Modern schools create uniformity, while suppressing skepticism and creativity. They over-develop competitive spirit while undermining compassion and curiosity. They promote cliques, gangs, small group mentalities, and “small-picture” thinkers. Grading and testing procedures hinder “big-picture” understanding of any subject and force students to focus on more simple, gradable aspects. True education and mastery of the subjects at hand are not encouraged or even feasible. Students are merely required to memorize trivial information like names, dates, places, events etc. just long enough to regurgitate for standardized multiple-choice tests. Then after examination, the trivial info stored in their short-term memory disappears along with their superficial understandings of each subject.


Unknown said...

Prison camps are nice but I want to know about stars.

What are they?
What are they made of?
Are they attached to/within/or above the firmament?
What is their purpose?
Do they have any impact/interaction with Humans?

I haven't been able to find any good answers to these questions.

I recently had an idea that stars are actually spirits. When someone either falls asleep or dies their spirit exits to their spot in the sky.

Do you know?

Anonymous said...

I always thought it funny that in order to "function in society" one must scan text for tens of years with ones eyes, when eyes primarily perceive multiple things at once (pictures/views). Dyslexia is simply the eyes wanting to see freely without confining the gaze to a single streak of words at a time.

Jem said...

Agree with every word mate. Very well said. "Education" is a nightmare we are forced to endure, and which we have to devote the rest of our lives to waking up from. Thanks for the work you've been doing. It matters.

New Author said...

Is there anything good about our school system? Like does it teach our children to read and right, and how to use math? Do they teach how to get along with others even if we don't like them or see eye to eye with them? Do they teach kids how to be responsible as far as getting up out of bed and to school in time?

Anonymous said...

It's the human races fault The human race has proven throughout history that they are for the average, a primitive, barbaric primitive and dangerous race. Only a very small amount of people actually have compassion. The human race is a dangerous cattle that can be used to turn against anyone and kill anyone. the evolution of the human spirit and the disconnection to the soul has man enslaved in these school systems. They have to prove they are connected first spiritually to be able to inhabit worlds where they are treated like humans rather then robots. As long as humans act like dangerous order followers then they deserve nothing more then being herded like cattle.

Anonymous said...

I'm coming to terms with this and most things seem so clear and logical except when it comes to satelite weather imagery. I believe you have said that there are no satelites or do you mean outside of earths stratosphere? Either way could you explain how weather satelites gt their moving data for storms, etc if not from a satelite picture from above?
Thanks and well done for the pointers to discover for ourselves.

Anonymous said...

Eric, i just watched your History of Flat Earth. I have been watching videos for the past 2 years and it is so Obvious The Earth is flat, but it took me a year, after alot of time in prayer and seeing with my own eyes the signs. So about a year ago i finally told a co-worker( after NASA Mars crap) it is all fake and we have never been to the moon, and the Earth is flat. Well Laughing started shortly after. But i didn't back down or get mad, i started laughing with them. But the Jokes haven't Stoped. I tried to send a FRIEND REQUEST on Facebook but i couldn't find it. I believe, but i have nobody to talk to and ask questions, so i can get more informed. Most people ask me questions about a round earth that i can't answer in order to prove the flat and it drives me crazy because i am not a mathematics Genius. Please if there is any way you can point me in the right place or forums or send me a friend request@ Toby Beavers on Facebook (denton tx. My profile pic is Trump) i would be thankful. Thank you.