Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Famous Freemasons Exposed (Video)

The above is my first attempt at documentary video using Windows Movie Maker. It is 10 minutes long and uses Masonic hand signs to prove that the majority of top politicians and Hollywood celebrities are involved in secret societies like Masonry/Eastern Star. It features music from Immortal Technique, Sick Since, DZK, and David Rovics.

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John W. Ratcliff said...

Well, I certainly hope that they are!

Pascal said...


Pascal said...

Clearingcutting here!

Unknown said...

Hi Eric,

Your Blog is very informative and I have been reading it for some time now.

I found a strange thing not sure there s a connection.In India there s a mudra... The 'Baba Mudra' has the ring and middle fingers folded by the thumb finger. The two fingers not touched are the index and little finger. This looks exactly like the hand sign the Bush family is flaunting..If you are interested in the interpretation I have some material and can send you a scanned copy.

Anonymous said...

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