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Esoteric Agenda (Video)

If you still haven't seen Ben Stewart's Esoteric Agenda, drop what you're doing and watch this documentary! This is the most important two hours of information you could possibly plug into. Sit back, open your mind, and get ready for a big dose of reality. Esoteric Agenda is probably the best presented and most comprehensive documentary to date exposing the global conspiracy.


Anonymous said...

Hi Eric. I saw the video and I agree it is very powerful and important. I'm typing it up actually, for those who are hearing impaired. It must be frustrating for those who canny hear to read about such an important video, but not be able to know what all the fuss is about. So I'm transcribing it, bit by bit and posting it on the David Icke Forum. Should I post it on here too?

Eric Dubay said...

Right on, great idea about typing it up. You should definitely post a link in the Icke forum and also post another comment to this subject with the URL when you finish. Thanks! :)


Anonymous said...

There's a forum on the Above Top Secret website discussing the Esoteric Agenda. I posted that I'm transcribing it and I've put up a link to this - The Atlantean Conspiracy website.

Anonymous said...


~Every 26,000 years our solar system passes through the 12 zodiac signs.

Ancient civilisations such as the Hopi, Eyptians, Cherokey, Apache and the Mayans were aware of this great cycle and developed calendars according to it. This cycle stems from many different occurences in nature such as the sun's orbit around Alcion, the central star of Plaides as well as the 260 day cycle of human gestation.

This cycle is broken down into 5 sub cycles of 5,125 years each (00.32), which were thought to have their own age.

The Aztec calendar or Meso American Sun Stone depicted each cycle as being destroyed by one of the 5 elements.

The cycle we are currently is the age of the 5th sun 3113BC to 2012AD. More precisely this Great Cycle ends December 21st 2012.

Mayan cultrures and vicilisations were aware of this end date and Nostradamus even prophesised about it. (01.02)

4 Earth, which we are currently in now, is also known as the movement, shift, evolution and consciousness. Living Maya time-keepers proclaim that the Earth has been through fire, earth, air and water. The final element is ether or centre.

The Hopi believe that the 4th world of destruction closes and the 5th world of peace begins on December 21st 2012. The Great Cycle is broken down into what the Mayans believe to be 13 Baktans. (01.33) Earth began its 13th Baktan in 1618 which was known as the triumph of materialism as well as the time of great forgetting, in the prediction that humanity will lose the awareness of their true bond with nature by means of external possessions. This is where ego and domination became the predominant ambition of the civilised world. Not surprisingly this time frame was precisely when the world wide co-ordination of Pope Gregory 13th forced the 12 month calendar as well as the first mechanical clock onto indiginous peoples. (02.03)This is what's known as the error in time. Before the inception of the two instruments by the Roman Catholic Church, each year was divided into 13 moon cycles, with 28 days each. But the most detrimental part of these two instruments was the insinuation that time was something external, something inorganic and outside the body that we must watch and obey.

The 7th century Mayan prophet Pacal Votan (2.30) left a powerful message for future generations of evolution. If humanity wishes to save itself from biospheric destruction, it must return to living in natural time. He also foretold of our accelerated technological society and of the damage of our collective divergence from natural law in exchange for material values.

Astrology and the studies of the heavens are as old as civilisation. Throughout the past several thousand years, new religions have all but replaced the pagan religions (3.00) of prior years. Man has been so thoroughly fascinated with these objects in the sky7 that they formed constellations from them and applied stories to them. In Greek mythology these were personified as the Gods. We notice in the structures that still stand to this day that the most ancient of civilisations put forth more wealth, power, time and effort into the locations of the stars than any other practice. This is commonly written off as simple curiosity. But the truth is becoming clearer (03.30) by the day as we close in on the zero year of December 21st 2012.

It is a common misconception that the pagan religion is rarely practiced today. In fact, paganism in its evolution is the most widely practiced form of religion. You may ask yourself how this is possible. The answer is hidden in nearly all of our current popular religions. But who would have the power and the desire to integrate a seemingly long-gone religion into such popular opposite denominations? (04.01)

Dr. Adam Weishaft was born on February 6th 1748 in Inglestad in the city in Berne, Bavaria, Germany. This interesting character was the son of a rabbi and converted to catholicism after his father's death. After studying French philosophers such as Voltaire, he supposedly learned the teachings of satanism in the French Royal Court.

World famous central banker Mayor Ansell Rothschild of the Rothschild dynasty chose Weishaft to creat the Covenant of the Golden Dawn (04.37) which to this day is Rothschild's private covenant. Ansell Rothschild, for those who are unaware, instigated the American revolution, America's supposed liberation from Britain. Rothschild instructed Weishaft to create the ancient iluminated Sears of Bavaria. This is better known as the Order of the Illuminati. The name in Luciferian teachings means The Bearer of the Light, the illuminated or enlightened one. (05.04)

The Area Pagay? or tribunal was the inner circle of the Supreme Order and were the only ones privy to secret meetings. In Nesta Webster's book 'world Revolution' she states:

"The art of illuminism lay in enlisting dupes as well as adepts and by encouraging dreams of honest visionaries or the schemes of fanatics. By flattering the vanity of ambitious egotists. By working on unbalanced bebrains or by playing such pasiions as greed and power to make men of totally divergent aims serve the secret purpose of the sect. People with money were welcomed but kept oblivious of actual secrets. The purpose is to win power and riches. To undermine secular or religious government and attain the masters of the world."

The goal of the Order was and still is to one day deliver the human race from all relgion. Progression through the political and religious heirarchy was obtained by blackmail in the form of bribing people in power with sex from local prostitutes (06.03). In the 16th and 17th century high ranking officials and political or religious organisations were liable to be sentenced to death for such acts.

In 1780 Baron France Frederick Carnegie? was recruited. He was the most instrumental person in the marriage of the masons and the illuminati. This allowed the illuminati to expand rapidly with the use of masonic lodges.

On August 29th 1781 Congress of Wilhelm's Bad? declared the alliance official. Those in attendance were put under oath never to reveal what took place at that meeting. (06.36)

Comte de Viriue a mason from Martines Lodge at Lyons was questioned about the meeting upon his arrival home. He state (06.43)

"I can only tell you that all this is much more serious than you think. The conspiracy which is being woven is so well thought out, that it will be, so to speak, impossible for the Monarchy and the Church to escape it."

He later denounced the illuminati.

Sir John Dee. (07.01). John Dee was a servant to Queen Elizabeth Tudor of the Tudor dynasty. John Dee was the head of the British Secret Service, the MI5. He was also known for the practice of black magic in his affiliation with the occult. If this is your first time hearing about the occult or are unaware of its dominance in the world to this day, pay close attention. Pagan symbols, gods, rituals and doctrines are the basis for almost every religious practice throughout the world. The Christian or Catholic symbols of the cross derived from the solstice and the equinox division lines on the zodiac calender (07.33). The word 'heaven' is in reference to what pagan religions refer to as 'the heavens' or 'galactic bodies' and the crossing of the age of Pices into Aquarius is actually in reference to constellations which interestingly enough occur at the exact same time as the Great Cycle prophesised by the Maya as well as many other cultures.

As said before, panthiastic rituals are prevalent in all monotheistic religions today. (08.00)

Circumcision is a pagan ritual marking males in a ceremonial fashion. Weddings are pagan by nature in the wearing of a ring which symbolises the ring of Saturn. Funerals follow the same pagan derived ritual when a sacred geometrical tomb is placed over a grave to embody and immortalise the spirit. Baptism is a ritual to submerge a child in holy water to symbolise the renewal of life, just as rain replenishes the earth.

The Holy Grail filled with wine is a representation of the blood that comes from the birth canal during menstruation, not the blood of Christ. This ritual was taken over by the patriarchical society. Males could not give life as women do, so to symbolise a male giving life was to draw blood which could only be done by injury. (08.49).

In ancient Egypt the godess Isis was the personification of wisdom. Pharaoh Arknarton? changed the worship to himself as he proclaimed himself Amen-Ra, the sun god. The word 'amen' at the end of a prayer respond from the priase given to Amen-Ra.

From there, the Hebrews left Egypt and travelled north to the Middle East where they encountered the Cananites who worshipped the god of Saturn, El. The merging of these three gods became the name of the land today, which is known as Isis Ra El - or Israel.

98% of Judaism is based around the worship of Saturn (09.31). The symbol for Saturn is the same as the Star of David and the sacred day of worship is Saturday.

The worship practiced on Sunday is originated from the Egyptians who worship the Sun god.

Most people simply pass these things off and never question their origins. But this just scratches the surface of the pagan influences over the present day. It is not just found in religions. It is found right here in our own back yard. (10.00)

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On January 22nd 1783 Congress ratified a contract stating that all bills of credit omitted, monies borrowed and debts contracted by or under the authority of Congress before the assembling of the United State in persuits of the president confederation shall be deemed and considered a charge against the United States for payment in satisfaction whereof the United States and the public faith are hereby solemnly pledged. The party that the UK owe these loans to? King George.

I hope this paints a picture for you of how Great Britain funded both sides of the revolution.

To this day Great Britain collects taxes from the United States via the IRS. The IRS is not even an agency of the United States Government. If you don't believe me, look up IRS Publication 6209. It is an agency of the IMF (01.00) which is governed by the United Nations.

The FCC, CIA, FBI and NASA were never part of the United States Government. The US Government only hold shares of the stock in various agencies.

Social Security numbers are also issued by the UN through the IMF.

The Civil War which lasted from 1861 to 1865 was also instigated by Ensall? Rothschild to divide the United States and force it into debt with the Central Bank. The goal was to put the country of the US back into the hands of Britain through huge loans taken out for munitions. To do this it was crucial to put a controversial issue in limbo such as slavery, knowing full well that the Declaration of Independence would create an uproar amongst southern states that depended heavily upon slave labour.

It was signed in Philidelphia, Pensylvania by 35 people, 33 of whom were freemasons (02.00).

John Brown was a mason and a rosicrusion who was brought to power by William Lloyd Garrison and Senator Charles Sumner, both descendents of the illuminati bloodline. With the help of the New York Times, John Brown was built up to be a hero in the anti-slavery movement.

Ulysses S. Grant, former President, was born Hiram Ulysses Grant. Hiram was a pagan sun god. This name was given to him by his father Master Mason Jesse Root Grant. Jesse Root Grant worked for John Brown's father and then went on to work for E.A. Collins (02.33), one of the 13 illuminati bloodlines. Ulysses Grant was brought to power rapidly with help from Colins. From April 1861 to May 1864 Grant went from the rank of private to Commander in Chief of the entire Union Army.

Once Grant was appointed President his cabinet consisted of 8 freemasons including Alphonso Taft who was William Taft's father who was also an ancester of Bill Clinton
Jonas Mills Bundy was one of the 13 illuminati bloodlines and was also the presidential adviser to Grant as well as the next two presidents.
And Cabinet Member Columbus Delano was Franklyn Delano Roosevelt's grandfather.
In November 21st 1933 President Franklin Roosevelt wrote: (03.22)
"The real truth of the matter is, as you and I know, that a financial element in the large centers has owned the government ever since the days of Andrew Jackson."
Abraham Lincoln's father was (can't hear). He was of the Rothschild's dynasty. Lincoln's half brother (can't hear) dynasty which was the 13th illuminati bloodline.
Pazer? also owned Jekyll Island which was where the Federal Reserve Bank was created.
In the mid 1800s Abraham Lincoln and the wiggs were trying desperately to keep Andrew Jackson from establishing a gold standard called The Independent Treasury System.
Lincoln and his party fought the set up of Central Bank, making such public speeches as:
"Under a gold and silver standard, all will suffer more or less, and very many will lose everything that renders life desirable." (04.14)
.... elements of scare tactics in this speech and others and give no attempt at evidence or explanation.

In the early 1900s after their failed attempt for Woodrow Wilson to set up what was called the League of Nations following World War I, Wilson and his advisor, Colonel Hauss, set up the Institute of International Affairs. (04.36)
This Institute had two branches
One in England called the Royal Institute of International Affairs.
The Council on Foreign Relations was incorporated as the American branch in New York on July 29th 1921.
Founding members included Colonel Hauss, J P Morgan, John D Rockerfeller and a few others.
National Income Tax was declared unconstitutional in 1895 by the Supreme Court but a Constitutional Amendment was proposed in congress by Senator Nelson Aldrick. This makes much more sense when you notice that Nelson Aldrick is also known as being the authentic voice of J P Morgan and later married into the Rockerfeller family. (5.16)
Today 27-35% of American workers pay is taxed and this money goes to a Central Bank called the Federal Reserve or the Fed. For those of you who are unaware of the Federal Reserve Bank and what it is capable of, it is a non-government owned bank that provides the US with all its currency. They control the inflation rate by the amount of money in circulation. The most amazing aspect of the central bank is the 'Suspension of Specie' Payments (5.44) in which the Fed can refuse to pay their obligations, yet tax payers must pay their debts or go bankrupt. In other words the Suspension of Specie'Payments is the central bank's right to breach a contract with no penalty whatsoever. In even simpler terms it is called theft. (6.03)
How is it that the Fed is allowed to breach any contract they wish without penalty from the government? The answer is simple. The Federal Reserve Bank as power OVER the government instead of UNDER it.
Carroll Quigley, Bill Clinton's mentor while at George Stanley University wrote of central banks
.... they want nothing less than to create a world system of financial control in private hands, able to dominate the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole. Controlled in a feudalist fashion by the central banks of the world acting in concert by secret agreements, arrived at in frequent private meetings and conferences." (6.37)
It is important to know that nearly all of the founders of the Federal Reserve Bank were involved in the conception of the Council on Foreign Relations.
Since 1934 when the Fed was established, almost every United States Secretary of State, all Secretaries of War or Defence since Henry L Stimson, almost every head of the CIA since Alan Dulas, nearly all Presaidential Candidates; Dwight D Eisenhower, JFK, Richard Nixon and Bill Clinton were members of the CFR.
George Bush Senior was actually a CFR Director from 1977-1979.
Understand that all these high ranking government positions were lobbied into place by the organisations set up by the international banking cartel.
There are secret meetings held everywhere by many of the same members. Trilateral Commission, Bilderberg Group, Club of Rome, United Nations, and the two branches of the Institute of International Affairs.
These groups make up what is known as the Round Table, developed by Cecil Rhodes. (7.39)
Other offshoots are Bohemian Group and Yale University's Skull & Bones organisations, which as we all know, George W Bush, George Bush Snr and John Kerry were all a part of.
Almost every meeting by these groups are attended by the most powerful government officials, corporate leaders, media mogals and royal families in the world. These meetings are held in secret and no word of them reaches the mainstream media. How is it that so many powerful people can attend meetings alongside the mainstream media and not a mention of it makes it to the public?
This will only start making sense when you start to understand that common citizens are not meant to know what is happening at the top.
Is there any dispute that to gain power in our day and age, it takes strategy and intelligence rather than brute force?
Logic will tell you that in any sport or game, to claim victory you must keep your moves strategic and secret. Why would it be any different in global politics? (8.46)

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Hi. I am trying to watch the film ,but the "music" in the backround is very disturbing (it's mostly repeated "loops" of drum machine, etc).

I think more people could avail themselves to watching this film, if it was easier to listen to ...
Is there any way to contact Mr. Stewart and ask him to re-edit the film , and perhaps reduce some of its music?

Thank you :)

Eric Dubay said...

That's a good recommendation. At the moment Ben is re-working the film and coming out with a new version, so hopefully he'll fix any audio problems.


Anonymous said...

Do you seriously believe everything he's saying? Cause if you are, you're as bad as the people who beleive in God with no questioning. Come on!

Anonymous said...

Hello guys!
first thank you Anonymous for your subtitle 1,2/13 I'm taking subtitles from video but I'm having trouble to get them all correctly coz I'm not english speaker. are you working on the further subs? I wish I could use your help!