Saturday, July 27, 2013

9/11 Masonic Symbology

In 1998 the U.S. Department of Justice FEMA Emergency Response to Terrorism Guide had a cover picture showing the World Trade Center in crosshairs.  Another symbolic representation of the 9/11 events was encoded into the year 2000 $20 bill which when folded a certain way resembles the smoking/damaged Twin Towers and the Pentagon.  Rap group “The Coup” album “Party Music” which came out just after 9/11, originally in June 2001, had an album cover featuring the artists affront both WTC towers which have huge explosions/smoke clouds from the upper floors.  And in Steve Jackson's 1995 "Illuminati - New World Order" role-playing card game, he "predicted" both the attacks on the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.  Granted some of this pre 9/11 symbolism could be sheer coincidence, but can you honestly explain away all these synchronicities so simply?

The Hebrew Kabalistic Tree of Life (studied in-depth by Masons) displays the Roman numerals IX-XI (9-11) when the tree has “fallen” or is shown on its side.  And in the Tarot (also studied by Masons) there is much significance as well. The Major Arcana card “The Tower” shows a tall tower being struck by lightning, fire coming out the windows, and people falling to their deaths – all of which happened on 9/11, if the lightning is symbolically substituted by an airplane. In “The High Priestess” tarot card, Isis (the Statue of Liberty) is seen between the black and white Masonic pillars of Mercy and Severity, Boaz and Jachin (the Two Towers). The 13th “Death” tarot card also shows two towers with the sun between them.

In Freemasonry the two/three pillars are very important and well-known to every Mason. One of the largest Masonic websites is called “The Three Pillars.”

They are depicted on the 1st degree tracing board and they are the 3 columns of the Kabalistic Tree of Life. The pillars of Solomon’s temple - Sol-Om-On three words all meaning “Sun” - relate to this as well (note: WTC 7 was the Salomon Brothers Building). The right pillar of Mercy is Male and the left pillar of Severity is Female. Between them is the third androgynous pillar of enlightenment and illumination. This is symbolically depicted in the Tarot Death card where the sun is rising between two towers/pillars. In Da Vinci’s Last Supper, the back wall with two windows can be viewed as three towers/pillars. On the right is a man pointing representing the phallic/masculine, on the left is a very effeminate John representing the feminine, and the Sun/Son Jesus is in the middle.

In the movie Spider-Man there was a deleted-scene with the sun rising between the Twin Towers symbolizing this as well.

Notice (SS) Sharon Stone like ISIS is between the two pillars/bars. Just as Isis holds the scales of Justice in her hands, the caption to "Last Dance" says "Sometimes Justice is a Crime."

"More important, however, is the fact that Mary Magdalene can be seen as being associated with both a tower and the number seven. The name Magdalene can be literally translated from the Greek as meaning 'tower' and, as we have seen , this association between the terms 'tower' and 'seven' is present in the famous Biblical quotation: Behold, therefore I am against thee, and against thy rivers, and will make the land of Egypt utterly waste and desolate, from the Tower of Seven even unto the border of Ethiopia. So, Ezekiel's 'Tower of Seven' is none other than the Egyptian 'Magdal of Sefekh,' the same title that is now being associated with Mary Magdalene. The Tower of Sefekh was historically seen to be a prime symbol of Egypt and because of his notoriety it has already been identified as with the Great Pyramid (The Great Tower) of Egypt.” -Ralph Ellis, "Solomon Falcon of Sheba" (126-7)

So overlooking the 7 World Trade Center towers is the Statue of Liberty, Isis/Mary the Tower of Seven, wearing a 7-pointed crown. Just as in the sky Sirius (Isis) stands beside the 3 stars of Orion’s (Osirus’) Belt, on the ground Isis (the Statue of Liberty) stands beside 3 collapsing towers. The three buildings that collapsed, buildings 1, 2 and 7, perfectly replicate in size and distance both the 3 pyramids at Giza and the 3 stars in Orion’s Belt.

WTC buildings 1 and 2 were very tall with a shorter building 7 off to the side. Similarly, there are 2 large pyramids at Giza and a smaller pyramid off to the side. Not to mention, before being destroyed on 9/11 there actually stood a huge model of the 3 Giza pyramids at the base of the World Trade Center.

The Giza pyramids themselves were modeled after Orion’s Belt which consists of 2 bright stars and another slightly less bright one off to the side. The ancient Egyptians associated Orion’s Belt with the God Osirus, the husband of Isis/Sirius. Their son is our sun, Horus, the Egyptian Jesus.

"For instance, this is why the tracing board portrays the three pillars as all being of different heights, with two larger pillars in the foreground and a much smaller one behind. This is not simply a matter of perspective, as the two foreground pillars are placed at exactly the same depth within the picture, but are given slightly different heights; while a much smaller pillar lies behind. Yet this depiction exactly reflects the reality at Giza, where two major pyramids are nearly but not quite of the same height, while the third is much smaller.” -Ralph Ellis, “Eden in Egypt” (165)

Sirius, the dog-star, is so called because it lies in the constellation Canis Major. Canine, Latin for dog, was shortened by the Masons/Hollywood to K-9 in Doctor Who and Rin Tin Tin K-9 Cop. NASA even has a Mars rover called K-9. Since K is the 11th letter of the alphabet, K-9 is numerically 119 or 911.

Before 1679 the constellation Columba (the Dove) occupied the same space as (was one with) Canis Major/Sirius. Since then the two constellations have drifted apart, but symbolically the Illuminati still associate the Dove with Sirius/Isis/Mary.  

The Columbine “blazing star” flower, Colombe meaning Dove, is a 5-petaled flower. In ancient Egypt the hieroglyph for Sirius included a 5-pointed star. In the U.S. District of “Columbia” the Masons built numerous 5-pointed star pentagrams into the roads/architecture. Is it not coincidental how the 5-sided Pentagon building would be attacked on 9/11, the same day it began construction 60 years prior? And is it not interesting how the numbers 911 and 5 relate back to Sirius the K-9, and Sirius the Columbine 5-pointed blazing star?

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D3zin3 said...

Great post. I was think of the number 9 yesterday and wondered about 711(9). September may be the 9th month but there must be meaning behind it's name as well as other months. Or else I don't think Sextile would have been changed. We see that they avoid 6's to some degree(only chair in the EU left open: 666 ). Just a thought..

Unknown said...

I agree with you ,but I would like

to add a comment I think that the

govt and mason's are in on 9-11

I will pray for world safety and

the governments guidance .

Eric Dubay said...

I also just noticed that on the FEMA cover, the left tower/pillar is black and the right tower/pillar is white just like Boaz and Jachin in Tarot, Kaballah, and Freemasonry.

Druv said...

Things will unravel when we find out who "King Solomon" really was, as they say he was a "Idolater".

Break apart the roots to find the truth of today.

attrixx said...

The folded bills show the progression of the strikes on the WTC
$5.00- WTC before strikes
$10.00- WTC 1st strike
$20.00- WTC 2nd strike
$50.00- WTC collapses
$100.00-WTC is gone with smoke rising, and the folded bills resemble paper airplanes.
Are all these symbols/subliminals a self-fufilling prophecy, and a disclosure of the "Script"?

Anonymous said...

It is interesting, as Eric has noted - that the Death card of Tarot Key XIII has the twin towers in the horizon with the sun rising from the zenith - the implication being that the WTC attack and destruction is a kabbalistic and hihgly ritualized moment - that is why before 9/11, movies, TV shows, the money, and even the federal government were preparing everyone for the eventual attack.

Of course, such a huge kabbalistic ritual also has other elements to it: most people neglect to mention the Marriot World Trade Center that also got crushed in the attack by the towers of duality.

And - 9/11 is the first day of creation according to Judeo-Christian mythology.

Anonymous said...

How is 9/11 the first day of creation according to Judeo-Christian mythology??? Interested to hear this -Tim

Unknown said...

The fallen Tree of Life/Kabbalistic Tree with the IX-XI symbolism is proof enough that 9/11 is the first day of creation. It's geometry contains all the aspects of duality, division, death, and destruction.

Anonymous said...

Actually, this blog and article should also mention the importance and significance of Building 3 of the WTC site...the Marriott World Trade center with 22 floors...

Speaking of the movie, Ènemy of the State`Will Smith reads his watch during one scene and it reads: 3:22:33.

Never forget the role of Skull & Bones in the matrix code of multicontextual and synchronistic research.

Anonymous said...

I wonder this coincidence:

- On Christian Solar Calendar: 11/11/11

- On Islamic lunar Calendar: FULL MOON

On Dark Astrology Calendar: Mars Comes (Mars is the god of war)




Anonymous said...

I wonder this coincidence:

- On Christian Solar Calendar: 11/11/11

- On Islamic lunar Calendar: FULL MOON

On Dark Astrology Calendar: Mars Comes (Mars is the god of war)




A. J. MacDonald, Jr said...

“Investigative researcher and author S.K. Bain (Kent) along with writer/publisher/musician Kris Millegan from TrineDay Publishing discuss The Most Dangerous Book in the World written by S.K. Bain. Kent reconstructs the occult-driven script for this ritual of mass terror. He discusses a hidden agenda: large-scale psychological warfare - built upon a deadly combination of black magic symbolism and high technology. In the first hour, we discuss the ritual, symbolism and astrology behind 9/11. Kent explains how Aleister Crowley was important to the orchestrators of this mass ritual. In the second hour, Kris addresses the mind control aspects of this event as well as the post-911 effects in the psyche of people. We’ll discuss more detailed symbolism related to 9/11.”

AUDIO - Kent Bain & Kris Millegan - Hour 1 - 9/11: Mega Occult -

Bob 4 the TRUTH said...

I like how you put all this together. But the ONE thing you never mention is 911 was 100% media fakery. Nobody died, nobody got injured and NO aircraft were used. It was a controlled demolition period. The planes were added digitally to the film. Most of the film we saw was 100% CGI. And that also goes for Sandy Hook, Aurora Shooting, Boston Bombing and many more. Unless I missed something on your website you NEVER mention anything about media fakery false flags. Why is that? If anyone does some thorough research on any of these events that is the conclusion they will come to. You seem to go into a lot of detail about everything but media fakery. The reason the illuminati cards which came out in 1995 depict the towers, pentagon, Auroa shooting, Boston Bombing and many more events.Is because when you are the perpitrators of these events you know it will happen. The BIGGEST thing about all of these events is that they are media fakery and no one gets killed or injured.

Eric Dubay said...

Hi Bob, thanks for the comment. Before condemning me to your CAPSLOCK judgements though, you might want to check out this article from 2010 where I posted several videos including September Clues exposing the media fakery. Not only that but I've written about other media false flags such as The Boston Marathon Bombing as well. Peace

Anonymous said...

Bob is mistaken as there were several that died jumping to their death to avoid burning alive and many more died trying to get out of those buildings. The fake part was the actual attack being staged to look like terrorists flew hijacked planes into the towers.

Yodhehvauheh said...

There are no paths connecting Chokmah to Geburah or Binah to Chesed on the tree of of life.