Thursday, September 4, 2008

Rik Clay's Red Ice Interview

Rik Clay's Red Ice Interview

Rik Clay was just "suicided" for his amazing research about the Masonic New World Order's fake alien invasion/rapture prepared for the 2012 London Olympics. Listen to this great interview, his first and last, on Red Ice Creations and pass this information on as far and wide as you can. Rest in peace, Rik, we love you.


Anonymous said...

You're fighting the NWO full time and you're teaching English, the tool they're using all over the world to bring about their evil?

Bizarre to say the least!!

BIG AND COLD said...

Conspiracy theories?

Have you ever considered the fact that your imagination may be running a little wild?

Maybe you should have a full psychological evaluation from a medical professional, or would your paranoid over active mind see them as some kind of alien or ‘god like’ being?

Have you taken drugs on a regular basis?

Please people the world is mad enough without this kind of crack-pot shit.

Anonymous said...

The above two posters are both fucking idiots and/or NWO/Illuminati agents.

The whole point of having a blog on the NWO is to question the reality presented to us by the Establishment. To consider alternative explanations and conspiracy theories. These two idiots/agents are belittling you for just applying the anti-NWO principle to Rik Cray's death.

Both of them are ridiculous.

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks second Anonymous guy, I agree with you.


Anonymous said...

Always good to see people using diligence in this world, Eric.

Indeed, "big & cold" (%COUGH%DIK-ED%COUGH%), this is a mad world, where else can you make slanderous remarks to a blogger for free and still have your ignorant comments left for all to see? To be honest, I think that says a whole lot more about Eric and his infinate tolerance towards the more moronic of our species.

Never stop questioning, for he whom questions well, learns well.

Eric Dubay said...

:) Ohh, I like the third anonymous person too. Thanks guys.

Anonymous said...

please review the part of Clay's work when he addresses the killing of the people in Haiti as a "sacrifice" and/or "offering"

don't you think the massive killing in Oslo can be an offering / sacrifice?

Eric Dubay said...

Yes, these Luciferian's and their "mystery religions" consider all mass deaths to be sacrifices and offerings to their master.

Anonymous said...

Google said the page can not be found. How ironic...