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Christopher Columbus & the New World (part 1)

Christopher Columbus
“We may fairly agree that the subject of history, as commonly taught, is one of the most boring of all subjects. However, the study of how the subject of history has been manipulated is surely one of the most interesting of all subjects.” - Michael Tsarion,Astrotheology and Sidereal Mythology

“The falsification of history has done more to mislead humans than any single thing known to mankind.” -Jean-Jacques Rousseau

“History is the lie commonly agreed upon.” -Voltaire

Our government-issue textbooks tell us that Christopher Columbus discovered America in 1492. The dictionary says “to discover” means “to learn something unknown,” but the tens of millions of indigenous “Indians” would certainly contest Columbus’ discovery of anything. Perhaps the occult meaning of “discovery” coincides with Columbus’ occult knowledge of exactly where he was going. Perhaps the word dis-cover, means just that: “to take the lid off something that has been covered up.”

“The Phoenicians were not confined to the Mediterranean and the Middle East. They landed in Britain around 3,000 BC and unmistakable Phoenician artifacts have been found in Brazil, as well as possible Egyptian remains in the Grand Canyon in America. The Phoenicians landed in the Americas thousands of years before the manufactured ‘photo opportunity’ better known as the journey of Christopher Columbus. The reason that the native legends of the Americas speak of tall ‘white gods’ coming from the sea bringing advanced knowledge is because that is precisely what happened, if you forget the gods bit.” -David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” (63)

When critics objected saying Columbus’ mission was impossible, he often countered those objections saying he “might discover some very beneficial island or continent about 750 leagues to the west.” At this point the ships would be able to re-stock on food/supplies and continue on towards Asia. Then low and behold Columbus discovered a “very beneficial continent” precisely 750 leagues to the west.

“In the agreements signed on April 17th, 1492, (The Capitulo) and on April 30th, 1492, (The Titulo) the strange fact is that more attention is given to the rulership and jurisdiction of problematical lands that might be discovered en route than to a division of spoils from wealthy Asia.” -Alex Christopher, “Pandora’s Box – The Ultimate Unseen Hand Behind the New World Order,” (42)

In Scotland's Knights Templar Rosslyn Chapel, there are clear depictions of corn and aloe cactus found on the archways and ceiling. These plants were officially discovered in America and first brought to Europe in the 16th century. How then did the Masons building Rosslyn Chapel, completed in 1486, know about these plants at least 6 years before Columbus set sail?

“The official story that Christopher Columbus discovered the Americas is ludicrous. A few miles from Edinburgh in Scotland today still stands Rosslyn Chapel, that holy grail of the Brotherhood Elite. It was built in the shape of a Templar cross by the St Clair-Sinclair family and is a mass of esoteric symbolism. The foundations were laid in 1446 and it was completed in the 1480s. How remarkable then that the stonework at Rosslyn includes depictions of sweetcorn and cacti which were only found in America and Christopher Columbus did not ‘discover’ that continent until 1492! How could this be? There is, in fact, no mystery. Christopher Columbus was not even nearly the first white person to land in the Americas. The Phoenicians, Norse, Irish, Welsh, Bretons, Basques and Portuguese, all sailed to America before him and so did Prince Henry Sinclair of Rosslyn, as documented in a rare book by Frederick I. Pohl called Prince Henry Sinclair’s Voyage To The New World 1398. Sinclair made the journey with another Brotherhood bloodline, the Zeno family, one of the most prominent Black Nobility families in Venice. Sinclair and Antonio Zeno landed in what we call Newfoundland and went ashore in Nova Scotia (New Scotland) in 1398 … The Brotherhood had known about the Americas for thousands of years and Christopher Columbus was used to make the official discovery so that the occupation of the Americas could begin.” –David Icke, “The Biggest Secret” 178-9

Catherine de Medici
Columbus’ supporters were European royalty and the Templars. His father-in-law was a former Templar Knight and Catherine de Medici of the Illuminati bloodline (along with others) financed his voyage. Columbus’ three ships sailed under the Templars Red Cross flag, used today by the Red Cross and Switzerland. The royals also sent out fleets of conquistadors and swash-buckling pirates flying the Skull and Bones flag - their orders to rape, kill, and pillage all they could from the New World.

“The Skull and Bones cross used by the secret society comes from the pirate skull and cross bones. They weren’t just a bunch of swashbucklers like you’ve seen in the movies. No, these were agents sent onto the high seas by the British royal family to colonize the Americas.” -Michael Tsarion, “The Subversive Use of Sacred Symbolism in the Media” Lecture, Conspiracy Con 2003

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Anonymous said...

In high school, studying the Renaissance art paintings, I noticed the hand positions and how many paintings had the same hand position. I tried it myself, and it was unnatural to hold the middle & ring finger closed together.

To me, it looked "crooked", but they did have slender fingers.
I couldnt hold that hand position for long, much less how they did sitting for a portrait painting.

Anonymous said...

We were always taught that Columbus "discovered" America, then in high school, we were taught that it was Amerigo Vespucci had come before Columbus, and hence the name America, came from him.

Anonymous said...

Another issue that the Rockefeller textbooks don't tell us and even most conspiracy and alternative history books don't tell us is that Columbus was Jewish and came to America with Jewish money after the kings of Spain started the Jewish expulsions from Spain.

dubravka said...

This is of topic, but I must comment :). I find youre site and was very suprised to see a Plitvica Waterfalls in Croatia on your banner :)) I*m from Croatia, thank you so much to put them on your blog :))
Sorry to leave comment here :))
Regards, Dubravka

Anonymous said...

Talk about changing History,
Talk about changing RELIGION
No wonder the vatican has so many buried secrets it won't share (yet):

25. However, ancient records long hidden in the depths of the Vatican eventually will come to light, and those will prove that much of the biblical Jesus story, including his birth in a manger, crucifixion and resurrection, was conceived by early church leaders. They had to retain some of the records, some of his teachings that would appeal to the populace, but they expunged Jesus’ explanation of how others could develop the same powers that he had, which the record-changers, not Jesus, described as miracles that he alone, as the only son of God, could perform. Later groups of self-serving leaders destroyed all passages in the early Bible editions that mentioned multiple lifetimes and reincarnation, and still later editions added passages to portray God as a fearful being, Jesus as his only son, the Immaculate Conception and the virgin birth.

Frank said...

I really hope truth come out one day soon , this is a joke , but where is the gold??all the stolen spanish gold gone?? , it had to be loads , Greece still claiming theirs:

seekjusticenotrevenge said...

This is what Alex Jones doesn't want us to know. He always says "1776 is the answer to 1984". It's a trap to think the settlers were rebels aganst England because they were and still are allies. I wish you would have quoted this part Eric, if you read it from a book or another source: "Columbus’ supporters were European royalty and the Templars. His father-in-law was a former Templar Knight and Catherine de Medici of the Illuminati bloodline (along with others) financed his voyage. Columbus’ three ships sailed under the Templars Red Cross flag, used today by the Red Cross and Switzerland. The royals also sent out fleets of conquistadors and swash-buckling pirates flying the Skull and Bones flag - their orders to rape, kill, and pillage all they could from the New World"...It's a great piece of information, much appreciated. Have you noticed the symbolism in Christopher Columbus's name? "From the Late Greek name Χριστοφορος (Christophoros) meaning "bearing Christ", derived from Χριστος (Christos) combined with φερω (phero) "to bear, to carry". It was used by early Christians as a metaphorical name, expressing that they carried Christ in their hearts. In the Middle Ages, literal interpretations of the name's etymology led to legends about a Saint Christopher who carried the young Jesus across a river. He has come to be regarded as the patron saint of travellers"....Travellers. The name Columbus roughly translates to dove, doves fly and flying is a form of traveling, the dove is also a holy symbol in Christianity and a symbol of peace. I think it was crucial for ritual purposes for this to be his name and it was also very necessary for him to spread CHRISTianity like the wings of the English Empire's double headed eagle instead of Freemasonry so christianity can be seen as another controlling Religion who's leaders have others kill in the name of their God unlike the new age religion that will not be forced on the people, but desired by the people when they become tired of the corrupt ways of ancient religions...So, do you remember the source of that statement i quoted from this blog? Thanks, it was a great post by the way, is this your only one on Christopher Columbus?

Anonymous said...

In the Name of Charities, but for whom?


Tax Exemption for "Charitable" Objects in a Business:

Mark said...

Truly enlightening article Eric, christopher columbus sailed to america and murdered many native americans to acquire their land and impose christianity on people.

In a similar way the masonic European and British monarchs from 17th to 19th century traveled to africa, middle-east, India and many other Asian countries to impose freemasonry and Christianity on them through massacres and genocides.

pirate admin said...

How about the Knights of Columbus -- a Christian Fraternity. Well, God bless us.

Greatest Blogs And Websites said...

Great Post

Anonymous said...

Eric you love to write but half this is David Icke... Would love if you wrote about this subject.

Anonymous said...

hi this is royce and i know exactly why columbus came here,he came to find the direct bloodline of jesus christ from mary and mix with that blood of ours to wash away there sins which did not turn out that way it could only be done thru a medical procedure which have become the cure for aids so instead they led away pocahontas and threw our indian forefathers and african forefathers and children into slavery this is atlantis we are 1 blood the new kingdom dropped dec 21, 2012 and we the people are tired of reservations and poverty and jail signed royce gaylor holygrail is the bloodline of jesus christ here in chicago

Anonymous said...

when christopher columbus came to america he was following those 3 stars which is the holy trinity which was shown when jesus christ was born and the bloodline of christ always migrated and traveled to worship and find new land to build on thats why in dians where here first which was carrying the holygrail which was the direct bloodline of jesus christ thru mary her other offspring and thanksgiving was about peace over the crucifixion of jesus christ and then they built everywher and our forefathers was once servants of the white man until they brought over african slaves so they put indians in slavery also and we became thee lost bloodline of jesus christ the mayans,the lost tribe of atlantis,and they kept the treasure of atlantis which is known as the national treasure to this day and dating back from jesus christ to noah and to adam and eve we the people of this earh are one blood and december 21st 2012 was the day of tha resurecttion of jesus christ signing off is royce gaylor