Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Asbestos Head Published & For Sale

Join Asbestos and the other 12 Heads in their spiritual and philosophical journey through life and death. Meet Pin Head the hyper-active, hyper-critical, hypocrite, Figure Head the mystic mathematician, Pot Head the shamanistic high school teacher, Dead Head the politically-active radical environmentalist, and a host of other unique personalities in this humorous and thought-provoking philosophical fiction novella.

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Torq said...

And you chose THAT painting for the cover! Color me surprised.

May I ask why?

Eric Dubay said...

I like that painting. It shows the character's head sticking out from one "world" into the other. I thought it was appropriate for Asbestos Head. Why, what do you think? Why are you surprised?

Torq said...

I am surprised because it is a religious painting depicting the pulling back of "the veil."

It IS appropriate for Asbestos Head. However, the use of imagery is highly symbolic and pulls on a lot of the themes which you have discussed elsewhere. For instance the universe which (I think it is St. John) is depicted is the medieval adaptation of the Aristotelian universe, which can be symbolized by the inverted pyramid. The earth is in the center and the further out you go the bigger and more "primal" things become. Beyond the Earth is the eternal perfect motion of the spheres which Aristotle said move in their endless patterns out of pure love.

I like it myself. Asbestos is in many ways going through the process of a spiritual awakening, so the painting is wholly appropriate. It just smacks strongly of the organized religion which led to the development of world view which in turn led to the painting of this picture.