Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Renaissance Radio #16

This week we're joined with Hugh McKenna and Roger Dubay to discuss solutions to the New World Order. What can one person do to effect change? What are some easy and influential methods of activism? We offer many answers to these questions, then continue on discussing Zeitgeist addendum, praise and criticism, Alex Jones' and Eric's take on the Venus Project, the nature of globalization, the Zeitgeist idea of not needing work or money to trade goods and services, government welfare programs, the tantalizing idea of a "spiritually enlightened" world government, Lindsey Williams oil/economic predictions for the next year, the spiritually suppressive nature of the 8 hour work day and 7 day week, playtime for our souls, the elite's complete lack of empathy and more

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Anonymous said...

Hello Eric.... talk about what one person can do to help change. In my everyday work life, I talk to most of my driver friends about new things going on and it feel great, now that I have a circle of friends at work they now come to me and start asking more questions. Alot of them are on board, so in my little path of life you woke me up to this stuff going on. and now my friends are waking up and telling there friends. so in my little part of the world I have woken up many and it's all thanks to you Eric. so we can all be in someway just like Eric, in our everyday lives and wake up people around us. Not everyone wants to be awake. you will find alot will hear what you have to say and go back to sleep. But that's God giving everyone free will..... Thanks again for all you are doing Eric...... ""Roger"