Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Renaissance Radio #14

On this week's show we discuss Christmas, Santa Claus, Easter, the Phoenix, King Arthur, Mithra, Manna, the body and blood of Jesus Christ, and how they all relate/represent the Amanita Muscaria magic mushroom. We also delve into the US election results, Obama's globalist ties and the kind of change we can expect from him, the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations), the RAND corporation and more. Listen Now

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Anonymous said...

I dislike the theft and Double-Speak over the word "Interdependence" [today's show mentioned as "Declaration of Interdependence"]. Again a word (and a wonderful word to me) is stolen and misused. Interdependence is absolutely the case already, it is the height of spiritual seeing and being yet has been taken as something that can be sold to us.

Like they try to sell "One" as if it were something desirable, something to work for and live up to when it is already the unquestionable case, they have now taken one of my favourite words. Well they can't have it, I will keep it and continue to use it in its correct way. Grrrr ha ha :-)