Saturday, April 25, 2009

Alex Jones and Ron Paul - We the People are the Real Change


Alex J Oms said...


Anonymous said...

You should do a bit of research on the Jesuits and the connection Alex Jones has to them, like with Charlie Sheen and his father who are both Jesuits.

You might find out that most of the stuff you thought was 'true' was all just a big smoking mirror.

Eric Dubay said...

I have read the "spiritually smart" .com page and other such sites that try to "expose" Alex Jones and others as Jesuit/Vatican insiders, and they are completely laughable. Tell me, if Alex Jones is somehow "controlled" and "working for the enemy" what is his role? And what is Charlie Sheen's role? How does Charlie Sheen going on many TV/radio stations exposing 911 as an inside job "help" the NWO? Alex has made 20 amazing documentaries, filled with facts, all verifiable, how does that help the NWO? He's been on the radio for 13 years and awakened millions of people to these realities, AND encouraged them to be their own leaders and take action - how does that help the NWO? Someone actually "working for the enemy" would steer you in the wrong direction, want you to follow them, and pacify you against taking action. Someone like you Mr. Anonymous! Someone who would rather talk about the messenger instead of the message! Someone who would rather in-fight about this or that "Personality" instead of researching the facts.

So you blame Charlie Sheen... what about Willie Nelson and Rosie O'Donnell, are they Vatican assassins too? They have exposed 911 on TV just like Sheen. What about KRS-One and Professor Griff from Public Enemy, are they undercover NWO agents as well? How does their activism speaking out against Obama, the CFR, Bilderberg etc. "help" the NWO?

I can't believe I'm sitting here writing such a long response to this Anonymous troll, but there you go. Here's the bottom line for anyone who has genuinely been taken in by this "Alex Jones is a Jesuit" crap: If you know something about the NWO that Alex Jones isn't exposing, GET OUT THERE AND EXPOSE IT YOURSELF! Don't waste your time complaining about Alex Jones and Charlie Sheen, spamming comments pages trying to "kill the messenger." Get out there and spread your version of the truth. Whatever truth you think Alex Jesuit Jones is "covering up," get that information out there! That's being proactive. Got it? I, just like AJ, encourage you to be your own leader. You, just like a typical disinfo agent, encourage people to in-fight, focus on the messenger instead of the message, and divert people's attention from important issues at hand.

Eric Dubay said...

And for Alex J Oms, I couldn't think of a good synopsis for the clip so I just posted it. They talk about the Federal Reserve and Ron Paul's legislation to audit it. They talk about being your own leaders and taking action how you see fit, and Ron Paul fields a couple listener questions.

Anonymous said...

Eric, you do great research and I have NOTHING against you at all,
but sometimes we get attached to particular views and we fail to see the things 'behind' those views.

And to answer your question on what the role of Alex Jones is:
He is a controlled opposition.

Also, don't underestimate the elite. They know people are waking up so they are controlling the alternative media, just like ATS.

Eric Dubay said...

Ok, Anonymous, so how is Alex "controlling" the opposition? As I said, a controlled opposition wants you to follow them and do what they say. Alex encourages listeners to use their own minds, their own creativity, do their own research, then take action and become their own leaders. The link you sent me said nothing about Alex Jones and nothing I didn't already know about the Vatican and Jesuits. What YOU are totting is the general disinfo line... you want us to believe that the Vatican and Jesuits are the only entities involved in the NWO. Others say it's only the Zionists, or it's only the Jews. Here's the newsflash for you: Yes it is the Vatican and the Jesuits, and yes it's also the Zionists and the Jews. It's also the Bilderbergers, the CFR, RIIA, the Masons, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, the UN, the Club of Rome, the Tavistock institute, world royalty, and on and on. The New World Order is a large network of elites that defies a simple name you can point a finger at.

ATS is controlled, correct. Alex Jones is not. Glenn Beck is controlled. Jason Bermas is not. Michael Moore is controlled. David Icke is not. Use your third-eyes folks.

Anonymous said...

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