Friday, April 10, 2009

Religion - Distortion of the Universal Truth

This is part 1 of a very well made 5 part video on those regimented, regulated, distortions of universal truth known as religions.


Tao said...

And you post this on the day Jesus died!!!?!?!

luckily for you he is dead so can't do much about it, but you wait, he will be back in 3 days and then you're fucked.

Expat Pragmatist said...

On a side note, I really like the Sulatus soundtrack from the documentary.

Expat Pragmatist

twobeards said...

Aimed predominantly at a Christian west with a teaching for anyone open enough to listen it is still walking the balance of duality while saying the truth is within you.

Like all the best pointers to that truth it is always a little tainted by the way the metaphor and media are communicated but a good overall message assuming people are wise enough to get it.

Overall - "don't get trapped by this vs that, don't worship anything as that is giving you for no return and the truth is within and obvious, so don't look outside, to books or anywhere but inner truth."

Anonymous said...

It's nice to know someone thinks the same and understand what you do [:

I'm Chris ♥

Nice to meet you.

Anonymous said...

I stopped watching when I saw Jordan Maxwell depicted as a satanist.

Eric Dubay said...

Yeah, Jordan Maxwell and Neale Donald Walsch... they also showed Alex Jones and Ron Paul giving devil horns... I disagree with these picture choices and the connotations, but the rest of the video I enjoyed... so I agree with your criticism Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

looks cool, but I can't understand a word that guy is saying,

Anonymous said...

When I see garbage like these films, it leaves little to wonder why so many people are agnostic or atheistic in their outlook.

There is so much wrong with what is being said in these films it's not even worth starting to point out the flaws as it would take too much time, but suffice to say it is one big mass of contradiction. It's going to take a little more than hip-boots to wade through this stinky mess.

Sri said...

The person who did the visual so not have any idea what the speaker is saying.

The speaker speaks the teaching of Buddha ( Dhamma is a Buddhist (actually Sanskrit)term. Everything he talks about comes from Buddhism. So I dont understand why the visual shows Buddhism categorized with other belief-based religions.

"Nobody can liberate you, but you. Others can show you the door" - This is the very basis of Buddhism

At the very end of this video, it shows Buddha. "Gouthama Siddhartha" is the Buddha him self. So I dont understand why at the beginning the visual shows Buddhists with other "religions"

Anonymous said...

Jesus called all non-jews dogs. He was going to refuse to heal the child of a Samarian woman and referred to her child as a dog. The first part of this doc spoke against racism yet jesus was as racists as they come.

He spoke in parables so the common masses couldn't understand the message and he took his chosen aside and taught them the 'mysteries'.

He said we could "believe or burn". In his parable of the good master, he commended those servants who took his money and invested and made a gain of interest for him. The last servant who buried his portion was lambasted by this 'good master'. Pay attention to the servants reply and get the true picture. This servant said "I know that thou art a hard man. You read where you have not sown and you harvest where you have not planted." This 'good master' was a tyrantical overlord who took from others who worked and planted. He make his wealth from the sweat of others and even demanded interest on his ill gotten gains. He apparently had no problem with owning servants. This sounds like the script from the movie A Bugs Life.

This good master also demanded that those who would not serve him to be killed in his presence.

Anonymous said...

In the above post, I meant 'reap' and not read...sorry

Anonymous said...

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