Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Halliburton Confirms Concentration Camps Already Constructed

Halliburton Confirms Concentration Camps Already Constructed

This 6-page document runs through the evidence of concentration camps in America and the intention to use them against political dissidents. Included are pictures of the camps themselves, 3 story railway cars, and millions of plastic coffins.


Anonymous said...

Hi , Mr. Eric .
I want to register my interest of your efforts contributing in enlightening the public of the vast and greatest conspiracy in the whole history ever , people like you are the true illuminati (illuminated ) :)
greetings and support from Egypt .

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks so much Mr. Anonymous from Egypt. Much appreciated.

Transition Times said...

Hi Eric,
You are a true soul dear. Thanks for your info and helping to fight the NWO. We are going to win ... no doubt ... we have God on our side.
Interested in knowing if there are many awake in your area of the world?
lesa, al and T2

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks Lesa, the Thais are not very awake at all, but many of the ex-pats living here are. The Thai people are very simple and most of them don't even have a rudimentary knowledge of geography, history, or politics. This makes them like a wet sponge, however, if you sit them down and explain the NWO, they soak up the information quite easily. Unlike the typical brainwashed American who has droves of misinformed opinions to defend and countless objections, Thais are much more open-minded than many so-called "open-minded" Americans.

Anonymous said...

Well, lesa ,
you said "we will win . . . God on our side" . It is not that easy , ya truly god will win ,but when this happen me and you most probably will be killed by them , unless we all take a step .
Secondly , your words has much of difficulty to reflect on real , for example , me as a muslim , think that " ya , ofcourse we will win . God is with us " and you as christian -probably- say the same , while we dont have the same God - i dont beleive in Jesus as a God , and you consider me in your religion as infidel - so who is really with God and who is not ? .
By the way ,
this is what the prophet Muhammad has told us about the anti Christ :
he is deceptive person who will first claim being prophet , then he will claim being God ,
he will come in days of poverty and hard times and famines , he will come having in one side a paradise of food and water and wealth for those who belive him and hell and fire on the other side for those who resist him , but the prophet (peace be upon him ) told us not to belive him , as his paradise is truly the hell and his fire is the real paradise , he also said that he will come after wars between (muslims and west ) vs asians then a war between muslims and west ,
he also said that you can clearly recognize him with the one eye - anti christ will have only one intact eye - , he will spread his domination over the whole lands nearly, except for Makka and al madina in k.S.A , but he will eventually be killed by the true jesus as he ( peace be upon him ) will descend from the heaven and kill him , in fact , the events of these time are much explained in islam , but as you can see what i have mentioned has much of similarity with the newly discovered blue beam project - the ultimate goal of the illuminati to dominate the world and without the antichrist this wont happen , but with a difference which is that what i have said is mentioned long ago (befor 1400 years ) long before the blue beam is discovered , strange , eh ?!
Finally , we are ordered if we met him -the anti christ -to spit in his face and to recite some verses of holy Quraan ,and to disobey him .
The same Anonymous from Egypt ;)
or Moha.

Eric Dubay said...

I don't think "God" is the best place-holder name for the Supreme Intelligence of the Universe, but call it what you will, be you Christian, Muslim, Jew or otherwise, we're all talking about the same thing. There is no "Christian God" or "Muslim God." There is only one God. One infinite consciousness that flows through all. If your conception of God is anything less than everything that is, how can that be God? If your conception of God is everything that is, how can that be encapsulated into an exclusive religion? The point is... lighten up on people's beliefs... none of us have any idea what we're talking about anyway... it's all subjective guessing at objective truth.

Transition Times said...

Agree with you whole heartedly! right back to you.
Have a great consicously awake day.
lesa, al and T2

Moha said...

I dont agree at all .
Eric words are much deeper than you think , not only did he mean that God is one and we just have different names / perceptions of him , but he meant different idea as well .
Eric , to be honest with you , i expected you to refer to the idea of the overall consciousness that connects the whole body of the universe . . Etc .
This indicate how much you may be affected by the asian philosophies like Bodism .
And about this i want to argue a little with you .
These whole philosophies are all just illusions , and i wonder how such an intelligent person like you would buy it ! , the whole idea of the supreme consciousness is nosense .
You must be remembring the article that criticized Obama , it was mainly refering to the idea that obama's illusion is in presenting him as " i am all what you want me to be " , and so does these philosophies .
Let me explain , it is the inherent nature of human self of feeling that it is somehow more than it appears to be , every one of us hope / think that he by somehow have more to express , more to show than what he already did , this point is place where the philosophies of spirituality are exploiting , they convince you that you more and undiscovere extensions in you that you need to release , they tell you that we all are connected together by higher overall common consciousness that binds us all together all of us feel it whether on the awareness level or in the subconscious level , they try to tell you to open your mind release your consciousness . . feel the peace that envelopes the whole universe . . Etc .
They simply offering you the idea of the infinity , these whole matter i find it dangerous .
Why ?
One , these whole things have no real evidences , you just cant trust there yoga or psychic phenomena stories and take them as evidences ,as they themselves cauld not prove any reliable results (of course you may want to argue with me about the real meaning of the word "reliable" -
two , strangely you are one of those who fight the blue beam project and at the same time i can see in you writings much of the structurless spirituality , the very thing that they wont the whole world to embrace in their plans !
Three , why it is structurless . The whole of it is hovering around "release your self " , promising you of a wider view of the universe in away that expresses the harmony between its components that all belong the the overall consciousness that flows through the all , this is just a great trick of words and emotions pointing only towards one thing " live in peace ", which leads us to the next point .

moha said...

It is pacifying philosophy , aiming to creat a peacefull human being who is much bussy on "meditation" or trying to release his power or know him self . .Etc . Not a man that knows his reality and living it paying most of his time to make the best use of it , but you probably would say " what good is time if you still dont know your self yet ? " ,
also , the idea of the whole supreme consciousness that you refered to , cant replace the must of existence of God , as the supreme being who is independent of his creatures not inside them or a part of them , and neither are they .
It may give an imagination explaining the harmony between the universe but it cant be presented as the power that created it , as it mostly appears as a result of the connection between its part rather than being its creator . And this reminds me of the Newtonean theory of gravity when it explained the gravity , it explained who it works but it never made to see how it originates .
One last word , i just dont know why there is much rise in the west of the tune of spirituality ! Movies , shows , series . . Polls . .Etc . All about the supernatural , which initially originates from the concepts of awakening and controlling your awareness .
Also , realizing that your religion have impressions of myths or old cultures or etc , and the consequent loss of its integrity or authenticity may be a good reason to start searching for a wider view to understand the things away from beging tricked , but the biggest mistake is to take the all for one , allowing you mind to consider all the religion classified in the same category to take the same judgement of falsification , there the line of the heavenly messages didnt stop at christianity , it still have one more ; islam , did you truely search in it with open mind or just take it for granted as the one before ? ? ;)
note :
i didnt mean in the previous post that each one of us has his own god , i was rather refering to that every one of us ( christians or jew or muslim ) have his own concept of God , which entails differnt paths , and differnt way of seeing the same events which at some point cant just be gathered to reflect one truth , but multiple truths , for example , if god is going to deliver only his followers from the antichrist , then who would be delivered is much dependent on how is the real God .

Eric Dubay said...

Interesting points Mr. Moha. My main discrepancy is the part you said, "the idea of the whole supreme consciousness that you referred to, can't replace the must of existence of God, as the supreme being who is independent of his creatures not inside them or a part of them, and neither are they."

This reminds me of a couple quotes from my Asbestos Head book:

"Either God is causal, singular and separate - an outside entity somehow responsible for His own existence, the creation of the universe, and the creation of other beings to recognize Him, or existence is non-causal, plural, parts and whole of all that is with nothing outside Us because We’re all infinite self-reflexive pieces of God interacting, changing, acting out eternity.

Asbestos’ best guess is God is non-causal and thinks once Ockham’s razor slits the wrists of an unmoved mover We’ll all be left moving alone together forever, for without God, Asbestos is condemned to Godel’s incompleteness and without Asbestos, God is the silent sound of trees falling in solipsist forests."

An omnipotent, omniscient, and omnipresent being that is separate from its creation can be philosophically removed from the equation with Ockham's Razor. It is an unnecessary extraneous assumption in the explanation of the origin of the universe. If, however, God is the Supreme Infinite Consciousness of which we're all a part of, then the "omni" descriptions all make sense.

It's like this. If you're God (One infinite intelligence) then what do you do with your existence? You probably create a space/time continuum and a "physical" universe of opposites to experience your divinity as subjective pieces of yourself. You create good/bad, male/female, black/white, life/death, day/night, a reality of opposites so little packets of your infinite divine consciousness can experience the breadth and depth of themselves as such in this world of co-creation between us (individual humans) and Us (God).

From Asbestos Head: “We’re subjective beings condemned to relative knowledge. If there were objective beings they’d be condemned to absolute knowledge. Without an omniscient being telling Us, Our only accessible truth is the sum total of human opinions. So the only thing I believe absolutely is if there are absolute truths, I’ll never know them.”

Like Robert Anton Wilson said, "If we all just said 'maybe' more often, the world would be much more sane." So maybe you're exactly right. Maybe you're exactly wrong. Maybe (most likely) both of us and everyone else who has claimed to know the truth of God, is wrong. We're grasping at straws when subjective beings talk about objective truth.

From Asbestos Head: “The way I see it, people have created languages, religions, sciences, and mathematics in an attempt to discover a method that can both find Objective Truth and make it undeniably so to all subjective interpreters. The catch is Our subjectivity allows for skepticism even in the face of Absolute Truth. If God comes to me and tells me all the ultimate answers, I may still choose to disbelieve what He says or that He’s even God. The only way He could prove it is to make me omniscient like Him so I’m unable to disbelieve Truth - But in creating another omniscient being separate from Himself, God’s own omniscience is compromised, and Objective Truth rears its subjective limitations. If We’re separate from God in any way, everything He stands for is a useless thought-experiment.”


Moha said...

Greetings Mr. Eric ,
your ideas still have great defects ,
well, you said that objective truths cant be understood by subjective beings , which much works againt your philosophies , as you are already speculating about objective truth , which means that your theories can be wrong .
But that leads us to the next , which is applying the same objection on my says - as one who believes in the above mentioned God and the heavenly messages - , but i defend by saying that ; this is the main issue in this discussion , i am refering to your regarding the traditional religions (christianity ,Judaism , islam ) which obviously contradict with your concept of God ( or the infinite one ), the probleme is in your regarding them (and the others as well ) as just subjective concepts of the objective truth -God - as they are seen by their prophets (jesus , Moses ,Muhammed - peace be upon them all -) , which is not true , as they all said that they were SENT by God , not that they knew God , but they were told about him by him -sending his angel to them ,
but how this defends these religion against the above talk of subjective view ?
Simply , they dont build themselves on subjective theories , as they rather are built on an understanding of the objective truth of God delivered to us from him himself .
But , i already can imagine you want to say that " what is the assure us that they were telling us the God message not their own understanding of Him ? , strangely , it is the same question that i want to ask you , which is " what is the evidence or even the signs that God - or what equal to him in your philosophy - is as what you said ?.
Well , concerning me , i reply that their talks (theories ) were greatly supported by miracles which are supernatural event cant be made but by the infinite entity .
This may lead to the talk about the authenticity of this event , or they were the impressions of old myths or etc.
Well , i speak for my self , i can assure you that the event happened in islam are well authentic and recorded and well previewed too .
This of course is other way to argue for the idea rather than criticizing it in philosophical way ( i will do so ). Now it is your turn , to prove why should i believe your and accept your SUBJECTIVE philosophy of god ? What is you evidences .
Any way this was important introduction that had to be said .
Now , i aslo have discrepency to your theory of the plural , divideble God , i start with saying that you said that god decided to creat packs of him self to allow himself to experience the subjective concepts , away from its being your own philosophical subjective view of God's way of behavior and thinking , also this say just turns the whole universe into meaningless " play " performed by one actor acting all the characters for no audiences ! .
Also , how god who is the supreme entity , the all knowledgable and the omniscient needs to experience subjective understanding , this obviously entails the lack in his knowledge which makes the word moni meaningless .
Also , on this way of seeing the universe and creation , words like good and bad and fair and unfair , etc of no sense as they are all performed by the same one to the same one , for example , if someone killed someone , then how should we look at that action ? Bad worthy of punishment or just part of god - the general consciousness - made to other part of him , worth nothing . Of course i mean the things that passes without punishment in our life -lets say that the killer lived and died in cover - how would be treated after death , punished of just return to the source - like in the matrix :) - if so , this is so encouragin on living wild , isnt it ?

Moha said...

Continue ~
Also , this obviouly means that there is no difference between good and bad as we all are part of the source .
If he is punished , then it is just meaningless play where the supreme entity punishes a part of him , an unnecessary situation that can only be avoided by the hypothesis that the any one of us is and complete self responsible for his own actions and that the relation between him and the supreme entity is not a relationship between part and all but rather it is one and separate infinite entity - or we still have the probleme of the punished God ! , which completely has no meaning nor necessity - , so in this new relation the claim of supreme consciousness has no meaning , as god now appears to be singular and independent .
One other discrepency is when you said that the independence of god from his creature counts for the unnecessity of his existence , which is quite wrong , it is because the inference doesnt mean the separation from the ability to action and ability to change or even their necessity , as the universe just cant go by its own as you claimed .
I even tell you that the creature's being un able to understand everything in the perfect way - the objective truth -much entails the existence of an independent omnisicient entity , because if he was not independent from them , then gathering between his being omniscient and his being -or his part - on the severe of that is impossible contradictory .
The last thing i want to say is that i am with you in the beleive that absolute truth cant be understood completely by us , we just can speculate about it until one of our speculation is proved to be the one nearest to the real truth .

Eric Dubay said...

Do Torq and Tao still follow these comments? I bet they'd have an interesting Christian and Taoist perspective to chime in with here.

well, you said that objective truths cant be understood by subjective beings, which much works against your philosophies, as you are already speculating about objective truth, which means that your theories can be wrong.

Not only can they be wrong, but most likely are wrong :)

the problem is in your regarding them (and the others as well) as just subjective concepts of the objective truth -God - as they are seen by their prophets (jesus, Moses,Muhammed - peace be upon them all) which is not true, as they all said that they were SENT by God, not that they knew God, but they were told about him by him - sending his angel to them ... Simply, they dont build themselves on subjective theories, as they rather are built on an understanding of the objective truth of God delivered to us from him himself.

So if I say I was SENT by God, and people believe me, and they write a book about me and my message, does that make what I say objective truth? What is the measure of objective truth to us subjective humans? Our subjectivity allows for infinite variation in people's experience and understanding. No one prophet can encapsulate universal truth into something as limiting as language or a religion, and make it undeniably apparent to all who interpret the message. Therefore it is each individual's responsibility to find their own truth. If your version of truth is to be found in a fundamental interpretation of the Muslim religion, then that is perfectly fine for you. For me it's life-long agnosticism, taking in messages from many religions, prophets, gurus, and my own experiences to form a world-view unique to my own experience of the divine.

From Asbestos Head: "If you wish a collective relationship with some group’s conception of God, go find the next Holy place, read it’s Holy text, perform some Holy rituals then go home alone feeling like Holy shit, spitting out someone else’s existential excrement. If you wish a personal relationship with God, there’s no religion to follow, no group to join, and no book to read. There’s nothing to do but wander the world ever wondering why, and never decide.

Ultimately, any system that gives answers to metaphysical questions is suspect because it grants Truth to things We can’t know through experience. A more educated approach to the unknown is utter agnostic apostasy: accept you don’t know and couldn’t even know you’re right if you knew it. Spiritual questioning is best left unanswered and simply explored throughout Our lives as We all exist in the mystery."

Now it is your turn, to prove why should i believe your and accept your SUBJECTIVE philosophy of god?

You shouldn't. You should believe your subjective philosophy of God. I should believe mine. Jesus should believe Jesus', and Buddha should believe Buddha's. If our philosophies are congruent to other's, and we find truth in their words, by all means take consolation in that. But to buy 100% into someone else's BS (Belief System) is to give away your unique experience of the divine for someone else's.


Moha. said...

Hi Eric ,
I COMPLETELY agree with you that everyone should form his own relationship with Him self and with God ,
And i like to say that if you thought - in our discussion - that i was only someone how blind-ly defends an idea or religion , then you maybe wrong .
It was just some philosophical chatting , and truely i apologize if my words made you upset or even felt annoyed .
It was completely not meant .
Again , as you have said , everyone should make his own mind , his own beleive .
Still one question in my mind " if you were right , then i would lose nothing , but what if people like jesus , moses and Muhammed were right ?, surely i have the all to lose there . "
my honest wishes to you - and me- to find the best way .
Peace ;)

david said...

Look at this its nice that you all have strong beliefs but look at the fact that you are being seperated by your religion. It gives hope but it also seperates at the same time therefore it should never be used as a means to solve problems only as a means to draw hope from.

Notenroht said...

It is best to be prepared for such catastrophic events. But my definition of 'prepared' is absolutely not the same as others. Protecting yourself and your family are necessities and it is not far fletched for us to see full blown apocalypse in our time here.

There is an age old theory that says once you experience God on a personal level, it is unexplainable (and certainly the authenticity will be questioned and can never be understood until experienced firsthand). This is also a theory that has been personally realized and has changed my level of consciousness. It truly can change everything in the blink of an eye.

So that brings me to preparation. You can prepare all you want in the worldly sense, but it wont change a thing. Sooner or later, you are going to perish. What happens after that moment will be based on what has happened before that moment. Forget religion. It isn't the answer. What the institution wants you to believe is that you have to attend church, give your money, be religious. Truth is, you do not have to. Use common sense. Question everything. Resist the oppressors. Trust God. Who else are you gonna turn to in the darkest hour? Find him on whatever personal level you can. He'll reveal himself... all you have to do is ask. Or if he wishes to before you ask him to... the old addage, if he knocks, answer.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

Can you direct me to an actual FEMA prison camp photo with site location confirmed?