Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Moon Hoax Debate - Joe Rogan vs. Phil Plait

Years ago Joe Rogan used to be a very vocal proponent of the moon landing hoax conspiracy.  The following videos are excellent examples of genuine questions any diligent researcher should ask themselves.  While your listening to the Fear Factor guy win a debate against professional astronomer and NASA shill Phil Plait, please peruse these links and tell me with a straight face that Apollo landed on the moon:  Fake Moon Rocks Given to Holland Museum by Buzz Aldrin & Neil Armstrong, Astronauts on Wires, Jack White's Apollo Hoax Evidence, Apollo Moon Hoax Videos, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon, The Masonic Moon Landing Hoax, The Mars Landing Hoax.


Ta-Wan said...

I couldn't find them at the link you gave but hunted them down.

I 1/5
I 2/5
I 3/5
I 4/5
I 5/5

II 1/5
II 2/5
II 3/5
II 4/5
II 5/5

Ta-Wan said...

There has to be a part 3 to that it was great!

But as part 2 was 2007 I'm guessing the opposition is making excuses not to face Rogan for a 3rd battle, still nursing the wounds.

Anonymous said...

Dubay. You know I love your site... and I mean no offense but perhaps you should check out this site.