Monday, July 12, 2010

David Icke Exposed as a Freemason?

This guy on YouTube Gorilla199 has some very good evidence piling up that David Icke is in fact a Freemason and positioning himself as the savior of the "truth" movement. David Icke's work was a big part of what woke me up to the Illuminati/NWO, but I am also increasingly seeing him as a deep undercover usurper of the alternative research community.

Firstly he was a BBC presenter, a professional soccer goalie, and a Green party politician. Such high level versatility in Media, Sports, and Politics is generally reserved for the super-rich, the well-connected and/or Freemasons, and I thought David Icke was none of the above. How did he get so lucky? Next he comes out and claims to be the Son of God on national TV while wearing a turquoise tracksuit. Whether intentional or not, the forth-coming mass ridicule positioned him as a martyr (Jesus) for the "truth" movement.

His first book "Truth Vibrations" was very New Age and anti-Christian, which is a sentiment that runs throughout his work. He scoffs at New Age philosophies as being the last step before spiritual freedom, meanwhile espousing pretty much every New Age doctrine out there. His book I Am Me, I Am Free clearly has a 666 on the cover and since God is called "I am" in the Bible, the title of this book could be God Me, God Free - i.e. I am God, I am free of any external God. The main tenant of the New Age movement is that we are all our own Gods. Whether that is metaphysically true or not, is up to you to decide, but it is certainly part of the anti-Christian New Age philosophy present in Icke's work.

Now in these videos, Gorilla199 shows David Icke and his ex-wife performing Masonic handshakes and Masonic hand-signs, as well as a very suspicious photo on the Ryde Lodge Isle of Wight (where David Icke actually lives) Masonic website, showing someone who looks very much like David Icke, dressed in complete Masonic garb, with the name W. Bro. David Icke underneath. If that's not enough, the motto of the Ryde Lodge found at the bottom of the website is "Infinite Love is the Only Truth, Everything Else is Illusion" which is the title of one of David Icke's books!

Is this all over-analyzation and coincidence? Are all these findings innocuous? Have a look at some of these videos and leave me comments what you all think about this.

David Icke Crucifies Himself on BBC TV

Is David Icke's Wife a Witch?

David Icke Aliester Crowley Connection

David Icke and Gorilla199 Fight

David Icke Freemasonry Photo Removed From Masonic Website

David Icke Exposed as a Freemason Again?

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William Cooper Exposes David Icke

ExMI5 Agent Exposes David Icke's Big Lie


Anonymous said...

I think that if David Icke were a free mason then he wouldn't have to rely on youtube and the internet to get his message across to the public. I know he holds lectures, but it's not like they're covered by the mass media, nor has he ever came up on any major network since the bbc debacle (correct me if I'm wrong) The man that gorilla199 points out as Mr. Icke doesn't even look like him. I'm not an Icke lover. I think he is an interesting man and I've listened to several of his interviews and seminars. He has come a long a way, but I think his success would be far greater if he were a free mason.

Anonymous said...

Gorilla's "photo" is obviously fake (the one at the mason lodge).

Eric, I am surprised you think all this. From what I've read, Icke is really legit, pushing the envelope with his research.

Reality check bro!!

Icke is badass at soccer and an incredible orator - no wonder he got the gig on BBC and for the Green party. Have you not heard him speak?



Eric Dubay said...

If David is controlled and purposely being positioned as a New Age guru/truth movement savior, then I think it must be to fool us during a future event - help lead people away from Christianity and into the one world New Age religion.

Back when Rik Clay was murdered for his research into the NWO's planned fake alien/UFO invasion, everyone on Icke forums was holding up the "suicide" myth... which really shocked me. Does anyone else here frequent the Icke forums? They seem much more free/open than but I still have the feeling I'm on a controlled site over there. They're constantly moving my posts to sub-forums where they are buried. Also I've tried to contact Mr. Icke for years and never gotten a response - he doesn't have 5 minutes for Eric Dubay? Gorilla199 has challenged him to a debate to clear up all this Masonic stuff, but Icke has simply replied with personal attacks and pictures of laughing animals.

Having said all that, I agree that he is an incredible orator and most of his research really does resonate with me. He starts to lose me, however, with his very literal interpretations of all the reptilian symbolism. Could he purposely be a "turd in the punchbowl" as Alex Jones once said? Mixing a bunch of truth with a couple ridiculous things to discredit anyone who talks about him? I mean, no matter which British person I talk to about Icke, no matter how factual the information I relay to them, they just write me off saying "oh that guy that claims he's the son of God and thinks the Queen is a reptile?"

Has anyone read his new book? For me this is the biggest turd in the punchbowl yet. He says the moon is a hollowed out spaceship with aliens inside that control the human race through mind-control beams! To me this is even less plausible than his reptilian hypothesis, and his credibility and purpose are really coming in to question in my mind. Combine that with all these videos I've linked to, and I'm very much on the fence as to what I think of Mr. Icke.

As I said, he's responsible for waking me up to the NWO, so I'll always be indebted to him for that, but keeping a truly open mind, not just blindly following my "guru," I will continue to consider the possibility that Icke is not exactly what he claims to be. Thanks for the comments so far. What do other people think?

Anonymous said...

"I think that if David Icke were a freemason then he wouldn't have to rely on youtube and the internet to get his message across to the public."

I don't quite buy this argument because David Icke's audience is not the general public. The elite are quite happy to let the sheeple sleep. Icke's audience are the people who are questioning, motivated to research, and not easily discouraged by media disapproval. If he was being interviewed by CNN and Fox news every other day, popping up on Oprah, and splattered all over the media he'd be spotted as an establishment figure straight away. Take a look at David de Rothschild and you'll see what I mean.

Icke is an odd ball, intellectually independent and courageous, mixing open-mindedness with 'serious' book length research; he's hounded and laughed at, yet often perceptive and right on the ball ... he couldn't be a better poster boy for the truth community. He's us, but larger than life and playing pied piper.

Personally I don't trust any 'leaders' from Chomsky the Who Cares About 9/11? to Michael star of orion. I especially don't trust voodoo fellas like Icke. Normal people don't drink champagne with reptilian shape shifters, receive messages from angles, or for that matter fluently understand ancient tribal languages. We do know skyscrapers don't collapse at free fall when they weren't even hit by a plane, we do know police brutality and the rising big brother state when we see it, and we do know the elite is a closed globalist club of sociopaths who wouldn't mind exchanging six billion people for a dozen robots and a new Eden.

Did I go off on a rant? I'll stop in a mo. Don't trust leaders. Be very careful about what you believe, and consider how certain beliefs may affect your actions. I for one don't have a clue how to deal with moon aliens and mind control beams. Mr Icke I can make a cup of tea and hand out a DVD. Thanks a lot.

Anonymous said...

Eric,way before this hoopla started between them, I posted a question for David Icke. In a thread entitled "ask David Icke anything" or something to that effect on his site.

I wanted to know what David Icke thought of gorilla199's video of the wheat and the tares.

I thought it fit nicely with his reptilian ideas, but my thread was removed. So yeah, I do get a controlled vibe over there.

On a side note, I was watching an interview with michael tsarion and
jordan maxwell. I don't remember
who the interviewer was but he asked them if they belived in Jesus.

Jordan said I'll handle this" and gave a long winded answer that basically said No.

While all these speakers are thought provoking and entertaining,they have a subtle and sometimes not so subtle anti Jesus message.

So,beware of false prophets.

Eric Dubay said...

Excellent comments Anonymous! I agree with all the points you made. Thanks for the contribution.

Anonymous said...

Hi Eric, there are some things I left out of my last post.

One day while channel surfing I saw Michael Tsarion being interviewed
by Bill O Riley on FOX. I didn’t see the whole interview but I stopped to watch it and thought

Oh, Bill is going to berate, shout down and demean Michael into oblivion. He did just the opposite. Instead, he treated him with great respect.

Which I thought was odd or telling if you like.

Anyway back to Ike. The reason why I wanted to know what he thought about Gorila199’s video on the wheat & the tares was because two of them revealed themselves to me. More specifically, I saw the whites of their eyes change from white to yellow & with a vertical black slit in the middle.

Even as Anonymous on the internet, I don’t want to get into the specifics of how & why they chose to reveal themselves to me.

I don’t know if these are the reptilians that David talks about or some sort parasitic alien race that use other beings as hosts ala stargate, aka the “Goa'uld” but
I saw something otherworldly.

So, from my own personal experience, I KNOW there are people that look like us but are not like us, or as the bible refers to them as tares. Jesus' Parable of Wheat & Tares Matthew 13: 24-30, 36-43

Unknown said...

I think the 'turd in the punchbowl' are the reformed satanists claiming the bible is the Truth. It is much more provable.

And what are other interpretations for the multitudes of serpent gods, half human half serpents, and humans being consumed by serpents? And why does every culture across the globe have the same ancient deities?

I have yet to hear a better explanation.

Anonymous said...

While its quite possible that Icke is out to deceive us, there are a few lines of reasoning in post that i find pretty disappointing, as your blog generally is of a very high standard.
Nothing in this post that I saw dealt with why Icke's content is incorrect or misleading. There are some references to the moon spaceship and reptilians but all that is said against it is that these are crazy ideas. No argument against the ideas, just labeling them as crazy. This is the same treatment mainstream media give to 911 truthers.

Gorilla119 is clearly motivated by his defense of Christianity when seeking to discredit Icke, this immediately makes me skeptical. Its funny to me how Icke critises so many things but its always the Christians who fight to defend themselves by discrediting. It was the same Zeitgeist.

The 'false prophets' scripture quoting is nothing more than fear mongering. There is no argument there for why he is a false prophet just attaching the label.

Following a 'leader' like Icke (or anyone for that matter) without distilling their content and coming to your own views is a bad move - as i'm sure we all agree. But discrediting someone without focusing on their content is the other side of the same coin. I'm not sure yet about the reptilians or the spaceship moon, but i certainly havn't seen enough to write them off.

I'm keen to know whether Icke is ligit or not, so thanks for posting, however I don't think there is anything here that discredits him. The photo is a fake, and scripture doesn't scare me off.

Anonymous said...

"There are some references to the moon spaceship and reptilians but all that is said against it is that these are crazy ideas. No argument against the ideas, just labeling them as crazy. This is the same treatment mainstream media give to 911 truthers."

There is one big difference. There is a lot verifiable evidence to back the claims made by the 9/11 truth movement. There is no way for any normal researcher to back up claims concerning reptilians and moon aliens. Evidence is a big thing when you're look to uncover the truth.

Anonymous said...

This could be true, but the information that he puts (let put) in his website is far beyond freemason control....

He knows that het can't speak the real truth without been completely banned, so he speaks to the limit.

Fernando said...

hyde lodge 698 site is down due to a hack!!! wtf....I just wanted to see to check it out for my self!

Anonymous said...

This gut, gorilla199, is very suspect in my opinion.

I left a comment on youtube regarding his video on David's moon theory, just explaining that the photo he used as "evidence" that David was a Freemason was actually photoshopped (quite badly)and had been debunked by a user over at the Icke forum. He had simply superimposed a picture of David's head over an actual Freemason's head. The two separate pictures he had used were even found on Google images quite easily.
He then set up a blog that was supposedly the website for a Masonic Lodge on the Isle of Wight, another fake.

Gorilla199 promptly deleted my comment from youtube and then blocked me. The comment I left was not insulting or derogatory in any way, he deleted it just because what I said was the truth. He didn't even respond or defend himself, just deleted, blocked.

He has a very strange obsession with discrediting Icke and personally I wouldn't trust anything he says, he has already been proven to be a liar.

Ragnarok said...

Were david icke revealing the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth it is highly unlikely that he would be allowed to continue doing what he is doing. Either wittingly or unwittingly he has to be helping so called agenda, even if it is only to discredit various religions, after which he may be bumped off.

However, it is my belief that all the extant religions were little more than the mystery schools human cattle management programs over the past few millenia. The old myth of the one god for the old age of picies is to be replaced by the new myth of oneness for the new age of aquarius. This will be the new human cattle management system for the next couple of millenia. First however they wish to play off their obiedient flocks against one another, muslim v christian.

It never ceases to amaze me how people can accept that everything they have been taught about the way the world works is wrong, yet still cling desperately to whatever religion the system has taught them. I guess it's just one step too far for most people.

The ancestors, ideological or biological, of the same people running the planet wrote the very books and scriptures people feel will save them from the coming storm. We have a long way to go yet people.

Anonymous said...

The 666 hand gesture is only part of the picture.

Look again at that picture and you will see the answer to the question you pose is answered by Ickey himself.

Icke is without doubt a Free Mason as this image suggests BUT the first series of Free Mason images, the ones of the Free Masons all lined up in their Lodge was not worthy of publication on this blog.

Icke was a resident viewer of my recently demised exblog. A blog dedicated to the Free Mason involvemnt in the coverup of the McCanns concerning the death of Madeleine McCann. Icke would visit my site as much as 3 or 4 times a day...every day.

So intrigued was I about his 'looking in' I even asked him if he would like to contribute but to date he has not seen fit to reply to my request.

The area around Rothley is also reknowned as the home of Free Masons, Templar Free Masons, one of which is Gerry McCann whom they count amongst their number.

The Rothley Priory meets at the Rothley Court Hotel. This is a venue selected by Clarence Mitchell, also a Free Mason, to play host for most of the McCannns recent, and not so recent press conferences.


Anonymous said...

I don't know if he's a mason or some kind of mind control slave, but I believe his purpose is to deceive open minded people and to discredit actual truths.

Anonymous said...

david ickes 'masonic hand sign' is actually lack of movement in his hand due to severe arthritis...

Eric Dubay said...

david ickes 'masonic hand sign' is actually lack of movement in his hand due to severe arthritis...

So he says. What about the picture of his wife, does she have arthritis too?

Anonymous said...

I laughed so hard when I just found this website. do you know anything about this gorilla guy?? lol

Check this out

You might want to check some of his own personal photos at

it also clearly says on the BBC News article that he is SERIOUSLY MENTALLY ILL.

And there is A LOT more in the way of video of him that will just make you laugh yourself shitless. I just wanna leave you to find that for your yourself. Stop being so naive - do your due dilligence on people before you start 'following' them. check out your sources first before making a website up claiming your belief in their words. FFS this guy is a pyscho.

Also - did you realise that a british masonic lodge would not use a BLOGGER website? that site is obviously a hoax... wake up dude!

Anonymous said...

At the end of the day, david icke has handed out much more REAL information that IS needed in these dark times than any of the churchs and religions have EVER offered!!- speaks for itself. Lets use our common sense. Freemason or not, the information is more spot on and realistic to the awareness we need to pull our finger out and stand up for whats the real deal here! - waiting for a 'saviour' just doesn't cut it for me with humans behaviour. What sit back and hope it'll be ok!? Continue to CONDONE and play with the demons because of the fear of loosing your comforts? Because unless we all pull out inc. religions which are sitting on billions your still all up in arms with the vile creature, so good luck for your conscience. If the power is within you to change even the slightest thing for the good, it is YOUR responsibility to do so and NOT pass the blumin buck to a 'saviour' to do the job for you. You are all part of the creator, so do the best for him and be his soldiers at least!- stop taking from life and being cowards. The bible was merged with paganism via constantine, funny thing is, the amount of times its been played with since then, still doesn't make people question the obvious!? lol Read between the lines people.

Anonymous said...

Fake ... You only have to notice that there medals are on the wrong side because someone has flipped the original photo. A very bad photo-shop .... Also if you look on google you will find the real photo and you will see a very clear image of someone who is not David ... .Good try .. But a BIG FAIL.

Anonymous said...

i don't trust him,(sorry for my bad english in proceed) he refers to be written in Bible gods,but that aint the truth,in Bible is written son of God,and refers to an fallen angels(about 1/3 of all angels in heaven) and they felt with lucifer

Anonymous said...

David icke has been discredited many many times in the past,and by his own words and books.Please people do some homework,his own theories have changed from his first books when he reckoned he was chanelling information.
Ask yourselves this,why are his books so expensive? If this man wanted to 'share' his information then why are his books so expensive not to mention his seminars.
His book 911 and alice in wonderland was simply an excercise in plagarism,everything in the book was taken direct from the web.
The man is a fraud who makes tons of money from his bullshit,and yes it makes perfect sense that he is a mason,he is just the same as alex jones,government stooges,dis-information experts,everyone do your homework read ickes early books and you can easilynspot the lies in them that he now tries to hide and distance himself from

Anonymous said...

Aside from the christian stance that gorilla has...i think you all should check out his earlier videos ...they have alot of information regarding latin translations and architecture. ...the guy obviously does his HOMEWORK...maybe this jesus guy was an aside of warnings of the NWO's christians are obviously a farce ..the nostics were let out of alot of scripture...but look at the quotations of what today's anarchists say...its pretty dead on to what "jesus" said. and im non-religious.

Chunk said...

Google "Ryde lodge 698 Icke"

David Ickes name comes up on the new ryde lodge websites search??

Also google:

David icke is a freemason phone call

Hello?? David Icke is and will always be afreemason

Anonymous said...

Eric, last night I read your convinincing piece about religion being nothing but rehashed and literalized Egyptian sun god worship. Today, it appears (to me) that you agree with modern Christianity, in writing about Icke. Is this true or am I missing something?? Thanks, in advance, should you decided to briefly respond and help me to understand.

Eric Dubay said...

Hey Anonymous, thanks for the comment. Christianity is absolutely a rehashing of Egyptian sun worship under a new name. I'm not Christian, but my entire family is. I think there are plenty of good people and good ideas in Christianity, but that is trumped by it's evil history and brainwashing. Peace

Unknown said...

You're wrong about Christanity and the "Sun God"....there's much more to the history of that movement than similarities to pagan Gods( "Zeitgeist" may well be disinfo too)...Being against Christianity is a very big mistake...that's what Jews have been trying to do through various methods..don't be part of a movement that will allow outsiders to destroy our culture and our values...both intrinsically tied to Christianity. Christanity is NOT just a's the history of western civilization and any success it may have had comes from the cooperative, loving, family oriented, non-exploitive zeitgeist that Christanity brings. That it has been divided, attacked and ridiculed by the enemies of freedom and peace is not a coincidence. Kill Christanity ad we kill ourselves. And that's the way it's going. You needn't believe in the spiritual part of it, to be a Christian..or to appreciate it's crucial part in our civilized advancement...

Unknown said...

I'd also point out that the "evil" things that you are associating with Christianity actually had nothing to do with Christianity...even if done by people calling themselves Christians...there are a lot of people who have used the Christian title to do evil and bring blasphemy on to the Church..there is only one true can never be evil...only mankind can do evil..

Anonymous said...

I am me I am Free. Jewish Gematria. = Mason.

Anonymous said...

The main thing which no-one is addressing is that Icke always leads us to a spiritually devastating conclusion. He says that we can all achieve unlimited consciousness. This is wrong. Only God has unlimited consciousness. Granted, we all have tremendous potentials in our consciousness, but only God has unlimited consciousness. The bottom line is that ICKE is profoundly envious of God.