Monday, August 2, 2010

Alex Jones is an Inside Job (part 2)

Watch here as Alex takes a caller who questions about the Knights of Malta, Rome's true power, and recommends the book Vatican Assassins by Eric Jon Phelps.

Now here is Eric Jon Phelps himself defending his position and exposing Alex Jones on Lenny Bloom's Cloak and Dagger radio show. Lenny explains how he was censored on AJ's show and how AJ takes fake calls from his employees. Eric explains that Alex is spot-on regarding most "low-level conspiracy info" on his show, but he never connects the dots that show the real capstone of control as the Vatican, Knights of Malta, and the Jesuit order. Eric then proceeds to expose a multitude of issues that Alex would never touch with a ten-foot pole: The Jesuit/Vatican connection to DHS and Bohemian Grove, Martin Sheen's Vatican connections (i.e. changing his name from Martin Estivez after Vatican agent and high-level Mason, Bishop Fulton Sheen), and Alex's regular establishment radio guests like Jesuit Georgetown Alumni Roman Catholic Knight of Malta Pat Buchanan.

Here is another more recent interview between Lenny Bloom and Eric Phelps where they delve even deeper into the Alex Jones Vatican/Jesuit issue. Alex will tell you all about the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove, and the Bilderberg Group, but why do you rarely hear him talking about the Knights of Malta and the Jesuits, let alone the Jews/Zionists? Alex falsely claims in his documentaries and radio broadcasts that the Bilderberg Group is the tip-top of the conspiratorial capstone. He fails to mention facts like Bilderberg co-founder Prince Bernhard being a Vatican Knight of Malta. Bilderberg co-founder Jozef Retinger was a Jesuit and 33rd Degree Freemason. Bilderberg regulars like David Rockefeller and Henry Kissenger are Vatican Knights of Malta. The Queen of England is a Vatican Dame of Malta. Adam Weishaupt, the founder of the Illuminati was a Jewish Jesuit! Before the Bilderbergers, the CFR, the Trilateral Commission, before the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds, before even the Illuminati, was the Vatican, world royalty, world Jewry, the Jesuits, Knights of Malta and Freemasons. It is they who own the banking system, groom and position politicians, control the media, head the largest corporations, and socially engineer us, their human resources.

Here is an excellent compilation exposing Alex Jones put together by Thomas Richards of The caption for his first video reads: I think Jones is one of the most dangerous people to fall into. Because then people say, "Jones opened my eyes to the truth" and then it's harder for them to swallow the truth of the Jesuit Vatican involvement in keeping the masses blind to reality. It's hard enough for people to realize what the Vatican order is doing without Alex Jones whitewashing them even more. I knew of the Vatican before I came upon Jones and I believed the whole time I listened to Jones I was wasting time. Except that it wasn't a waste of time to know his work thoroughly so I can see how he omits the Vatican out of his "info-war". His whole image is built around getting info out yet he omits the most important part? The root? I know there's something very wrong there. I'm convinced he's an agent. And if you dissect what he says in his latest rant you can see what he's trying to do. He turns exposing the Vatican into "Catholic bashing" and then lumps people exposing the Vatican with "Jew bashers" and just completely lies on top of it. How can you be the leader of a "Truth Movement" and yet lie?

Also check out these other great editorials by Thomas Richards exposing Alex Jones:

Last but certainly not least here is a series by Craig Oxley exposing many of the Vatican's puppet "conspiracy heroes" but focusing mainly on Alex Jones. The first three parts are below, but I highly recommend listening to the entire series: 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17

Craig Oxley's Unhived Mind forum

Craig Oxley great interview transcript

Reality Research Resource


Anonymous said...

You is right about AJ being an Inside Job
But You are in the wrong wrong direction about Eric Phelps and his Vatican/Jesuit domination

Wakeup for the real controllers

And you will find that Phelps is too an Inside Job

Eric Dubay said...

So who are the real controllers? Don't leave us hanging! .... ;)

KyleA said...

At least one of those criticized by those in this post has responded in defense:

They are pretty well documented and worth weighing in as a counter-point to the views and motives of Phelps, Oxley and others. Might want to pause and consider their backgrounds as possible agent provocateurs as well if we're all of a sudden going to scrutinize everyone.

I guess we all have to think for ourselves and make up their own mind, but it is pretty telling the motives of those who spend their time predominantly criticizing others without offering any constructive thoughts or solutions, as what seems to be the case in this post.

Eric Dubay said...

Very interesting. The plot thickens. Horowitz seems genuine to me and I recommend everyone read these articles Kyle linked to:

Horowitz Article 1

Horowitz Article 2

What do people think of this? I tend to agree with Sherri and Len about Icke, Fulford, and others. Eric Phelps' criticisms of Alex Jones and others in the "truth" community still resonates with me, but other stuff Phelps preaches like white supremacy completely turns me off and makes me question his motives.

These webs of conspiracy, exposure, and fake conspiracy "heroes" just go on forever. I only believe my own intuition and discernment which is constantly changing and flowing with new information and experiences. The truth, like the universe and all things in it is constantly changing. Therefore any dogmatic attachment to a certain person, path, prejudice etc. must ultimately be incorrect if it isn't dynamic, fluid, spontaneous, and living.

I know I'm real. You know you're real. But you don't know that I'm for real, and I don't know if you're for real. So it's everyone's responsibility to be as you as you can be. I'll be as me as I can be. Together, hopefully, those of us operating purely with honesty and sincerity in heart will shine the way to truth, exposing darkness along the way. More and more the intricacies of the conspiracy seem less important in comparison to my personal choices everyday. Have I been as Eric as I could be today? Have I loved unconditionally today? Have I operated from ego today? Have I caused any being harm today? Have I forgiven everyone everything or am I harboring regret/revenge?

Ok, now I'm starting to rant with no point or end anywhere in sight, so I'm just gonna.

Eric Dubay said...

In the second article it says:

Szymanski/Samuelson also enlisted David Icke's help to spread his fraud across the Internet. Icke refused a number of Horowitz appeals to withdraw the libel, and is now implicated, along with Szymanski and Fulford, in an actionable tort linked to Harle's first degree murder.

Szymanski also posted his articles on Alex Jones's website, and allied with a "Dr. True Ott" to defame Dr. Horowitz, who does not know why "True Ott" would issue such false and misleading accusations against him circulating on the Internet. Petty jealously perhaps, as Ott specializes in alternative medicine, and sees himself as a competitor to Horowitz.

I wonder if Alex Jones will have Dr. Horowitz on to discuss this issue? Was Szymanski's article on and as part of the operation to discredit Horowitz, or was it an innocent coincidence? Horowitz seems more genuine to me than Icke, Jones, Phelps, Fulford, Zagami, and pretty much everyone else implicated here, but I'm gonna remain skeptical and undecided while my intuition re-sets course. What does everyone else think about all this?

Eric Dubay said...

Sherri Kane, Dr. Horowitz's partner wrote:

BEWARE: Many journalist/activists sell out because of financial problems or their desire for fame. Alex Jones is a prime example of this, with his sponsors, now exposed as Homeland Security officials working through Clifton Mining and American Biotech Labs. Horowitz proved they fraudulently advertise and use a doctored electron microscope photo based on Horowitz's intellectual property.

Jones was always vulnerable to this type of seduction. It was just a matter of time before he fell for it, and in this case victimized Horowitz.

Recently, truTV contacted me about working with Jesse Ventura on his popular conspiracy reality show. This was done, partly, to break up my alliance with Dr. Horowitz. They admitted to being sponsored by Big Pharma. I declined the invitation for obvious reasons.

Naughty poems said...

Its great resource. i was finding that type inf and now i get it.thanks for this...

Damon F. said...

Hmm. Jones objects to being accused of being a Jesuit/CIA operative, therefore he must be a Jesuit/CIA operative. Ok, I'm convinced by that kind of lockdown evidence.

maallikkoapuri said...

Oxley said this about Horowitz being a Knight of Malta:

"I know Leo Zagami spoke of Horowitz's Order being the Knights of Malta but as we both know unless it falls under The Alliance of the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem then it is a false Order claiming to be something in truth it is not and theres many pretenders out there. So once its deduced if his Order is accepted by the Alliance or not then he would be guilty or not of being a true Knight of the Maltese Cross. If he's not part of the enemy Orders then he deserves an apology but only after he apologises to Eric Phelps for the real devious tactics he's pulled recently on this man. This is where Josh Reeves and others are lacking knowledge on the Maltese as they do not understand The Alliance of the Orders of St. John of Jerusalem as we both do."

When it comes to AJ, it's quite blatant he's a gatekeeper but I don't worry too much about who's an agent or not. I take useful info from many sources, and even though I mostly agree with Phelps/Oxley/Richards on who rules, I don't follow them blindly, and I try to check everything before I write in my blog. But let's all keep in mind that ad hominem attacks are not arguments, the only thing that really counts is how well a point of view is substantiated/sourced.

new year wishes said...

They are pretty well documented and worth weighing in as a counter-point to the views and motives of Phelps, Oxley and others.

LaDyD3CiPH3R said...

Hey Eric,

Pretty interesting stuff. You are right on about many things. I do believe a FAKE UFO scare is on its way. One question I do have for you though is ...
What do you think about UFO abductions?
I know there are many fake cases out there but what about Benny and Barney Hill and so forth?
Just want to know your opinion.

LaDyD3CiPH3R said...

Hey Eric,

Pretty interesting stuff you have on here.
I do believe a Fake UFO scare is on its way but i do have one question...

What do you think about UFO Abductions and all the cases connected to them? I do know there are many out there that are sooo fake but what about the ones that seem genuine. Is the government abducting people and experimenting on them posing as aliens?

Eric Dubay said...

Many people on entheogens such as ayahuasca, iboga, DMT, peyote and magic mushrooms see non-physical UFOs, aliens, and have typical abduction experiences. Since endogenous DMT is produced in our pineal glands, we could, and many people do, spontaneously experience psychedelic states even without ingesting a psychedelic substance.

To further confuse things, the government also has classified physical UFOs (various anti-grav craft) and through genetic hybridization has created various physical human-hybrid monstrosities which could be inaccurately called "aliens." I think the government physical UFOs/aliens may very well be the false-flag pretending to be the non-physical spirit beings that aboriginals/native tribes describe during their shamanic experiences.

Gnomes, leprechauns, elves, fairies, pixies, angels and demons are all medieval names for what everyone nowadays calls "aliens." I think the NWO has created a fake physical "extra-terrestrial" UFO/alien hoax to co-opt and control the true non-physical inter-dimensional UFOs/aliens whom the shamans contact regularly.

Douglas Andrew Willinger said...

What a circus!