Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Are you Ready for the Fake Aliens?

Here is an excellent compilation of news clips from 2010 showing how the government and mainstream media is really ramping-up the predictive-programming machine in preparation for the Project Bluebeam / Fake Alien UFO landing event, that myself and others have been warning about for years. Please send this link on to anyone in your email boxes that is not aware of Bluebeam or the UFO events being prepared. Foreknowledge is important in exposing this. Your friends and family may call you crazy now, but they will remember what you told them, and will not be fooled by the government/media lies in the future. Peace.


muzuzuzus said...

Hi mate--hope things are well with you

Yes great article--that is one good video! I am tempted to share it at youtube, but i have been sharing vids about deep shit about 'ordinary' propaganda--like sending your kids off to die and shit, and I dont wanna blitz them with deeper rabbit hole LOL

This guy is asking questions about this like you, check him out--I cant view the video he's shown, maybe you can?

Eric Dubay said...

I can't view the video either, but the article is great, thanks for the link. Keep up that YouTube activism! Peace

DBM said...

thanks for the post! I keep checking (and sharing) this site daily!! Bless!

Eric Dubay said...

Thanks for that DBM! Keep it up. There's an exponential awakening happening to all this important information. Peace.