Sunday, September 5, 2010

Asbestos Head on the Endtimes

The last days were softly approaching beautiful as a lucid nightmare on the verge of awakening. Flames paraded down dark city streets cackling and consuming suffocated onlookers, leaving on orange haze to replace the horizon like permanent sunrise over the crumbled skyline.

One day the flowers simply began uprooting themselves. Soon all Florae followed their example, from rain forests to coral, until the world’s vegetation had committed mass suicide. Grass lay flat on lawns, flowers wilted brown in their death beds, and forests became massive wooden caves of winding roots and piled trunks. Some said plants were communists; their sacrifice stemmed from under appreciation, and was in protest of photosynthesis.

Regardless of reason, Mother Nature was merciless. The air quickly thickened with the breath of billions. Clouds descended and banded together to pour their acid reign over humanity. The sun, moon, and stars disappeared at the speed of darkness, and night consumed all but lightning and fire. Mass subsidence swallowed cities whole, and random earthquakes replaced plate tectonics with theories of chaos once fault lines could not be blamed. The final dream was environmental holocaust complete with open-air gas chambers and high-rise death camps.

During the last days we committed ourselves to your seventh story prison and watched world destruction from out picture windows. The city below was in ruins, smothered in ash and black silence, but the dismal scene seemed strangely serene reflecting in your eyes. Even the horizon had left its imaginary home on the skyline to find itself captured between the green in your eyes and the blue in mine. For hours our lashes kissed butterflies in vast fields of perception. One night entwined in sheets and limbs you said, “If I live longer I’ll have loved you for your forever,” and it hit me like a ton of silk.

Our chests pressed together while breathing in symbiotic opposition set a slow rhythm for the involuntary music of our bodies. Your heart slammed syncopated echoes in off-beat harmony until our hearts’ homophyly helped synchronize the melody. Then your stomach gurgled an impromptu drum solo, and my fingers performed a pick slide down your spine ending in a cadence of dissonant grooves. Lightly strumming a vocal chord, your whisper resolved the progression - A sharp diminished minor with a sustained second that lasted forever.

Trivial divisions of moments like minutes and hours lost meaning without motion. We had laid there inside each other drifting freely between sleep and the nightmare for an indeterminable silence when we entered some collective state like unconscious osmosis allowing us subjective parts in a common dream. I squeezed your hand to make sure you saw me then mistook our sleep for surreality. The world was new again and cast in vast green fields, beneath warm sunshine, we watched butterflies flutter by our eyelids like casual lashes caressing like kisses.

And with one eye open in darkness I saw your subconscious smile.

Then you curled cold toes around mine and I felt your involuntary band play its last number, so my heart gave a bleeding ovation then stopped beating - for you, forever.

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