Sunday, December 26, 2010

The Love Police Metanoia Edit

Charlie Veitch hooked up with Metanoia Productions recently to shoot this high-resolution 20 minute Love Police mini-documentary. Enjoy!


Ta Wan said...

It's funny that most who listen to that will fully agree with it but then all vote for the next government and support their every move.

The women heckling in the crowd while the large man heckles louder are sadly also an example of how many people think - they are absolutely torn between media programmed responses and their inner voice that they come up with such doublespeak as

"We killed millions for your freedom of speech - Shut up! You have no right to say that!"

Eric Dubay said...

LOL. So true.

Anonymous said...

Ta Wan, what you call double speak is simply the sound neo-logic of the post-modern. Allow me to progra' erm, explain:

Freedom no longer means the power of self-determination and creation. That's the neolithic-logic of homo-saurs. Old hat. In today's enlightened world freedom means the absence of non-dominant domination.

Dominant domination, by which I mean the domination of the dominant dominant, despite it's naked corruption and violence, it's brutality and oppression, is considered by all the dominant thinkers of post modern society to provide the very underpinnings of freedom. In the fearful minds of the post modern masses the dominant's domination delivers freedom by crushing the dangerous potential of dominance by the non-dominant. Thus, to be dominated by the dominant rather than the non-dominant is to be free. There's no double speak in any of this.


Eric Dubay said...

Double Lolz.

Ta Wan said...

I stand corrected oh master :P)