Sunday, January 16, 2011

The American Zombie

I just came across this nice compilation of clips relating to the NWO and the American zombie public (which I'd like to think is slowly becoming less zombified, but a doubt it, ha.)


Anonymous said...

time to activate our dna then

Anonymous said...

"Epidemiological investigations have demonstrated that excessive intake of F (fluoride) and As (arsenic) can damage nervous system of human being and animals. Many studies report that children living in villages with elevated fluoride intake from food or drinking water have lower intelligence quotient (IQ)... Our previous study also suggested that learning and memory were increasingly disturbed by exposure to high F ...."

"In conclusion, ingestion of excessive F and As can
result in the perturbations of serum thyroid hormone levels, which play crucial role for maturation of nervous system. So the perturbations of serum thyroid hormone levels, induced by Hi[gh] F and Hi[gh] As, may be one of the most important factors leading to a reduction in learning and memory ability. "

Source: EFFECTS OF FLUORIDE AND ARSENIC ON SERUM THYROID HORMONE IN RATS Journal of Herbal Medicine and Toxicology 2 (2) 39-43 (2008)
by Chunxiang Wu, Xinli Gu, Yuxiang Wu Jundong Wang.


Anonymous said...

The nwo/vatican are trying to unravel our DNA so we cannot achieve moving into higher consciousness.

Such as:

Public Transportation = TSA Back-scatter scanners in the name of "security". Currently at all major airports, coming soon to buses, trains, shopping malls

Air = Combo of heavy-metals embedded into your cells via Chemtrails, then you are microwaved from the inside-out via Cellphones, Cell Towers, HAARP, TV
-- why are we REALLY moving towards digital ??? ---

Medicine by Injections = Combo of poisons, literally !!! Why is there pieces of animal RNA in it ??? to re-combine with YOURS?

GMO "Food" = Spliced bacteria genes into plant genes. What happens when your stomach acids break down the particles ???
Would these deadly bacteria genes re-combine with YOURS?

Anonymous said...

Speaking of Fluoride,
it calcifies your Pineal Gland--which is thought to allow us access to higher consciousness !!!

the nwo/vatican think they are so smart

Eric Dubay said...

Great points Anonymous and Nonoun. Agreed. Thanks for sharing. Peace

Anonymous said...

join this side, fight on that side....

you are all sheep perpetuating the agenda...

oh Eric, how many times, again, and again?

baah baah white man have you any brains?