Saturday, January 15, 2011

Military HAARP Major Worldwide Seismic Activity

Over the past week there has been a huge spike in USGS Earthquake seismographs with almost every country monitored around the world registering 4.0 and above on the rictor scale. Meanwhile, right on cue, after weeks of silence, the HAARP induction magnometer shows off-the-charts readings lining up with the seismic activity. Check out this video. What does everybody think?


Anonymous said...

Nibiru (aka, Planet X, Wormwood, Red Dragon, 12th Planet)?
It has a huge elliptical orbit,
and passes through OUR solar system...every 2657 years...

GOOGLE: ancient astronauts

thanks for the message eric ;)

Anonymous said...

See pix of the 2nd sun (aka Nibiru)

Check out the ancient Sumerian plaque carving showing the 12th planet (its on Zechariah Sitchin's website, and although his work has its debunkers, there is no doubting the ancient carving)

Anonymous said...

Here is another site about some theories regarding Nibiru--take it with a big grain of salt (I say this because any site that refutes the dangers of vaccines, I know either they are misinformed, or disinfo).

But it does talk about the Ring of Fire, and provides a reference to electro magentic

Also this site touches upon Solar Flares (and is chock full of great links for survival preparedness) check out:

I find the best way to learn and determine if something is true or disinfo is to google around some keywords, then key phrases that you are unsure of, and just READ READ READ!