Sunday, February 20, 2011

Download Black's Law Dictionary

If for any reason you are summonsed to court or otherwise roped into defending yourself from the regal, (ahem legal) system, you would be well advised to become acquainted with the word magic that these royal, ( ahem loyal) lawyers use. For instance, lawyers and judges are constantly trying to get you to "contract" with them, which they do by getting you to sign various documents, verbally consent to something on the record, or tacitly consent to something by not responding. To combat their trickery on and off "court" it's good to examine their "playbook" which in this case is Black's Law Dictionary, the default legal dictionary used in most court rooms and legal disputes.

Reading through Black's Law will give you a good base education on their word magic and how they use complicated or convoluted terms to confuse you into consent. Always remember, however, that the only way to give their allegations force of law is by "standing under" the definitions they use. Anytime a lawyer, judge, or policeman asks if you "understand" something, never say yes - simply say, "I do not stand under that statement." Now to examine all the various definitions you won't be standing under, download Black's Law and read through:

Download Black's Law Dictionary 2nd Edition

Note: Black's Law is in it's 9th edition now and many of the definitions have changed, but if you're like me and not about to dish out $100 for an updated hard copy, this link is probably the best you're gonna find. Peace


Anonymous said...

this is bullshit. No dictionary just some trash program.

Eric Dubay said...

I guess the link's not working anymore, sorry about that.

Anonymous said...

Try a torrent:

This one has editions 1-9..currently downloading so not sure if valid or not, but have got edition 8 from the same site

Anonymous said...

The best law dictionary is free. It has all the good legal definitions. And it is highly rated in play. I have it in my Android phone and my tablet. Works really well.