Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help Make Media Control .Org Successful

Hey everyone, Media Control .Org is rapidly blossoming and becoming a wonderful resource of truly independent media of all varieties and topics. Please help us expand our operation by getting involved in one way or another.

1. Visit yourself

2. Subscribe and become one of the community, friend us on Facebook, and/or follow on Twitter

3. Send in any original media (art, writing, music, film) you'd like to share with the internet at large to, you'll get your own page/link and massive help promoting your site/work/ideas

4. Help promote us by word of mouth, links, social networking and any other ways you know to spread the word

The more energy we give to independent projects like this, the more we create and share our own free media, the less people will follow and believe the government/corporate-controlled media outlets and talking heads with their outdated rhetoric and NLP. Thanks to everyone who has been helping to make a success!


Tawan said...

mediacontrol wont load today.

Eric Dubay said...

Seems to be loading today. Hope that was a fluke. Peace